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  1. I completely agree, but also feel the same way about Max. I analogized this to the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows in an earlier thread - I don't know how someone can be ok with being "picked" as "the one", when just a day ago the other half of the couple was seriously contemplating spending their life with someone else. If I were Max I'd always be worried that Zoey had an inherent attraction to Simon. I don't know how I could proceed in that type of relationship, always waiting for the other person to change their mind, again. I really did like this episode, though. Loved seeing Mitch a
  2. Did anyone else notice in the Israeli trailer... Aunt Lydia on a treadmill! Not sure if we're supposed to read something into that or not, but I just find it funny thinking that Aunt Lydia spends her free time working out on a treadmill. 😁
  3. I have a different take on that night. My understanding is that they were not going to leave until nighttime anyways, so June going back to the commanders' party house wasn't really wasting any time or making anyone wait for her. Obviously, something happened and they left early*, as June was obviously expecting them to be there when she got back. We don't know how long June was in the torture center, but it seemed like more than one day, at least. I put it on Alma and the other handmaids for not immediately moving on, or at least hiding better. They should have known June had been captur
  4. I'm ok with there being the same "experiment" with boys on another island. After all, there would have to be a control group. So I didn't mind the final episode revealing that. But I don't like that it appears that the boys' plot line will be given equal time as the girls, if not more. (This is just speculation based on the promotion the new male cast members are getting.) I'd rather just know the parallel experiment exists, and keep the show focused on the girls. I will probably go ahead and tune in whenever this gets back on air, but I'm not optimistic that it will hold me as a vi
  5. The "they" I was referring to taking more than a day was the handmaids, not the eyes/guards. I meant it would take more than a day or so for the handmaids to get to Vermont, since presumably they would have to change modes of travel, walk some, rest, etc. So it made no sense that after a day the torture guy was able to make a phone call, have someone say "nope, no handmaids here at the library in Vermont", and to conclude June was lying about it. Even if June were telling the truth, the handmaids would have still been in transit, would not have reached the library yet. (I don't really know
  6. Oh, forgot to mention earlier... I love how Serena was all "I'm trying to stay off my feet"... while wearing 4 inch stilettos. 😆 For a political prisoner accused of horrific crimes, she sure gets one hell of a wardrobe.
  7. I agree, but for once it would be because June was doing something smart, not peeking out curtains when she was supposed to be hiding, etc. etc. etc. I'm glad they at least gave a reason for all the handmaids to still be at the second safehouse, even though it is a supremely stupid reason. We still don't know why they left the Keyes' farmhouse a) without June (she obviously expected them all to be there when she got back with the guard, but they left early, somehow knowing Nick and the eyes were coming), and b) without Esther. Yeah, I'm not so sure about the milk tank... if someone
  8. If this were a typical network show, with 16-20 episodes per season, then introducing the boys at the end of the first season would make sense. They'd have enough time in the 2nd season to wrap up the girls' stories and interweave the boys' stories at the same time. But with only 10 episodes one side is going to get the short stick. And my guess is it's the girls. This is a shame - it was an interesting, different premise for a show. It was decently written, not perfect, but decent. But there are a lot of plot holes that will probably never get plugged now that there's a whole new p
  9. When it comes to Zoey's original bond with Simon, I totally agree. Everyone knew his dad died, right? That wasn't a big secret he was keeping. So anyone with an ounce of empathy could figure out he was sad about his dad. I don't think Zoey's powers gave her a real leg up with that, it just gave her the push to talk to him about it, since at that time she thought that's what the power was all about - she was supposed to help people when she heard their heart songs. Most other times the heart songs reveal hidden emotions, or the not-so-obvious reasons behind a visible emotional reaction
  10. I knew even before watching this episode it was going to be a doozy. My clue? Almost twice as many comments on this thread than in Eps 1 and 2! 😂 I hate it when smart characters on a smart show are written to do such dumb dumb dumb things. Let us count the ways... Dumb Thing #1 (I mentioned this in the thread for Ep 1 or 2): Canada revealing that June was still alive. No one in Gilead would have known whether or not she was on the plane, and letting Gilead know she was alive made her a big honkin' target, again. Same with any of the other handmaids. None of the guards they fo
  11. I felt the whole Henry heart surgery plot line was 100% unnecessary. You could completely edit it out of the episode and everything else would stand well on its own. As everything with Henry was tied up all neatly in a bow by the end of the episode (as we all knew it would), it was drama for drama's sake only. ugh. boring. Everything else, I liked. I liked the whole La Fiera story, her relationship with Lopez, Lopez trying to warn her, etc. I even liked Wesley this episode, but I also felt his whole attempt at tough guy talk with La Fiera's guy was cringey. Loved the back and fort
  12. Pop ups - yep, I agree with others here... this makes no sense as the whole point of pop ups is that they are temporary. A weekend, maybe a week, mayyybeee a month. But certainly not long enough to fully move, sublet an apartment, etc. This is just bad writing - they could have just tweaked this a little to make it something more than a pop up. It could have been a new restaurant incubator, where new places set up for 3-6 months to see if the concept would fly in a "real" restaurant space. Would that really have been that hard to write instead of pop up??? Maggie & Deb duet - I d
  13. Oh, thank god there is a rational reason for Simon wearing the puffy/lacey shirt that we saw in the promo from last week!
  14. Yes, but TAR NA would be boring as all get out. Most of us are in it for the foreign locations. And sorry, Canada doesn't cut it. Just pure spitballing, anyways. Not like TPTB are reading these posts and going, hey, now there's an idea!
  15. I think they could still do a European based TAR without waiting much longer, but with a few tweaks... First, start it in Europe. Get everyone vaccinated and over to, say, Stockholm or Oslo, somewhere far north, quarantine for whatever period necessary, and then start the race there. Would anyone really care if we miss the initial run to the airport from the US departure city? I wouldn't. From that point, it's land/water travel only. No airplanes. Just zig zag your way south... Oslo to Copenhagen, to Hamburg, to Amsterdam, etc., ending down at Gilbraltar. Assuming the borders, are
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