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  1. MrWhyt

    S01.E07: Trick

    well that really sputtered out
  2. get them young and you have them for their whole career
  3. MrWhyt

    S01.E05: Jump

    insert: boy that escalated quickly gif here
  4. William wasn't necessarily in the same time period as dusty Bernard.
  5. MrWhyt

    Strike Back

    Well Cinemax is no longer making original content (which means Jett isn't getting a second season dammit) so here's hoping they change their position. I enjoyed Strikeback 3.0, thought the team did well together. The finale seemed pretty rushed but so did the one for the Scott/Stonebridge version. I'd been expecting Chetri's death from pretty much the moment she showed up but Mac's was a surprise. One thing to notice over the series' run is how section 20 keeps shrinking, during the first Scott/Stonebridge years there was a whole command team back at the crib with other field operators, in then end they're reduced to 5 people including their tech person and commander running missions i nthe field.
  6. oh poor stupid Bane.
  7. no your room got all dusty when they were all singing
  8. it can't be hacked and doesn't run out of batteries/bullets. Sometimes simple is best.
  9. they can come together and fall apart quickly. Ali Larter's show hasn't shot a pilot and doesn't have a series commitment, why not hire her seeing as her future project was at the time and still isn't anywhere near production?
  10. you expect them to be able to predict the future?
  11. those were all Lalo's people, he was staying at his own place not the Don's.
  12. MrWhyt

    S01.E03: F**k

    It's the old "if it's a half hour long it's a comedy, if it's an hour long it's a drama" thinking
  13. no, it was real, they were discharged after the attack on their squad. The head injury was incurred during their service. yeah, I don't think you need a likable protagonist, you need an entertaining/captivating one.
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