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  1. Loving the Megan Boone-free episodes!!!
  2. Hoo boy. This series is epically bad. Gimpel is a lazy moron based on this crap. Here’s an idea- check out some fan fic- find the best and most creative and offer those people writing gigs. Or the writers from 12 Monkeys. Re: Huck... wtf Annet? Is it the direction? Because you were my fave in The Americans, but are beyond lame here. Or is it the bad scripts making you incorporate some tics to try to stand out? Sad and angry about this show. Still love Julia Ormond, though. Got about 15 minutes into this episode and decided to call it done with this part of the franchise.
  3. Liz, as always makes me sick. Megan Boone is an awful actress. Dembe and James Spader are the only reason I’m still watching this.
  4. I am so sick of the treatment of Sami and how Nicole is getting ret-conned. Hate Allie and the whole Allie’s baby storyline.
  5. I loathe Chad and Abigail. I thought Ciara was looking pretty cute when she was sitting down, then she stood up and ruined it. Lani is awful. I would like to see Xander and Gabi win at something.....
  6. Really dislike Chad and Abigail and will be pissed if he pushes Gabi out of DiMera. They need to go back to Paris.
  7. Lani is awful. Bad actress, dull character. Lose her, please.
  8. Katrina and Sheila’s talk was great.
  9. I love Pote and enjoyed his scene with Tony.
  10. This stuff is all gold! Chio (Fernando & Mari’s housekeeper) is one of my faves. Bless her, having to wake up Adan. I’m warming to Paulina; at first she was just too frenetic, but I think she is really fun and loving. Her older beau helps ground her. Tarek better not break Oscar’s heart!
  11. I find Aram tedious and faux naïf. So contrived that he wouldn’t recognize that Red helped save Samar’s life and is vowing vengeance on him but gives the rest of the team a pass.
  12. Dmitry’s face jacket was everything!! His last 2 black dresses were also stunning. The mustard dress dragged everything else down, unfortunately. Irina’s collection was also gorgeous. And Biddell using that daft David Ickes as an inspiration is hilarious. His body con dress was superb. Did anyone else believe that Michelle’s collection borrowed heavily from Dmitry (her last dress), Anthony Ryan (the coat) and Irina (the short halter dresses)?
  13. Yikes. The live format was awful. Ashley came off more obnoxious. Diana’s look was awful. I don’t know if I can handle another season.
  14. Carol burned people alive for what she called ‘hurting the boy.’ Penalty for killing the boy should be epic.
  15. Tough episode. Suspected abuse must be reported. The mother has to understand that, even if she doesn't like it. My sister was a PICU nurse and ended up changing specialities after she lost something like 5 patients in 2 weeks. What was interesting about the census on her ward was that about half the patients were NICU grads, about 10% had illnesses of some kind (cancers, etc.) and the rest were abuse victims at the hands of parents, step-parents, etc. Not sure if it is like that in most PICU wards, but damn. That is what irks me so much about juries and people that would defend Ca
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