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  1. I need a vaccine to watch Alex Jones without gagging. John's research staff should get hazard pay for having to review InfoWars video. I got pretty sick after the second Pfizer. Small price to pay not to die of a horrible, cruel disease. Just noticing the resemblance between Tucker Carlson and those guinea pigs. The difference, of course, is that the guinea pigs are both adorable and sentient.
  2. I get Peacock for free because I'm a Cox cable subscriber. Every so often I wander over to my Peacock app and say, yup, still nothing there I'm interested in watching, even for free. The Twins being the anchors on Peacock would just be the icing on that cake.
  3. I hated it from day 1. But then, I hated the broadcast from his house, too. Bill Maher has had a limited in-house audience for months now. Why can't the other talk shows consider that, too?
  4. I'm carefully controlling my anger, as a Maricopa County voter, that these BSC Q-crazies have been allowed to put their hands on my ballot and potentially invalidate it. I feel violated. And yes, there are folds in my ballot. That's how it arrived in the envelope and that's how it fit back in the envelope. I bought my first PC, a P1 with a whopping 1.6 GB hard drive, in 1995. It came with MS Bob. I was more offended that, as a cat person, I had to go through this dog than anything else about it.
  5. Of all people, Mike Barnicle should understand the concept of presenting work product that's previously been used.
  6. Now I'm worried about the poor bunny. Thanks, John.
  7. In fairness, I had trouble, too, for the last four years, saying the word "President."
  8. AFAIK, cable is not subject to the FCC gods.
  9. According to the linked article, they've already set up a GoFundMe for the funeral expenses, so maybe a landscaper wasn't in their budget?
  10. I thought "in the South of France" was code word for "having another plastic surgical procedure."
  11. Humph. Daphne had the personality of a wet noodle. But Simon -- or Regé-Jean, if you will -- could have sold chemistry with anyone, he's that hot.
  12. Sooo....did Ali wing it, use Rachel's A-block monologue or borrow from his own material that was meant for later? Because that was some seriously seamless subbing on no notice. Good thing it was Ali because I don't think LOD could have jumped in that easily.
  13. Or they get paid by the producers to stand on line. Oh, wait, this is the notoriously cheap Food Network. Never mind.
  14. Larry McMurtry, award-winning novelist who pierced myths of his native Texas, dies at 84
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