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  1. their regular pay off from their regular business of being dirty cops. As for the ransom money Berger said to look at the books for $100k of donations that showed up after the kidnapping, presumably Ennis passed on the ransom money,
  2. No Holcomb wasn't in on the kidnapping, that was what his whole conversation with Ennis a few episodes ago was about. Ennis went out on his own with the kidnapping which endangered what Holcomb had going on, which is why Ennis ended up dead.
  3. The readings were by Amy Ryan, not Michelle. i had also thought she had done them before learning it was Amy Ryan.
  4. I can understand that it is a hard subject to talk about and I can certainly imagine that might have taken multiple tries to get through but his delivery still seemed weird to me.
  5. Great series. Boy did nephew seem very performative and rehearsed.
  6. there is no evidence that proves that Charlie wasn't Dodson's son.
  7. lead is soft and is only used to form the perimeter of each glass piece, it's not like it's a set of iron bars in the window As for the ending, I think the intent of the writers is yes Jane died. The ending of her in a bag in times square mirrored the opening, but like others I agree there is no way in reality that they would zip her up in a body bag and just walk away. The ending is ambiguous enough that if someone wanted to claim that she is still alive i wouldn't put up a fight.
  8. that was the whole point of the meeting with Hamilton Burger. The exam hadn't changed in X # of years, he was able to give Perry the questions and presumably the answers.
  9. Cena and Oliver have the same birthday? Aging really does a number on your body, I mean Cena is all swollen , not pale and flabby like a normal human male.
  10. Cars. I don't think Perry had to fly there, I doubt Lupe would agree to a fancy date if he offered his dairy truck as transportation.
  11. MrWhyt

    Hamilton (2020)

    I've been humming the da, da, da, dat, da... all day
  12. I had completely forgot that Amy Ryan was doing the reading and thought it was Michelle. I was like "did she dictate hte book to herself?"
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