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  1. Yeah, I gave Joe's braggadocio on that topic about the same degree of eyeroll I gave when a certain person claimed he'd have run into Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS and disabled the shooter.
  2. I can appreciate some people exploiting their opportunity to be seen from home by placing the book they're currently plugging in a prominent place for the camera to catch. I do not appreciate someone who uses their opportunity to be seen from home as a way to show off their library. Nobody, but nobody, shelves their books with the covers facing forward. Talking to you, Eddie Glaude. Maybe there's not enough money left in Joe's $7 million salary to spring for an iron. I guess we're supposed to be so honored that he decided to wear a suit that we don't notice his wrinkled shirt.
  3. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    That's why there are so many Giants fans in Southern New England. People forget that for decades, the only NFL team in the area was the New York Giants. Patriots, Jets, Bills all came with the AFL, and for ten years, weren't part of the league until the merger.
  4. Why would anyone at MSNBC want to preempt their regular hosts for Joe and Mika? Their marquee stars are Rachel, Nicolle, and Joy, with BriWi as their news anchor guy. Joe doesn't know how to do real time commentary, and Mika can't function without a script.
  5. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    I live in a place that doesn't get very cold by anyone's standards, and I had trouble speaking after my bike ride the other evening. We'll probably never know what really happened, but I have to think that if Fox Sports thought Pam was impaired, they would have pulled her. Nobody pays much attention to the sideline reporters anyway, unless something unusual happens. Like Suzy Kolber and Joe Namath.
  6. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    This is the town that hosted the original Ice Bowl, and Ice Bowl II when the Giants beat Brett Favre on the way to their SB win. Can't imagine any scenario where they don't play. I thought it was my faulty perceptions, because despite my reputation as an evil witch, I really don't like to believe bad things about good people. But I also know that even in mildly cold weather, my face freezes up and I have trouble getting the words out. That might be what happened to Pam.
  7. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    As someone who never sees snow any more, I'm looking forward to admiring piles of snow at next week's games in Green Bay, and KC or Buffalo. What? It's the #1 seed hosting in the NFC, and either the #1 or 2 seed hosting in the AFC, now that Baltimore is out.
  8. Unless, of course, there's, y'know, another riot. I sure hope they get their shit together. It pisses me off that we're hearing talk about the military and the National Guard having to do vaccines, when you've got people like me, a retired RN with an active license and experience giving thousands of shots, who responded to a posting for retired nurses to give COVID vaccines and never got called.
  9. I don't think he's going to be eating any crow at all. I think he's going to be all "I was so right...I told you 45 wasn't going to leave!" In fact, during the siege on the Capitol, my thoughts were that Bill Maher is probably lounging in a haze of weed, congratulating himself on his foresight.
  10. I put it on FF at speed one, thinking it would be really quick and back to Rachel, and it went on and on and on. Short of footage of a future trial, with any luck, that will be the very last time Rachel runs a clip of that person speaking ever again.
  11. I did notice that she said that, and it made me wonder if the band was coming back to the Ed Sullivan Theater, but that seems not to be the case.
  12. Maybe we can get away from the idea that people on TV, male or female, need to be model-perfect. Mika could try to learn that lesson, too. I've never heard Jonathan Lemire so breathless and so hyper. Usually he has a voice that will lull you to sleep.
  13. meowmommy

    NFL Thread

    New career for Aaron Rodgers??
  14. If she had an actual function other than reading the prompter, one might suggest they hire a newsreader like they've had (don't know if they still do) on the Today show. But she has nothing to offer. She's neither a pundit, a subject matter expert, nor a reporter. Reading the prompter is all she has to do. If she weren't Joe's wife and hadn't been his squeeze before that, how long would she have lasted?
  15. Yes, he has to be convicted first, in order to be banned from public office in the future.
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