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  1. Yup. "Twitter is violating his free speech!" "Cancel culture is out of control!" "Liberals need to try harder to reach out to his supporters!" I'll be quite surprised if Bill has a bit of a change of heart on at least ONE of these!
  2. And Samantha was in full smackdown mode, going after the president, his enablers in Congress, and the homegrown terrorists trying to stage a coup last week, as well as the social media leaders for not banning his sorry ass sooner because he was so good for their bottom lines! I got a big kick out of the opening disclaimer, and the follow up it had (lololololol). Reminded me of the earlier episodes of CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, where Rick Mercer said something snarky after the initial disclaimer to start the show. Samantha may have picked up on that when she was still in Canada!
  3. But Bill thought he'd succeed in his little coup attempt, instead of it disintegrating in front of the world. Someone on the panel had better be prepared to lay the smack on him if he gets too full of himself. Will the show be in front of a live audience, instead of in his backyard? He'd better not, with the pandemic getting out of control in his neck of the woods. But Bill, like his kindred spirit, the president, needs his audience to soothe his raging narcissistic ego!
  4. I expect Bill to be on full blown smug, sanctimonious, insufferable, hypocritical mode tomorrow night!
  5. No way will I dump all over Amy Klobuchar for her interview with Stephen. She, and her colleagues, just went through a horrifying ordeal when a group of terrorist thugs got into the Capitol building looking to do some very serious harm, possibly moreso towards Democrats, all because their leader egged them on. I could only imagine what was going through her mind when she was being interviewed. I've seen Stephen pissed on camera before, but not like this. And I don't blame him. Those terrorist thugs knew what they were doing by invading and desecrating the Capitol. Stephen is a proud American, and what those fools did on Wednesday was to spit on everything America stands for. This should not be forgotten!
  6. Ollie stopped co-starring in the Bugle podcasts when he started Last Week Tonight. It became too much for him to continue with the Bugle.
  7. I can see Ollie responding: "Well played, young lady who accurately portrayed me, well played!"
  8. Helene Joy, the actress who portrays Julia, is an extremely beautiful woman who will grow to be even more beautiful as time goes on. But that's just my opinion!
  9. I didn't know where to put this, either here or at Stephen Colbert in Other Roles. I Just Fall Down: Stephen Colbert On Being Diagnosed With Benign Positional Vertigo https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/752589-i-just-fall-down-stephen-colbert-on-being-diagnosed-with-vertigo
  10. After listening, yet again, about Bill whining that the soon to be ex-president won't leave and that we all have to be nice to his supporters, all I can say is "Good riddance to yet another useless season of Real Time!"
  11. Whew! For a moment, I thought we weren't going to get a !!!!!FUCK 2020!!!!! pyrotechnical explosion to end the year, but we did! And it was a massive thing of hellish beauty, worthy of us telling the year what we truly thought of it! But not before Adam Driver made an appearance to tell Ollie off over his "sick obsession" of him. And it was hysterical. It was worth it, after watching, in disgust, the aftermath of the 2020 election. Ugh! I felt like taking one of those scrub down showers they make people take if they've been exposed to nuclear radiation, after watching Jon Voight's psychotic speech. It was truly toxic bullshit! Nighty night, Ollie. Se you in 2021. Hopefully, it won't suck like this year has!
  12. Someone needs to tell that ignorant bunghole Bill that if Americans were truly fed up with "wokeness" "cancel culture" and "social justice warriors", then the results of the 2020 presidential election would have been flipped! And Joe Biden would have come out the biggest loser of them all. Bill's hideous attitude would be welcomed in the current and soon to be ousted White House administration and to all those idiots attending those right wing rallies, but not to those he thinks he's trying to reach out to. Between attempting to shame the left and demanding that they reach out to the right, Bill has transformed himself into one of those obnoxious right wing assholes he used to criticize, and he doesn't even realize it yet! HBO, explain yourselves as to why you extended this piece of shit's contract?!!
  13. Trevor was obviously in a good mood last night. He was clean shaven. And that cartoon bird was a hilarious touch. Ruby Bridges looks great. What a life she's led!
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