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  1. Prince Andrew's lawyers and NY investigators are still arguing over his testimony, he claims to be 'bewildered'. And the carnage continues in the video game industry. Biggest esports tournament EVO canceled, co-founder removed after allegations of sexual misconduct. Then the maker of Mortal Kombat, Capcom, and Bandai Namco also pulled out which doomed it.
  2. Interesting they dumped the scores, and went to just yes/no. There must be seething anger out there from previous seasons where acts got cut only because they fell below the magic number.
  3. Why don't they ever wear any gloves either? Even when they're serving to the public and it's required by the Health Department, they almost never do it.
  4. “Project Runway” is switching production companies to Alfred Street Industries, taking over for Magical Elves. But it's actually going back to it's roots, as this is the new company from the original creators of Magical Elves, who had sold it. No word on when the next season is coming.
  5. FX Networks will be hosting panels with Archer and What We Do in the Shadows cast members during Comic-Con@Home.
  6. Oh! The cartoon magician was really interesting, but I understand why he got buzzed. SYTYCD, which will sadly not have an edition this year, has an audience of only other contestants and the occasional parent/guardian. I'd rather AGT does that instead of packing in the Live! Studio! Audience! if they absolutely must have one. I once went, many years ago, to a spoken work slam in the unheated basement of some Arts building in the Village (this was in February), and it was like every bad stereotype of Beatnik/poetry rolled into one. Pre-smartphone so no recording but it absolutely would have been uploaded for the lulz if it was recent. "It's spelled Raymond Luxury Yacht but pronounced Throat Wobbler Mangrove!" [also dating myself there]
  7. How is a cheer squad functionally different from a dance crew? Looks the same to me. The 'magicians' had pretty good voices, they should concentrate on being a cabaret act. The cheesy little touches work for that. I thought the guy comedian was better than the girl. Not sure if her humor is going to fly right now either. Air guitar! Rightly buzzed but that's exactly the act this show deserves. We got Olympians with an Olympic level sob story. At least she did have a decent voice. One Wheel Wonder, eh. I feel like he would work better at the Coney Island midway. GB was pretty powerful but is not exactly an act, as such.
  8. Trifecta: Harvey Weinstein survivors awarded $18.875 million settlement, pending approval by the courts. Maroon 5 Bassist Mickey Madden arrested for intimate partner violence, on a felony charge under California’s 273.5(a) penal code, which cites anyone who inflicts an injury that leaves a spouse or cohabitant “in a traumatic condition.” Yikes. Mythbusters' Adam Savage's sister accuses him of of years of rape. Their mother claims she suffers from a mental condition.
  9. Yep, the little person. There have also been many past contestants who were Cirque performers.
  10. My DVR wasn't showing a recording for 7/7 so I checked the guide and it updated to list a repeat of the first episode. So just one more audition? Without an audience. In a related aside, Cirque du Soliel filed for bankruptcy and laid off 3500 people.
  11. Well, there's Thoroughly Modern Millie where part of the plot is about a Chinese ring kidnapping white women into sexual slavery. As a comedy. It was a Tony Award winning musical before becoming a movie, Three members of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund step down, after the Executive Directer was kicked out over abuse. The organization is a non-profit dedicated to free speech in the comic book industry. Irony!
  12. I fully expect we'll see them pushing this collection on the brides once they can film again. Bridal industry is going to be hit hard, I saw a report when China shut everything down but before other countries had, that 80% of wedding dresses in the world are made in China.
  13. There seem to be an awful lot of groups made up from performers who have already appeared on the show as part of other acts. I'm assuming these new groups were created for the express purpose of getting on the show again.
  14. It's too bad, she writes strong, independent women who generally don't take shit from anyone. She did a series with a really original take on Valkyries and Einerjar. The one I'm reading now is from the library, so at least she hasn't gotten any money from me. Was also glad to find out Elizabeth Bear is a pen name and she's not related to Greg Bear. I haven't read anything by Lynch but when I looked him up his one of his series has been highly praised, and is on my (very long) list of books to try. We'll just cross that one out. And now there's another one, spanning television, gaming and the science fiction community. Ties into the cases we've been discussing the last couple of days. Cas Andor, one of the stars of The Expanse and voice actor on Assassin's Creed, has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct but not on set, at conventions and online. Production studio Alcon has already hired an independent firm to investigate.
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