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  1. What ever happened to the crazy sun or whatever it was? I know she's the main character and all (and I like her) but, I get the biggest eye roll when they all talk about how Clarke is "the key".
  2. I need for 1. Gene to figure this all out 2. Dean to go down (loved Mad Men so will hate to see the actor go but, you can only keep a bad guy around for so long) 3. Figure out some way to keep Chloe on the show
  3. I noticed that too and thought, huh, Dean actually feels guilty about something.
  4. I wonder if Dean shows up at Murphy's apartment to confront her about murdering Nia and then somehow is responsible for saving the gang from Josiah. It wouldn't redeem him in Murphy's (or anyone else's) eyes but maybe a truce is coming.
  5. Ok, I just rewatched the scene. When Gabriel tries to stop them, Echo says to the rest of them "he wants his answers. That's all he's ever wanted." So, what answers? Lol I guess we'll find out. Or maybe it's been discussed before and I don't remember. But my question remains then, did he stop them from going to the surface because he thought it was suicide or are these "answers" so important to him that he was willing to give everyone up.
  6. I figured out pretty quickly that was no cave. Hey, I've seen Star Wars. I thought Diyozas's scenes at the beginning was an homage to Alias. For me at least, it reminded me of the scenes when Sydney was being tortured and brainwashed by The Covenant. What is Gabriel up to? I'm confused. Did he really think they were all going to die on the surface or does he have ulterior motives? Because didn't one of them (Hope?) say to him something like, we have to go, you'll have to leave it. So, is he after something and decided he can't leave without it? I'm loving the Indra, Murphy (I'm watching!) and Emori team up. Was anyone else expecting Indra to say, you are wonkru or you are the enemy of wonkru! when she won that fight?
  7. Aaaaaahhhhh thank you @Taryn74. This is one of those series that needs a rewatch I think.
  8. Re: Diego, maybe tiic won't go the typical "he's evil" route. Maybe he doesn't know anything about the alien experiments and he is just really excited about what Liz is/was working on. And even though breaking into her lab isn't a "good guy" move, it was meant with best intentions to get the woman scientist interested in Liz's work. Maybe his ulterior motive is nothing more than, getting Liz a great job and maybe winning her back? Oooooor he's evil. Lol
  9. The only thing I didn't really get was, the mind reader guy told Octavia that she wouldn't remember anything that happened to her after originally leaving sanctum. But then when Hope arrives to stab her, she knows who Hope is??? Love Murphy. That is all.
  10. Wow that was intense! Loved the 80's music in those last couple of scenes. Even though it doesn't make sense that Dean would kill Nia because then he wouldn't get his money, I totally thought it was going to be Dean that shot Nia. Was surprised to see Jess. I assume we're going to get some scenes next episode explaining how she got there. I wonder how Darnell will feel about this. He considers Murphy a friend (and Max of course) and is angry at Nia for having the love of his life killed... not saying he'll be fine with it but maybe he won't exactly be vengeful or anything.
  11. Maybe showing Ben dead at the beginning of the first few episodes was to throw us off a bit. Maybe he's not dead, like he's od-ing but they're able to save him, and it's another person that's dead (and whose blood is on Murphy)? Or maybe 2 different people are dead?
  12. I'm not all that surprised Murphy slept with Josh after Josiah made her strip. It's her coping mechanism. But I'm surprised it happened as though they'd done it before or at least were headed in that direction... Because last I remember they both said it's not what they wanted.
  13. This episode was really confusing. So, Dev trains Hope and gets killed helping her to escape - does Hope get captured? Or did Hope stay on the planet? Or did she escape? How does she know Orlando? And how did Clarke et al get the body of the dead soldier? Oh, and Echo is HEARTLESS!!!! The Orlando actor was good, made me feel for him after only knowing him for one episode.
  14. This episode upset me. I wasn't upset while watching it but I couldn't sleep afterwards and had weird dreams. I don't like that Konstantin was responsible for Kenny's death, even if it was an accident. And especially because it was implied that he might be Kenny's father. I don't know if the writers were actually writing a redemption story or if it was all in my mind but, I was really going along with a Konstantin redemption story. He was introduced as a bad guy but we were clearly shown not all is how it seems and I thought there might be a chance that he was good. And although he spent the whole season telling everyone he was a prick/asshole/bad guy he didn't really do anything that bad plus the heart attack made me sympathize with him a lot. His big hearty laughs made him seem like a loveable guy. Then all of a sudden it's like, BAM! So you thought he was a good guy? Guess again. Then the part where he's begging Villanelle to help him when Caroline had the gun to his head and Villanelle is just watching avidly with an excited grin on her face - yet the scene when he had the heart attack she was quite heartfelt when she said she didn't want him to die... Idk. It just effected me I guess.
  15. When Maddie said to Tyler, you can't always predict who you're attracted to, maybe one day you'll understand that. And Tyler was just like, yah. I thought one of two things is going to play out: Tyler likes Annie or Tyler is gay.
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