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  1. Predictable ending. Julie telling Arissa to bring her back for all stars was hilarious. Yah, ok Julie. I literally ff'd the first 11 minutes of the show. Did we really need a full season recap? Good season overall. See you all next time!!
  2. This was such a fun veto comp! Ty not being able to find the phone was hilarious! Bray jumping through the brick wall without even looking at the numbers was hilarious! It would have been great if Ty and Keifer made it to final 2 because then I really don't know who would have won and it would probably be a close vote. At this point Brayden gets 2nd place no matter who he's sitting beside.
  3. Can't wait to see jury reaction when Jed walks in!
  4. I honestly don't care who wins as long as it's not Beth. I really hope Brayden has the guts to go after her. Although Kiefer's bragging is annoying I think he's played the best game and I think he deserves the win the most but like I said, anyone besides Beth! Please!
  5. I could kiss sebastian stan aaaallllllll day long 😍 damned he's so hot!!!
  6. I can't believe they did not take this opportunity to get Beth out or to backdoor Kiefer, if either of those two make it to the end they have a very real chance of winning.
  7. Omg did that just happen???? 🤯 I wonder if they'll all keep Beth in the dark so the votes will be 1 to 2. I hope if they do get Tera out in the "double" she some how wins the comp to get back in. Not that I love her but, don't want Jed back.
  8. I guess 1 surprising and exciting episode a season is all we can expect 🤷‍♀️ Before it even started I said, if Ro doesn't win he's a goner. As soon as Kiefer won hoh I said, Ro and Brayden. As soon as Ty won pov I said, goodbye Ro.
  9. Ro reminds me of omg i can't remember his name, the dentist from bbus.... he was on the block so many times and kept winning the veto and then finally when he got evicted he won the jury comp to get back into the house. Oh! Johnny Mac!!
  10. Well, I will say I don't think it would have happened if Ro hadn't won POV but, omg!!!! It happened!!!! I am so surprised! As much as I don't want to give Beth credit, this was an exciting episode and a nice reminder why I watch BB. Aaaaand! I get to buy a new shirt!
  11. And I'm saying it now, if Vic actually gets back doored, I'm buying myself a new top. I know exactly which one I want too, and it's expensive.
  12. Paused the episode to comment: Wow it really says a lot about your game play when the houseguests that are worried about being nominated feel the need to talk to the hoh's "boyfriend" instead if the hoh herself since they know the hoh will do anything the "boyfriend" says....
  13. The only thing that will make Beth's reign tolerable is her nominating Victoria since Victoria had a perfect opportunity to get Beth or one of the two boys out last week. Not looking forward to a week of Beth's screeching. Is it just me or was it obvious Jed/Ty (can't remember which one was in a tie with Beth for hoh) threw the comp? The answer is in the high 300's and he put 78 or something ridiculous like that.
  14. What!? Is it just me or was that a waste of nominations?
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