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  1. With regard to the Ivan/Chelsea who-pulled-whom situation, I can see from Ivan’s perspective that he thought Chelsea pulled him. He was at the bar. Chelsea came up and said “Hi.” Ivan said, “Do you want to go talk?” Chelsea said “Yes.” (Or did she say “Sure” —- it makes a difference.) And then Ivan said, “Good, I wanted to talk to you.” It could be that Ivan misinterpreted her “Hi” as something more than casual. The main linguistic confusion is with his question, “Do you want to go talk.” This utterance is commonly interpreted as an invitation by him. But secondarily and more
  2. It looks like Ed used Smile Direct. Those aligners close gaps by squishing your teeth towards each other, and thus inward, so the overall effect is that his teeth are too small for his mouth. I mean, he does have very small teeth, but he looked better with the gaps. Come to think of it, Natasha has the same kind of teeth, plus the gaps as Ed used to have. I wonder if there was anyone in particular that Natasha was hoping would come to the beach.
  3. Chelsea wiped her mouth after each of Aaron’s kisses, but not Ivan’s.
  4. Natasha's date with Dr. Joe was very uncomfortable even before the Brendan-part of the conversation. Those stupid huge margarita vessels did not help. Dr. Joe seemed overly formal and stilted. He definitely was not feeling any connection with Natasha. It was cringey when Tammy asked Thomas, "What can I do to get you back" or whatever, but I loved his reply is that she is basically unstable.
  5. So, I do not understand what is wrong with having semi-established Bachelor Nation couples come on BiP. BN loves love-story successes- they are victories for the franchise. Also, the canoodling and the drama is why we watch. Sure, it sucks for Natasha and she handled it like a boss, but yeah, as Pieper said, it is a game. Here on this forum it is categorized as a game show. As others have pointed out, the franchise is so incestuous. (See, e.g., Blake H.)
  6. “Smoke stack” was used (correctly) on the show “Last Man on Earth.”
  7. So boring. Everyone talking about how Paradise is going to blow up or whatever. Yak yak yak. My main take-always: Riley eats cake!! And does not remember the word “marshmallow.” Also, it bugs me that Chase misuses the idiom “smoke show” when he means “smoke stack” as in “smoking hot.” “Smoke show” means an illusion, like smoke-and-mirrors.
  8. Omg,@ljenkins782, yes. Imagine Tahz on that date with the strange food.
  9. Mopey Joe and Mopey Kelsey might have been a good pairing. One of the previews shows Maurissa without her 10 pounds of makeup and ponytail. I did not recognize her. I wonder if her natural appearance is enough for Riley. I see him as a Player/opportunist, whatever. His "We should go back, I know a place we can go..." gave me the creeps. Also, it is sickening that there are cameras on in the room where people go specifically to have sex.
  10. My take-away is that Production likes Connor a LOT to feature him singing, like, what, four original songs. I am impressed with him as song-writer, singer and ukulele-ist.
  11. And can we talk about Mike P.’s slow rambling exit in his white pajamas, while Katie photobombs in her ugly producer-supplied sweatpants cutoffs? Were they wearing shoes at that point? Did he have to wait for production to meet him in the van with his suitcase before he could put on regular clothes? Hey, but this could be a theme. One guy gets eliminated in the day portion of the date and has to get in the limo NO MATTER WHAT HE IS WEARING. Wrestling thong, check. Muddy jeans? Bathrobe? Sure. Let me walk you out!
  12. Brendan: Why am I still here? Katie: Well, my original plan for last week was actually to keep Hunter and send you home. You are here because I eliminated Hunter.
  13. When Hunter was cut, he should have said, "Here's looking at you, kid."
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