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S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

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OMGgggggggg, I hate Michelle's aesthetic.  Hard.

On the other hand, Dmitry's face jacket is amazing.

I will be happy with a Dmitry or Irina win.  A Biddell win would be... unimaginative, as that's what I've found most of his designs.  A Michelle win would be a travesty.

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Did Michelle end up actually winning anything because of the massive delay in airing and the breakdown of the partnership with JC Penney?

Dmitry’s clothes would have been too complicated for JCP to mass market and they were too high end as well. Michelle’s could be stripped down and mass produced much easier.

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That was a complete farce.  I thought Dmitry had it.  Irina would have been acceptable. Bidell, I never thought he had a chance with that collection (although I did like his gown and that blue coat).  MIchelle, just ugh.  There was nothing I liked about any of her collection.  That last dress was once again that rip off of Dmitry's style.  Isaac is obviously style challenged because that was obviously his doing.  

After that crapfest of a season and judging, Im out.  Im not checking out the new reboot of the original flavor (I still cannot stand Siriano and his affected attitude).  

I cannot believe they saddled Dmitry with that canary yellow twit from season 15.  Another one of those questionable winners up there with whatsherface, Gretchen, the brown queen.

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finally remembered Gretchen's unfortunate name.
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8 minutes ago, Reddust said:

So pissed right now. Dmitry was robbed.

I agree with everyone’s opinions on this page so far - Michelle’s collection should be first in the trash not as the winner.  

Maybe I’m too much of an idealist, but It really burns my butt that somebody who is so critical and rude of everybody else’s work, does nothing but yap all the time and steals her colleagues’ focus, and is just an all around nasty person should not have had the karma to have won this.  

There was always something so suspect about how much Isaac, Alyssa’s, Anne, and sometimes even Georgina would kiss this awful person’s butt. I hope anyone out there that may have any input on her future will have seen her true colors throughout the season and not progress her career any further.

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These judges suck.  Hopefully none of them ever appears on Bravo's PR.  I agree that Isaac gave away the game when he said he most identified with Michelle as a designer.  In other words, he likes unimaginative, ugly sacks.

Dmitry should have won.  Irina's collection was also beautiful and so much more imaginative than either Michelle or Biddell.

A disappointing end to a disappointing season.

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This was the first all stars I’ve ever watched. What a disappointment! I thought Dmitri should have won and I would have been ok with Irina winning too. Bidell’s  was just...meh. But he had some interesting pieces. 

World champion? Uh no. Michelle’s collection was not 70’s, not flattering, not good. Why would anyone want to wear something with the sleeves so long that they covered your hands? This was a sad ending for P.R. On the Lifetime channel, hopefully it does better on Bravo. 

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Ann loved Michelle's collection, as they watched backstage (and the green coat in the workroom.  Had Ann ever before tried on someone's garment?).

I admit to loving the peach dress. When I saw that I thought just maybe Michelle might win. 

Biddell and his cork fabric and lizard-people story, um, not a snowball's chance. 

Irina's trousers without the side stripe were awesome. 

I was somewhat concerned about Dmitry's collection, as to my untrained eye and notwithstanding his "This is my journey," it lacked cohesiveness. But the individual pieces were well-made (I know---"Duh!").

Maybe I need to watch the runway part again. 

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Green is my favourite colour but Michelle's coat was the worst!

Based on the judges comments I wonder if Bidell or Irina ever stood a chance at winning, or were they just there to round out the top 4?

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I actually liked Biddel’s collection the best-it looked original and sexy. Michelle’s was my least favorite but I do have to say I thought all of the collections were pretty good considering what we have been seeing all season. 

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Michelle would have been a footnote, except for Tim Gunn's intervention during her first season.  I remember she was about to be aufed, but Tim said she had tallent....

That lead to Tim's save in subsequent seasons, but without his keeping her in, way back when,  tonight would have been different.

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16 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Irina's trousers without the side stripe were awesome. 

I think those were Dmitry's?  Irina had a similar pair of pants, though she had a side stripe in red.

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Good thing I have terrible aim otherwise I would have had to buy a new tv after I threw my water bottle at it. Dimitry was completely robbed. Isaac had a hard on for Michelle all season (can’t believe I actually wrote that). To me it was very close between Dimitry and Irina.  I wouldn’t have minded as much of Irina had won. 

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Michelle had to wait 2 years to get her prize right? I thought there was some tv rule that you don't receive your winnings until the episode airs. So she's been hustling this whole time!

That'll give me comfort since Dima was robbed!

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Dmitry’s face jacket was everything!! His last 2 black dresses were also stunning. The mustard dress dragged everything else down, unfortunately. Irina’s collection was also gorgeous. And Biddell using that daft David Ickes as an inspiration is hilarious. His body con dress was superb.

Did anyone else believe that Michelle’s collection borrowed heavily from Dmitry (her last dress), Anthony Ryan (the coat) and Irina (the short halter dresses)? 

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1 hour ago, LennieBriscoe said:

I admit to loving the peach dress. When I saw that I thought just maybe Michelle might win

Ugh, not me.  (besides the fact that I hate the color peach with a passion), the first thing I thought when I saw it come down the runway was "snatch" because of the way the lace was placed.  Just ugh.  I didn't even mind the obviously blurred out boobs on Dmitry's dress but Michelle's peach snatch dress, ugh.

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Biddell live streamed his watch party. Among some of the tea that he spilled was the fact that all of the designers were in separate rooms during the runway, so this was his first time actually seeing the other sewtestants’ collections. His audience was so not happy with the Michelle win (just like most of the people on this board). 

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I'm convinced Mondo, Michelle and Erin all walk into the optometrist and ask for the ugliest frames they have in an attempt to be edgy and cool. Then, the sales person has to go in the back room and dig out all the fugly frames that have been collecting dust for months.

I haven't seen the end here on the west coast yet. But, I hope Michelle, Queen of Horrid Taste and Fake Edginess  had to wait until this aired to get her money and has been waiting tables and cutting fleece at JoAnn Fabric to make rent. 

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Called it. Not that I'm proud of it—I'll admit to kind of liking the collection she originally won with, but I don't think there's been one thing of hers I liked this season, and certainly not this collection, from the leprechaun pimp coat down.

She's just so smug and insufferable that I felt no sympathy during her talking head about struggling financially. You mean to tell me that your clothes don't actually sell in the real world, Queen of Fug? Don't burn through Isaac's pity money too fast, then.

Was mixed on Irina's set, actually liked some of Biddell's, but absolutely, #dimawasrobbed. Mostly just glad it's over—my OCD is sated and now I can enjoy the Bravo revival without this zombie offshoot lurching around in the background.

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22 minutes ago, Vermicious Knid said:

And we can be happy Michelle will likely be completely ignored by Bravo and she will never be on my television again.

We can only hope.

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I know that over the years, I have come to expect to hear the designers murder certain words (it's now a given that they will mangle "aesthetic" into ess-ded-ick), but when Michelle pronounced "ecstatic" as ass-dad-ick (which apparently is a cousin to ess-ded-ick), I wanted to smack those ugly glasses right off her face.

And while we're on the subject, do people not know how to use the proper comparative and superlative forms of adjectives anymore? It's "newest," not "most new," Evan.

Side note: my workplace is very international so we have had employees from all over the world. People who speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language usually have much better English skills (both written and spoken) than a lot of native English speaking Americans (and for the record, speaking with an accent is different from mispronouncing a word). Usually the error that a non-native English speaker will make is emphasizing the wrong syllable. It always boggles my mind when someone like Michelle, who was born and raised here, manages to murder commonly known words like ecstatic. [/nitpicking grammar nerd]

It cracks me up whenever Georgina is described as "cofounder of luxury brand Marchesa," as if they need to differentiate between Georgina's cheapass Walmart brand.

Yay for getting a $3000 budget! But six looks in four days? Even with helpers, that is A LOT of work to do.

What happened to Anne? Usually her critiques are all gloom and doom, but this time she was generally positive. Did she get a personality transplant? Or is she just trying to lead them astray? "I'll just tell them I like everything they made and see what they come up with!"

I found it interesting that after 20 seasons of various iterations of Project Runway, they finally brought in someone like Francesca to tell the designers that they should describe their brand when they introduce their collection. If only they'd thought to bring someone like her in sooner then we wouldn't have had so many introductions that were basically, "Hi, I'm ____ and my collection is about me/my mom/my dog. I hope you like it."

The other thing that was interesting about her session with the designers was hearing them describe their brand. Michelle's "peach romantic moodiness" sounded about as vague and nonsensical as I expect from her. Dmitry's "dark romantic but graphic" was pretty accurate. Evan's "I'm a showman" and "it's about delighting the girl" told me absolutely nothing about his collection or his brand. Hilariously, I don't think his looks are usually dramatic or about making a girl happy. Irina's was the most solid, specific, and succinct description: bold femininity.

My favorite part of the runway show was seeing all the other past designers in the audience. Uli, I still love you!

Even though I complained about her earlier in the season, I felt bad for Irina. It's tough enough to deal with a sick parent, but I can't imagine trying to create an entire collection in four days knowing that your mom has cancer again. I loved that Mondo was there to give her some support. I laughed when she said, "I had a meltdown. And then I made three looks." Weirdly, being in an emotionally fragile state made her nicer. Not only did she thank Mondo for his emotional support but she then apologized for having him make a million triangles. I was surprised that I really liked Irina's sculptural collection. It's worth noting that apparently she DOES know how to make pieces that aren't slit all the way up to the hoo-ha.

Evan's intro was so him and reminded me exactly why I find him so annoying. His regal reptilian inspiration had me expecting the equivalent of the female aliens seen on the original Star Trek series. I hated the short skit with the patch of fabric on the front. It looked like she was wearing underwear over her skirt. The only outfit I liked was the long blue coat with the red pants.

OF COURSE Michelle's inspiration was the 70s. That's what she's been doing all fucking season. I did find it surprising that she had enough awareness to say that in order to edit a collection, you have to be able to see when something isn't working and stop trying to fight it. Based on how ugly many of her pieces were this season, I didn't think she was capable of editing her own work. Her M.O. seems to be throw as much ugly as you can at it. I hated every pair of glasses she wore in this episode. I also hated her naughty/nice intro and her little kick when she left the runway or the little girl curtsy after her collection walked. I'm sure she thought it was adorable. The only piece in her collection that I really liked was the black and gold dress at the end. You know, the one that looked like her former BFF Dmitry made it.

How did Dmitry do old lady all season and then come up with this collection? Why wasn't he doing more stuff like this all along? I loved the red jacket with the silhouette cutouts facing each other. The sheer black top with the beading was very dramatic and great for a runway show.

Dmitry or Irina should have won. Michelle's collection was the same fug she made all season. Same for Evan. I laughed my ass off when he was eliminated first after all of his "I'M GOING TO WIN THIS!" talk.

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23 minutes ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

How did Dmitry do old lady all season and then come up with this collection? Why wasn't he doing more stuff like this all along? I loved the red jacket with the silhouette cutouts facing each other. The sheer black top with the beading was very dramatic and great for a runway show.

My thoughts exactly. His finale collection was the Dmitry that I remember from his earlier seasons.  

8 hours ago, BlackberryJam said:

Did Michelle end up actually winning anything because of the massive delay in airing and the breakdown of the partnership with JC Penney?

I have been wondering about the prize distribution, too. We know that none of her looks - or anyone else's - were sold on JCP. What about the "guest editor" gig at Marie Claire? Will that happen now that the season has aired? 

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