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  1. i wasn't crying it was just really dusty in here. (really dusty in here, title of my sex movie)
  2. even though it was obviously ADR'ed in later once they moved to paramount+ I had to re-watch the "we can not fall for a word that comes out of that fucker's mouth" line multiple times. also: Is Leland Townsend a better role than Ben Linus? discuss I love how ruthless she is when it comes to protecting her family.
  3. it's a television meet-cute, you're overthinking things
  4. sometimes a lady in towel is just a lady in a towel. I kind of hate Lost and similar shows for making viewers assume there's a twist to every plot point in modern TV.
  5. I was expecting chekhov's sniper, not a kidnapping she's Chen's pet, she's been around all season.
  6. ouch, I'm going to shuffle off to my grave now. Solid show, maybe the most consistent of the year. really helps to have a sketch comedy vet host. Not a single stinker in the bunch IMO
  7. need to work "fucking off is always an option" into my next conversation with my brother
  8. well it certainly helped that JW didn't just walk away with no warning.
  9. They specifically mentioned that they got a warrant when they were talking about the 2minute/30 second rule
  10. the collapse of her personal life and y'know the whole "everyone is dying all the time with no end in sight" pandemic thing.
  11. someone would have to be able to prove in a court of law that he did.
  12. Solid show IMO. I thought the awkward kid sketch was the low point of the evening so good thing it went first. WU killed.
  13. need to find a way to work "a man willing to dig a big hole is willing to dig a smaller one" into my next conversation with my nieces and nephews.
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