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  1. It's possible that they will use the charter plane for all of the racers' travel. That would be a smart thing to do - eliminate all public transportation between legs, let everyone start at the new destination in the order/time they arrived at the prior mat. And, it probably costs less than 20+ individual last minute plane tickets each episode. It also provides flexibility if one country closes its borders at the last minute - I'm sure they have contingent plans for each leg.
  2. I hope Roarke's ongoing personal fantasy is never having to be investigated for mysterious disappearances of her guests! Seriously, how do they explain Isabel never returning to her normal life? And if Reginald has a real cousin Isabel in Rachel's timeline Isabel is just impersonating her, so what happens if/when the real Isabel shows up? I don't feel like either fantasy really hit the mark this week. Isabel wanted to "say yes" to life and get out of books, but she ended up in her own personal fantasy for life. How is that saying yes to life? To me it seems like the ultimate escape
  3. My one quibble with this episode is that somehow Roarke got out of the Jeep that was stuck in at least foot deep mud, yet her pants were completely clean when Javier came to "save" her. (Props, though for at least having her have a pair of boots in the Jeep.) She was later a bit muddied up, but nowhere near where someone would be in real life. Maybe Roarke's fantasy is to have a white wardrobe that never gets dirty! 😁 Did anyone else flash back to Marisa Tomei's court scene in My Cousin Vinny, explaining why just one wheel spins when a car gets stuck in the mud? I'm no expert, but I
  4. Whoever is in charge of wardrobe deserves an award of some sort. The outfits for Roarke and Ruby are always amazing - very stylish, yet somehow appropriate to be wearing on an island. I do love how they stuck with the original wardrobe choice of all white for both Roarke and Tattoo/Ruby. The guest stars have been women of all sizes (again, kudos for casting) and everyone always looks great!
  5. I think this was the strongest episode of the season. I loved the story, the supporting best friend/work buddy, the casting was perfect. And they left it open for hope. Great episode. The first episode with Minnie Driver and the car being was a very very close second place for me. Everything else in between? meh. I felt it really didn't compare to Season 1. Though I was glad they didn't try to link everyone together at the end like they did in Season 1. It would have been too predictable. I'd like to see a Season 3, just because I like the format with separate, unrelated episode
  6. I've said this before, but my solution would be to rent a fleet of RV's and make the trip all self driving. (They're going to have to quarantine for a while wherever they start so use that time for RV driving lessons.) Start in some Scandanavian country and make your way south. OK, maybe charter a private plane 1/2 way through, take them over to Asia and do the same thing (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand). Skip the last flight home and just make the final leg in whatever the last country visited is. If they want to cover more ground, hire drivers to drive while the racers sleep and t
  7. I think something in the midpoint would be appropriate. No Kardashian-esque vocal fry, but not the old lady warble. Just a mature (as in calm, experienced, not necessarily age) sounding voice would have been fine. I know the whole world has been trained to go "oooh, boss and employee dating, bad! Sexual harassment!" but the reality is, about 1/3 of couples meet at work, and a lot of those are in a supervisor/employee work relationship. It's not always a bad thing, we just only hear about the instances where it goes horribly wrong. Also, I'm not 100% sure... Does Javier actua
  8. Ugh. If they don't resolve that plot line in 2 episodes, I'm out. I watch The Rookie because it is mostly light hearted, a fun vehicle for Nathan Fillion's one liners, self depreciating humor and pratfalls. This looks way too serious for me.
  9. @Kte I think I could see your take on this episode more if it had stuck to the original story, as it was summarized above. But the way they took it in this episode took it so far beyond an innocent longing for someone to take care of you, in a father-type way. There is no way a 21 year old woman would not be able to see that the older man had sexual intentions and that her behavior towards him was easily interpreted as sexual interest. This. 1000x times this. Unfortunately, it now has me wondering how much they've hacked up the other stories. I can't read them because they're beh
  10. So we have two unisex streetwear designers, Ally and Oliva. Ally doesn't push streetwear enough, and gets criticized for "not being seen". Oliva pushes the streetwear for the groom's punk rock black leather suit, and gets criticized for it not being a wedding look. Geez, people. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that streetwear and wedding don't occupy the same fashion sense. So to have the "we want to see your brand" as part of the challenge disadvantages Ally and Olivia from the start. I think the better challenge is to go beyond/outside your brand every once in a while.
  11. OK, two episodes in, and I'm strangely liking this show. I grew up with the original, and I think this is staying rather true to the tone - mysterious, sometimes a bit dark, but at the same time light and fluffy tv time. The only thing missing is Love Boat an hour before this! Rosalyn Sanchez seems familiar to me, but I checked on IMDB and I didn't really watch anything she was in. I think she makes a very good Roarke, and I like the updated Tattoo. Ruby needs a bit more character development, but they're hinting at her being the old wise person, which I like. On a shallow note, I lo
  12. First, I'd say avoid looking at the Amazon pages if you don't want to be spoiled on future episodes, as there are usually links to the other winners' looks on each page. That said, I clicked and was pleasantly surprised with the Amazon version of Gary's dress. It looks pretty good. And I was also really happy that they showed it on two models - thin and curvy. However, I was shocked to see in the description that the curvy model was wearing a XXL. She's probably a size 16! So the sizing is incredibly small. I'm in the minority and actually like Olivia. I don't really know why, but
  13. This was a nice mid-season "finale" (is it really a finale if it's mid season?). I like that Sophie addressed her being "in charge", which is what most people on this forum had already guessed. And I thought it was good use of the entire team. It was very similar in theme to an episode of Stargate SG1, where someone had made an entire TV show that mirrored the team, and played up their quirks in funny ways. But what I really didn't understand is why Milton would have access to the information about the Leverage team's jobs. I thought by the time Nate put the team together he wasn't wo
  14. Hate to be the wet blanket, but I thought this was the weakest episode of the season. I don't know what it was about the actual production, but it looked cheap to me. And the tech guy's acting was horrible! I mean so very very bad it was hard to watch. And everything about Breanna's backstory seemed very forced. OK, I'll admit the finger puppets were really funny. But that's about it for me. I've been enjoying the series so far, so this just stuck out like a sore thumb to me.
  15. Over the last few months I've watched all 4 seasons. I'm so glad they figured out how to do a season during Covid. In the final episode they mentioned they've been quarantined together for 10 weeks. Damn! But with all the drying and firing time, there really wasn't any way to trim this down. I'd love to see some behind the scenes footage about their off camera time, rooms, etc. How did they get their molds and special tools? How much advance notice do they have of each weeks' challenges? Did they know all before quarantining, or do they only find out one week at a time? Did they have
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