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  1. I wonder why the teams wouldn't be allowed to leave their packs at the top of the stairs, knowing that they would be back up there. Gorgeous scenery in this episode.
  2. I agree. I can't imagine why they didn't keep with the actual arrival/departure times. I can see maybe having a max time difference between first and last (maybe 4 hours). But this 15 minute spread is bullshit.
  3. Since Crash wasn't in the Twitter announcement clip are we to assume he's officially been sucked off? It's so weird a character has just disappeared without mention.
  4. I watched the clip of Spencer talking about why they didn't return, and it was mostly because Anthony's new job. And I am just thinking, really? This show can be marketing gold. Why wouldn't a company let someone delay starting a job by a month? It's a finance job, not some mission critical position that can't wait a month. Let him go, and ask him to mention his job as Finance Manager for XYZ Company in every post-race interview. Put his race bio on your website so every search for Anthony results in the company website popping up. I hate to be so cynical, but I think something else
  5. For me, if you're going episode for episode, the US and UK shows are equally as good. But, I think the US version has a great advantage in having more episodes per season. We've gotten so much more character development in the first season than the UK version was able to do. Does that make it "better" than the UK version? Hate to say it, but at this point, I'd say yes. Don't get me wrong, I love the UK show, and give it mass props for coming up with the concept and doing just a great job with it. But if you're watching in real time and had to choose between the two, I'd choose the US ver
  6. Yes! La Brea! I think I did comment on that a bit, too, completely ripping it apart. At least with Ghosts it's a positive experience - I love the show and love thinking about it in good, positive ways. Much healthier for me than just criticizing. (Somewhat off topic, but the forum for And Just Like that is 6-9 pages of comments for each episode, about 95% negative. Talk about hate watching!)
  7. Here's the explanation I've come up with, based on nothing but my own imagination... Sass made a deliberate decision since his death to hang around the livings on the property, as well as all the other ghosts who have come and gone, so he has grown with the times. Including learning English, modern English, and now modern American. (He could possibly speak a lot of other languages, too.) As a result, he's lost his original accent by hanging around and interacting with "moderns" for so long. Thorfin chose, until relatively recently, to stay isolated. Like the Brits in the cabin.
  8. From everything I read, a number of factors caused the change in good ol' fashioned airport drama that existed in early TAR. First, 9/11. The whole airline industry was affected, and the number of flights/connections to any destination decreased. So post-9/11 there simply weren't as many possible choices. Second, costs. There was a recent article where BVM said one early team spent $300,000 on airline tickets, booking so many multiple combinations. $300,000! I'm almost positive (someone correct me if I'm wrong here) that at some point rules were changed so teams could only purchase tick
  9. Going with the premise that ghosts aren't tied to their remains... that would mean the one place Sam can go for peace and quiet and privacy is a cemetery. Because no one dies in a cemetery, so there would be no ghosts there! (OK, it's possible for someone to die in a cemetery, but really, what are the odds that happened and that ghost hasn't been sucked off yet?) A fun plot line would be Sam & Jay having to go to a funeral, Sam's dreading it because she doesn't want to be surrounded by unknown ghosts, and then finds there are no ghosts there. Followed by many clips and references
  10. I also had no idea about Stephanie/Fanny! No wonder the Brits think all Americans are stupid! 😁 My guess on Woodstone Manor is that her father had to sell it, and threw Hetty in to sweeten the deal. She did mention she had to be married off as part of a "land deal", and that would explain why she remained in the house. Otherwise, I think it would be odd in that time for her to not move to Elias' house. It's possible she (or technically, Elias) would inherit the house after her parents died, and they moved in then, but there's no indication she ever moved from Woodstone and returned.
  11. The house was lived in by Sam's relative, the old lady who died in the first episode. It just seemed that she was the only main resident there, maybe some help lived there, too. But she had let the place run down and I think there was very little "living" to be had for quite some time. That's the one part I can completely handwave away and doesn't bother me a bit. It just has to be for production reasons. Pretty much every ghost in every tv show or movie has had this "ability" for the same reason. Everything else, the sleeping, smelling, falling, etc., are fun questions and I like
  12. Bad sign #1: It's January 21st and I'm just watching episode 7 now. I totally forgot about this show for the last 2 weeks. Bad sign #2: I get to this thread and it's 9 (!) pages long. Bad sign #3: I read the first page, and there wasn't a single complimentary comment about this episode or the show. I'm guessing this has been said at least 100 times, but I fast forwarded through both of Miranda's sex scenes. I was sort of glad to have a hetero scene that I had to stop watching, because I've been starting to wonder if I have some latent homophobia because I so hate the Mi
  13. Damn damn damn. My brain is now in a loop of totally overthinking the "ghosts can't walk through iron" issue. (Or, as Jay put it, ghost mythology.) You think that by now one of those ghosts would have stubbed their toe on a cast iron tub, or tripped over an iron door stop, or a kid's toy truck, or somehow run into something made out of iron. When they walk through a door, what about the doorknob? When they walk through a wall, what about nails? What about leaded glass windows - can they go through those? We've seen ghosts in Jay's car - steel is made from iron, so how did they get in th
  14. Kim & Penn had Mike & Moe on their Episode 4 recap podcast. Mike took up bodybuilding during the break and really bulked up, and has bulked up even more since. So he was talking about weight limits for some of the challenges. He said there was a 250 lb weight limit for some challenges, they knew this in advance, so he made sure to be under 250. Given that info, I'm back to the Sheri/Akbar mountain climbing issue. I'm inclined (no pun intended) to go with Sheri's statement that Akbar was "too big" for the challenge, as in, exceeded the weight limit. So I think Akbar's "I shoul
  15. In the UK Christmas episode we learned a bit of Fanny's background - that she got married off because her father was in debt. In the US episode "The Vault" we learn that Hetty was married to Elias to close a land deal, because she was deemed "the most comely daughter". So, not an exact match, but pretty close. And also pretty believable for the time.
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