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  1. Those asking why Max doesn't give Rosa a reason why he doesn't want to be saved - I think he did in the first episode. It has something to do with him being the chosen one and the aliens coming if he comes back to life. My take on Alex saying to Michael (re: Maria), I'd pick her too if I could. IMO that was kind of a slap in Michael's face. I took it to mean Alex was saying, look you're a male who likes 2 people, 1 is a male and 1 is a female. Of course you take the easy way (in the eyes of society) and choose the female. If I had the choice (i.e. I was bisexual) I'd choose the woman as well.
  2. Idk why you wouldn't take a beginner sewing class before coming on. Just in case. I'm sure most (successful) designers don't sew their own clothes but there's collaboration between them and the seamstresses. How the seamstresses know what you want without interacting with them is beyond me. Loved when Martha was whining about being nervous to cut her fabric and Sabato went over and was like, in the real world we have access to pattern makers and seamstresses but, we still need to know how to pin! I'm not sure if I'm loving the show overall. The first 2 episodes are up so I'll watch the second one as well but idk if I'll continue. Is "seamstress" a gender neutral term? I'm sure there are men in the profession too. I guess because of the "ress" on the end (eg. waitress, actress etc.) I automatically think woman when I hear the word. Anyone know?
  3. This is turning out to be one weird season.
  4. Vanessa did not handle that house meeting as well as Sheldon. She totally showed her hand. Now with her ally Kyle gone and her "betrayal" of Minh-Ly, she's in trouble.
  5. What I say to myself EVERY time I want to stream a u.s. show. Lol. Sorry, no advice, just adding to your rant!
  6. This was a really good episode. I think all the Alice focused episodes have been the strongest. I know this won't relieve any of Kate's guilt but, his throat was already sliced open. Idk if she would have killed him if he was in perfect condition. I'm liking that the dad (name?) Is starting to sympathize with Alice a little now. Hopefully he'll stop trying to kill her now that he knows more about what she's gone through. And, alternatively, hopefully Alice really takes it to heart that her dad rescued her and stops trying to kill him. I think I said something in one of the very first episode threads like, being held captive for years doesn't turn you into a psychopath. I need to take that back. As we've been told more and more about what Beth went through, I can see how she became Alice. Edited to add: I think it would have been hilarious if when Kate called Mary, Mary was like, Batwoman? Kate? Which one am I speaking to?
  7. I think it was a total cop out not to show the scenes in regards to why Jamal was expelled. A lot of people are saying it wasn't fair so it would have been nice (and smart) to actually see why it was done. Kyle, I totally agree with. His treatment of women rubbed me the wrong way. @Melina22 "intense" is right! Have 2 players ever been asked to leave before? And in the same episode? I know people don't like Minh-Ly, but I can't help it. I'm rooting for her.
  8. @Regalbegal that was definitely Raj from Good Trouble!! He cleans up nice 😉 If Eve and Malcolm are around the same age she'd be around 10 as well when Malcom found the girl in the box so it can't be her. She'll either be Eve's older sister or her mom.
  9. I just read that too. I hope they show it on the show since I don't watch the live feeds. I actually thought maybe Jamar had turrets (not making fun) because he always has these kind of jerk movements like a tic.
  10. This is the first time I've seen the written side of the letter from home. Is it always typed out??
  11. I just thought of something. Nancy many times stated her pieces are supposed to be genderless. Male, female, ace... Anyone should be able to wear them if they want to. Yet she used all female models besides Dee. She should have had one or two male models if her clothes can really be worn by men.
  12. I don't like either side of the house that is warring right now. JL, Madeline, Kyle, and Chris all need to go. I noticed everyone was filling up Madeline's tube with balls, hers was at 8 or 9 by the time the show ended. I'm really liking Vanessa actually. Even though she's aligned with Kyle and Chris right now. I hope some other house guests get some screen time so that we can get to know them, right now I don't know who to root for because I don't know any of them. I loved how in the goodbye messages both Kyle and Minh-Ly said they were the mastermind behind the whole plan. Hehehe I guess they don't know everything that's going on in the house?? From what I saw though, Kyle didn't mastermind anything. Chris brought up backdooring Michael and Minh-Ly brought up using her name as the replacement to keep the others in the dark.
  13. Awe I actually got teary eyed. I'm glad he won, I think he's the one that will benefit from it most. I'm loathe to admit I liked Sergio's and Victoria's shows the most.
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