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  1. How do become a designer and not know how to sew?
  2. Can the designers please use a color besides black!!!!!! I like they’re using different sized models and male models. How are those prices on Amazon accessible?!?
  3. They dont have a chance in hell, but i wish they did justbto stick it to mom
  4. Lets lock his mom and her mom in a room together
  5. Hes gonna dump her. His answers are less than honest his mom is such a bitch. Madi did not make them wait, prodction did
  6. Yeah, the heartbeat thing. Its only when they hug. I guess cause theyre mooshed up againsy each other
  7. If madi is there, i hope she just watched all that and is all,”im out” and TPTB now have nothing and need to stretch, which considering its 8:15 and we still need Clare and her first men....?
  8. If he is gonna propose to Madison, if she’s watching this, how would she ever be able to say yes now?
  9. She doesnt havevto be nice cause shes not the ette. Please let her let loose on him!!!!
  10. Love her reaction. I think shes more upset about the engagement thing than not beingbwith him it seems a littlevstaged though I want that door!!!!
  11. Gawd, he cant even breakup with conviction
  12. Whstvis gokng on?!? Did i miss thd breakup?
  13. Why does he look like hes had work done besides the scar? Mama is not happy tonight.
  14. We love you? Youve known her for all of 5 minutes!! OMG, this woman is too much.
  15. OH MY GOD!!! Its been one week!!!!!
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