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  1. Kiko needs to work on time management skills. I'm still undecided on the two male deck hands. Peter's language sucks but he seems to be working. Hopefully he'll grow a bit. The other one, the male model with the cheekbones that can cut glass, he really needs to learn the ropes...literally...but seems like he's working. I hope Lara gets fired at the end of this first charter. Her attitude is exhausting.
  2. Sadly enough, he thought Jenna had first hand information. She lied and said she'd seen white powder under the guest's nose. She didn't, from what she said on camera. Jenna lied.
  3. Or the sea bicycle. That looks terrible.
  4. Because she's their boss and she can make their lives miserable. The deck crew can tell Jenna to pound sand.
  5. She's desperate for attention from a man and is willing to put up with abuse from him as well as compromising her life and performance to the point that she's a complete hypocrite on top of everything else. Jenna and Adam both need therapy.
  6. In episode three, Konrad and Grzegorz were in Poland. This episode, they encounter British soldiers. I looked up on the PBS show website and it said they’re now in western France. I read the recaps of episode 3 and 4, but I swear I can’t figure out how they got to France so fast on foot.
  7. It was like daggers to my ears. I was impressed, though, that she had the sense to turn down that proposal. That's a couple whose toxicity appears to even be worse than Jenna and Adam.
  8. I don’t think he’s physiologically dead. He’s been listed as dead in the system, which means he’s been removed from society. Wiped off the books.
  9. There are some very good reasons that he's not working in a high end restaurant, starting with his anger management issues and repeated interest in schtupping his coworkers. He's a better cook than most of the chefs we've seen on the various seasons of the show, other than the whole onion incident.
  10. It finally dawned on me last night that Adam is an emotionally abusive boyfriend. He's charming during the pursuit phase, but then gets angry over perceived slights or entirely made up s$%# and forces Jenna to apologize and cater to him. Last night, we saw him giving Jenna a version of the conversation with Madison that had almost no relation to the actual truth. What his version DID do, however, was to continue to distance Jenna from the other stews. Abusers like you isolated from people who might speak the truth to you. On some level, Jenna seems to realize that he's emotionally abus
  11. His comment about being the "good guy" was really interesting. So far, we have Delores versus Maeve/Ciroc. Both sides have pros and cons, neither is the true white hat of the story. William could end up being the third option that doesn't require one side being wiped out completely.
  12. Harley is an ass, but I'd rather watch him and the Time Bandit/Saga trying to screw each other than even a minute of the still and ever useless Josh Harris. I do really enjoy the Northwestern. There's a better dynamic on that boat than the others, even if Sig does spout off a bit too much at times.
  13. This has sort of been Adam's M.O. on his various seasons. He loves the flirting, but once they're a couple he goes crazy eyes. The crazy eyes don't stay in just his relationship, either. He has turned into a nasty piece of work in the past. Remember him sneaking onions in pretty much every dish because the guest asked for no onions? His crazy just squirts out in all directions.
  14. The sweet little Dolores of season 1 morphed into Wyatt in season 2, through no choice of her own. She's continuing that arc. She's not Dany in that she's not self absorbed. Dany was even thinking of herself when she was freeing others. Dolores, by contrast, is a hurricane that's been unleashed.
  15. Yes, Jenna is a bad chief stew and shouldn't be messing with the chef, whether or not he's a head case which he is. BUT..... It was awesome to see Madison and Cierra relaxing on the beach rather than working and complaining. Particularly Madison complaining about how hard she works. It was like watching two 16 yr olds assigned to do work outside of the view of adults.
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