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  1. Was that the Sunday show about kitchen hacks? Somehow I feel that was filmed before quarantine.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, she wasn’t vomiting but was peeing on a pregnancy test stick. Or was there a scene I missed?
  3. When the mom said she thought their mortgage was paid I thought maybe Big Mike took out another mortgage to pay for Bria’s wedding or to add money to a failing business. Maybe she thought he was saying his hiding place was a cache, but then I can’t see him using the word cache either.
  4. Yes, they did get married and now have a son and a daughter.
  5. Looks like Tiffany really did get burned on her arm during last week’s flaming steak debacle. I could clearly see at least a two inch angry pink mark on her right arm where Ayesha accidentally touched it with a hot sheet pan.
  6. I think at the time of the murder both girls had blonde hair. He could have been extremely intoxicated and the blonde hair was a trigger. Caitlin even had blonde hair when they showed her testifying which the judge didn’t allow the jury to see.
  7. You did a Vulcan mind meld with me because these were my thoughts exactly about Utica and the rest of the Pork Chops. They’re more like Filet Mignon! I love this group and feel they really have it over the so-called winners circle both in looks and attitude. I think Michelle Visage is looking absolutely stunning. I don’t know if someone different is doing her makeup or that silvery streak in her hair is adding an extra glow but I can’t stop staring at her when the camera is on her.
  8. It irks me to no end when contestants say what they gave up to be on a tv show. No one twisted your arm, honey. There’s such a thing as free will.
  9. You’re not kidding about Bria. The previews showed her wedding venue which, if I’m correct is Oheka Castle where Kevin Jonas got married as have other celebrities like Max and Peta from Dancing with the starts. The venue rental alone is $10,000 - $14,000 with additional charges if ceremony is held there. That doesn’t include food, booze, etc. Bria is a beast. I feel for Lexie.
  10. Update on Big Mike’s cause of death. https://people.com/tv/unpolished-jennifer-martone-reflects-big-mikes-death/
  11. Victoria should invest in some nude color bras. You could see part of her black bra hanging out of the wedding gown too.
  12. I didn’t blame Elliott for calling Tina Burner Nina (as in Nina West). To me Tina is a Nina wannabe with none of Nina’s wonderful heart.
  13. Dateline even posed the question on the bottom right of the screen asking would you take a cruise on a ship that had no security cameras. Nice to know. Lonnie didn’t want to “cheap out.” If he had “cheated out” I hate to think what that would have looked like - a row boat?
  14. They did say that the ship had no security cameras which made me think they probably didn’t use key cards either and used regular keys instead. It takes money to retrofit door locks to accommodate key cards and an investment in a key card system.
  15. I was really annoyed by that guy’s feeble attempt to sway the Sharks with his tears. Lori looked like she was buying it for a hot minute but the rest of them were definitely over it. It’s one thing if you have a product that’s going to cure cancer but theirs was laughable. And if you really have a brain aneurysm why the hell are you even putting yourself in such a stressful situation trying to pitch your product, not to mention doing it during Covid (even with safety protocols).
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