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  1. Koalagirl

    S16.E10: Top 10 Perform

    Nigel’s homophobia was blatantly evident when he told Eddie he felt uncomfortable watching him.
  2. Koalagirl

    All Episodes Discussion

    I agree. And I hope they prosecute those who supported him while he was on the run.
  3. Koalagirl

    Masterchef (US)

    I’m absolutely heartbroken that Fred is gone. Obviously someone (coughJoecough) has a real hard-on bot Barbi Bri.
  4. Koalagirl

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Ashley was on the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi. Unfortunately I fell asleep about a third of the way through because I listen to podcasts to help me fall asleep. I did notice that Ashley’s words that end in “s” sounded like she was hissing - pretty apropos.
  5. Koalagirl

    S09.E09: One Month Down, Never to Go

    I think Iris’s mom should be hired as an expert. Put the guitar down Matt - I heard enough bad singing and guitar playing on The Bachelorette!
  6. Koalagirl

    S14.E01: Wait, They're Cutting You Open?

    Will does seem more settled and less frenetic. What a difference a year makes! I did notice that he has developed what I would call a nervous tic where he’ll suddenly squint. Might be something his parents should check into. I had several tics as a young child and my parents took me to a child psychologist. Turns out I was just a highly anxious child and eventually the tics disappeared.
  7. Koalagirl

    S06.E01: Week 1, Part 1

    He would go into the bathroom at his office, build a nest of toilet paper on the floor in the stall and poop there, not in the toilet. I hate myself for remembering this!
  8. Koalagirl

    Say Yes To The Dress

    This episode was a refreshing one with lovely brides. It cleansed my palate from the one last week with the obnoxious Lebanese mother.
  9. I didn’t care for this movie but it was a charming tribute to Cameron Boyce
  10. Koalagirl

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    From NY Post Page Six https://pagesix.com/2019/08/01/steve-gold-hid-girlfriends-pregnancy-from-million-dollar-listing-co-stars-for-months/
  11. Koalagirl

    S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

    Hmmm, maybe both Tyler and Hannah will be on DWTS, competing against each other, with a showmance story line.
  12. Koalagirl

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Just read that Jade and Tanner had a baby boy!
  13. Koalagirl

    S15.E12: Week 11: Finale Part 1

    Jed has a dad body from the back!!!
  14. Koalagirl

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    The first Rachel and Ali podcast is Wednesday, July 31.
  15. Koalagirl

    S15.E12: Week 11: Finale Part 1

    I think it truly showed what a great guy Tyler is when he told her to go enjoy her family as he was leaving after the family visit. I can’t see Jed saying anything except “gotta go tune my guitar.”