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  1. My Boyfriend’s Back - Wedding March 5 I kept getting distracted by the unfortunate pink lipstick the makeup people used on Jack Wagner.
  2. Koalagirl

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Wow Jeremiah was so emotional tonight - even when the camera wasn’t directly focused on him I could see him all teary I the background. I have to love him because of the way he shows his heart. My boss is a second or third cousin to Nate. They’re not at all close but they have the same personality - kind of on the colder more clinical side.
  3. Koalagirl

    The Kitchen

    Once again Sunny had to show off and use the word parsimonious instead of shutting up and letting GZ use his own terminology.
  4. Koalagirl


    I saw a guy on a street corner in midtown Manhattan the other day selling her lipkits that were set up on a folding table along with some other random merchandise. I have to wonder is someone is already knocking off the kits.
  5. Koalagirl


    I'm starting to think the letters TLC stand for The Looney Channel
  6. Koalagirl

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    By no means am I defending Dr. Ish, but Mama June and Sugar Bear were on Marriage Boot Camp a few years ago so maybe it was felt he could help a bit since he knew what this poor kid had probably been dealing with. Agreed it should have been done more privately though.
  7. Koalagirl

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I felt sorry for the cameraman who was trying very hard to keep Karli and Christian in the same frame as they walked into the workman together. Not that it would have made a huge difference but couldn't she have work flats instead of heels. Christian is a petity sweety. Bothered me when they questioned Garo's taste level. Who above the age of 10 thinks Hester has good taste????
  8. Koalagirl

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    Chef Mila has really crazy eyes!
  9. Hannah was on a podcast I listened to. She said she and Sandy had a couple of dinners in Los Angeles and talked things out. Said one of their main problems had to do with communications and they decided that during charter they had find time at least once a day, even for just 5 minutes, to touch base on how thing were going. It also seems like she isn't holding anything against Joao from last season. She said he went through a bit of a rough time with Brooke and she's feeling some compassion for him.
  10. Koalagirl

    Worst Cooks In America

    Thanks, Preeya. Any shred of compassion I may have felt for her died right then and there.
  11. Koalagirl

    Worst Cooks In America

    Did any of you catch the smartass remark Tonya made at the very end of the show. It definitely alluded to the Kerrigan incident. I'm sort of paraphrasing because I'm at work, and hope some of you still have it on your dvrs - went something like she'll admit she did this (winning).
  12. Koalagirl

    House Hunters International

    I’ve been to Malta so I’m always excited when a HHI episode features an episode from there. It’s a fascinating country and incredibly picturesque!
  13. Koalagirl

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    While watching this mess I was glad they included the scene in the park where Alana and Lauryn were bantering on the bench. It seemed like a real sisterly moment. (I hope I’m not being naive here)
  14. Koalagirl

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    The women's center I go to has you wait until the radiologist reads the films. There have been several times I've been called back into the room and had more taken. And if necessary they bring me into another room where a technician and then the radiologist will do a sonogram to see if they can correllate what they think they saw on the film with what they're seeing on the sonogram. So I get my results right away. Its a blessing for someone like Kyle who is so neurotic.
  15. Koalagirl

    S15.E03: Week 3

    I agree in principle. but I think what pissed Hannah off the most was the fact that Cam admittedly thought he could be going home that morning (note the fact that he was writing good-bye letters to the guys he was friendly with) and decided to tell her the story which could be construed as a last ditch effort to stay.