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  1. You know, I wonder, actually, if that's the shape of the model's body. I think I noticed earlier in the episode, when Nancy first met her, that she had a barrel-shaped torso. Wouldn't be unheard of on a person with a disability requiring a wheelchair...
  2. Well, let me put it this way: We weren't shown any conversation they might have had about it. Nor did we see him answer, when she said she wanted to look like the adult she is, with smart ideas about how to accomplish that. It's his job as a designer to guide her towards the effect she wants -- to give her a dress that will successfully do that, or at least to advocate for one that will.
  3. I didn't even think about the hair, but you're absolutely right. It reminds me that In Not-So-Olden Times it was a rite of passage for girls to be allowed/expected to put their hair up as they became young ladies.
  4. I keep thinking of how he could have dressed Scout differently to make her look more sophisticated-adult-ish. I think one major problem was with his fabric choice for the bodice; that eyelet was downright juvenile. (The whole thing skewed sweet to me, when I would have really responded to badass, as more in keeping with who she seems to be, and more aesthetically in line with that gorgeous prosthesis.) Another problem was that he put her in a bodice that was straight up and down. He followed her natural figure -- and a fine figure it is -- rather than choosing seaming that might have suggested curves, one of the things that cue us that we're looking at a grown-ass adult. I also know that women with a smaller bust sometimes choose styles that give an illuuuuusion of fullness up top, like a ruffle or pleats or a collar treatment with a bit of volume. Absolutely nothing wrong with flaunting one's flatness, but if Marquise had considered it, he could have asked her what she thought about adulting things up with that kind of embellishment. In general, I loved seeing these women celebrated, and it was intriguing to see the designers cope with bodies that weren't like their usual models'; each of the women had, I think, pronounced physical differences that the designers had to negotiate.
  5. So I might be wrong about this, but I don't think the designers knew it was a flash sale challenge until well into the day, after they'd come pretty far with their designs. I found that frustrating on their behalf -- they might have made very different decisions had they known that the judges would surely be considering whether their design could be mass-produced.
  6. There was no joy in Tyler that I ever saw. He came off to me as perpetually sour. For that reason alone, I'm glad he's gone.
  7. I hate his hair only slightly less than I hate his scuzzy-looking beard. It looks like someone's pubic area has been grafted right under his chin.
  8. I pegged them as sisters, but either way, there's no mistaking the resemblance, even beyond the hair. Lordy, those genes are strong. But so is that kid!
  9. I wonder, too. I also wonder what happened to his girlfriend — always liked seeing her on the sidelines, but she hasn’t been around this season.
  10. I counted at least three “all that I’ve been through”s from Madison in her interview segments.
  11. If this is the case, I’m irritated at the whole “single dad” thing, then. I’m not saying it’s easy, but “single dad” isn’t the same thing as “dad who has an active co-parent in the picture.”
  12. Me, too, @Nonja. The ones that have irritated me the most were Doctor Noah Kaufman with his stethoscope and whichever firefighter would come out onto the course wearing his helmet and coat. Lose the props, you tools.
  13. I had that same reaction. I was appalled. You don't sell out your child's privacy for air time, famewhores.
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