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  1. The licking thing that India started was really weird, gross and seemingly not in keeping with the TMZ theme. What does licking a donut have to do with anything? Kudos to Mayhem for going with it, though. i liked the dude-bro bit, but Blair still looked like a girl. The hickeys on Juju's neck are very distracting. Will we find out who her lover is?
  2. Picking up on an earlier thread about the timeline after an elimination. One theory was that the queen dedragged at the hotel, then returned to the werkroom the following evening to pack up. Mariah's elimination pokes holes in that theory because she got into the van with full makeup on. And she appeared to have two exit TH interviews. The first, where her eyes were watery and red (I always look for that), and the second, truncated one where she had facial hair which I guess the producers asked her to shave, but she was all, "I'm leaving, give me my fanny pack." Bitter, much?
  3. I mean that her first crush Jeff Glodblum would have been several years ago, thus a younger version, and I wonder which. Jeff Goldblum in "EarthGirls" was sexy, Jeff Goldblum in "The Big Chill" was annoying, and Jeff Goldblum in "Jurassic Park" was sexy, I guess.
  4. Regarding Cracker's confusion as to why the others think she is difficult to work with -- did she forget that her own tag line is that she is "salty?" Regarding the guest judge (I don't know her name) who said that one of her crushes was Jeff Goldbloom -- I wonder if it was "Earth Girls Are Easy" or "The Big Chill" or Jurassic Park." Because it surely was not Apartments dot com Jeff Goldbloom as was shown in the picture.
  5. One thing that perplexes me is the reveal that the doctors actually do have a method they would use to enhance butts. How come they always shoo away anyone that wants a larger butt, saying that implants are illegal, when they do seem willing to perform BBLs and can even add that amino thing (ok, expensive) to make the fat stay? Also, I was disturbed to see Dubrow basically fondling that woman. Too handsy, Doctor. Then telling her to get into a bikini and show off at the beach... gross.
  6. No doubt the assasins are given a particular song that suits their particular strengths. Maybe will see Latrice delivering a power ballad, but not a pop song. Mariah looks very feminine-- did she look the same on her season?
  7. Congrats to the production team and queens for making this show. I enjoyed seeing how some of the queens evolved over the last year. Aiden appears to be in a much better headspace, and her makeup has improved a lot. Also, it was a delight to see Rockem's goofy fearless side and anime talents. I though Gigi won the first LSFYL. In particular, I liked that she looked off camera to say "where my girls at, bring them back." Her facial expressions and choice of words to LS were perfect imo. Jaida was too close to the camera. She suffered from bad camera work and looked like she was trying too hard. That said, Jaida has been my favorite all season, so I am glad she won. Hang on... Ru made a song called "Bring Back My Girls?" WTF? I thought that current Gigi (in the pointy bra blue dress) looked a bit haggard. I wonder if as Gigi gets older she will look less feminine. I wonder if the $2000 to each of the twelve queens was designed basically as an extra FU to s*****p**. Lastly, I think that Crystal belongs on America's Got Talent. She could do a Vegas show all by herself.
  8. Mention of this can be found in the movie, "Little Big Man." There is an effeminate gay man in the tribe, and in the narration, Dustin Hoffman's character says that his role is important.
  9. And yet, when Gigi was asked to describe her season in one word, she said El DeBarge.
  10. Forgot to mention that I loved that Widow had her own bedazzled glasses for the reading portion. Also, her rap was great. Do we think she really concocted that on the fly, or was it rehearsed?
  11. That whole sequence was so odd and ultimately so meaningless. They could have cut the whole thing.
  12. ^ I'm sure that in reality it was because she was not a patient and she intended to have her nipples on display. Still...
  13. Right. It was funny that the show did not blur her nipples.
  14. Is charm school still a thing? Besides toning down the squealing and hopping, Jamie needs to learn how to walk without slouching and clomping in her array of ankle boots that seem too large.
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