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  1. I had to look him up too. His name is Fernando Garcia https://www.allure.com/story/oscar-de-la-renta-monse-laura-kim-fernando-garcia
  2. I love that Shavi apologized to his model that he was making her not look good on tv. He will be missed. When Sergio talked about embroidering the children’s names on his dress, I thought of the movie, Phantom Threads. I swear Daniel Day-Lewis’s character embroidered the names of women in the dresses that he designed. I was super happy with the top two outfits, and would have been happy with whomever won. Conversely, I was super unhappy with the bottom two and didn’t want either to leave.
  3. She ended up in a hallway chased by the police. The assumption is that it was the same hallway where Vijay and Ella were in the closet/storage room, as from their closet/room they could hear the police shouting at her to stop, then gunshots. You hear more shouting, then the police say “all clear”.
  4. I'm not a doctor, but I know that for my most recent surgery, they gave me fentanyl as my anesthetic. I was worried for about half a second when the nurse told me, but them remembered that they are medical professionals, so know what they are doing. I was fine (aside from the fact that I threw up blue--we still have no idea why that happened).
  5. The sad part is that I get her point. Many marriage students are arranged, in which as a couple gets to know each other, then they grow to love each other. But, Mike is coming from a place where he wants to be in love before he gets married. Walk away, man. Walk away!
  6. One of the women who is on Pillow Talk had that bra store and show on TLC. why hasnt she been brought in to do a bra intervention?
  7. I loved this message from the show. We get so many messages that black hair isn't beautiful--that it's weird, it's strange, it's unprofessional, difficult to care for. I was in envy of most the hairstyles of the women in the show (ok, not the woman who hadn't cut off her relaxed ends). I lived in Australia for a year on a teacher's exchange. The first thing that I did when they told me which city where I was matched was to check and see if there was a black hairdresser there. Not check on the school, or where I'd be living, but check and see if there was a place to get my hair done (I had it relaxed at the time).
  8. As we're talking about differences between this version and GBBO. I'm assuming that contestants get to practice back in the US. If so, there would be differences in ingredients that can also account for issues with their bakes. For example, American butter would be different than that found in the UK in terms of fat and water content, flour will have differing amounts of protein and these can have an effect on the final product. British contestants (and Canadian, since that's where I'm from) would be practicing with formulations of ingredients that would actually be used on the show. I still think that the lack of time to practice has an even bigger effect on the quality of contestants' bakes on this version of the show, but just thought of the ingredients too.
  9. It’s a deal! I hadn’t watched this version in a few years, and remembered being disappointed when I did watch it. I’m still disappointed. Is the American version just cursed?
  10. The show generally doesn’t make the stand out to be a coveted prize. The hosts usually walk out with it when they go to announce the winner, so it’s easy to miss amongst everything else that’s going on. ETA: The Mason Cash mixing bowls come in red! This version of the show has just redeemed itself in my eyes. It was worth the lacklustre hosts for the sight of my favourite mixing bowls in my favourite colour!
  11. I liked Chelsey’s version of the Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim), but I preferred the top to the pants. It was really nice to see Nancy receiving some praise for her work. As for Sergio, using fabric leftover from designers is known as using deadstock fabric, not upcycling. There’s no shame in the deadstock game (it’s still a good environmental practice, and it's how I got my hands on some Valentino fabric), but it’s not the same as redesigning an already made garment. And, I noticed his not so subtle shade of self-taught designers. I’m a teacher, and I have nothing but respect for people who are self taught. They are interested in learning. That’s whats important to me, not how they learned it.
  12. We have one tv. It will be changed to the Seahawks game in a few minutes. I’m relying on my fellow snark era to get me through (I like football, but I like snarking, and can’t pvr the show, as I am taping something else already).
  13. Alex was complaining about American bakers not knowing what a hand raised pie is. Bakers on GBBO (and occasionally on the Canadian) often make something unfamiliar from another culture or country. That’s the whole point of the technical challenge—to test your baking skills. I’m just disappointed in this version of the show. There’s something to be said about the level of baking skill when you’re allowed to practice like the British bakers are (does anyone know how it works for the Canadian contestants? It’s not like they’re flying back from Toronto after each taping).
  14. That’s about 185 lbs. I wonder if it’s a snarky reference to Anna.
  15. At least Sinjin’s working on his opera skills.
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