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  1. They're giving Terry's family enough attention, showing how terrible it is for his wife and kids with everyone apparently taking out their anger over the murder on them. The investigator is interesting. I keep thinking that she's on the autism spectrum, but given that she was tested so thoroughly and that this is from a Stephen King story it seems more like she has a sensitivity to something supernatural. She's investigating backwards and we're seeing the demon or whatever it is working it's way forwards. I'm not clear why the strip club owner didn't end up with a doppleganger after Terry scratched him. Maybe the demon didn't find him useful somehow. I think we're seeing the process of the nasty detective's doppleganger being made. I can see why the demon needed a deer to eat, but what's with all the lights?
  2. Nancy would have been safe if she's have skipped that coat or turned it into a shorter jacket. The pants were neat. The blouse was certainly nothing new or innovative but it looked nice with the pants.
  3. A lot of women make excuses for men who treat them badly, even going back to abusers again and again. I think Caroline could use some therapy, but that doesn't mean that Ashton didn't do exactly what she says he did.
  4. Sergio really seemed shaken that he was safe this week. I thought his dress was quite pretty, maybe not worth the dramatic reveal though. I suspect his problem was that he made a lovely dress but didn't embrace any of the zaniness. That dress could have been made with pretty much any color or pattern of fabric.
  5. I'm surprised that the judges haven't called Victoria out for making variations on the same thing each week, especially since the top this week had the same cut out as the top last week. Elaine did point out that Victoria has a very narrow lane in which she excels. Maybe that's a nice way of saying she can sew but is a one trick pony in terms of design. I really thought she should have gone home this week rather than Marquise, but she's very good at sewing and this week's top showed his limitation regarding construction. None of the outfits this week wow'ed me. It seemed like a whole bunch of safe designs. In the intro, they compared Ashley Longshore to Andy Warhol. I don't think she's comparable to him. She's more of what you'd get if John Waters had been born female into a wealthy Southern family and been forced to join the Junior League.
  6. They should have played the song Papa Was a Rolling Stone during this episode. That man sounds like he is a piece of work. The one sister is named Dajanay, which is pronounced just like the French word for lunch (le déjeuner). This was a little bit confusing. I wonder where her Mom got the name?
  7. I saw that Ashton is trying to do a "Oh, I'm better now" spin on things. Have the other "bru" boys spoken out since these episodes aired? I'm hoping that Tanner's Mom saw him doing things like laughing at the crew table and recognized it for what it was.
  8. Did you catch the part of the after interviews where Ashton is discussing misogyny with Kevin sitting next to him? Ashton said that differences between men and women are like segregation. It's best when you just don't point it out. Best when you just don't point out SEGREGATION.
  9. To me, it looked like a cheap, rushed offspring of what he did last week. Last week's outfit was tailored and looked well made. This one looked rather random, like he'd sewed the chest area, then just sort of heaped fabric around her hips and legs and called it a day.
  10. Rhylee does help out with indoor tasks. We've seen her doing laundry, as well as the various ways the outdoor folks pitch in with the kitchen when needed. She didn't appear to have any problems with or when doing laundry or the other tasks.
  11. If pushed, Nancy could have claimed those plaids were reflective of Scottish heritage or something. Or maybe New England preppie. There are stories she could have created. We really didn't get to hear her on the runway pitch it, though. I like both Delvin and Shavi, although both had problems this week. They're more talented and interesting than Sergio by far.
  12. He didn't make an effective statement. You couldn't read the names on the dress. Then it was a butt ugly dress, which further dragged his attempt at a statement down. That cut out in the front was probably an attempt to make it "fashion foward" (whatever that means) but it ended up looking like he ran short of the ruffle fabric. How long is he going to skate by? Either of the other two men with him in the bottom have produced better dresses this season than Sergio. They should have stayed. I was happy with a win by either Dayoung or Chelsey. Both did a great job of meeting the goal of the challenge and in doing something interesting and personal. Chelsey's letter jacket coat was fun and young and would have a strong niche audience. It reminded me of Beyonce's salute to HBCU's at Coachella in 2018. Classic made hip. Dayoung's jacket was gorgeous, both in her choice of fabric and in the design and fit. It will have a strong audience, too. I'd buy that and wear the heck out of it. Over a dress. Over skinny black pants. Heck, over a pair of jeans. I'd live in that jacket. I see the letter jacket coat is for sale today $385. A bit expensive maybe? I hope Dayoung's jacket is the fan favorite and it up for sale, too. I wouldn't pay that much, though. No, the jacket isn't derived from a religious or otherwise sacred design. Nothing about it insults or degrades the culture from which it comes. The wearer wouldn't be trying to pretend to be Korean.
  13. Terry's work on the woman with the MRSA destroyed breasts was outstanding this week. She's always going to have scars, but that was a massive improvement. Lesson of the week, once again, don't have bargain surgery in other countries. Paul did a great job on the lady with the botched Armenian nose, as usually. I thought she looked lovely before any surgery (also as usual). And again...I wish they wouldn't show the surgery addicts. Just direct them each to a psychiatrist.
  14. You can still see potential problems with the lines this season. They just wing them anywhere as they bring them in. That's sloppiness and their general idiocy is how you end up stepping into the middle of a loop of line AGAIN. The Bru's bitch about Rhylee's knot tying, but if you watch carefully, she's much better at line management and stowing. The Bru's set that bar fairly low, however.
  15. It was glorious to see Ashton's shock when Capt Lee didn't go along his plan. Not only wasn't Rhylee fired, Lee told Ashton HE needed to improve as a manager. Ashton needs more shocks like that in his life. At first, it seemed like Ashton was going to try to be civil to Rhylee. They did fine tying up the boat but soon enough he was shooting verbal daggers at her. Yeah, that's awesome, Ashton. Insult her as you're pulling away from the Valor to ensure your sad little ego is polished by getting the last word. This has to be his last season. He hasn't posted anything on Twitter since early December, has he?
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