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  1. I don't have as big as a quibble over the elimination of the race plot from the book. (I think this has been discussed so many times in various threads I don't see it as a spoiler, so I'm not marking it. If mods disagree, feel free to add a spoiler tag.) I think it was almost necessary from two perspectives: first, time. That would have been a whole plot line of its own, and there just isn't enough time in 10-13 episodes a year. Putting it in and giving it only a cursory mention would have been worse in my opinion. Second, as the first season showrunners noted, eliminating that aspect of the book allowed for more diverse casting. The story has been shifted to today's time (vs. the 80's) and I think diverse casting helps reflect that. Also, Atwood was very much on board for the first season, so I have to believe this all had her blessing. I don't think the change was meant to portray Gilead as color blind, so I'm ok with the Aunt's comment that a family didn't want a black handmaid. I don't think Gilead has to be 100% racially split or 100% colorblind. It reflects where we're at today - some people are racists, most (I think, I hope) aren't. As for how minority characters are treated on the show, I think there's no perfect solution that would make everyone happy. If no black characters died, then people would complain that they're all being given extra special plot armor because of their race. Kill them off, and people complain they are being targeted because of their race. It's a no win situation. I'm not saying things are perfect or that the writers couldn't do better in this respect. I would like to see a black commander and/or high ranking wife (or have we seen one, and I've forgotten?)
  2. chaifan

    Killing Eve

    First, I hate that there is a single thread for this show, and I hope by the time season 3 airs TPTB deem it worthy of episode specific threads. Now, for random comments in no specific order... I don't think Eve was wearing her bullet proof vest in the final scene. The turtleneck sweater she was wearing wasn't tight, but it was fitted enough that the bpv would have easily shown through. She had a defined waist and boobs, so no, no bpv. If you watch the last few seconds, as the arial shot pulls back, I'm pretty damn sure there's a pool of blood by Eve's abdomen. So I do think she was really shot and is not faking it a la Hugo. I was really really disappointed that The Twelve plot line, which was perfectly set up at the end of Season 1, was practically abandoned in this season. I am not a fan of Niko. I find him wholly unattractive both physically and in personality. I was hoping at some point Villanelle would tie him up, pull out a straight razor, look at him menacingly... and give him a proper shave and a haircut, put him in a really nice suit for him, and leave him like that for Eve to find. I hope he's gone in season 3. I loved the few early episodes with Villanelle on the run. Loved the hospital scenes, the escape from the hospital, and the episode with the creepy guy and his mum. Loved how Villanelle's new handler was so inept at handling her. Glad Konstantin returned, and I really wouldn't change a thing about how he was used this season. I thought that MI-6 hiring on Villanelle, both for the Ghost and Aaron, was way too farfetched and didn't work at all for me. You could edit out the entire Ghost storyline and it wouldn't make a difference to the season. With only 8 episodes, spend more time on Eve & Villanelle. I understand they wanted Eve and Villanelle to work "together" this season, but I can't believe MI-6 wouldn't have a solid plan to take Villanelle into custody at the end of her "job", but instead they seem fine with leaving a brutal assassin on the streets. I would have rather seen some situation where Eve and Villanelle are both captured or targeted by a Big Bad, they fight each other initially, but then realize the only way out is to work together. Not the "let's use one psychopath to catch another psychopath". I also didn't buy Aaron so quickly falling for Villanelle and inviting her to Rome, just as they needed to happen, as well as having her in the room when he discussed his evil plan, leaving his computer open for her to search, etc., etc. etc. I don't believe Eve was really sexually attracted to Villanelle. From Season 1, I saw Eve as turned on by the chase, by her newly discovered (and finally appreciated) skills as a profiler and her ability to get into Villanelle's head. She was an unappreciated desk jockey, but now she's part of the sexy spy world, and she loves it. And I still saw that in Season 2 - she's turned on by the game, that she (Eve) is important enough for V to care about, to be let in on the game. When they're in the same room, Eve is frustrated with V, like dealing with a small child. But when the game is on, its an aphrodisiac to her. Eve, quite literally, gets off on it. All that being said, I still enjoyed the hell out of this season. It really is a captivating show. The scenery (Aaron's Rome mansion! Rome, especially that final ruin!), V's amazing wardrobe, Carolyn's droll delivery... All fabulous. I hope it gets back on track in Season 3, and I hate that I have to wait - what, a year? - for that.
  3. chaifan

    S03.E09: Heroic

    Oh PamelaMae, I really really really hope your theory about the nice doctor is wrong, and I also hope that the showrunners/writers aren't reading this post and going "hey! now that's an idea!" Because I can take June's plot armor, I can take June's endless smirks, I can take June's closeups. But I really don't think I could take June finding her long lost daddy in all of this. That would be one Juneism too far for me.
  4. chaifan

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    Can someone fill me in on who was the dead guy in Emily's patron's room? It totally missed who he was and what happened there.
  5. chaifan

    S03.E02: Season 3, Episode 2

    I was so cheering on Lydia and whatshername's escape. Glad they let out the other women, whether it was out of kindness or to create a bigger distraction. I am curious how Lydia will reenter society without getting thrown back into Bedlam. I like the Harper's, but I do think it's funny that none of the characters have questioned, even with a wink and a nod, of them really being mother and son. I loved the scheme to rob the Pincher's. It was like Ocean's 8 18th century style. I hope the "truce" between Isaac and Charlotte holds. This was fun for a few episodes, but I don't need more screen time spent on a back and forth of those two trying to ruin the other.
  6. chaifan

    Harris's List: Harlots in the Media

    Does anyone know why IMDB isn't giving any information for season 3 episodes? 3/1 has just a few cast members listed, nothing for 3/2.
  7. chaifan

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I thought this was an interesting episode. It would have been great had it been episode 1 or 2, instead of episode 9, as it could have set up the whole season for something... anything... to happen. Things I liked: June actually got punishment for her actions. I know it looked benign, but she was there for how many months? Having to kneel for hours on end, obviously not allowed to go outside, probably not allowed to leave the room. People coming in and out and not even acknowledging her existence. That is torture, and I think Elizabeth Moss played this well. The doctor showed a rare glimpse into a man who is not blindly loyal to Gilead. I liked seeing this, especially from a doctor. I'd think doctors would be the most likely of those still alive to not buy into the Gilead BS - highly educated, ethical code that would be wholly opposite of Gilead's religious code, hard wired to help, not hurt people. I know there have been doctors that have done horrible things throughout history (Nazi Germany), but I believe the majority would resist before doing that. He plays along to some extent (putting the baby's well being above Nicole's), but still shows compassion to June. Janine. Oh, Janine. So happy she called out June. Sort of sucked it had to be in a moment where June was crazier than Janine. Things I would have done differently: Like I said above, this should have been episode 1 or 2 of this season. We would then find out that doctors are a large part of the resistance. This would give June an actual plausible way to try and "save the babies". I really wish when Lydia gave Janine the eye patch she said "Oh, do you remember the Waterford's Martha? She made this for you." First Serena's fake teal finger, then Janine's eyepatch. And when we finally see Rita's backstory we learn she had her own start up company making custom prosthetics for wounded warriors. I would have had Comm. Lawrence and/or his wife appear for a quick moment, maybe slip June a Snickers or something. Totally random thought, unrelated to anything above... The scene with the daughter in the hallway made me think that North Korea is probably the closest real life equivalent of Gilead. The people there are totally isolated, are fed the "news" their Dear Leader wants them to see, and have no access to outside information sources. So why would they question anything. This is Gilead, and the children growing up will have no reason to believe their lives are anything but normal. Second totally random thought... even if you can accept the limited use of technology, the color coded outfits (and accessories - matching umbrellas!), etc. what kind of evil would ban the use of rolling suitcases???
  8. chaifan

    Harlot Economics: What's the House Cut?

    Charles ran the business into the ground, not necessarily the property. I was also surprised that it sold for 600 pounds ($122,000 US in today's money). This seems to me to be more of a $1millon property, at least. Yes, it was sold at today's equivalent of a foreclosure auction, and it was a brothel, but even taking that into account, 600 pounds seems very low. Likewise, Lydia's bail of 500 pounds seemed inordinately high. Someone posted some conversions above, and using the currency converter from that link (but rounding a bit to make math easier) here is a breakdown of shillings & guineas: 1 pound = $200 in 2019 20 shillings to a pound, so 1 shilling = $1 21 shillings to a guinea, so 1 guinea = $21 Using these (rough) figures and figures from some of the posts above, Quigley's girls made 3-4 guineas per customer, or $60-$80. Cherry wanted 10 shillings, $10, per customer at Emily's. Betsy and the "girls on the street" charge 5 shillings, or $5. Here's a link on cost of living in the mid-1700's. A few items I thought were interesting: Dinner in a Steakhouse - 1 shilling Daily pay for a journeyman tailor - 2 shilling Weekly wage for unskilled labor - 9 shilling Monthly wage for a seaman - 1 3/4 pound "Cost of a night out, including supper, a bath and a fashionable courtesan" - 6 pounds http://footguards.tripod.com/08HISTORY/08_costofliving.htm
  9. chaifan

    The Eyes: News and Media

    I saw a commercial for a new comedy premiering this fall starring Bradley Whitford. I wonder what that means as to the fate of Comm. Lawrence? Since Handmaid's Tale is such a short run, and he's a minor major character, I suppose he could do both. But I was hoping for more of Comm. Lawrence (and his wife), not less.
  10. Suggestions for this thread title: A) "Hey! Bruce Miller! Are you reading this?" B) "The Margaret Atwood Originalist Fan Club" C) "Oh, Please, Not Another Elizabeth Moss Close-up!" D) "Plot Holes, Plot Armor, and Other Things a 2nd Year Film Student Could Do Better"
  11. chaifan

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I agree with what you're saying, but the problem still is that it requires a gigantic leap to go from rejected/angry to mutilating young women and being gleeful at executions of ordinary people. That's the problem with this episode. We were promised a backstory that "explained" Lydia, and that's not at all what we got. We got to see Lydia go from point A to B, but she's at Q now (I'm not saying Z, because I do believe she can get worse), with no explanation of what happened between C and P. That's where the criticism (including mine) comes from - do the writers really want us to believe that Lydia being rejected by a man took her all the way from A to Q in one step? If so, that's some really bad writing.
  12. chaifan

    S03.E01: Season 3, Episode 1

    Great start to the season! I like the year leap forward and where everyone started out. I like that they've pretty much wiped out most of the male characters from last season - I thought they were starting to distract from the main characters. I could do without Lady Fitz and her daughter - they don't add anything for me. I am guessing that Charlotte and her girls will end up over at Quigley's old place, which would really frost Lydia. I'm also guessing that they'll take pity on Charles and offer him a position there, hopefully in a very subservient position. Bedlam is probably horrifically historically accurate. It's scary that there wasn't even an effort into figuring out if any of these women were "crazy" or not when they were dumped there. Sort of the modern day equivalent of "what's the date, what's your name, who is the president?" type stuff. I'm not 100% sure Lydia is grooming the new girl, or if she's just really happy to have someone to have a cultured conversation with. My one nitpick is that the whole damn neighborhood would have been out en masse putting that fire out. In those neighborhoods, one place catches on fire, they all go down, so everyone had an interest in saving the Wells' home.
  13. chaifan

    S03.E08: Unfit

    Wow. What a total letdown of a background story. The showrunners built this up, kept us waiting 2 1/2 seasons for this, and THIS is what we got? I agree with all the posts above - woman goes cray cray because she's (rather nicely and politely and for good reasons) rejected by a man. Yes, there are other nuances, but that is what it boils down to. I would love to believe that we'll see more of Aunt Lydia's backstory, but if that were the case, wouldn't that have been mentioned in the showrunner & actor interviews? Something along the lines of "In episode 8, we get our first glimpse into Aunt Lydia's pre-Gilead life. Her story will continue to unfold through the rest of the season." But we've heard nothing of that, just "Hey, here's the backstory y'all have been waiting for!" What bothers me about the handmaid chanting circle is that there's no indication that any of them see this as totally stupid. In early scenes of the red center, June & Moira had a bunch of eyerolls, but others did, too. And we know current handmaids who know this is all BS. So it would be nice to see that in silly situations like this - yeah, they are forced to participate, but give us a few "seriously?" type glances, side eyes, etc. At this point, the only characters in Gilead who interest me are the Lawrences.
  14. chaifan

    S03.E04: AKA Customer Service Is Standing By

    I had pretty much given up on this season. I just couldn't get into the story line, it just didn't seem to be going anywhere, and the Trish as a pseudo super hero plot line was not interesting to me. But this episode finally hooked me, just in time. I like Erik, I like the "asshole detector" super power, especially that he doesn't quite get it right sometimes. I could do without the gambling addiction, but I guess every superhero needs a flaw, so there you go. And I'm glad there's a new Big Bad. Sallinger's a bit cliche, but I'm hoping he gets more interesting. Not sure why it took until the 4th episode to get here, the first three could have probably been condensed into one.