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  1. I don't understand why she wasn't arrested for threatening a police officer. If she really held a knife to his throat, he should have immediately brought her in and charged her. She also doesn't seem to have been prosecuted for the embezzlement of all that money. What the hell is wrong with the police in this town?
  2. I had friends in the publishing industry back in the early '90s and apparently Isaac Asimov liked to chase around the 21 year old editorial assistants. 😐
  3. Good one! BNHA just finished airing season 4 which concludes at episode 88. Season 5 was announced but who knows if they had even started production. SAO is almost over too. Golden Wind has :checks: 39 episodes so that should be OK. Maybe they will finally give us Mob Psycho season 2? Or they could bring back Boruto, that should have dozens of dubbed episodes in the can.
  4. Next week is a random DBZ Kai marathon, according to my DVR. I wonder if whatever they planned to show new is hung up by the shutdown and they need to start stretching things out. Uzumaki is still on track however.
  5. We never did find out what happened to the $20 million(?) stolen from Adam. The only one Steve kissed goodbye was Eddie.
  6. So, that was absolutely not worth the wait. *waves* I was still watching even though I wasn't posting on this forum anymore. This was such a lame ending, we get absolutely no closure on anything. And the big reveal of the cypher was a pile of money? It should have been information or intelligence of some kind, but their big explanation why Daiyu Mei wanted it so badly was as weregild. The last few seasons it was more of a chore than entertainment to watch. I let the whole season pile up on my DVR until they announced this was the end. Finally got around to watching it during the last week and a half to be ready for the finale. Did they cut out a scene where Lincoln was officially deputized or officially added to the task force? Because you really can't have a civilian running around with guns like that. That's actually an addition I wouldn't have minded. Especially if they got rid of Adam, which never worked. No one cared about him. Are we supposed to assume Steve is on an indefinite leave of absence, to get his head on straight? We can only guess, because they didn't bother to give us even that much information.
  7. CBS All Access is currently offering 60 days free.
  8. Ryan spoke to TMZ, says they are working on it but it won;t happen in a studio.
  9. Amber was just adequate if this was karaoke and I'm glad they didn't put her through. But they also should have dropped the British guy whose performance was not good instead of giving him another chance. Sam really knocked it out of the park, now if she could only get rid of that incredibly distracting neck tat.
  10. I'm convinced the producers feed them suggestions, but they haven't admitted it.
  11. This Huffpo piece on underrated pantry items interviews several TC alums.
  12. There's a Chengdu Taste in Las Vegas so I checked and it is the same people. It gets really good reviews but I don't think I can hack the spice. Masa ball soup was a good idea and I'm glad Nini was in the top.
  13. New episodes are showing up on Fridays, but they seem to be the usual fakeout where they add 1 minute of new content and call the whole thing a new episode.
  14. And it's not the relative cushiness of Bellevue, but a shitty prison hospital wing quarantine room.
  15. Olympics have been moved to 2021. They will either have to postpone the live shows, or they're going to be performing at an empty theater, or hermetically sealed in a studio.
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