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  1. Did anyone notice that on Couples Couch Elizabeth was drinking out of a big coffee mug that said Basic Caucasian Sex? I’m happy she and Jamie were able to get past that and joke about it.
  2. Is anyone else starting to think that Pinstripe shared more than a kiss while on his book tour? I wonder if he went to the sex club to tell Jane and clear his conscience.
  3. I love the kid who plays Graham. His timing is perfect!
  4. I could only find Geoffrey’s dress here. https://nineteenthamendment.com/collections/tiedye-project-runway-season-18-episode-10
  5. Michael and Meka exhaust and depress me.
  6. On WWHL Andy asked Reza about Mike’s girlfriend. Reza said Mike hit the girlfriend jackpot because she’s rich - her own money plus family money (he also mentioned alimony and child support, though I don’t know if you can really get alimony if you’re rich). Andy also asked if Reza and Adam had an open marriage and he said no.
  7. I didn’t know who this was until I saw him on the Oscars tonight. You’re totally right!
  8. He has been nominated for and won a bunch of awards but not an Academy Award. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111945/awards
  9. I think Marquis’ design might have had a lesser impact if he had chose a different model - like the one Brittany used. I don’t know if anyone here is old enough or fortunate to have seen Yul Brynner on Broadway in The King and I in the late 1970’s. There’s a scene (that literally took my breath away) where Brynner (as the king) strutted into the room and the way he walked in and stood so masterfully flashed into my head when Marquis’ model walked the runway. When one of the judges said how regal the model looked I thought perhaps this scene would be referenced. Sergio usually gets on my last nerve, but when I saw him give his hand to Nancy to assist her when the designers were getting up on the runway for their critiques, I had to cut him a teeny bit of slack.
  10. I’m watching. It’s more like hate-watching. I just can’t believe he’s a real person - seems like every caricature rolled into one person.
  11. Kudos to camerawork/editing when Zach was saying he forgets to put jewelry on all the while the camera was focusing on the gigantic watch and bracelet on his wrist. Meka is the one of the most joyless people I’ve ever seen on tv.
  12. Derek is a foot taller so most of the time he only sees the top of her head.
  13. Police reports? Was she harboring a fugitive, maybe Mia? Lol
  14. I can’t tell any of the blondes apart, except for Chloe because she isn’t the cookie cutter emancipated blonde type this show seems to favor. Also, is it Alex’s family’s money that is supposed to make him attractive? Because it’s certainly not his obnoxious personality or his Shrek-like looks.
  15. I didn’t watch the Amazon documentary, but from what I’ve read in the above comments it seems like the two hour 20/20 show covered pretty much everything. If you’re interested, the full episode is up on the show’s website.
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