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  1. When Stephen was defining the perineum, I flashed back to this great exchange from Weeds: Andy: Runway? Doug: You know that little piece of skin that runs between your asshole and your balls, or asshole and vagina, that's called a runway. Andy: That's called a taint, taint ass, taint equipment. Doug: What the hell's that mean? No, I think "runway" is much more of a visual description. Andy: It's a taint. Doug: Runway. Andy: This is a taint. Doug: Runway. Andy: Hey, Lupita, settle an argument for us. What do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole? Lupita: The coffee table.
  2. When I see a young woman heavily made-up, I see a future old woman with terrible skin because she clogged up her face with crap all those years.
  3. I just finished reading Blowout (thank you, Phoenix Public Library!), and it was surprisingly good. Not that I'm surprised that Rachel writes well, but I was afraid the subject matter would be very dry, dusty, and academic, and it was none of those things. Very readable, although having followed along as Rachel has told us about the Russia connections for the past several years definitely helped provide context. Oh, and I counted at least twice where Rachel, not quoting anyone, described a situation as a "fuckup." So enough with the pearl-clutching when you encounter a bad word, dear.
  4. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    From what I understand, Jerr-uh backed off a little bit when Bill Parcells was coach. Parcells likes to be micromanaged the way my cat likes a bath. They would have to find someone with both Parcells's record and his cojones. You may be right, but the first thing that people would remember is that he's the guy that led his team to 0-16. I think any team would be happy to have him as a coordinator, but afraid to have him as head coach again, even as interim. As usual, I could be completely FOS. And none of them ever had the conceit of thinking their experience building (or inheriting) their fortune made them football experts. Kraft isn't well known because he made himself general manager; he's well known because he hired a guy who would bring him eleventy-four Super Bowls, and now he's more well known because he got himself arrested.
  5. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    Even Troy made the point tonight that there's nobody on that staff who's remotely qualified to serve as an interim coach.
  6. Really liked Chris's interview with Congressman Heck. What a class act. Of course, someone principled and honorable has just had enough of the goings-on in Washington.
  7. Oh, jaysus, now there's a party for people who haven't even been proposed to yet. And aren't you just a little old for that sort of thing??? And then does she hold up her friends and relatives for an engagement party, a shower, a wedding, etc.? There was a packet. Oh, no, there wasn't actually a packet. We was just there conversating. Too bad we forgot to conversate a contract where the plaintiff's wishes were spelled out. Oh, spelling might be a challenge. We had a verbal agreement to stay there until 3, even though the written contract specifies 1. Sounds indeed like sachets, but who puts them on the back of a chair?? A mercifully short case. I totally hate that they go through the whole farce of presenting a case, only for MM to advise the inevitable result of the expired SOL. The producers should never accept these cases when they know how they're going to turn out before MM lifts a finger.
  8. Between me and my daughter, we watch more than 6 hours a day of TV. Thanks. Confirms for me that 4K UHD is not a way we can afford to go.
  9. I appreciate that; it's just that I've read that a single movie on Netflix, using 4K UHD, can use 7 GB per hour, or 14 GB for a two-hour movie. So one movie a day could eat up close to half the cap, and that's before all the other streaming and computer usage, and of course it would be much higher with full-time cord cutting. We currently already average between 150 and 200 GB per month, with the highest surges on Sunday when I stream NFL football for about six hours. When I had AT&T, they hit me with a 150 GB cap, which is why I didn't get Netflix at the time, even without 4K. 1 TB sounded a lot better, but then I got nervous.
  10. Can I have Stephen's black cat collection? I'll skip the broken mirrors, though.
  11. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    I mean, I'm a Giants fan, too, and I appreciate everything Eli has done for the franchise, but one thing I've never understood is the tendency in sports, especially football, to blame someone for getting hurt, as if it's a character flaw on their part. I can't count the number of times I've heard or read some sports pundit dissing a player for injuries, especially repeated injuries, as if there was something they should have done to stop that Achilles tendon from rupturing or that spleen from getting speared. I'll walk that back a little bit if there's evidence that the player didn't keep themselves in top shape and the lack of fitness contributed to the injury.
  12. I'm not aware of any ads on HBO, other than promos for their own shows, and those are only between programs, never in the middle. I'm at the point where I don't watch anything live, except Sunday afternoon football. Everything else, including Sunday and Monday night football, goes on the DVR, solely to avoid the ads. Looking at possible cord-cutting next March when my cable contract ends and I expect my rates to skyrocket. Anybody have experience with a streaming service's DVR and how well it works? I'm thinking of signing up for different services' trials a few weeks before I have to decide, to see not only how well I like each one, but how much data they use. I was all set to buy a new 4K UHD TV on Black Friday until I thought about how fast I'd go over the data cap on my internet plan. 😞
  13. How the hell does Mika shill Know Your Value, ostensibly to help working women in their careers, while simultaneously reducing every goddamn pregnant woman to the contents of her womb? I'm waiting for Joe to chime in with, "Hey, Bill Newsman, since you just had a vasectomy, better make sure you don't fuck your mistress for a week, ok?"
  14. Yes, and that's precisely my point. Joe has no ideology at all, other than me-me-me. He would never be a Justin Amash, a principled conservative who took a stand and accepted the price. He sails with the wind, and now if he'd just be gone with the wind, our world would be a better place.
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