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  1. Oh this is too rich! On SNL last night, they had a Celebrity School segment and Ollie was being portrayed in it in the upper right corner. As well as his former crush Adam Driver, two seats from him!
  2. Bowen Yang is what's making SNL must see TV right now! I see big things in his future!
  3. Trevor did say, on his first show back, that he hopes to have a live audience in the not too distant future. So that that for what it’s worth!
  4. Agree with everything @angora said. The new stuff they're trying isn't working (putting Kosta in with the interrupters should be that little bit's jump the shark moment) and recreating what they're doing in the studio just isn't working out the way everyone hoped. Either Trevor should go back to the way he was doing the show during the pandemic, in his apartment, or go back to the live audience format pre-pandemic with some new twists added in. As for Trevor's future plans? I don't know if he'll walk away from the show after buying that Bel Air mansion. It would cost a lot to keep it upgr
  5. The big takeaway I had with Sunday's show was, why does an entity like AT&T feel America needs another right wing news channel in America? The ones in existence right now are propaganda tools used to sew hate and division in the country. Perhaps Ollie and company can delve into the matter, and everything regarding the country's corporate media strategy on how they cover politics in America!
  6. As soon as John Lithgow was announced as the first guest, followed by the announcement that Stephen was next going to be talking to Rudi Giuliani, I knew we were going to be watching comedy gold. And we were not disappointed. That might have been Lithgow's best performance of Rudy, and that's saying something. Of course, I watched the initial showing when I was baked, and was LMAO. When I watched it the second time, sober, it was still fuckin' funny!
  7. It might have to do with the fact that the audience doesn't quite share Ollie's personal views of Joe Biden. But yeah, after fifteen months, I can live without any audience on any show. Trevor Noah seems to be doing this with The Daily Show!
  8. Seeing how Trevor has a sudden love for rocks, I suggest he dress up in a white sheet with lots and lots of little holes in them, then go to every house around on the evening of October 31, and he’ll have all the rocks he can handle. Worked for Charlie Brown!😁
  9. We'll find out tomorrow. My satellite listings show it'll be on at 11:00PMEST for an hour all week.
  10. I'm sure anti weed activists tried to make that case with no success, proving any attempts to stop it falls on deaf ears. Besides, alcohol also makes people lose interest in pursuing worthwhile goals, and is far more addictive and dangerous than marijuana ever could.
  11. Mushrooms and other types of THC products like weed aren't addictive and don't create the types of problems in society that cocaine, meth, and Oxycontin cause. I don't know what your loved ones and acquaintances were taking, but it certainly sounds as if they were of the highly addictive variety, which would rule out weed or mushrooms!
  12. That's what they said about marijuana for decades. And now, it's legal in most states. And mushrooms will soon follow, because, like marijuana, it doesn't wreck havoc on people's lives, families, communities, and the world the way doctor prescribed opioids have!
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