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  1. That sucks. If you like Harlots and you're not watching The Great, you should be. It's also a fun romp, bawdy at times, great period costumes. But I'd say Harlots is more historically accurate.
  2. chaifan

    The Great

    Nice point on the science of things. But I figure if I'm going to handwaive away history, science may as well go along for the ride! 🙂 My pet peeve... Catherine's hair! I mean, it's lovely, but she's romping in bed with her hair down one moment, and 2 minutes later walking through the halls fully, and many times quite elaborately, coifed (not to mention dressed, which also took a long time back then). I would have liked one scene showing her getting her hair done or at least an occasional "don't muss my hair" to Leo.
  3. chaifan

    The Great

    I am on Ep. 9, and I find it hilarious that they are planning a "secret" coup in a giant auditorium, theater, whatever it was. A place that sound travels. Well. I am shocked that someone hasn't been listening in (yet). But oh, am I enjoying the hell out of this show! Love everything about it - the casting, the writing, the dirty jokes, the costumes, the sets (oh, yes, the sets), the drama between everyone on the court, just everything. Loved the connection between Catherine and the Queen of Sweden - women really do need to rule the world.
  4. I guess I took "The 12" literally, and always assumed there were 12 top people (with a lot of minions under them). Paul would have been one, Helene would have been one. So that's why the "who is Helene" line stood out to me. As if there's another twist to come as far as who is playing for whom. Still, an organization chart would come in handy. 🙂
  5. I need an MI6/KGB/12 chart to keep this all straight. Was Paul in The 12, or did Carolyn accuse him of that to take the focus off her possibly being in The 12? Was he joking that he didn't know who Helene was? If he was serious, does that mean he's not in The 12, or Helene (and therefore Dasha and V and Konstantin) aren't in The 12? What the hell is The 12 anyways? I can buy Konstantin's explanation of Kenny. V had a point - he doesn't kill people. I could easily be wrong, though. But why in the world would they go up to the roof, for any reason? "Hey, kid, I'm a known agent of an organization of Russian assassins. I need to have a chat with you. Let's go up to the roof." "OK." I do love the character, though. I think they made him a little more bumbling than necessary this season, but I love every scene he's in. I do not like how comfortable they made Eve with V. As others have noted, it goes against her basic nature. V killed Eve's friend, Bill. V shot Eve, with the intent to kill. V put Niko in grave danger purposely (season 2 - I won't blame her for Dasha's actions). I really didn't see the point in V and Eve meeting in the dance hall - what was the purpose for the meeting? I did love V & Carolyn's meeting at RAH (such a gorgeous setting!). Carolyn's right - what would "Oksana" do for MI6 if Villanelle the assassin was left behind? And unless V has been seriously banking away her kill money, I doubt an MI6 salary would satisfy her for long. I do not believe that V's desire to stop killing will hold for any length of time. "I want to stop killing." Kills mom & step family. "I want to stop killing." Attempts to kill Dasha. "I want to stop killing." Kills Jr. Assassin. Yeah, it just never seems to take, does it? And I still don't understand why MI6/Eve is content with leaving an international assassin out on the streets, despite a gazillion opportunities to have her arrested and put in jail. She killed Bill, an MI6 employee, yet MI6 doesn't care. They dealt with this a bit in season 2, but explained it away because they "needed" her to catch the other bad guy. This season? crickets. And, despite all the above, I really do love this show. Is it perfect? No. But it is something different than everything else out there, and it has incredible actors, and gorgeous scenery and clothing, and makes me laugh.
  6. They should have just put Geraldine in a giant polar bear costume...
  7. I'd love to know how V could fit (at least) 2 whole outfits, including a pair of hightops, in that little bitty backpack. That's some good Mary Poppins-esque packing skills!
  8. Golf "target" - I got the impression that the American golfer was not the intended target they were in Aberdeen for. He just annoyed them, so it was a kill for sport. Not sure if V actually intended to kill him, then changed her mind, or if her plan all along was to use him as bait to distract Dasha. If he was the target I don't believe V would have let him get away. This episode is worth a second watch, so maybe that will clear things up. V's golf outfit - I hated it and loved it at the same time. If you look at some of the full body shots, this outfit had roots in old-timey golf outfits for men. The pants bagged at the ankles, like men's golf pants used to (though it was higher - just below the knee, maybe?) Same with the jacket - take away the dead muppet, and it looks like a short waistcoat that would also be worn long ago. And the weird colors fit, too.
  9. I loved the bowling scene with Eve and Dasha. I'm really liking the droll one-liners Eve is getting, and her emotionless delivery is perfect. Here's what I don't get... Dasha is a known assassin. OK, maybe a known former assassin, but still. MI-whatever (is it 5?) knows she did a lot of killing in her past. Yet she's living life free as a gymnastics instructor? How is she not in jail? Why didn't Eve have Barcelona's equivalent of a SWAT team waiting outside the bowling alley to arrest her? I also don't understand Konstantin being able to freely socialize with Carolyn, even going to her son's funeral, when he's a known member of whatever Russian organization that kills a lot of people. Not thrilled with Irina taking a mighty big leap from surly teenager to killer. If we had been given some sort of compelling reason - her step dad (mom's boyfriend?) was coming on to her, or abusive to her mother, that would be one thing. But this seemed to come out of nowhere. On the flip side, if they don't do something bigger plot wise with Geraldine, I'll be disappointed.
  10. I liked this episode and the focus on V. I do wish she also saved the father, as he seemed to be a decent guy. I'm confused by V's mom. Her emotions when she first saw V seemed real. (And I loved V's expressions as her mom was hugging her crying. It was so "can this be over with now?") But then she later seemed to know that V wasn't actually killed in the orphanage fire. Otherwise, why would there be -0- response to the "I've killed a lot of people" line? Same for no response to "I'm going to have to kill you." I don't think her mom was a killer, I think her putting V in the orphanage was probably a combination of knowing she wasn't right, even at a young age, and maybe the insistence of husband #2. But she didn't seem to be remorseful at all about it. The fair was hilarious. I'm glad they put in a scene like that, to break up all the darker moments. I think Pytor was sleeping in the barn so V could have his room. I thought it was hilarious that the step brother thought they had rented his room out as an air bnb (again), though. ETA: My Roku has an option on closed captioning where you can choose it to play just on rewinds. So you don't have to watch an entire episode on CC. I just discovered this, and it's great for episodes like this where there were a few things I couldn't catch.
  11. At the end of Season 1 they really had me wanting Season 2. At the end of Season 2... meh. If there is a Season 3 I may tune in, maybe not. If they time it to another outbreak of COVID 27, or whatever we'll be up to by then, then yeah, probably will need something to get me through another shutdown. I love both CA and LC, and love them together on screen. This season should have been just as good as Season 1. I'm just going to blame the writers for a plot that was all over the place, yet went nowhere at all. I loved the scenes between Jen and Perez, especially walking in circles in the woods. I got the impression that Lopez decided to let Jen off not just because of the the text from Nick re: the chief, but that she knew with Jen's story that a conviction would be unlikely. So it would be a lot of work for nothing. Jen & Judy buying out Lorna's share of the house with a pile of cash was stupid. Also, Jen's supposedly in big debt, can't pay the mortgage, etc. And yet she gives up almost a million $ commission, just because? I felt like there's a whole plot on the editing room floor about the chief. The only way the "we got him" text makes sense is if Nick and Perez were investigating him on their own, but we never even saw a hint of that. Same with Nick's reaction when Judy told him to listen to the tape somewhere the chief couldn't hear. He should have been all "what the what?", but instead he was more "ooohhhh, yeah, I get it". So he knew prior to listening to the tape that the chief was dirty, or at least had strong suspicions. Bottom line - that plot line had no bearing on anything else. If you took it out it wouldn't have mattered. So my guess is there was more that tied in more directly, and it got edited out for time. Just a guess. If that's not the case, then I just have to go back to sloppy writing.
  12. Yeah, it's what they should have been able to come up with. If I, as a viewer, can have this pop into my mind on the spot, there's no reason for the writers to make the characters so stupid. Watching them dig the proverbial hole deeper and deeper has gotten boring. It would be more interesting to see something like this - a big potential screw up - and have them be smart/creative and get out of it. I mean, they'd still have to deal with the video cameras and all.
  13. I loved V's reaction to the promotion. Someone said it was out of character, but I think it showed us a bit of a new side. V can be excited, emotional about something. But that something was all about her. That seems to fit very well with the character. It's like how she's very happy with herself after a good kill. She likes external validation, we've seen that with Konstantin and her. I'm glad Niko's gone for good (I'm assuming this, of course. It's really not definite at this point, but I'll go with he's dead.) I like that it sets up Eve vs. V again, and gives Eve some good motivation. I wasn't crazy about the method, though. All the dots lined up way too perfectly, which would be impossible in real life. Niko just happened to a) be texting Eve, b) on a phone with no lock screen, when he c) gets swept up by the crowd leaving the phone on the bar, which d) no one notices an unknown old lady in a small village taking, followed by e) Eve apparently hopping on the first flight she could (ugh, I feel so sorry for whoever had to sit next to her on that flight - pee-eww stinky!), to f) arrive at the farm where Niko didn't even live but g) just happened to be, at that very moment, e) in a perfect position to be seen from the entrance and f) also next to a wall that would hide Dasha from being seen while stabbing him. Dasha must be the Rube Goldberg of assassins to pull that off! I don't quite understand the openness of Carolyn and Konstantin's relationship. Isn't he known to be part of a big bad Russian criminal operation, the handler to known assassins? So how is he walking around London so freely, attending funerals where there are members of MI5/MI6? Why would Carolyn allow him so much access to her children when they were younger? It seemed in season 1 and/or 2 that they were meeting more on the down low. All that aside, I am so loving the location shots! I love V's apartment in Barcelona, and all the Barcelona street shots. There's a video posted in the media thread that shows the village where they shot Niko's scenes. I'm hoping they stay in that village for at least another episode. It's Viscri, Romania. Teeny tiny, but full of character. I hope to see more!
  14. Nice twist at the end. I didn't see that coming. But I was really really thinking that Michelle was an undercover cop/detective/PI, with all the questions she's been asking Judy, and being a bit too perfect of a match for her. I think having the ex be the cop makes that less likely now, but still a possibility. This season really isn't measuring up to Season 1. Like others, I'm really tired of the stupidity at every turn. Having the kid take Steve's Benz is one thing. But when that first happened I had an explanation within 5 seconds - Steve stashed it there before taking off down to Mexico, without Judy or Jen's knowledge. He either stole the key from Jen or had the lock combo from some unspecified (totally made up) time when he helped them put Judy's things in storage. But setting it on fire for the police to find, knowing about all the possible street cam footage, the girlfriend, etc.? Can someone give me a refresher on Nick? I can't remember what happened with him last season. I can see the season cliffhanger setting up Season 3 - Jen plots to kill Karen, via poisoned margaritas, because the woman just won't shut up. Lorna stops by, and Judy accidentally pours her a margarita from the same batch, killing both.
  15. At the end of last season I speculated that the plot for this season would be that Judy had made an immunity deal with the cops - turning in Steve for money laundering in exchange for her not getting charged on the hit & run - but with Steve dead they'd have to pretend he's alive until her deal was sealed. Hijinks would ensue. At this point I'm really sad they didn't go that direction. I'm with everyone else - this is dragging and nowhere near as fun as last season. It's all a big downer with a few zingy one liners here and there.
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