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    The NBA

    Steph did it! 🤣
  2. Justin had me cracking up. I was half expecting Aaron Spears to go off script and call Bill a "muthafucka!" when he was ranting to Thomas.
  3. I agree, I only watch for Red and Dembe. And yes, I never liked Liz so she'd better be dead. dead. dead. Dead.
  4. If Justin was so sick of being Bill's lapdog, then why didn't he resign years ago and get another job? For that reason, his rant just sounded stupid to me.
  5. Crashcourse

    The NBA

    Ok, thanks for the explanation.
  6. Crashcourse

    The NBA

    Why was Ben Simmons drafted if he can't shoot? Yes, I know how important defensive skills are but aren't you supposed to know how to, uhhhh...shoot?
  7. Yeah, I agree about Thomas. I don't know much about men's grooming regarding how often they have to get beard/moustache/goatee trims, but Justin's facial hair is so...exact he must have to groom himself every day. So yeah, Justin and Thomas are at opposite ends regarding hair grooming, lol.
  8. I think those guys are just acting and agreed to do this show so they get chosen for Bachelor in Paradise next season. They're hoping and praying Katie doesn't choose them.
  9. Forgive me if this has been posted before, but the way she says "condoms" just annoys the hell out of me.
  10. I don't even know why Katie bothered to visit Bill. The last thing you'd want when you're in jail is someone coming in all stink-faced and angry. She did warm up later, but damn.
  11. Since we snark on the ladies' hair, I'm sorry to say I have to snark on Justin. I love him but I don't like the way his hair is trimmed in the back like a curve. I'd much prefer that he keep his natural hairline back there with a neat trim, and not have it curved like that.
  12. The guys aren't interesting, but I don't think Katie is either.
  13. And you just know MIchael Steele and the other panelists are thinking "testosterone-loaded fathead" when they're sitting at the table looking at Joe. It's probably in the panelists' contracts that they: 1) must not interrupt The Bloviator, 2) must say at least once per show that they agree with him and, 3) must not laugh when Mika screws up a pronunciation.
  14. I didn't remember if it was a dildo or vibrator but she was definitely giving out an "I like sex/I want sex" vibe. JMHO
  15. I watched this for the first time tonight and this show is so bad. I feel so sad for Michael Bolton sitting there looking like a statue. I've always loved his voice and being a judge/guest judge on The Voice or American Idol would have been better than this crapfest. He deserves better.
  16. If a guy found Katie sitting alone in a bar and he walked up and started a conversation and she acted disinterested, I could see him asking "You gonna eat those peanuts?" while he simultaneously grabs a handful and walks away. His feelings would not be hurt at all.
  17. These guys are tired, zombified, probably hungry--maybe even hangry--and none of them are really interested in Katie.
  18. If she felt that no one should be pressured to have sex, and I believe her, then showing up with a dildo on The Bachelor certainly sent the wrong message. I'm not on her pity train.
  19. I guess Whoremongers Anonymous is an oxymoron?
  20. I just tuned in. That's a cheap ass looking green dress.
  21. Yeah, Peter really got under her skin. Unfortunately, for her, he didn't get under anything else. 😏 I wonder how her marriage is going, and is she still practicing law? Because it seems to me she'd want to concentrate on her marriage and career instead of trying to cash in on a franchise she supposedly doesn't even like.
  22. Lewis Johnson in those shorts. 😲 He should have entered the Mr. Chicken Leg contest on SNL.
  23. I'm not on social media, but I'm already dreading NBC constantly showing Simone Biles flipping around in that commercial she does with the other guy. Oh, and I'm pretty sure they'll be showing that scene of Allyson Felix standing at the microphone with a message to her daughter. 🙄
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