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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The showstoppers were all dreadful looking and while I'm happy for Rahul and his fans, I was rooting for either of the women to take it. I'm hoping there will be a Christmas special this year, to help me forget this final!!
  2. So in the interview segment, Hannah McIntyre said she was a self-published mystery author. As an avid mystery reader, I was curious about her books and tried searching for info online, but I'm guessing she must write under a different name, since Google turns up zero. I guess she missed a good chance to plug her work...! Anyone knows what name she writes under?
  3. Just leaving this here... http://ew.com/news/2018/06/16/chris-hardwick-dropped-comic-con-assault-allegations/
  4. Having such similar anecdotes 2 days in a row is a bit... unusual. I am kind of looking forward to seeing if Alex calls her weird again tomorrow, though. If I have to choose, I will take a board jumper over a buzzer masher ANY day. I was SO relieved that AJ didn't win. He was shaking and pounding that thing so violently during the first segment that I figure someone on staff must have come over and told him to cool it before Double Jeopardy.
  5. "So what is this show," I wondered when I saw a brief mention of it in a "coming up on HBO" ad. According to Splitsider: It sounds a little bit like W. Kamau Bell's "United Shades of America" from that description? Or the new Sarah Silverman show (which I will admit I haven't seen because I don't have Hulu).
  6. He quoted something from a Pence website that indicated that Pence believed gays should NEVER serve in the military under any circumstances. And I'm sure Pence's stance about women in the military hits John VERY personally, since his wife is a vet. Oh man, I can't stand the Ellen show but I'm tempted to tune in today to see her segment on the Marlon Bundo book.
  7. And speaking of Amazon sales rankings, the LWT Bundo book is now #1 AND #2 in Children's Rabbit Books! When I Googled Pence bunny book to try to find out which if any charity is getting a share of the proceeds from the official Bundo volume, a Fox News headline popped up: "John Oliver slammed for 'controversial and partisan' mockery of Pence family bunny." Slammed only by the idiots on Fox News, I'm sure. Maybe if it comes up on Fox & Friends, Trump will Tweet about it indignantly. (BTW, the official book benefits A21, an anti-human trafficking charity founded by "Christine Caine, a l
  8. Me too -- I saw it on Broadway shortly before it closed. It was nominated for a few Tonys last year. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for prospective Jeopardy! contestants to read up on Tony nominees/winners, since questions about Broadway shows seem to come up with some frequency. (As a theater nut, I'd pray for a Broadway category or final if I was ever a contestant!)
  9. You can definitely buy houses with bitcoin, as long as the seller accepts it. It's still newsworthy when someone does advertise that they'll take bitcoin, even here in the Bay Area. There are quite a few auto dealers that accept it as well, including a Lamborghini dealer (#LAMBO!). I feel the biggest issue with the piece is that it could literally have been 2 hours long and only begun to scratch the surface of bitcoin and blockchain. I've listened to several podcasts about it and read news stories, and I don't understand everything either. This is a decent explainer with links to other ar
  10. From Mediaite: NRA TV is not going to take John Oliver‘s treatment of it lying down. Oh, no. They took to Twitter to give them a piece of their minds after Oliver called them “the dumbest, most transparent thing [the NRA] does” and simply “a vessel to sell America guns.”
  11. When John first put up the logo for "Love at First Shot" I was sure it was going to be some kind of dating show for gun aficionados, and I was rather disappointed when I found out the actual nature of the show. A male acquaintance had a brief fling last year with a woman who got pregnant, and apparently the identity of the father is something of a mystery. (It might be him, but it could also be some other dude.) When I was talking to my sister-in-law about this last week, I told her I would give anything for them to go on Maury to have their DNA testing done, since it's going to have to h
  12. My husband LOVED Ronna & Beverly. We even went to one of their live shows. So for his sake, I'm sad that they didn't succeed. Paul Feig face-down in One Piece Man's butt was hilarious. I love that he's made cameos on all the episodes and that he's game for anything. Donna Dorable must be thrilled with the exposure. (Any publicity is good publicity, after all.) I'm sure that if Joel is in NY or Donna is in LA, there'll be some kind of crossover.
  13. I for one loved the Italian election segment. To be honest, it's a bit of a relief knowing other countries are as screwed-up as ours. And the game show footage and volcano were wildly entertaining. So this is apparently the deal with Rachael Ray (from an article I found online called "10 Things You Didn't Know about Rachael Ray"):
  14. I could really do without the opening graphic to "Joel's Weekly Dump," however... Loved Kristen Bell using the BELTBOX at the end because they couldn't afford the rights to the song from "Frozen"!
  15. They've also had a paid partnership with the New York Times for what must be several years now. There's a J! ad in the NYT every day next to the crossword puzzle, and they've frequently done J! categories featuring NYT reporters reading clues. The dead giveaway for whether or not something is advertiser supported is that the category title appears as a logo and not just the plain blue & white.
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