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  1. I realize that it was done so that she could be a part of the plot on the show, but the woman just had a baby. Stop calling her every second! Also, we need more shots of said baby. She’s adorable.
  2. Brethren! Someone at our local farmer’s market sells a lemonade concentrate. A little of that, some Wray J and Nephew (over proof white rum), topped off with club soda, and I could pretend I was on the island.
  3. My family is Jamaican, and the “recipe” for rum punch is one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of week (lime juice, fruit syrup, rum, and water). That punch will sneak up on you!
  4. “Unpopular profession”. Are you Natalie’s make up artist?
  5. I’ve used Huda Beauty and it showed up on my dark lips.
  6. Did he just say “self care”. I snorted so loud, my neighbours must be worried.
  7. Andrew’s still at the resort, and doesn’t look that broken up. What a maroon!
  8. Yeah, my province is going by age, and I’m not slated until July.
  9. No, it’s just “the long distance”. Yeah right 🙄
  10. Looking forward to everyone’s snark. I just told my dad that his brother shouldn’t have someone in his bubble whose nickname is “drunky”.
  11. I didn’t even realize that dubbing was available (I’m watching on Canadian Netflix), but I’m glad that I didn’t.
  12. Abishola told him she wanted a divorce and he told her that he would never give her a divorce. For any Canadians, he’s the actor who played BLT on Degrassi. I saw him on another program this week, so I got double my BLT sightings!
  13. As someone who is proudly bougie, not going to a museum doesn’t make someone low class, just someone who doesn’t like museums. Natalie makes me want to swear.
  14. I have a Michael Kors wallet (that’s still going strong 10 years later). My rule is that my wallet can’t cost more than the amount of cash that would be in said wallet.
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