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  1. chaifan

    S05.E12: Myrtle

    I had to check... according to IMDB, yes the actress who played Myrtle really did pass away. Linda Porter died in September, 2019. I think it's really sweet they devoted an episode to her. But I'm amazed at the timing. I would have thought the entire season would have been completed by then. Glenn being conned by the pastor (while he's at his house on Lake Como!) was bad enough, but was mad that they had the entire breakroom siding with him on this. Even Sayid? I was really hoping Glenn would figure it out in the end, but no.
  2. I'm hoping speculation about Michael being switched isn't correct. No time for that at this point. Good Place thoughts - if it's been 500 years since anyone got in, is the Good Place in perpetual Renaissance mode? Will our merry gang arrive and realize there's no modern plumbing, no electricity, no internet? Assuming it's a "modern" neighborhood, will it look like Michael's neighborhood? If they deny us fabulous storefront name puns for the last hour of the show, then we're truly in the Bad Place. I'm also hoping for a return of the shrimp dispenser. The First 100 List: Loved seeing Mr. Rogers on the blackboard. But I was really hoping to see Mindy's name up there. She really deserves to get out of the Middle Place. I know, the First 100 are people who are unquestionably good. But I thought that would be really a nice thing to do.
  3. I don't see Dex being with the adopted guy. But I'll give it 24 hours (max) for Dex to hook up with someone from the PTSD support group.
  4. I liked Dex's case of the week, really liked the complete lack of love triangle drama, and was meh on Grey/Miles' teaming up. Glad that food truck guy reappeared, now just need a little more of Camryn Mannheim and him chatting about food to make me happy.
  5. Well, I'm glad they came up with a good reason to move the wedding date up. I really didn't want the whole season to be wedding planning. David & Patrick deserve a better final season plotline than that. I hope they don't take the entire season to get married. Mutt's barn would also make a cool wedding venue. I wonder if in a town as small as Schitt's Creek they use the kindergarten rule - you either invite less than 1/2 of the town, or you have to invite everyone. I kept waiting for Stevie to break it to Alexis that her extra baggage fees would cost more than her airfare. Glad the show is back. Sad it's the final season.
  6. Count me among those who would never have picked up on the different timelines if it wasn't for reading these threads. As noted above, there have been some throwaway lines re: who is Queen, battles won/lost, etc., but if I wasn't told about the timelines those would have been meaningless to me. (Most were anyways.) In a modern story it would be different, as there would be a million things that would signify different timelines - fashion, hairstyles, cars, music, home decor, etc. But here, everything is the same. Which means there are two explanations - 1) the timelines really aren't integral to the stories being told, and if no one knew there were different timelines until the end reveal, it wouldn't matter. or 2) it's just bad writing. Regardless, I'm sort of bored. I don't care about any character in any timeline. All the dark scenery, hushed voices, a gazillion weird character/place names, makes it really hard to follow.
  7. From the Primetime review today: "Somewhat fascinatingly, the premise of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist happens to match the real-life story of cast-member Mary Steenburgen, who in real life awoke from surgery hearing music all around her. It's part of how she wrote the Oscar-contending song for the indie film Wild Rose." What the what??? How haven't we heard about that before?
  8. Count me in as an old fan of Eli Stone, and also wondering why none of the writeups have mentioned that show. (And now I have to search to see if it's available anywhere on streaming...) Loved the pilot, set everything up very quickly, good character development. Love the sets, especially the workplace. (Can't imagine what the rent for that space would be in SF!) I really like the guy who's all "yeah! you got promoted" on the outside and all evil on the inside. I wonder how long it will take for the real him to surface? My one complaint... Who in their right mind would put a completely disabled man in a sailboat without a lifevest on???
  9. Yeah! So now can we please get separate threads for each episode? Please, mods!
  10. OK, even after reading all the comments above, I still don't get the two timelines aspect of Episode 1. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not. If not, then the writers should have their insides pulled out, their tongues fed to the dogs and their legs set on fire. How far apart are the timelines, and which is the earlier one, and by how much? I have no prior knowledge about the books, game, comic, etc. This just got a lot of promo on Netflix so I figured I'd give it a try. I'm probably the only woman alive that doesn't think Henry Cavil is all that. (It's the dimple - I find it comically distracting.) As with everyone else, sorry to see Renfri go, as she was one of the more interesting characters. I'm not sure if some of the plot flaws come from the source materials or came from the screen adaption. Were Ciri's mother and grandmother both child brides/mothers? They could have aged up the queen & king by about 10 years. Also, in what world does both king and queen go into battle together? I would think that's a clear violation of the 18th century version of the current "ruler and heir do not fly on the same plane" rule. And no escape tunnels from the royal castle? (Not to mention waiting until the last minute to leave and relying on sheer luck for horses to be conveniently tied up outside the back door.) Bottom line - it's entertaining enough, I like the genre, so I'll continue to watch. At 8 episodes it's not a huge commitment.
  11. I don't mind that the design/style is intentionally different. (I loved the Dior style suit & hat from the Paris episodes!) I'm talking about how the clothes are made - the materials and the use of a sewing machine. Anyone who handled the outfit she made, whether to help her dress/undress, or wash it, or whatever, would notice it was created in a way that wasn't done back then. It would have been a giveaway that she didn't belong, just like the zipper, would have invited questions, would have drawn attention to her which is just what she shouldn't be doing. The better route would have been to have a simpler dress made by hand, but bring enough silver so she could immediately buy a new wardrobe once she got there.
  12. I thought he always went by Alexander Malcolm while he was in town, whether at the print shop or brothel or wherever. So it still doesn't make sense to me that he wouldn't just live in the print shop. We saw a bed/cot there, but not really a full separate living space, but there was certainly space for one.
  13. I'm a bit late to the game here, but I just finished the season on Netflix. I need to put on my best Margo cold hearted bitch here because I have to say it - Quentin's death didn't shock me, devastate me, anger me, or anything. I'll admit to not being a huge Q fan, but I really liked the character this season. I liked how he went out and I have no problem with the character being gone for good. I do wish the "fixer of broken things" had been brought up earlier in the season (or whole series), but like how it was tied in at the very end. Julia - many posts above talk about Penny making the decision for Julia, and that either choice would be an "arduous journey". But that is not correct. The Brakebills Doctor (sorry, can't remember her name) says that Julia's problem is that the wound keeps opening back up as soon as it heals. Here's what the Binder then says to Penny (I rewatched and put it on CC to get this): The Binder then tells Penny he made the right choice. Julia, the Binder explained, would remain in a cycle of wounding, agony for millennia. Her body required transformation. Luckily, this was The Binder's expertise. The Binder needed direction. Initiate her long arduous journey to full goddesshood or revert her body to that of a mere human? So Penny had the choice - let Julia spend 1,000 years in agony as her wound healed and reopened (this is the "arduous journey"), or let The Binder "transform" her - return her to being human so she could heal normally. As the doctor said, this was a "no brainer" decision. Loved the bonfire scene, but I didn't get the throwing personal items into the fire. Is that a thing among Magicians or Breakbills? Most of the stuff, no big deal, except for the signed Fillory book. I liked the musical number. The cast has some amazing vocal talent (Kady, especially) and I think they way they divided it up used the talent well. But it hit all the right emotions for me for that scene, in a way dialog wouldn't have been able to. I liked bringing in the hedgewitches at the end, too. I'm hoping that in Season 5 the Brakebills vs. hedgewitch caste system gets broken down. Also hoping that in Season 5 Alice goes back to her normal speaking voice, instead of the breathy I may start crying at any moment affect she's had this whole season. I enjoyed this season, and am looking forward to Season 5 (I may get Prime so I can watch it in real time). One thing I only noticed in the last few episodes - that all the women in the Library have the 40's style hair, makeup and (somewhat) dress. I thought it was just the main Librarian's style, but when Kady went in with her she was all done up in the same style, and then I noticed all the other women, too. I wonder what they all looked like prior to the 1940's?
  14. Question on the timeline... Claire is preparing to leave right around Christmas. But when she gets back to 1700's Scotland, it certainly isn't winter - looks more like late fall or early spring. Do the stones also change up the calendar months/days (not just the year)? Also, why would Jamie live in a brothel, when he has a very large printshop all to himself? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to just have a small living space there? Other than those quirks, I liked the reunion. Loved the new Fergus, too.
  15. Yeah, I thought that was pretty stupid, too. I mean, the whole outfit would look out of place to anyone who looked close enough - they didn't have machine stitching yet. But my immediate thought was, didn't Claire make a comment about her sewing experience being limited to making a few of Bri's halloween costumes? Her whole outfit would be a challenge for an experienced seamstress. Add in zippers and boning, and that takes some serious skill. But a zippered corset that fits as snugly as a corset should? That would be nearly impossible with the materials of that day. There's a reason they were lace up - it's how you got them to fit so tight and do what they were supposed to do. It would have been easier, and more efficient, for Claire to just make the corset with the eyeholes for the lacing. Of course, it's possible she bought the corset. In that case, it would have been hilarious if the corset had a store tag that read Frederick's of Hollywood.
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