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  1. They definitely are together. In the above mentioned podcast Kate was on she said they’re doing great and that she sometimes hangs out with her but Kate hangs out more often with Jasmine because they’re both single.
  2. If anyone is interested, Kate (from Kate and Luke) just did a podcast interview with Olivia Caridi (Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi) and she talks about how things were worse than what was shown on tv.
  3. Wellington guy annoyed the crap out of me when he kept referring to his daughter as adopted. Why keep making this distinction - did he want a medal?
  4. I also thought that most of them sounded terrible last night. I wonder if there was something going on with their ear pieces - I notices that Myracle kept putting her hands up to each of her ears every so often. And I think it was one of Kelly’s male contestants who started with the wrong lyric but corrected himself mid-line which made me wonder the music cue was wrong.
  5. I was very uncomfortable watching the dynamics between the Sydney to Singapore couple. The way she kept knocking him down made me wonder why they’re even together.
  6. The kid who plays Graham absolutely killed it this week!
  7. You’re probably right. I dvr’d both and watched them one after the other so the shows blurred in my mind. Thanks for pointing that out. Someone mentioned that Kellie Pickler was in the audience and wondered why she was there.
  8. About Kellie Pickler being in the audience - she was also on The Real today so she was probably making appearances in the LA area. Carrie Ann Inaba is now a member of the panel and they brought up her winning her season of DWTS, showed some picture from that and she promoted her upcoming Hallmark movie.
  9. Well, Courtney can roll her eyes all she wants but Abbi and her boat captain got married. For now, at least! https://people.com/tv/below-deck-abbi-murphy-married-after-text-engagement/
  10. It actually airs a half hour earlier because it’s 90 minutes. And if you had your dvr series manager set to record the series it won’t because it’s not listed under The Durrells In Corfu. It’s listed as What The Durrells Did Next.
  11. He was on the Kate Casey podcast for the second time. They hit it off the first time and bonded over the fact they went to opposing schools in DC. During the most recent podcast he thanked her for putting him in touch with people to help his career in LA. When he mentioned he has a publicist Kate said she was surprised because that publicist doesn’t usually handle people from reality shows. She asked about Tayshia and he gave pretty much the response everyone has been reading.
  12. Hmmm, if Kevin walks will we see yet another rescue by Ben?
  13. Teresa’s mother died several months after she got out of prison she got out December 2015 and her mother died March 2017); but for sure Teresa is bitter about the time lost while she was in prison. The first thing Teresa did when she saw Joe on Skype was to snark about what he’s wearing. No wonder he’s checked out of the marriage.
  14. I stop watching The Voice once they go to lives. Then I watch the finale to see who won.
  15. Next week’s preview looks like an even bigger train wreck. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hailey2 is pregnant.
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