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  1. Henry is happier talking to anyone except ChristinaA. He was able to articulate pretty well to Amani. I think he is distrustful of ChristinA. During his talk with Bennett (I think it was Bennett at the time) he said that at the wedding one of her friends told him she had gotten out of a long term toxic relationship just a few months ago so he couldn’t help but wonder why she would want to get married that quickly after getting out of a long term relationship, toxic or not. I don’t blame him. I would be wondering if she did it just to show the ex she “got” someone.
  2. Henry was relaxed and funny as hell on Unfiltered tonight. He has a quick wit and had Jamie, Bennett and Miles laughing several times with his self deprecating humor. He needs a woman who can bring out that side of him by building him up, not tearing him down.
  3. Darien is interested in film editing and Michigan does have a summer camp that specializes in this and other related subjects. There are a few camps in California as well, which makes sense, and would be a lot closer to Nevada. If you google “summer camps film editing” you get a list. It’s a moot point for this year anyway. I don’t understand how they could have sent Dawson home from the hospital until everyone was tested for COVID, and especially with two people apparently ill in the house. Her immune system is already compromised and they don’t have stats on reinfection rates. The kids should never have been allowed to swarm her like that when she came home either. Unless their whole COVID storyline was bs (sorry).
  4. Her costume didn’t flatter her tonight either. She has a beautiful figure and doesn’t need that mass of fringe they’ve been using,
  5. I wish they had cast an actor with dark hair for the lead role, or at least given him a different hair style. He looked so much like the lead actress that I felt a little icky during their romantic scenes.
  6. They never really addressed why he set the fires. But he was sentenced to 28 years for setting them. Maybe the first fire was a rehearsal, or to throw the police off track when he set his house on fire, or maybe just because, in his sick mind, he could.
  7. I did watch the interview. Tamron doesn’t have a good poker face and I could tell she wasn’t buying any of what Stassi was saying, particularly at the beginning. Whenever Tamron asked for a more in-depth explanation of some things Stassi had said or done she deflected the question and stayed on script. I don’t buy Stassi’s apology as sincere and I believe her getting a coach is only to enable her getting future employment.
  8. Jamie never knew who her father was. Her mother wasn’t even sure. A couple of years ago Jamie did a dna test and found some of her bio family online. She connected with them and found out that her bio dad had on,y passed away two months before. They told her all about him which is how she knew his favorite sandwich and where he used to go.
  9. I felt a bit guilty for rolling my eyes at Jamie O during her storyline about her birth father. I’m glad she was able to get answers about her birth family and totally empathize with her because we had a similar situation in my own family, but she just seems to go from one drama to another so I’m getting a little jaded. I googled her father and found his obituary which contained his photo. He certainly was a handsome man and I think Jamie has his eyes. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/theithacajournal/obituary.aspx?n=frank-rogan&pid=190248388&fhid=7263
  10. It was only by using extreme restraint last night that I didn’t end up having to buy a new tv. Otherwise I would have thrown a heavy object when stank face won.
  11. I call bs because if you google her name she pops up as a Celebrity Hair Stylist/Cosmetologist so her makeup artist is probably a co-worker or associate who cut a deal for a discount to get tv exposure.
  12. I hope she never has a sprained ankle or breaks a leg. Several years ago I broke my foot and had to go up only one flight of stairs that was within my garden apartment. Not fun doing it on crutches. It was easier for me to go downstairs by sitting on my butt which at least was in the privacy of my own home.
  13. Katie had her baby! https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/katie-lee-gives-birth-welcomes-1st-child-after-infertility-struggles/
  14. Danielle talks about having to take Henry to the vet, then talks about getting the call from the vet with what’s wrong. Danielle later on says that she and Bobby de decided that the most humane thing to do was to send Henry to doggy heaven. They show pictures of her, Bobby and Olivia with Henry at the vet’s office when they go to say goodbye. You don’t actually see him die. But for those of us who have gone through this it hits pretty hard.
  15. I cried with Danielle over Henry. I went through the same thing with my fur babies, within two years of each other. Heartbreaking.
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