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  1. Stephen makes chicken thighs sound like a bad thing. I wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into one of those Wingstop thighs as they tend to be the juiciest, tastiest part of the chicken. I always use cut up chicken thighs when making a dish of chicken and rice casserole as the juices from the thighs soak into the rice for a delicious meal!😋
  2. If I were a car dealer, I'd take up last week's offer, where Ollie was giving away his idea for a TV commercial, on the condition he bring in the ear plugging guy who jumps sideways into the water from last night to be the spokesperson!
  3. Watched the latest over the weekend. Interesting now that Samantha highlighted the Biden's dog Major given that he passed away a few days later.
  4. Oh there was an episode. I had it recorded while watching something else. But it got cut in the end as Trevor was on a long speech about taking time off to think about how to incorporate what he gained from doing his show from his apartment. I rewatched the ending online and saw his MoZ being him getting up out of his chair and the lights slowly dimming as the credits were rolling until it got dark with nothing but the TV screen on and then it went black.
  5. Seth might actually benefit from a studio audience as it would make him slow down his pace of talking in his scripted bits. I actually think these late night shows benefited from having no studio audience. Trevor Noah is taking a three month break over the summer to see how he can incorporate what he gained from doing TDS from his apartment. But I can see how someone like Stephen wants so badly to have an audience to feed off of as it gives him the strength and confidence to perform. It's like they're recharging his battery for him. And I would know. I personally experienced that!
  6. I'm not sure Jon has gone down the same rabbit hole Dennis Miller went down or that Bill Maher is going into. He's always had some conflicting viewpoints during his time on TDS. While he's had plenty of liberal views that would make him seem more on the Bernie Sanders side, he's also supported institutions that are more authoritarian and conservative, like the military. And we all know of his tireless work in getting lifetime benefits for the 9/11 first responders - although it would be interesting to ask him how he views the police now, since the murder of George Floyd has managed to unveil t
  7. Stephen was such a happy little boy last night with the return of a full audience. A little too happy, as it seemed, with him parading around showing off his junk. Even though it was blurred, I still covered my eyes from it. I can't imagine he blurred them for his studio audience. Congratulations, you lucky people?😩 I was quite disappointed with Jon talking about the origins of the Covid virus. He came off as one of those nuts on Fox News. Is he trying to do the right's work for them? Even Stephen was wondering "WTF Jon?"
  8. Sadly, that's not going to change anything. The attitude among people is that if you go to prison, you truly deserve to be there, and deserve to get what's coming to you. And a little thing like overheated prisons in the summertime is something people will give zero fucks about. WTF Stuart Varney? What actually goes on inside that warped head of yours? There seems to be a lot of interesting stories Ollie completely overlooked this week. I was expecting him to say something in regards to Jeffrey Toobin's awkward return to CNN this past week. The whole New York mayoral race is not some
  9. After Friday's giant, hot, steaming turdpile of a show, I can see Bill's point from last week about college education being a giant con. More and more, that Cornell graduate keeps showing himself to be a ignorant asswipe that doesn't deserve to be on a network like HBO!
  10. BWAH-HA-HAAAA!!! It's hilarious because it's oh so true!
  11. Gina Lashere was a great guest last night. I really missed her as TDS's British correspondent. I finally realized beforehand that she provided the main voice, named Keisha, for this British/Canadian animated series, Bromwell High, back in the middle of last decade. It was a crude but hilarious series. But I had no idea she was a co creator for the sitcom Bob Hearts Abishoba.
  12. “Skool iz fuh loozuhz!” says Bill, the right wing asswipe who graduated from Cornel. He seems to be deliberately driving away intelligent people. If he thinks that’s a winning strategy, well bless his precious, little ignorant heart! John Kasich is a knob. And Chris Matthews isn’t much better, IMHO. But Bill the sexist misogynist loves him his sexual harassing assholes, so you knew Matthews would find a way to crawl onto his show. And the crawl towards laughing stock irrelevance continues for Bill!
  13. I'm surprised Ollie didn't bring up the infamous Quake v Quisp battles of the 60s and early 70s that resulted in a contest to see who liked what better, with the loser being discontinued - and the loser was Quake. That caused some serious riffs amongst siblings for a long while! Is Reece's Puffs still available in the United States? I know they're are here in Canada. Personally, I wish Kellogg's would continue selling Apple Jacks here on a regular basis, instead of seasonal! I think if Ollie were serious about Cheerios tweeting out "Fuck You", he'd need to bump up HBO's his price con
  14. Not many people can make looking like a zombie seem cool. But John B pulls that off with style! Nice seeing that side of him.
  15. I've been to tapings of both the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. Both stated you needed to be at least 18 to attend. One assumes it's the same with the Late Show.
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