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  1. They were all on WWHL last night and everyone got along great. It was a fun watch. Andy asked each of them to say something complimentary about Frederick and their responses were very heartwarming. Most of the compliments had to do with him being such a sweet, loving guy.
  2. I swear, Jamie Otis would appear at the opening of a grocery store! https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/moms-like-us-is-us-weeklys-new-show-about-celeb-moms/
  3. Alex seems to be enjoying herself which is a total 180 from Alton Brown. She and Anne are great together. I’d like to see her do another season.
  4. If Mattel put out a RuPaul Barbie based on her look last night I would be first on line to buy it!
  5. Alex has what is referred to as “resting bitch face.” She comes across much better in a scenario where she is interacting with people. Thanks for the info on Domaine. I was going to google her because I thought some of her commentary was funny as hell and I was intrigued.
  6. You would also like her on Supermarket Stakeout. She’s the host and every so often will go over to give one of the contestants a little hint or tip to improve their dish. It doesn’t happen on every episode so it’s totally organic of her to do it. I had seen her on Guy’s Grocery Games in an episode where chefs were paired up with teens. She was wonderful with her partner. She was so encouraging to the kid, never demeaning, no power trip.
  7. In the scene with June and Geno sitting with the group of counselors on their last day of rehab I think I did hear her admit she’s an addict. It looks like Geno may have finally gotten that lump removed from his neck, I noticed a dark pink line at the base of his neck which may have been where the incision was. Ella is an absolutely delightful child.
  8. They showed this on a quick preview during last night’s MAFS.
  9. Say what you want about Jamie O - she managed to push that huge baby out without the benefit of meds. He looked like a 3 month old baby! Even though I love babies, every time the show switched to Jamie and Doug’s house all of the air got sucked out of the room. I did, however, love seeing all of the other couples. Shawniece and Jephte seem to have caught their stride and he has come a long way in expressing his feelings.
  10. HGTV is airing Comedians on Couches which has comedians commenting on House Hunters episodes. I’ve laughed out loud because some of their comments were exactly what went through my mind when I watched the original episodes. I’m hoping that the proliferation of these shows will mean the return of The People’s Couch!
  11. In case you’re interested, Ben is on Olivia’s most recent podcast, Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/mouthing-off-with-olivia-caridi/e/72106874?autoplay=true
  12. What the heck happened to Caila’s face? I wouldn’t have known it was her. I started listening to Olivia’s podcast on a pretty regular basis and I absolutely love her!
  13. You hit the nail on the head about the swap because I couldn’t put my finger on what really annoyed me until I read this! I didn’t find the male lead at all appealing.
  14. I watched Love Under the Olive Tree last night and it completely failed to hold my interest. This has been happening almost all of the time lately.
  15. That there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for camera time?!
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