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  1. Especially because the actual Indigenous Hoop Dancers were eliminated a long time ago because the judges didn't know what to do with them.
  2. Well, that ended badly for Keith.
  3. That’s Maori (from New Zealand). He’d do a Samoan Sasa. Sorry, Polynesian dancer here. Really, I’d just like to see a sasa.
  4. They are an amazing Australian cookie of awesomeness.
  5. I love hearing people flip back and forth between two languages! How their brains are able to do that is amazing.
  6. Mom insisted they move into her hotel. Quelle surpris!
  7. Another great episode. Finding out that farmers make $0.05 for every box of cereal (but it costs them $0.07 to produce) was a little a lot shocking. The price of food has been rising, especially during the pandemic, but I know little to none of it is going to the people growing it.
  8. Hmm, Angela. To Not even want to learn To prepare some of the Nigerian dishes that Micheal loves? That’s not a man/woman thing, that’s wanting to learn more about your future spouse
  9. Thanks for sharing this list @Pepper Mostly! I read The Marriage Clock last year and loved it. I also highly recommend The Mango Season by Amulya Mulladi.
  10. Totally depends on the family. Some will still expect/demand a heterosexual marriage. Others will start arranging a homosexual marriage. Other parents are ok with their children being single. The colourism was apparent every time someone mentioned that they wanted their future spouse to be “fair” (tall, fair, and handsome). There’s a reason why skin lightening creams are big sellers in India and in South Asian communities. I read a stat somewhere that worldwide, 50% of all marriages are arranged. I’m liking this show.
  11. I made it for my colleagues when I was living in South Australia (I had a Canadian Thanksgiving). They were confused, but some liked it. They loved the Nanaimo Bars and butter tarts though!
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