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  1. Last of the main cast then. I'll give you Barbara Barrie, she was essentially a main character. The others were not. Linda Lavin was actually only in five episodes, and the rest were occasional guest appearances.
  2. That leaves Max Gail and Hal Linden as the last survivors of Barney Miller, I believe.
  3. This Saturday at 8pm Lifetime has a Salt-N-Pepa biopic. But it's Lifetime so I'm sure there will be added relationship drama whether that actually happened or not.
  4. Three more episodes. I don't think any more of the series has been animated yet.
  5. Podcast Hunting Ghislaine has sold to Sony Pictures Television-backed Eleventh Hour Films to be made into a limited drama series. I'm not in the BDSM scene but it's my understanding the watchwords, for people who are serious about it, are Safe, Sane, and Consensual. If he's doing none of that it's just abuse.
  6. Guess they've never heard 'Black don't crack'. Speaking of, yesterday was also James Earl Jones' 90th birthday.
  7. I had to stop watching WNTW because 1) I was sick of them literally ambushing the clients by jumping out from behind a clothing rack, and 2) Clinton. He just got too annoying. Not terribly interested in seeing him host anything else.
  8. I fell down a minor rabbit hole of Desi Arnaz, Jr's life, because I was just curious what he's been doing the last 30ish years, and there's this: Being 17 and dating a 23 year old divorcee seems to pale in comparison. There's a relationship with Liza Minnelli in there too. Sadly, he's lost his wife and a granddaughter to cancer. Justin Timberlake admits having a second child.
  9. At least this time there was nobody running around going "She's a spyyyyy!!"
  10. Huh. I thought it was both of them but you're right. She was also responsible for The Untouchables, Mission: Impossible and Mannix. Any biopic should include showing her as a business woman and owner of the biggest independent studio in Hollywood. Also hadn't realized she was essentially, filthy rich. Tangentially related, one of my favorite bits of useless pop culture trivia is that Desi Arnaz Jr starred in Automan.
  11. If you don't watch, or maybe watch sporadically, next week on Drag Race the queens are challenged to act in cheesy holiday movies on the RuPaulmark Channel.
  12. Lucy and Desi had the vision to produce Star Trek when no other studio would touch it.
  13. I liked it, but would have preferred the investigation of her murder to be longer than 5 minutes worth. I also tried to see if it was a series, some pages did have it listed that way but Oxygen's website had it labeled as a special. Really tragic how the family history repeated exactly for a second generation.
  14. I personally don't think I want a condiment layer the same thickness as my meat slices. But it's a pretty cool idea as far as convenience and shelf stability. Liked the mother and daughter but this is why I don't buy retail most of the time. $2-$3 to produce and sold at $15-$30? Hell no. And the women they are supposed to be supporting only get the $2, not a percentage of the markup. Not surprised they didn't get a deal, but will probably get a boost in sales from their appearance. Had to laugh at the last guy just tossing off, yeah I know some guys at Space X. And his partner who looks like he's on steroids with his MBA.
  15. Or else you end up with Mommie Dearest. "No! Wire! Hangers! Ever!!" Super Bowl MVP Von Miller under criminal investigation in Colorado, but no one is saying why.
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