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  1. Did Dani and Nicole frame David though? They flipped the vote hoping Day/Kevin would blame David which is exactly what happened but they (Dani and Nicole) didn't imply it was David or suggest it was David. Day and Kevin jumped to that conclusion on their own and Dani and Nicole just didn't correct them. Day and Kevin are the dumb ones for falling for it. And I don't like Dani and Nicole so I'm not happy to be defending them right now. I really don't like Memphis and how condescending he is to David. I hope David wins that veto and takes one of the noms down.
  2. Tyler telling Ian about his alliance in the good bye message... When has it ever been allowed to tell jury members info like that?? I hate when we don't see the full HOH comp.
  3. I don't know if they were upset for being nominated per say, what I got out of it was Bay was mad because she trusted Christmas with information thinking she and Christmas had each other's backs and then Christmas used the info against them. Which I totally understand. I mean do you think if someone like Dani, who is in her alliance, told her they are in a final 2 with Nicole for example, Nicole and Dani would have been up there on the block? I don't think so. And maybe it has nothing to do with race, maybe it has everything to do with the fact that Bay and Day aren't in her alliance so of course she's going to use the information against them but then, that's EXACTLY what Bay was mad about! She trusted Christmas and Christmas stabbed her in the back. Plain and simple. And she has every right to feel mad and hurt. Then Day was trying to explain this all to Christmas and she just wouldn't hear it and it escalated from there.
  4. Ugh. I.,... Don't even know what to say. Except what the fuck. I was really looking forward to binging this series from the beginning after the finale and now I don't want to watch it ever again. Idk if that's an over-reaction but, I am truly disappointed right now.
  5. I actually kinda like the sparkly jacket 🤭
  6. At the end of the veto meeting, Bay said something like, can we tell everyone who your untouchable is? And then Christmas said, no. I don't get it though. If Bay knows why does she need to ask if it's ok to tell? Shout it from the roof tops!
  7. "Competition Christmas is here!" She literally went last and then just stood there when Day got the wrong answer 🙄 You know how when you watch a show or movie and then a twist ending happens but the twist doesn't make sense because of the character's actions ... Ok, idk how to explain this properly so I'll use an example. Gossip Girl (****spoiler alert***) Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl but, that doesn't really make any sense since in scenes alone (or with Jenny who supposedly knew) he acts like he has no idea who Gossip Girl could be and as the audience, you'd expect the act to drop when no one is watching because if it was real life, why would they be pretending for nobody and then you say to yourself no one would act that way. Well. Apparently they do! Not only do you deny to the person's face that you're not going after them but then you act hurt that they said it! Even when you're alone in the diary room! (Omg sorry for being so long winded, I didn't know how to get my point across eloquently) I wonder why year after year after year after year the women just can't stick together. We all hate the bro alliances and complain they make it too far and always end up running the house but there's a reason for that.... They're loyal to eachother.
  8. Tyler really reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when Seinfeld had that girlfriend that was ugly sometimes and attractive other times. And I know exactly what it is (at least for me): as soon as his hair goes back he becomes SO much better looking. I keep wondering what he'd look like if he cut his hair short. I did not watch Ian in previous seasons and only know from reading these threads that some people don't like him because he keeps claiming he crushed Dan when he won but really the only reason Dan didn't win was because he'd won previously, but since I never saw Dan's seasons either and really have no clue who he is, I can only base my opinions on what I am watching now which is, I like Ian. I think he's playing a smart game.
  9. This show is waaaay too predictable. I mean, was anyone fooled by those maybe Ian or maybe Dani edits? Of course he was going to nominate Christmas the whole time. I know the show is trying to create suspense, like, omg who is he going to nominate? I'm biting my nails here. But don't they realize that when the "big moves" that are being presented to us in each episode don't happen it takes the "expect the unexpected" out of the show? Not only is it boring and predictable, it's insulting to the audience to even think that their "suspenseful" edits will work on us. And then, even though I already know the big move isn't happening, I still manage to feel disappointed when it doesn't and then I don't even want to watch the show anymore. Honestly their new slogan should be "expect the expected".
  10. Ultimately I guess it doesn't matter since Dani didn't win hoh but did anyone else notice she was practically laying on the board? And she's pretty tall so once she was leaning over so far her whole body was on the ramp it wasn't too far to those holes. Dani to Cody: let's throw a hinky vote! Cody: No *Hinky vote occurs* Cody to Dani: was it you? Dani: what?! No!! How dare you suggest this!! Also, Enzo to audience: I'm going to flip this house upside down! No one is safe! I want so much blood on my hands! I want ALL the blood on my hands!!! *Nominates Kayser and Kevin*
  11. I finally got to watch this. I moved when the last episode aired so my DVR didn't catch it and then, since I live in Canada I couldn't stream it and had to wait for it to repeat (4 weeks later) on CTV. And I gotta say, as someone who thinks this show is just alright, I was like noooooooooooo when I realized it didn't record. So I guess I like this show more than I thought. My take on Dean putting on the record and dancing and singing when Murphy agreed to a drink - he still loves her (if you can call it love) and he was happy she seemed to be softening toward him. I'm happy Gene figured out what was going on and ignored his supervisor's order to let it go and went higher up. And I also liked his scene with Murphy at the end there in the ambulance. Maybe Murphy can learn to trust him. Does the gang know Nia was Darnell's sister? I understood his reaction to hearing she was dead since the audience knew but I was half expecting Jess to be like, why are you so upset? Had a good laugh with Josiah's "that's a lot more than what I was expecting" and simultaneous phews from Max, Jess and Felix. Poor Josh. You're too good of a guy to get mixed up with Murphy and friends. He put things together extremely quickly. I can't believe tiic wrote Max as saying he's in love with Murphy but if she still wants to see that other guy it's fine with him "just don't tell me". Wth is that? Max should have been the one that ended things, not Murphy. And Murphy's, let's break up, wait, where are you going? irritated me to no end. I hope there's a way to keep Chloe on the show but I'm pretty sure that is wishful thinking.
  12. Why did Enzo vote for Nicole to stay? If the answer is from the live feeds, please still answer, I know you have to use the spoiler tags, that ok. I'm just curious. Thank you I'm advance for answers!
  13. I never got the "it's too early in the game for big moves" like, if you're hoh first, second or third week, wouldn't it make most sense to get out the big players and continue to keep the people who can't win anything because guess what? If they can't win anything, YOU KEEP WINNING!!!! And also, guess what? If you keep players who can win comps, YOU DON'T KEEP WINNING!!!
  14. Am I the only one that thinks Memphis did not back door Janelle or Kaysar simply because he's a chicken? NOT because no one tells him what to do. NOT because it's good for his game. NOT because he can use them for a few more weeks. He's a chicken and that's that. I mean, why wouldn't you put one of them up?? He had the perfect opportunity! And like most of his alliance members said, if one of them (jan/kay) win next week, one/two of his alliance members will go up! I'm ok with him not doing it since I hope one of them does win next week and manages to break up his alliance but, him trying to play it off as anything but that he's a big scaredy cat is b.s.
  15. Can someone explain to me how Flint is still around? I know Azel (was that her name?) manifested him in last season's finale but I thought he was just that, a manifestation (similar to Deke's mom a couple seasons back). And if he's not a manifestation, like Azel was actually able to bring him back from the future, wouldn't it be a different Flint since the future was changed and Flint did not have to live through the Kree's rule? And therefore, he wouldn't know the agents/about shield and maybe not even have his powers?
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