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  1. Way harsh tai! He looks older than the actors playing Ben and Devi but I was actually surprised he's 29. I would have guessed mid-20s. Having to play a teen when you're almost 30 must be weird. Agreed, Niecy's great here. I think Devi could continue to benefit from therapy. It's clear that she and her mom had things to work through even before her dad died.
  2. I finished it in 2 days, really hope there's a season 2! I thought they did a good job of balancing humour with the grief Devi & her family are processing, as well as the other issues the supporting characters face.
  3. I agree that he was bad in the pilot. I'm 3 eps in and i think he gets better, or maybe I'm just acclimated to his monotone now. I'm liking the show so far. It's funny & the lead actress is doing a good job despite having so little experience.
  4. I got iZombie, Portlandia & vaccines. Congrats to all the finalists!
  5. Except Jersey isn't a "county in England." It is actually not part of England at all, the island is a British Crown Dependency. I noticed the switched order but didn't mind it in this context. Contestants have so much to process in so little time: the clue, the buzzer, answering in the form of a question. I don't mind that they cut them a little slack on this. As a Trini, I'm always happy when we get mentioned on the show. I wasn't expecting us to pop up in the closest neighbours category though.
  6. Idk...wasn't he the convicted murderer who allegedly trafficked drugs in live snakes?
  7. I agree. It makes for compelling tv but there isn't any real evidence tying her to murder. I could believe that she tampered with his will though. While her current views on tiger breeding and cub exploitation and support of legislation to protect these animals are laudable, she's isn't altruistic. Her advocacy is about herself as much as the cats. I think she enjoys being in the public eye, like Joe. She said at one point that a possible positive outcome of her murder would be bringing attention to animal rights abuses. That says a lot about how her self-worth is tied up in her advocacy. Basically, it seemed that she sees herself as a matyr. I thought the same thing based on what was shown, so I went to her sanctuary's live cams. The animals were in much larger, more natural looking enclosures than at Joe's zoo. Of course I can't say for certain that all the cats are being housed in optimal conditions based on this, but it was better than what we saw on Tiger King. I don't know if Joe's threats against Carol had developed to conspiracy or not, but I'm not sorry he got 22 years. He most definitely was guilty of animal abuse. When he was talking about his maltreatment of the chimps and said he got caught up in running the zoo, I rolled my eyes. He got caught up in being the Tiger King: self-aggrandizement, fame & money. He should have gotten charged for the way he treated his staff too. I hope Doc, Jeff, Stark & Mario get taken down & protective legislation gets passed soon. It was disheartening to learn that there are more tigers held captive in the US than living free in the wild.
  8. I feel the same about Nancy's looks. Appreciate the sustainability & inclusivity but the design for the model in the wheelchair wasn't flattering. I didn't like the fit of the bodice, dark colours or muddled prints. Liked some of Victoria's pieces but hated her accessories. Sergio is skilled when it comes to construction but I don't feel wowed by his aesthetic. Victorian saloon girl just doesn't mesh with melting polar icecaps. I'm also not sure working on The Little Mermaid was good for Geoffrey...those many sleeved dresses might work for Ursula but not on women in the real world!
  9. Yeah, it's a competition, why waste time coddling another contestant? Save it for the apartment or whatever. This had to be producer intervention, several designers certainly didn't sound like they were doing it out of kindness/ care for Victoria. I wish production handled it differently but they prefer drama, shouting & tears.
  10. Agreed. I would have put Geoffrey on top & Marquise on the bottom. I know everyone wanted Victoria to go but I honestly thought Chelsey's garment was worse. The 'bralette' she put on her model was really unflattering. So was the spandex slip. Maybe keeping the too tight organza skirt and splitting the side seams to keep it from riding up would have looked better. During the judging her model looked really uncomfortable. Somehow, Victoria's garment was more flattering to her model's body even though it was too tight and poorly sewn. Victoria's biggest problem is she can't deal with criticism. I don't think she's a 'spoiled bitch.' She's someone who put everything on the line to pursue her dream in a foreign country and probably feels immense pressure to succeed for herself & her family. She seems to view criticism as failure on her part. Of course, that attitude isn't going to get her far in this business. I actually found myself rolling my eyes more at Britney. She made Victoria wanting to quit about herself, she's often snarky about the other designers, and is overconfident about her own work. Overall, I'm finding this season kind of meh. I've liked a handful of designs but find the designers to be inconsistent. I have no favourite, unlike last year where I was rooting for Sebastian early on. I don't dislike any of the designers to Hester Sunshine-like levels either. I hope the upcoming challenges really inspire these designers to step up.
  11. Throughout the first half i was wondering why they didn't let Laurie use his natural accent. I loved that it was an actual plot point. I loved Veep and several members of the cast in previous roles. However, i haven't liked Kyle Borheimer in anything I've ever seen him in and so far his character here isn't helping me warm up to him.
  12. This!!!!! There are so many ways he could have referenced the issue symbolically rather than with names. Using their names seemed exploitative since he didn't have the families' permission and this would potentially be mass produced. I also didn't like the way he brushed off Christian in the workroom; saying he wasn't Latino so he couldn't understand the immigrant experience. 1) Only 1 of the regular judges is Latinx; was he not going to explain his look to the others on the runway? 2) Latino ≠ immigrant. Based on his name, it is quite possible that one of Christian's parents, grandparents etc. were Italian immigrants. There might be aspects of the immigrant experience that he understands, despite not being Latino. 3) The stated reason for his design was to start conversation about what's happening at the border. If he can't explain it to Christian in the workroom, how is the wearer going to explain it in a social situation? Also, I would have put Geoffrey in the top 3.
  13. I believe Delvin & Nancy used tree fabric as well (from tree skirts). I thought Marquise deserved to be in the top 3 over Shavi. Shavi's was unflattering. I thought the ribbon he used to weave to waist of the dress was too thick & bulky. And Victoria's was so busy too.
  14. Alan, the same guy who ran out of the workroom last week for a macaron 🙂 I agree about Sergio. The gown he sent down the runway was even less youthful/street than what he showed to Christian. However, I think Delvin's parrot print coatdress qualifies as streetwear, maybe only for the Upper East Side but still. Though, as much as I liked the coat, I hated the styling. I thought Marquis deserved the win. I didn't mind that he didn't help since as he pointed out, she already had help from several other designers.
  15. raeb23

    S01.E03: 3 Stars

    I've only just caught up on episodes 3 & 4. Also, she's probably been threatened before due to the nature of her work. Maintaining a neutral expression in response to provocation is part of her skillset. I agree that the court scenes were unbelievable. I don't understand why Townsend's theft of the psychiatrist's notes haven't been reported. Wouldn't that be enough for him to be fired?
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