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  1. There's enough material in what has happened the last few weeks to make a whole new show! After all, Tragedy + Time = Comedy.
  2. Cringeworthy moments aside, I liked this episode. I thought the flip of Zoey being the one doing the singing, and that it was for real (not in her head) was well placed as to where the show is right now. I also loved that we got the few glimpses into her "real" voice and "real" dancing abilities. Did anyone else notice that during Crazy when we were in Zoey's head with her, her hair was perfect in all scenes. And when we saw the "real" her (as Max did) her hair was an absolute mess? Just like it would be if someone were doing all that dancing in real life. I thought that was a cute detail. I do not see Leif as a predator. I see him as a schemer. Joan isn't "prey", but she is the target of a con job. I don't think his Plan A is to scream sexual harassment, I think he just wants to be teacher's pet and usurp Zoey for as long as possible. But, I'm sure a sexual harassment claim is his Plan B, for when Plan A comes to an end. I'm also curious as to how they'll handle Mitch and his presumably inevitable death. I don't see a miracle cure coming, since they've identified this as a real life disease. Unless it's been a misdiagnosis all along, and instead he has an operable brain tumor, or something like that. But that seems like a big cop out for this show. I think there's continuity errors with Simon. Zoey confessed to her mom that she liked him, so this whole "I never knew how I felt until I sang" is just weird. She had one big ol' crush on him from day one, and she knew it. That's why I Want You to Want Me makes sense - he's a hot guy (with a hot girlfriend/fiancee), she's a nerdy girl, and she just wants to be wanted by the hot guy she has a crush on. And that's why I understand Max being crushed - yeah, she's got the feels for him, but he's not the hot guy that she wants. And finally, I really missed Mo this episode. It would have been great to have a Mo/Zoey duet. And, as Zoey's original confidant, Mo should have been looped in on this new twist in Zoey's powers. Their absence was conspicuously weird.
  3. For the most part, I liked the show. From what I've read on other sites, they really did play fast and loose with the supporting characters, especially Addie. That's disappointing, because it seems that Madam's true bio would be interesting enough without embellishment. I loved the costumes and the sets, I felt they really paid attention to detail. And, with one exception (below) I thought they cast the supporting roles really well. I loved Ransom, and Sweetness. And, oh, Blair Underwood... can't go wrong there. I liked the dream sequences, and how they changed theme with each episode. I also really liked the music - both the choice to use modern music over period music, and the specific songs they chose, too. I did not like Tiffany Haddish in this role. I thought she was a weird choice based on both age and appearance. I just never bought her as Sarah & CJ's daughter. And, I felt her acting hit a very odd tone. I don't know what they were going for there. I do wish they made it more than 4 episodes. The first 3 episodes were well timed, but the fourth was just rushed. And so much didn't make sense. The whole "stealing the formula" plot totally contradicted the first episode, where they spent a lot of time showing Sarah trying to come up with her own product, and being proud of that, especially that it smelled much better than Addie's. I do want to learn more about Madam Walker, and I'm putting her (real) biography on my reading list for this year.
  4. Leif's number was amazing! The character is a jerk, but the actor has an amazing voice. Probably one of the best songs all season. On the other hand, Maggie just ruined one of my favorite songs. Possibly forever. I don't think every character has to sing, especially when there's no mystery as to what they're thinking. Here's my pure speculation.... Leif uses this "thing" with Joan as blackmail-lite, to get her to promote him, claiming Joan pursued him, he felt pressured,etc. It backfires when Zoey saves the day by saying I saw it all. But, Joan then enacts a strict no fraternization policy, putting the kibosh on Zoey & Max and Zoey & Simon.
  5. Leif's number was amazing! The character is a jerk, but the actor has an amazing voice. Probably one of the best songs all season. On the other hand, Maggie just ruined one of my favorite songs. Possibly forever. I don't think every character has tonsing, especially when there's no mystery as to what they're thinking.
  6. I meant while she was at the house. She pulls up, is wandering around this mansion and comments on the knife? No comments like, hey dude, nice mansion, post-war consulting work (or whatever it is he claims he does) must pay really well. She didn't even look surprised when she pulled up.
  7. I really liked this episode. I could do without the Tookie marital drama - I don't care at all about that. But otherwise, I felt it was a solid episode. Love Benny. They can put more of him on the screen anytime. I actually liked the mystery/investigation into his death. But please, no more Dex emotional flashbacks closing her eyes while she's driving scenes. I like Miles & Lee together, too. They have good chemistry, and it's very believable. But I hope the writers don't try to shoehorn in a "he's still pining for Dex" or "Miles and Dex get drunk and have sex" plot. Just let Miles & Lee be a couple. I'm a bit confused about the now dead former squad member. Dex wonders about where he got a fancy knife, but doesn't wonder about the palatial mansion? OK, so the entire squad was dirty, except for Benny, and he was killed because he was going to rat them out. That's pretty much established, right?
  8. I think of it like watching old shows set in NYC and seeing the WTC towers in the background. The first few times it was weird, but then it isn't. Count me as one who hopes that fictional tv shows remain coronavirus free. I don't need cv related plots shoehorned into shows. I don't need Zoey walking down the street hearing everyone sing "It's the End of the World as We Know It". Wait, actually, that would be fun...
  9. Thanks. I just looked him up on IMDB. Was surprised to see his age - he's 10 years younger than Peter Gallagher (56 vs. 65), but looked at least his age, if not a bit older than him in this episode.
  10. Isn't that what Google Glasses were supposed to do, years ago? I loved how the insult of "you're self absorbed and you dress like a (?) grader" just elicited the response of "you're not self absorbed". Period. End of sentence. And Max really did look good in an adult suit. And while I thought Zoey's dress was nice, her coat killed! Who played Mitch's friend? (It's not up on IMBD yet.) At first I thought it was Stephen Weber, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. Drunk Joan is fun, but I'm not crazy about her musical numbers. I think Lauren Graham's voice is fine, but she's not a good dancer, and compared to the rest of the cast it really shows. I don't want Zoey to get in between Simon and Jessica, but I also really don't want Zoey and Max together. I wish they didn't have him so into her from the very beginning. Or, it would be good if he was easily distracted by other women. A natural barrier from them getting together, rather than relying on "she's his boss" as the reason to keep them apart.
  11. Pete Davidson is the poor man's Jon Cryer. ugh, please don't make Lucy & Bradford a thing. What happened to the social worker girlfriend she fixed him up with? Nolan's house is like the Tardis - bigger on the inside! Even with major rehab, there's no way he'd ever be able to afford that house. I do love the design/decor, though. The dead dad/half-brother plot line was stupid and served no purpose. I don't like Pete Davidson at all, hate the half-brother character, so I really hope they just let it die. Of all of Nolan's friends/relations, the only one I've liked is the original rich friend from season 1. I wish they'd bring him back.
  12. Anonymous peer reviews: So Zoey suggests this, but with the idea that everyone just reads their own. Joan approves of it, not because she likes the idea, but because she wants to support Zoey as manager. But then Joan takes total advantage of it by giving Leif a brutally honest review and then reading it back to him, under the guise that it's from one of his peers. Because, um, it's supposed to be peer review. I was really liking Joan as a boss until that moment. Considering he's under her chain of supervision, these are things she could have - and should have - said to him at any time. But she was a coward, and now it's blown back on Zoey. boo. Did anyone else notice the display above the bar keeps changing - taco bar, coffee bar, etc. Isolation pods: OK, I thought they were just weird chairs until they showed Leif in one with it shut. I never realized they closed up. How, exactly, does one breathe in there when it's shut? And wouldn't they get stinky? I enjoyed self wallowing Leif, and thought it was true to character that by the end he had absolutely no self awareness and just blamed Zoey for the whole thing. Simon: count me among those that does not want Zoey to break up Simon and Jessica. But since Simon now has the feels for Zoey I don't know where this is going where it won't lead to major awkwardness at the office. Family time: I noticed early on that family time is almost always in the morning, before everyone goes to work. And I also can't figure out how that works for most people with normal work schedules. But, I figured at least for Zoey, who is in a field that is notorious for long work days, it was more realistic than her showing up for 6:00 family dinners. So I'm just going to hand wave this one.
  13. The plots definitely don't call for Sue Lynn in each episode. It would be weird if she kept just stopping by the bar, but that works for Tookie's character. Same for Manneheim's Captain. I would love to see more of her, but I don't want her shoehorned in just to give her screen time. I like her scenes more when it's her and Dex, vs. her and Miles. When you have this many "regulars" there's just no way to write coherent plots that would use everyone in every episode.
  14. Yeah, he was a total dick to his parents for the approximately 2 minutes that scene lasted. And since then? Who knows? That's all I'm saying. The script since has been totally devoid of any reference to his parents. They could have made up, he may have never spoken to them again, they could be totally supportive of his relationship with his bio family. No one knows. But now we have: Kicked them to the curb! Treated them like Somali Pirates! (WTF?) Gave up his parents! Again, fine if that's the backstory you want to create, but it's not what the writers have given us. Geez, it's just a tv show. Carm down. Also, it wasn't just because he was adopted, but he found out he was essentially stolen from his birth mother. I can't imagine anyone not freaking out about that just a little in real life.
  15. Wow. That's reading a whole lot into the 2 minutes or so we saw all three of them on screen together. It's perfectly fine if that's the backstory you want to create for these characters, but the writers certainly haven't put that out there - not the extremes you've stated.
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