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  1. terrymct

    S07:E40: Angel & Antonio

    Single mother, no job, parents are dead. She's not smart and she's very, very lonely. We keep seeing that combination come up again and again. She's pitiful and needs someone with some sense in her life to help her. Antonio isn't smart either and he's a sociopath. He knew Angel's situation and still took her last $10 from her. Took what little she had over and over again, all the while playing on her loneliness, naivety, and lack of intelligence. He's evil.
  2. terrymct

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    Isle of Man. Douglas is the capital. You can see the name written on the stern of the boat. Isle of Man is self governing Crown Dependency. Queen Elizabeth is, among her other titles, the Lord of Mann. Their economy is dominated by insurance, online gambling, offshore banking, internet, all sorts of ways to get money flowing into a small-ish island between Ireland and Great Britain whose entire population could comfortably attend college football games together at a range of stadiums throughout the SEC and Big Ten. Better yet, assign June to be his assistant. Hilarity will ensue.
  3. terrymct

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    Maybe the crew we rarely see (bridge crew, engineer) also get a cut?
  4. terrymct

    S15. E18. Dark Ship

    At the end of the episode, I think Keith's decision to have Monte captain the next trip was as much or more about him needing a break from the boat as it was about giving Monte the opportunity. The Wizard had a horrible season, in every way but catching their quota. I'm glad Jake made the decision to ride out the weather. It was a mature choice. Too bad he was punished with the loss of the anchor. It seems like Discovery is switching to have the Hansen's be the dynasty on the show rather Phil and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Sig and Mandy are MUCH more interesting than the wannabe co-captain. She's looking to learn and growing in her skills. The interactions between the two of them are interesting, especially when you recall how Sig interacted with Jake Anderson. He has respect for Mandy that he never had for Jake, partially because Jake's someone unstable and can be an idiot at times, I suspect, but also because of the family ties.
  5. terrymct

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    If Colin leaves and June moves to the deck, that means the deck crew is: Jwow, seems to be trying to do his job but is an angry drunk with a soupçon of misogyny Travis, tries to do his job but is likely an alcoholic or at least a nasty drunk Jack, possibly the laziest man ever to appear on this franchise and who is barely in control of his libido June, who is some kind of combination of stupid and high and doesn’t choose to properly use or monitor her radio If that combo happens, the ship will end up on fire or sinking. Maybe both.
  6. terrymct

    S02.E02 Vaulter

    The shopkeeper didn't even look at Kendall, didn't show him "proper" respect while he was making the purchase. Kendall stole from him just as a smack back at the guy, not because he needed batteries. Just showed his nerve and power in a petty way.
  7. terrymct

    S02.E02 Vaulter

    And she straight up ignored his advice. Tom's going to have to find Greg and mistreat him again soon.
  8. terrymct

    S06.E10: Thin Ice

    LOL true. I didn't mean eating it with a spoon. Just going heavy on the grease. Sort of like an Arctic version of dining at a state fair.
  9. terrymct

    S06.E10: Thin Ice

    Or eaten it. I don't understand why he didn't have a grease-fest for several days and build up some energy. Is he eating the moose meat at all? Yeah, it's lean but it gives you calories to help you fish. Remember the first season? The winner was living in a hollowed out space under a log and eating nothing but tiny limpets. These people are doing a LOT better.
  10. terrymct

    S02.E02 Vaulter

    I'm still undecided about the Shiv storyline. It's very likely that you're right, that Logan is pushing this to get her to break her tied to Gil. But....she is the most capable of the kids. I kind of see her swinging back and forth between competency and some truly Rom level meanness. Her worse enemy is her own ego. It often seems to blind her. Old Tom should be getting some clear messages here lately. His roll is to worship her, maybe do a bit of work for the family as the worshiping schedule allows. He's not going to be the head of the organization, probably not of any of the major subunits, either. He can't leave her, though, because she's his access to money and whatever power the family is willing to give him. I also think in the long term he'll be there to be the fall guy, catch whatever blame so a family member can skate clear. Connor's idea of running for president is a big old Chekhov's Gun laying on the table. He's said it several times. It's not going away. At some point its going to impact what Logan and/or Shiv are doing.
  11. terrymct

    Sharing is caring

    I think that works lol
  12. terrymct

    S02:E01 The Summer Palace

    Greg is definitely the dark horse. He's quiet and learning from everything. I really think he's going to be the one standing at the very end.
  13. terrymct

    S15. E17. Unholy Alliance

    Oh yeah, forgot about that. For some reason I'd assigned the axing to Keith in my mind. Freddy has a serious screw loose. He seems to be a good worker when he's not inciting a riot or bullying someone. That's a fairly low bar, however.
  14. terrymct

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    In his defense, this group is rather gross in a couple of different ways. The more I watch this show the more I believe that the stews and deck hands in this show for the most part couldn't hold regular jobs. That's why they drifted into this work.
  15. terrymct

    S07:E39: Cherie & Avion

    That guy was a nasty piece of work. Despite what they all said, they had looks in their eyes that this was long from over.