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  1. Countries were shutting down (Italy, Korea) and travel was starting to be restricted by then) looks like love island broke up and don’t come back..also didn’t see train Bros and the married couple?
  2. Have they always known what the 2 tasks on a detour were before they picked them? I thought they just got a clever name, had to pick from that, than got told what the task was when they got to it. Led to people choosing really bad tasks cause they didn’t have a clue what they would be doing.
  3. I kind of love they started at their homes. They had to have held them up somewhere to get them all in taxis at same time. oh, how I missed Phil
  4. The internet couple are pretty hilarious in their videos, but I’m not thrilled they’re on the show. Their big thing is being funny and approachable, this could ruin their image. . Wow, love the backstory of the train friends, can you say producer favs!
  5. Wait, Julie Benz was in this episode? Who was she? Wait, the chick who talked to Owen at the beginning? I just binged previous seasons, I really hope they don’t put Owen and the paramedic captain together. I liked him with the blonde from the first season. how many times are they going to put pour TK in the hospital. We don’t know what happened with him and Carlos, right? I love buttercup
  6. I enjoyed kaitlyn hosting way more than I ever enjoyed Chris hosting
  7. Several ‘ettes have nixed their 2nd choice before the final ceremony. Pretty sure producers hate when they do that. It’s the drama. They were sweating so badly…I hate when that happens have any parents liked the person ultimately picked? Kaitlyn is doing a great job, she’s just herself (unlike her face). OMG, has Brandon become an Italian pimp?
  8. Poor Nayte was sooo nervous!!! With his inability to open up, plus the nerves, there was no way he could be smooth. That being said, I still get that he isn’t in “it to win it!”
  9. I like what Joe said. He didn’t try to make her feel better, and she didn’t expect him to. Just simple, thank you for making me a better person. she said something really quietly to him after saying she was still falling in love with him that I didn’t hear. I think she’s cutting her actual 2nd choice so he doesn’t get humiliated at final ceremony.
  10. She needed to use a crow bar for him to say he was falling for her.
  11. Aw, Joe started blushing when he got the fantasy date card. She just doesn’t seem as in to Joe as she is the other 2. Ooo, shutting the door. Is she gonna tap that and get it out of her system? yeah, they totally knocked boots. He looks way more relaxed, and they have a glow
  12. Are we gonna guess who she did the deed with? Brandon looks a little …confused? I don’t think they did
  13. I like kaishia talking to Michelle and other leads about things. I do NOT like them rooming the final 3 together. Wish they would go back to giving them separate suites.
  14. I don’t think I’ve heard so much cussing!!!
  15. I have never been more aware of franken bit dialog as this season. So many times it’s obvious that the words were recorded at different times. The tones, cadence and timbre are all over the place on some of these talking heads once Nayte was called, Rodney and Joe both knew. Surprised Brandon was called first. Thought they’d make it between him and Rodney. wow, that hug with Joe was -not happy? It was like 2 guys hugging trying to kept the junk from touching. I really think she’s over him. I don’t get her attraction to Brandon. He’s a little kid, talks like a frat boy
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