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  1. MrWhyt

    S01.E05: 03 Bonnie and Clyde

    McKay was presented with at least a veneer of being a nice guy, Nate has been trouble from the start. McKay treating Cassie poorly is a disappointing and somewhat unexpected development, Nate hurting Maddie, while terrible, wasn't really a surprise.
  2. MrWhyt

    S04.E08: Ambo

    i think if he shows up with the goods they're going to be even more suspicious of him. He can't explain it without giving up that he's been working on his own and trying to displace Smurf.
  3. MrWhyt

    S01E04: Shook One Pt. II

    huh I didn't think Nate was smart enough to be that devious
  4. MrWhyt

    S04.E06: Into the Black

    but why would he? He's involved in crime, he doesn't want the cops anywhere near him.
  5. MrWhyt


    mmmm Carla Gugino. I will watch anything with her in it. Liking the series so far, fills that banshee/quarry void.
  6. MrWhyt

    S04.E05: Reap

    the intercom at the gate goes to the phone., the intercom is buzzed and the phone rings.
  7. MrWhyt

    S01.E02: Stuntin' Like My Daddy

    and how would she do that? stern words? shackle her to a radiator?
  8. MrWhyt

    S04.E04: Tank

    I don't think anybody knows if Baz is J's father, there has never been any evidence to support it.
  9. MrWhyt

    S01.E01: Pilot

    his dating profile said he liked twinks and fembois, and there was the whole "you kids today are lucky you get to be yourselves" bit, he knew what he was getting.
  10. MrWhyt

    S04.E03: Man vs Rock

    a little from column A, a little from column B? perhaps she was planning to kill him and used the opportunity to show J that's she's not under his thumb.
  11. there is no Night King in the books, at least as portrayed on the show. There is the mythical Night's King, but he has not made an appearance in the flesh.
  12. MrWhyt

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    she had her dragons and her armies, at that point the legitimacy of her claim is a moot. point
  13. MrWhyt

    S04.E01: Janine

    I don't know how they chose the boxes but earlier in the episode there was a line about multiple companies using the bank to pay their illegal workers. So the cash in the boxes was essentially payroll for people off the books.
  14. MrWhyt

    S08.00: The Last Watch

    the actors gets lots of interviews and other screen time. Why not show some of the less famous people who produce the show.
  15. MrWhyt

    S08.00: The Last Watch

    yeah i thought he got a little too over the top and into his role but at the same time I can't say i wouldn't be the same way if was in his position.