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  1. I agree. It’s just a matter of time before she gets weary of the drunk, belching frat boy routine.
  2. Amanda and Kyle got married in September.
  3. This is so strange. https://nypost.com/2021/10/20/will-clint-eastwoods-secret-grandson-find-bachelorette-love/
  4. The Game of Roses podcasters have written a book which will be out in January called “How to Win The Bachelor.” They binge-watched every season so they really did a lot of research. I wonder how many future contestants will be hiding that in their luggage. Lol
  5. This was the fastest two hours. I’m usually looking at the clock every 15 minutes. I think Michelle is going to be a great Bachelorette.
  6. In case you want more of the story but without the injury pictures: https://people.com/crime/survivor-fiji-contestant-michelle-yi-attacked-stabbed-santa-monica/
  7. I didn’t realize that. The timing is very suspect in that case. She didn’t make The NY Times best seller list so this could be her way of drumming up business.
  8. Here we go again. https://pagesix.com/2021/10/18/lala-kent-breaks-up-with-randall-emmett-3-years-after-engagement/?_ga=2.247236484.1642173555.1634516407-1493145453.1622978666
  9. I think the hoodie lady copied the satin lining idea from Robyn Dixon of Real Housewives of Potomac who came out with baseball cap style of hats lined in satin. Her explanation made more sense that it helped keep one’s hairstyle in place, similar to the idea of satin pillowcases.
  10. Thankfully Katey had non-threatening injuries. https://pagesix.com/2021/10/15/katey-sagal-in-hospital-after-getting-hit-by-car-report/?_ga=2.96537311.172360034.1633627442-1688176950.1514581450
  11. Did I miss something? I thought he was in a long term relationship with a woman who had a couple of kids, but not married.
  12. Jeff Garlin was an out of control freight train. I’m not familiar with him at all. Is this his regular shtick or was he drunk?
  13. When the Circle of Life started playing I fully expected Tyra to be carried out and presented like baby Simba. I actually didn’t hate her first outfit which probably means her second one will be completely ridiculous.
  14. Ovation just started airing a 2013 Australian series called Mr & Mrs Murder. It’s about a married couple who own a cleaning business that specializes in cleaning up crime scenes. They use the business a cover to do sleuthing to solve the crime. It’s a bit clever.
  15. I can’t watch these shows because I’m extremely squeamish but I did see the promo for this girl. I can very much relate as I had that condition as a kid (not as bad now that I’m in my 60’s). My hands sweat so badly that when my phys Ed rotated to gymnastics I had to get a doctor’s note to excuse me. No amount of rosin would have prevented those sweaty hands from slipping off of the equipment! Back then there were no real treatments for hyperhydrosis and my doctor said it’s not healthy to stop you from sweating. And if you block off certain sweat glands you’ll just start sweating elsewhere t
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