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  1. I loved the Navajo (they were Navajo, right?) hoop dancers, except I’ve never seen it as a choreographed group dance.the regalia of that one dancer was stunning! While I really wish they could have been on the show to provide variety from the contemporary, hip hop, salsa that is on the show, I sadly agreed with the judges.
  2. I agree. I would happily eat almost everything Francis made this season.
  3. Ok, I was worried there. I don’t think I’ve ever been a student happy with a final group as I am with this group of chefs.
  4. For American viewers, is the episode longer than 1 hour? It’s only an hour here in Canada, and I want to be careful what I say here, as I don’t want to spoil anything.
  5. There's dance on TV again, and right now, I'll take all the dance that I can get. Again, though, I wish there was less backstory and watching the hosts get snacks, and more actual dance. I'd like to propose a dance show called "Just Dance" where each week, viewers are introduced to another style of dance from around the world. There's a brief introduction about history of the dance then the rest of the show is just people dancing it. When I win the lottery, I will produce such a show. Now, I just have to win the lottery.
  6. I can’t believe the season is over. It flew by! It’s only an hour next week, so I assume the cook off will be quick.
  7. I went to follow you, saw Betty White was trending, and panicked. She’s fine—don’t mess with me Twitter!
  8. I don’t want to derail this thread, but I loved that show!
  9. Dollars to doughnuts he has been communicating with Varys since they’ve been back.
  10. Like many on here, I am not a fan at all of Mijune . But today, I came across her Instagram live, where she was doing blind wine tastings with some Vancouver sommeliers (promoting BC wine). She was great—fun and personable. Still not a fan of her as a judge, but I’d tune into her wine wars again!
  11. As a teacher, I totally approve!
  12. I feel like a woman will win, but I have been impressed with the dishes that Francis makes, and will always pull for a fellow Jamaican, so who knows? Unlike you, Lucy doesn't really bother me, but YMMV (ok, it really does vary!)
  13. The only positive thing about Erika and Stephanie is that Erika got the coming out that every LGBTQ+ person deserves.
  14. Geoffrey: I want you as a life partner, or a friend partner. So basically, marry me or nothing.
  15. Season 4 begins May 26. I would really like to see a “kickball change” looks like vs. a “kick, ball, change”. Can you tell I’m a fan of the Oxford comma? https://ew.com/tv/world-of-dance-season-4-contestants-announced/
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