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  1. Shelbys dad is totally like the husband in sleeping with the enemy. Everything has to be a certain way, only certain foods. The way everyone froze over breakfast when he commented on the cereal, he is not a good man. I too get molester vibes from him
  2. I enjoyed the show, but am not happy they didn’t answer ANYTHING! All the “mysteries” they introduced had no resolutions. We have no idea what happened to Rachel’s hand, Martha and Norah, why Shelby is so unhinged all of a sudden. They may have wrote themselves into a corner with Rachel’s hand. For it to be healed a significant amount of time needs to have passed. Yeah, shark attack can explain some things, but not the time elapse. I didn’t catch what they were talking about with “3 hours” after Leah fell in the trap. Can anyone enlighten me?
  3. I think that’s the first proposal where the girl didn’t present her hand for the Ring. She just wanted to hug and kiss him. He had to say something to put ring on
  4. This the first time I ended as a right reasons viewer. Fingers crossed.
  5. It would suck if she chose Brendan, he comes to final rose and tells her he can’t do itlike peters season ended). She obviously has strong feelings for all the men left
  6. As much as I’ve complained about the dates, maybe whoever she ends up with might actually last since they’re more “realistic@ toe scenarios. I’d love to know why they picked Jo Jo to cover for Chris.
  7. I was actually surprised so many did it so quickly. There were only 6 (7?) correct combinations; so picking a painting that had a person in the party was key. I B think she kept picking paintings that didn’t have a person that TPTB has placed
  8. I thought in was missing this show, but I now remember why I stopped watching it; the lack of likable teams. The dating guys get on my last nerve. The couple who came in second tonight I’m starting to like, but they were annoying me for a while. Don’t really like either sister team. The brother sister could be okay, buti I Don’t like them either. I like the football team the best, all the other teams have annoyed me in some way
  9. Why are they talking like they’ve gone thru all this trauma together? He looked totally deer in the headlights til he actually asked, than he looked genuine. We’ll see
  10. I have to admit, this episode did go by fast. That was the worst fake promo for this episode though. MANY times they showed us Claire supposedly leaving and the guys asking about it, saying it was tonight...they even showed it at the beginning of the episode with CH dramatically saying “tonight.” Yeah...not so much.
  11. No... I don’t see Dale being as in to her. Her, definitely see it. man’ it’s daylight! They look wiped
  12. I don’t see the connection with...Dale? First impression guy. I love the rule breaker, so that sings guy.
  13. She’s already had more real conversations in the first hour and a half than I’ve seen in the last 4 seasons. yes, please kill the short, tight pants look. I have to say, a lot of these guys seem pretty normal and fun.... so far. There are 4 or 5 that have to get kicked to the curb right now though.
  14. Vanya was actually very empathetic. I’m rewatching season 1, and she is the one trying to help the teens when yelled at, at she left a light on for five after he disappeared. it was established in season one that Vanya manipulates sound waves to power up, has she gotten past that? Also, Diego was the most bitter about the book she wrote and their rankings. So nice to see he’s over that.
  15. Wow. Bens season was so boring, they’re having a hard time filling the recap episode. Glad I didn’t watch it then.
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