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  1. I hate his hair only slightly less than I hate his scuzzy-looking beard. It looks like someone's pubic area has been grafted right under his chin.
  2. I pegged them as sisters, but either way, there's no mistaking the resemblance, even beyond the hair. Lordy, those genes are strong. But so is that kid!
  3. I wonder, too. I also wonder what happened to his girlfriend — always liked seeing her on the sidelines, but she hasn’t been around this season.
  4. I counted at least three “all that I’ve been through”s from Madison in her interview segments.
  5. If this is the case, I’m irritated at the whole “single dad” thing, then. I’m not saying it’s easy, but “single dad” isn’t the same thing as “dad who has an active co-parent in the picture.”
  6. Me, too, @Nonja. The ones that have irritated me the most were Doctor Noah Kaufman with his stethoscope and whichever firefighter would come out onto the course wearing his helmet and coat. Lose the props, you tools.
  7. I had that same reaction. I was appalled. You don't sell out your child's privacy for air time, famewhores.
  8. Seriously? Are we going to have to endure Laurie Ann Gibson every episode? I find her nearly impossible to tolerate. She seems desperate to pull focus. So dramatic and grandiose. I've dropped this show and come back to it more times than I can count. I love the dancers and I love watching them try so many styles. Usually it's been the asinine way Mary Murphy screams that's driven me away -- somebody needs to ram the hot tamale train into a mountainside, daaaaamn -- but I think this time it's going to be awful old Boom Kat who does it.
  9. What was the final word on Morgan? My DVR cut off before the entire wrapup was complete. I ache for Brett. What a sad and senseless waste.
  10. Me, too. There’s even a way she could have turned it to her advantage to talk about it: showing you listen to feedback and incorporate it thoughtfully, collaborating, benefiting from mentorship as if a mentorship were at stake, ahem...
  11. If all her zillion pairs of glasses have prescription lenses in them, she's made a seeerious investment!
  12. You know, I think it's because Tessa's designs tend to skew older.
  13. Hester, don’t be such a goddamn try-hard. I mean, she changed her glasses between Mood and the workroom.
  14. As much as this show hates Tessa: That’s how much I love Brandon.
  15. Hahahahaha, this made me laugh, so I looked at the site, too! You're right that the product title is #wearbees; luckily, the T-shirt itself has it correctly spelled.
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