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  1. Koalagirl

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    I think he wants a Dancing With The Stars gig - not as a contestant but as a musical guest.
  2. Koalagirl

    The Kitchen

    Joy Bauer has been making the rounds on Home & Family as well as The Kitchen. I really like her, especially because she doesn’t seem to have any annoying speaking habits. She would be a great addition (or replacement).
  3. Koalagirl

    Relatively Nat & Liv

    I had no idea who they were when I started watching. I fell in love with the whole family.
  4. Koalagirl

    House Hunters International

    I was on vacation and am just catching up with episodes so I’m sorry to be late to the party. Canada to Athens. Why did the husband have an accent that was more Greek than Canadian? So weird. Wifey needs to cut the apron strings a little more - no husband is going to want his in-laws to influence decisions he and his wife will be making.
  5. Koalagirl

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    Maybe they watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians where this “benefit” of eating pineapple were discussed at length.
  6. Koalagirl

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    During the bungy jump I kept wondering if Hannah’s French wire earrings would fall out while she was hanging upside down!
  7. Koalagirl

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    I love carpaccio when it’s prepared correctly. It’s not just piled up raw on a plate. Captain Sandy was on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen tonight and said she didn’t know a lot of what happened in the kitchen until she actually watched the episodes. She was horrified by what she saw Mila do.
  8. My Boyfriend’s Back - Wedding March 5 I kept getting distracted by the unfortunate pink lipstick the makeup people used on Jack Wagner.
  9. Koalagirl

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Wow Jeremiah was so emotional tonight - even when the camera wasn’t directly focused on him I could see him all teary I the background. I have to love him because of the way he shows his heart. My boss is a second or third cousin to Nate. They’re not at all close but they have the same personality - kind of on the colder more clinical side.
  10. Koalagirl

    The Kitchen

    Once again Sunny had to show off and use the word parsimonious instead of shutting up and letting GZ use his own terminology.
  11. Koalagirl


    I saw a guy on a street corner in midtown Manhattan the other day selling her lipkits that were set up on a folding table along with some other random merchandise. I have to wonder is someone is already knocking off the kits.
  12. Koalagirl


    I'm starting to think the letters TLC stand for The Looney Channel
  13. Koalagirl

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    By no means am I defending Dr. Ish, but Mama June and Sugar Bear were on Marriage Boot Camp a few years ago so maybe it was felt he could help a bit since he knew what this poor kid had probably been dealing with. Agreed it should have been done more privately though.
  14. Koalagirl

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I felt sorry for the cameraman who was trying very hard to keep Karli and Christian in the same frame as they walked into the workman together. Not that it would have made a huge difference but couldn't she have work flats instead of heels. Christian is a petity sweety. Bothered me when they questioned Garo's taste level. Who above the age of 10 thinks Hester has good taste????
  15. Koalagirl

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    Chef Mila has really crazy eyes!