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  1. In the tradition of North West, we now have...Thunder Bolt. Along with his(?) twin Saint Leo Bolt and older sister Olympia Lighting Bolt. I expect we'll be seeing them in the 2040 or 2044 summer Olympics.
  2. I never thought Binghamton was that hard to pronounce. Not mentioned on the show, this is also the home to SUNY (State University of New York) Binghamton. Decent school. Good choice of the first home. If they actually finish the basement they could put in another half bath. Second house would have worked for them as well. Third house needed the entire kitchen ripped out, and I have serious concerns about the ceiling when they panned over it. Seemed to be sagging in places. Of maybe I've just been watching too much Mike Holmes. This is the second episode to feature a winner who inexplicabl
  3. Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer, who married at 57 and 27. They've been married for several years now and I don't think there's been any unsavory gossip but I would side-eye any relationship with a 30 year gap. Especially when they're in the same industry and the older partner was already well established. Also while looking up celebrity marriages with large age differences because I couldn't remember their names at first, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch are married? They are currently 65 and 90 I believe. Per the article Jerry enjoyed keeping a 'stable' of younger lovers at times.
  4. This was the fourth time, fourth, that Dawn left a component off her dish. They really have been letting her skate and it's just ridiculous. She should have been eliminated. And Jamie shouldn't have been so nice because she didn't have enough time to finish one of her elements.
  5. Are you conflating the Celebrity thread with the Predator thread, because that is not at all the context I was referring to.
  6. Golden buzzer once again goes to an act that would have gotten 4 yeses anyway. Also as usual the comic was only mildly funny.
  7. Yep. My favorite part of this story, as quoted in this Huffpost article, is when his lawyers tried to claim he wouldn't get the same quality of care if he was moved. Also, have we seen this statistic before? "In total, more than 80 women across the U.S. and Europe have accused Weinstein of sexual assault." 👀
  8. There are lots of stories about celebrities who have a good public persona but are asses behind the scenes, mean to waitstaff, etc. Which makes me think, who is genuinely a good guy or girl. I get Tom Hanks, uh Michael J Fox? Who isn't very prominent nowadays. Who else?
  9. It's already diverged. There's entire arcs and storylines that have been skipped over. Here's some details (spoilers for both anime and manga endings.)
  10. So much clutter. The owner has obviously never heard 'less is more'. Can I say, five bedroom house with a pool for $165,000? Holy schnikes! But that close to the Canadian border it will be a very short period they can use the pool.
  11. Akbar and Matt play two games for Ask Me Another on NPR. American Ninja Where?-they imagine what would happen if landmarks from American cities became American Ninja Warrior obstacles. Real or Fake Video Game Peripheral-guess which weird video game controllers actually exist and which are made up. DJ turntables? Electro-shock wristbands? They both go off on some pretty hilarious tangents.
  12. Oh, I remember it being all Josie's fault but Kristen took responsibility because I think she was executive chef. Jamie's Eater episode review. Nothing really new, except identifying the deli where her comfort food was from. Henderson is a hike for me but now I'm thinking about making a visit.
  13. The Promised Neverland is almost over, so Toonami has announced it will be adding Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, starting June 26. And since Dr. Stone is also only 11 episodes there should be a new series premiering July 25. Or possibly a week later if they do some kind of Independence Day marathon/special programming.
  14. Didn't love the setup for the EC. The families were told to get together a care package, which many of them interpreted as favorites or comfort food for the chef to consume themselves. Like Jamie got matzo ball soup and challah. Then the chefs had to cook with at least some of what they were given. This isn't Chopped. The Quickfire was more interesting. Has anyone seen TC France? Gabe's arm tattoos look to be Mayan glyphs.
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