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  1. OMG. How this Neanderthal still has gainful employment as a political pundit is astonishing. Not only does he offer nothing in terms of expertise, but he is actively disgusting. Not PC to say, but his momma shoulda smacked him upside the head once or eight thousand times.
  2. I'm not in the Twitterverse, but I'd love to read those comments. Do you have a link?
  3. Secret Agent Man was one of my favorite songs growing up. They do such a great job on the musical parodies. Maybe some day they'll put together a compilation.
  4. I think both @oakville and @nittanycougar do a fantastic job on the recaps. They watch so I don't have to. 👏👏👏👏👏
  5. I'd never seen that before. Thanks for posting it. But dammit, now I have some water in the corners of my eyes I have to wipe up.
  6. We got preempted for most of the first case so CBS could spend 20 minutes telling us nobody knows what the fuck they're doing in Iowa. Those purple things looked a lot like drapery sashes I used to have. I've never used PayPal on my phone, but every app that opens with TouchID (which sounds like what she has) is connected to a login and a password. And the password can easily be reset online. But then, when MM wants her to log in, there she is.
  7. That's a really interesting article. Lots of nice to know background on the show. And of course it's great that John no longer has to worry about something he says getting him deported! I know John jokingly likes to point out the resemblance between him and Mnuchin, but damn if that picture of him sitting behind the white tablecloth didn't make me think of Christian Siriano.
  8. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    Back to back games, or do they have to cross the pond multiple times? You know this is just a warmup for Goodell's wet dream of having an NFL franchise in London.
  9. According to the Miami Herald, it's because the image was from a selfie and therefore reversed.
  10. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    Even Super Bowl V, a game so bad it became forever known as the Blunder Bowl, had an MVP. Of course, the MVP (Chuck Howley), played for the losing team.
  11. Don't know why, but as soon as Hallclown started describing this case, I flashed to Goldie Hawn in Overboard, refusing to pay for a closet after all the work was done, bitching that of course Kurt Russell should have known you only use cedar for a closet. To me, plywood, particle board, MDF are all shitty. Of course, I'm too poor to afford anything nicer. 🙂 Looking at the video, it seems like he could have gotten a better deal going retail without paying for a "custom" job. Those shelves look like shelves I bought 30 years ago for about 30 bucks. I could easily make a closet look that shitty for a whole lot less money. Why did the plaintiff never file under her comprehensive plan? Her explanation for why she didn't file made no sense. And why she did wait two years for this? Where's the dad? The first photo looked like there were hundreds of little chips in the paint, but after seeing the defendant's pictures, apparently it's water drops? The photos in the plaintiff's stack were so close up that it was hard to determine what they were. And given that it's been 2 years, who knows how old those pictures really are. Really unusual that she switched from USAA to State Farm. That doesn't happen much. Also known as no good deed goes unpunished. I'd like to think the cat has found a better situation. Because the plaintiff hadn't yet done enough to piss off and smear the defendant.
  12. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    Good luck with that. Really. But even if it dies down soon, it'll fire right back up again at the start of next season.
  13. Probably the mods can explain better, but there's an envelope at the top of each page, near your user name. That's the PM function.
  14. To be fair, KC is a juggernaut. Look at how they overcame leads in every playoff game. Just amazing. Patrick Mahomes is a force of nature.
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