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  1. This is just a messy situation all around https://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanschocket2/chrissy-teigen-michael-costello-fake-dms
  2. I thought this was a link to an online petition and was madly clicking it so I could sign it.
  3. Just saw an ad for Tourism Calgary and thought of you (can’t remember if you’re there or Edmonton).
  4. You just got your wish. Though, her granddaughters are so adorable!
  5. We went on a family trip to Jamaica, and the biggest fight was from my wee nieces crying about how they wanted to sing the theme to Paw Patrol. We did get a little testy one day, but worked it out. I guess my family will never be on a TLC show.
  6. I am loving this series. I have laughed out loud so many times.
  7. I watched the Canadian edit (our episodes are shorter than yours, so slightly different editing). Dawn asked Jamie to help, and asked if that would impact her ability to finish her (Jamie's) plates. When Dawn tasted Jamie's cheese sauce, she made a comment about tasting something different (I can't remember what she said), then Jamie said "sesame". All these comments about whether or not Dawn "deserves" to be there, and her" focusing on her Blackness in order to win" is exactly why 2020/2021 happened.
  8. Hmm, how could Ron and Betty have prepared Brandon to be able to live on his own? Maybe charge him rent. That’s how he can get used to it. The anger that Ron has with Brandon and Julia wanting to leave is a sign they should leave now.
  9. I thought you meant us for a brief second!
  10. Panuchos are amazing! I would love to have tried Gabe’s version. When it’s safe to travel internationally, head to Mérida, Mexico, so you can try them there too.
  11. My ex loved my Dyson vacuum—said more men needed to know about it. I never had to vacuum while we were together. Wonder if I should put my vacuum on my dating profile?
  12. Me too! Waving at you from the suburbs.
  13. We were 30 and sunny on Tuesday. It’s now 15 and raining here in the west wet coast.
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