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  1. I stumbled across the Frankie Drake series a few months ago and was able to watch the first two seasons. Season 3 just started. It’s a Canadian series with a female lead as the detective with a female supporting cast. Takes place in the 1920’s and the fashions are wonderful.
  2. St Thomas - that house was my pick too. He seemed like a nice guy but she was insufferable. I hope living in St. Thomas softens her edges (that seems to like so much).
  3. Hey Katie! Remember your one month anniversary when Derek did all of that romantic stuff for you and you did diddly squat for him? Yup, you really are putting in all of the work.
  4. Those were not the pajamas Katie went to sleep in the night before.
  5. They have to start fresh each round. The idea is to obtain the ingredients for the theme of each round.
  6. The tribute to Carl was one of the most genuine, heartfelt tributes I’ve ever seen a tv show do. You could see how much they hurt but rose way above being maudlin, which Carl wouldn’t have wanted, and gave quite an entertaining show.
  7. I was waiting to see Dr Viviana fist bump Mindi when she said she wanted to end the marriage. Usually the experts try to convince the couples to try to work things out until the very end. Good for Dr. Viviana.
  8. Mindy should ask for the dog if they get divorced. The dog obviously loves her.
  9. I agree. I feel like I somehow redeem myself for watching way too much reality tv.
  10. I got the feeling that Idol is trying out duets because of the popularity of the duets round on The Voice.
  11. Here’s People article announcing her pregnancy. I’m so happy for her! https://people.com/parents/ruthie-ann-miles-expecting-third-child-after-losing-daughter-unborn-baby/
  12. I let out an audible gasp when it was revealed that Jayne had passed away. It just shows how life can be so unfair. From personal experience I also believe that the stress of her husband’s ordeal exacerbated her cancer. She raised a truly wonderful family.
  13. Christian really steps up to the plate. First it was dressing plus sized celebrities when no other designer would, and now this. https://people.com/style/christian-siriano-team-will-produce-face-masks-during-coronavirus-pandemic/
  14. Cortney is on Reality Steve’s latest podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet. I heard her on another podcast a few months ago and she almost rivaled Zach with her word salad. I don’t know if I’m ready to subject myself to that right now.
  15. I think, because of the half hour time constraint, they went in on Zach as much as they could, while still leaving time to discuss the other couples. Believe me, I would gladly have watched an entire show of Zach being given a new asshole.
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