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  1. It's sad that no one ever seem to remember Jon-Erik Hexum unless a tragedy happens on set.
  2. Lots of times those claims are fake, though. I agree kids should have more art education in this country but an app is not going to solve that. Plenty of world class museums already have much of their collections available online, especially since Covid, they're already free and they also provide educational materials like these programs from the Met. I don't know why they got a deal. Since I heartily dislike oatmeal and oats I have no interest in oat butter, not do I think the flower flask is a good investment. Cute throw away novelty item but not a long term investment. Loved the e
  3. When Colin Robinson was drunk with power he spawned clones, so maybe they leave behind an egg or another clone?
  4. Deadline says the Jensen Ackles video has now been taken down, although Don Lemmon showed the whole thing an hour ago so CNN's got a copy. This is how he describes the gun training:
  5. CNN is reporting the DP handling the gun said it was 'cold' when he handed it off, meaning it wasn't live rounds. Also the police are executing a search warrant on the set. They also showed footage of Jensen Ackles at a SPN convention talking about gun safety on Rust. None of this is on the website yet.
  6. What is a prop gun? Lots of articles explaining why they are used, the one I linked is from the BBC. As noted in the article, they're supposed to be used in conjunction with barriers and other safety measures.
  7. I've been saying for three seasons now, that Christian is there to hand out snarky soundbites and promote himself, not help the contestants. He's just a shit-stirrer. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
  8. Katie designs for a demented Raggedy Ann. Never heard of the TikTok guy and he left no impression. One of those looks was definitely based on a kimono, and while interesting was not street. But they will always allow something they like a pass even if it's not true to the challenge. Mimi's outfit, I don't remember which designer, it was also very cool so it also got a pass. Although the patchwork safety vest really was awful and they would never put a well made design on par with it. I am baffled by the love for Katie's jacket.
  9. Here you go, all 115 holiday movies announced so far across all channels. One Hannukah movie, one same-sex love story, kittens, an amnesiac, and about a dozen stories with royalty. Only four or five starring people of color.
  10. Also poor Jon-Erik Hexum, one of the most beautiful men ever. If you have no idea who that is, he accidentally shot himself in the head with a blank on set.
  11. Garrison Keillor attempting a comeback. There's too much to quote, but it's a good article. As always WaPo allows five free articles a month. He's going right back to his folksy ways, while still denying and lying about his conduct.
  12. He came to my high school and gave a presentation on Holocaust Remembrance Day. You never see LeBeau with his sleeves pushed up in the entire series because his number would have show. And he was asked the inevitable "Why would you be in this series?" his answer was essentially, I got to make fun of Nazis and make them look like idiots. Mel Gibson, ugh. I was very dismayed when it was just announced he will star in The Continental, the prequel to John Wick. They couldn't find anyone else? People are probably lining up begging to be in this but they went to Mel. I can't imagine he will bri
  13. Interesting they are following on immediately from the previous episode. They've had lots of continuity but this is the first time they've done like a part 1 and part 2.
  14. I've mentioned this at least once before, Sarah McLaughlin wrote Possession about her stalker and the chorus describes a sexual assault: 'And I would be the one to hold you down kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away and after, I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes dear' But it gets played at lots of weddings. Because people are stupid.
  15. You mean succeeding. Preceding come before, succeeding comes after. Cue the Brave New World commentary. Kanye West is now legally and officially just 'Ye'. Do you pronounce that yay, or yee?
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