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  1. hula-la

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I'm of two minds of the pre-set location. Yes, it rids us of the fun/drama of trucks determining where to park, circling for hours finding a location, getting a poor location, etc. But, with them all in the same selling area, you get to see who is able to get themselves ready to sell quickly, vs. those that seem to take forever during their prep.
  2. hula-la

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    For those of us sad to see the race end, the Canadian version begins July 2. I have no idea how American viewers would watch it (though I know that it's possible). The challenges are often more difficult than the TAR, original recipe version. Most of their travel is in Canada, but they do travel internationally too.
  3. hula-la

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Because I'm procrastinating from marking (report card marks are due Friday), I remembered that there was a vegan truck before. It was Season 2 and they were the Seabirds. They were eliminated in episode 4, and I was looking to see if there were any issues with mandatory ingredients (I remember not being annoyed with them like we are with the Sol Collective). In one episode, they had to make a sausage, but they made a vegan sausage. Here, they talk about how they didn't intentionally market their truck as vegan. The truck lasted for a few years, but is now closed.
  4. hula-la

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I get what you’re saying, but I feel that a vegan food truck will always have difficulty, as the producers simply need to choose an animal based ingredient, and they wouldn’t be able to participate. If there’s a vegan truck in the competition, simply choose a plant based ingredient, then all trucks are theoretically on a level playing field—which is how to incorporate the ingredient into a dish. There’s enough entertainment in that.
  5. hula-la

    S17.E14: Finale

    I was watching Bishme’s Instagram Stories today. He showed his “fooler” collection (because not just the final 3 show their collection), and I really liked a lot of his pieces. I hope this is the beginning of a great career for him. He was also at Sebastian’s viewing party last night, sitting right next to him. I am so glad that Sebastian won. Now to find out if the company selling his capsule collection will ship to Canada!
  6. hula-la

    S17.E14: Finale

    I've been calling Sebastian Christian the entire show, so I'm not surprised that I did it here. Maybe I'm already projecting that Sebastian will win and have a fabulous career, just like Christian! I wish we could spike the punch. We never get to spike the punch.
  7. hula-la

    S17.E14: Finale

    We have Commencement tonight for my school. While the students and parents/family members in the audience will be stressed, as they are missing Game 6 of the NBA playoffs (I'm in Canada), I'm stressed, as I'm missing the finale of Project Runway. PVR has been set, and I'm nervously hoping for a win for Sebastian (and for the Raptors, too!)
  8. hula-la

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    No one on Twitter mentioned the movie, but Nina did tweet this
  9. I don’t know if this applies just to PRAS, but Evan Biddell got his finale collection back. He had to buy it, and I wonder how much it cost him. He posted this on his FB page.
  10. hula-la

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I remember the judges commenting a few times on how well Hester's clothes are constructed (like the, as my mom calls it, "up the butt" swimsuit). Though, whether or not it is actually well sewn, or well sewn as compared to Tessa, remains to be seen. I do agree with you that it will be certainly colourful. And here I am using the term colourful in the same way that we describe art that does not make any sense and is kind of weird as interesting.
  11. hula-la

    SYTYCD in the Media

    Thanks for the update @pally. I programmed it in my pvr and a heads up that my guide has it starting at 9 pm, not 8 (which is great for me, as I get home from dance class at 9).
  12. hula-la

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    My bad. I’m thinking inches in a foot, not a yard. This is why I like metric.
  13. hula-la

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    People who sew, especially design, need to have fairly strong math skills, as you need to use them constantly. I tell my students that all the time. Heck, I'm Canadian, and we use the metric system, but I could quickly tell you that there are 48" in 4 yards.
  14. hula-la

    S17.E11: New York City of Dreams

    When Garo was walking with his client, I had flashbacks to the first season of Project Runway, when the designers created a new uniform for postal workers. If I remember correctly, Jay’s model didn’t show up so fellow contestant Austin Scarlett modelled for him.
  15. hula-la

    Blood & Treasure

    I saw an Instagram post from Oded Fehr in which he said that he was filming in Montreal Canada. Quebec would give you that old world European charm at Canadian prices (the USD is worth $1.34 CAD right now).