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  1. Me, too. I climb the shelves. But there are no hot guys were I shop. There must be special "hot guy" grocery stores. I like the live thread for quick snark, and this thread for ruminative snark and conversation.
  2. Katie has a type, and it is not vampires.
  3. Justin is shaking his head no as he accepted the rose. A bunch of these guys don't look so into it, actually.
  4. The roses are social distancing on the table.
  5. Catman kisses too aggressively. Rose guy is a crier.
  6. All real estate brokers and guys without socks can leave right now.
  7. I don't get it. How will they prevent the guys and bi gals contestants from hooking up? Or the lesbians from hooking up?
  8. I don't know what I was expecting from the show, but not... this. Is dog-painting such a thing? Every week, they paint dogs. The challenge should be they each get a big hairy dog and they have to GROOM it.
  9. It was an interesting episode. I enjoyed many of the videos, but some were unlistenable. I did not like Denali's figure skating number. The padding makes her look heavy, and her jumps are low. I am trying not to compare her to figure skaters that we normally see, with high jumps and multiple rotations. Denali (as Cordero Zuckerman) has many skating videos online, and these are much better than what she does in drag. Also not a fan of the green-yellow-blue hair, lips and nails. Took the reference to the aurora borealis too far, imo. And I thought Lala did better than Denal
  10. This new song "Lucky" is the laziest POS I ever heard. The dance numbers always confuse me because I squint to see Jamal's choreo and almost never do. Frankly, for how good a dancer she is, I barely noticed Rose in that number. It was charitable for Ru to allow Rose into the grand finale, because she has no chance of winning. The judges' comments about her (professional, on-time, prepared) = good employee, not superstar/future of drag. It is gonna have to be Gottmik or Symone.
  11. When people have conditions like this, or fibromyalgia, they need a holistic remedy. There are homeopathic doctors that could help.
  12. The woman with the callouses. Why was she crying when Dr. E cut the dead skin? It is hard to believe that people can let their feet go like this. She was heavy, but I don't think so heavy that she could not examine her feet and go for a plain old callous removal at a pedicure.
  13. I wonder what other issue were going on with the twins. One (the red haired one) looked much older than the other. Also, did the doctor ever do the surgery on her other foot?
  14. I am fine with learning all the dirt to be dished. If this franchise goes under, there will be a new one to fill the void.
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