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  1. It just hit me... Will and James are like Boston Rob (who I really really really couldn't stand having on my screen). They get people to go along with things, thinking it's in the best interest of the group, when in reality, it's in their best interest. I hate the Mine 5 alliance, and I think it makes for a boring TAR. But in creating it and constantly referring back to it to the other 4 groups, really making it a thing, Will and James ensured their place in the final 5. As much as I hate it, it's good racing strategy*. But I can do without all the evil goatee stroking oh aren't we the most clever talking head segments that go along with it.** *disclaimer - it's good racing strategy up to a point... and now they're at that point, where they've brought 3 other strong teams with them to the final 5. ** strangely enough, Will and James have had some really nice mat chats that are in the extra video clips on cbs.com. They come across much more friendly, less manipulative in those segments. So I think they're deliberately getting a villian-ish edit by TPTB. I'm not totally against teams working together, and I like seeing it when it is more spontaneous and makes sense in that moment. Like when two teams are stuck at a task, but know there's at least one team behind them. And they say "let's work together to make sure we aren't eliminated", because all that matters in that moment is not coming in last. A one and done alliance is good. TAR could easily have "you can't work with other team" instructions on every task, but they purposely don't.
  2. Will & James: yeah, I'm so tired of the alliance stuff, and then pretending to be friends with everyone. But, as much as I hate to say it, I'd be ok if they won. Bottom line - they're good racers. They really have deserved, mostly on their own, the wins that they've had. (Please don't throw things at me!)
  3. First - Has anyone else noticed the timing of the pit stops are weird? The teams were released from Kazakhstan between 10pm and 11:40pm. But they all were racing for a solid day, in full daylight the previous leg. There’s no way they finished at 10am. So the pit stop either had to be incredibly short (a few hours) or over 24 hours. So if they’re no longer sticking with a 12 hour pitstop, why release teams late at night for a flight that clearly wasn’t departing until the next morning? This isn’t the first leg that I’ve noticed that the pit stop could not have been 12 hours. So has that been completely abandoned? If there has ever been a team that deserved - really deserved - to be invited back to an All Stars season, it is Kaylynn and Hayley. They have to be two of the nicest racers to ever be on this show. They had the worst taxi luck over and over, and then to get yielded twice only because they didn't happen to be in the mine at the same time as other teams just sucks. Not that they did anything mean, underhanded or nasty to other teams. They just weren't in an alliance that was based solely on being in one spot at the same time. And they just remain so positive, even when they know they're going to be eliminated. Yeah, I know, they aren't the best racers out there, but they aren't the worst, either. Really, TAR, give them a second chance! And, TAR, please put something in place that stops these stupid alliances. Besides getting one of my favorite teams booted, it just makes for a boring race. At least 1/2 the tasks should have a specific rule prohibiting working with other teams. OK, all that aside... I loved this mega leg. I loved having two hours of TAR. Loved the challenges, loved the locations, loved the people. OK, not really loving the denture task, that was a bit icky. But I guess that's what was great about it. Man, I hope those people were paid well for that, and I mean paid well by our standards, not India's!
  4. Somewhat late to the game here. I signed up for a free month of cbs all access to watch Picard, and then decided to give Discovery a try while it's still free. I hadn't heard great things about it when it premiered, so never thought I was missing much. After watching Season 1, here's my overall review: Discovery makes for a really good sci fi outerspace show, but it doesn't make for good Star Trek. I wish they had just decided to make it an entire new show, wholly unrelated to Trek. This would have given them full freedom to have a high tech ship, bald spine-headed cannibalistic slow speaking bad guy aliens, spore drive, female Captains, etc., without having to either pretend we aren't noticing these weird things that never existed in the Trek-verse before, or somehow (badly) explaining them. There are great ideas here, and they're trying (unsuccessfully, in my opinion) to shoehorn it into Trek canon. I found the more I ignored that this was Trek the more I enjoyed the show. If I started thinking about Trek stuff, it annoyed me and took me out of the show. I really like Burnham, Saru and Tilly. And Stamets, too. (It took me a while to figure out who he reminded me of, but then it hit me - Alan Tudyk.) I love that a sci fi show based on a starship doesn't really revolve around the Captain. But none of this had to be Trek. I think this could have succeeded just as much, if not more, if they had made it a whole new show. And they wouldn't be stuck with 40 years of canon. So, I'd rate it a solid 8.5 to 9 for sci fi. But probably a 6 to 7 for Trek.
  5. chaifan


    I think in real life Bash would be required to have counseling - having a PTSD flashback and freezing in the middle of surgery could be disastrous. But, I want the character to keep the PTSD as it allows us to have the flashbacks to Syria. And I think that is what makes this show much more interesting than just another hospital/medical drama. I think they've done an excellent job of it, showing some of the grim realities without making it feel preachy or Afterschool Special-ish. As for Theo's apartment, I get the impression there's family money, at least on his wife's side, so he could afford a nice place. I hope they just keep Bash and Amira there, and let the housing plot line drop for good. Can someone explain the chemical exposure part of last night's plot? I wasn't paying close attention and missed something. How did Bash figure this out? Did the bike guy cause the explosion because of something he was using? Oh, and was there any reason someone couldn't manually open the elevator door from the floor above or below and pass Mags a real scalpel and something to disinfect it with? I get that they wouldn't be able to get the patient out, but another person, and certainly stuff, could get in. That just seemed silly.
  6. I'm through Ep. 5 (Retta & the shed/office). I'm not crazy about it, not hating it either. But I'll admit I fast forward through a lot of it, and did myself the favor of totally skipping over the Kardashian segment. I agree with what others said about the gross over consumption showed in most of the celebrity segments, and the tone deaf aspect of it considering what so many people have gone through this year. Zoe's closet was ridiculous, and I don't mean that in a nice way. Retta has been the exception so far. Loved her kitchen. I agree with the Edit and Contain phases. Labels - yeah, for some things, but they go a bit overboard with the labels. Color coding. Ugh. I get it, it's their "thing", their gimmick. But it's silly. A few things that really bug: a) Stuff just magically disappears. Sure, it's really easy to organize a room filled with 15 boxes of crap if you simply take 12 boxes of that crap out and put it somewhere else. This has happened in a few of the episodes, but was really really really obvious in Ep 5 with the "normal" couple's office shed. Where did all the non-white or blue books go? There must have been 3-4 boxes of books. They said the not immediately important papers were "in storage". Where??? With Retta's media room, where did all the cardboard shipping boxes go? b) The concept of digital storage is being completely ignored. Retta had dozens of VHS tapes. Why not send those out to be digitized? Same with the office shed couple's old papers - bring in a scansnap and scan all that old paperwork. This would be practical advice for viewers. c) Reese's closet - it has a big window with sun streaming in, and they put designer gowns and other memorabilia where it will be damaged/faded by the sun. Again, a missed opportunity to talk about putting clear film that blocks UV rays on your windows - practical advice for viewers. d) The tarantula sized fake eyelashes on the brunette host. O.M.G. Who is styling these women? I'll stick through the NPH episode, just because it's NPH. But I wouldn't be sad if this is a one season and done show.
  7. So, is this really a thing somewhere? Women calling other women "mama"? I have never heard that. Quite happy about that, too. I'm right with you on "babe" (ugh), but I will admit to calling a lot of my friends kids "kiddo". Maybe I need to stop that?
  8. There are a bunch of "extra" video clips on cbs.com, and one of them is of everyone picking their "room". Gary was going from camper to camper just trying to find a bed that would fit him! It's a really cute clip. I can't remember the title, but the photo shows Aparna in one of the chicken outfits.
  9. I think the best thing about this show can also be the worst thing - that the bakers are judged on what happened that week, not on an accumulation of previous bakes. The judges will comment on recurring themes, but they really do judge based on that week's bakes. It leads to some eliminations that seem unfair, but I think the process works. I am also curious as to what Hermine's "original" plan was. I went back to re-watch the beginning of the showstopper segment, to see the illustration of what hers was supposed to look like. And it was nowhere close. I was intrigued by the air sprayer she used, and the mini booth that went along with it. I was really hoping to see Hermine shine on patisserie week, and she just had a bad run this week. I know I've complained that Matt and Noel have become annoying 12 year olds in the tent, but this week they at least had a good excuse. Those "horns of plenty" were just screaming for penis jokes! I would not have been able to contain myself and would have been snickering and making crude jokes right along side of them. Paul's reaction to Dave's horn (ok, that alone sounds dirty!) was fabulous! I'm with others who think Peter will take the win.
  10. Loved this episode! For anyone worried about how the show would survive without Amy, this is your episode. I didn't miss her at all. In fact, Jonah is a better character without Amy. He now has some sort of motivation/drive, and frustration that he's stuck at Cloud 9. I hope that doesn't disappear - send him back to finish his degree, part time. Also, Dina wouldn't have had her revelations of how management isn't as easy as it seems if Amy were there. I also loved that Glenn bought 72 donuts for what, about 15 employees? And then he took them all back to his car. I would have kicked Glenn out of the store but absolutely made him leave the donuts! Only thing I didn't like about the episode was Marcus and the baby thing. That was just creepy. And unnecessary.
  11. Re: letters & clue - the unscrambling task had to be on the clue, otherwise they wouldn't have been required to do it. It's that simple. TAR has never just added on an element at the end of the task without it being part of the original clue/direction. Everyone missed it, just like the horn. I do wonder, though, if there was any rule as to how long you could hang out at the top of the building before getting harnessed up and go down? Because if I didn't get it on the first try, I would have simply stayed at the top of the building, looking over the side, until I got it. This is absolutely frickin' hilarious!
  12. Kaylynn and Haley actually had a pretty good leg. Considering they had the speed bump, which probably took at least 20 minutes, they weren't that far behind the "Mine 5" at the yurt challenge. If you take the speed bump out of it, they would have been among the top of the pack. So to place 5th in a leg where 5 teams were all working together, and you had a 20-30 minute penalty, is actually pretty good. They're biggest challenge (other than driving stick) is that they are now the only non-alliance team. Which means if they don't get to the Yield(s) before everyone else, someone will surely yield them. Unless someone in the Mine 5 wises up and decides they need to start getting rid of the "strong" teams and they start eating their own.
  13. There's an "extra" clip on cbs showing why Alana was pushing the car to the hotel. They had originally arrived around the corner, parked and went in, but didn't see any clue box. So they ran around the corner, saw everyone, and went back for the car. At that point the car wouldn't turn over. It wasn't a stick thing, it just wouldn't turn over. So Alana pushed it around the corner.
  14. Hurricaneval, you win the internet today! I also thought they would get a penalty, and I swore at the TV when they learned they were taking taxis to the next location. Seriously, why? Why give them cars and then have them switch to taxis? Especially when they're staying in the same city. I was surprised at how well everyone did with the cars. Yeah, there were some problems, but I expected at least one team to be totally stuck, have to ask a local for instructions, etc. I did think it was hilarious when Will & James were so excited they could keep the chicken outfits. I wonder if they have to relinquish those to production at the end of the leg? If not, I'd be racing in chicken feet and a top hat whenever possible for the rest of the race! I am so glad Kaylynn and Hayley made it through! They are my favorite team and I love their positive attitudes. They're going this alone, but they haven't gone negative on anything or anyone. They are super nice to locals. They do everything with minimal whining, even when everything seems to be going wrong. I hope if there's ever another "fan favorite" type of show they are brought back.
  15. Can anyone tell me, using the picture of the bakers below, whether this "Season 1" DVD is the "real" season one (the very first season in 2010), or the US season 1 (years later)? I was looking GBBO up in my library's system, seeing if I can get the first few seasons (unavailable on PBS or Netflix in the US) on DVD. Thanks!
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