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  1. Vermicious Knid

    Anticipation for WWDITS Season Two

    Jenna moves in and disrupts the equilibrium of the house.
  2. Vermicious Knid

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    The Influence Of Adult Swim And Toonami On The Popularity Of Anime In America
  3. Vermicious Knid

    Say Yes To The Dress

    That cape did not at all look like it was made up from different pieces. The Rock married his long-time girlfriend and I thought her gown looked just like the ones featured on the Canadian show, albeit much more expensive. I guess this is the, on trend style right now.
  4. Vermicious Knid

    Adult Swim: Now With 20% More FOX Cartoons!

    Was it the Rickmobile?
  5. Vermicious Knid

    S11.E11: Baltimore City Finals

    I had a ticket to the finals filming that started at midnight. On a Wednesday or Thursday. I didn't end up going because I was dead tired and I knew I wouldn't get home until like 4am, and then I'd still have to get up and go to work in the morning. I'll try again next year. By the time I get to it, the 7pm slots are always gone.
  6. Vermicious Knid

    My Hero Academia

    Was in Barnes & Noble and flipped through the most recent English volume of MHA. Has anyone seen the spinoffs, Vigilantes and Smash? Vigilantes is going into Aizawa's background, when he was still at UA with Present Mic and how he became a teacher. And Smash, I'm not sure exactly what that's about but a page was posted online. Midoriya knows Bakugou's habits to a creepy-stalker like extent and Bakugou likes Creepypasta.
  7. Katy Perry has now been accused of sexual misconduct by two people. I hope there are even more stories and she gets kicked off American Idol. She's been really inappropriate with young people there too. And she's a lousy judge.
  8. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E13: Live Results 1

    I just saw ratings, the results show got 7 million or so. Easily winning its time slot.
  9. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E13: Live Results 1

    I'm still betting Simon will sign G-Force. They are the unholy spawn of Kidz Bop and Spice Girls and you how much money those have made.
  10. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E12: Quarter Finals 1

    Kodi was good, not great. He needs a vocal coach, he's got no breath support and too much vibrato.
  11. Vermicious Knid

    Dragon Ball Super

    They have explicitly said Goku has the power of a god, and Vegeta is not too far off. But Jiren throws them both off. So he has more power than two gods? This show, ugh.
  12. Vermicious Knid

    Naruto: Shippuden

    Yep, pretty much. Including shinobi who died before the series started like a bunch of the former Kages.
  13. And he's not escaping it this time; In wake of harassment allegations against Plácido Domingo, companies step back. If you have exceeded your 5 free articles a month:
  14. Vermicious Knid

    America's Got These Media Links

    AGT is going to be with us for a least a few seasons more. ‘America’s Got Talent,’ the television juggernaut no one knows how to stop. Consistently has about 10 million viewers (in the summer!) Also attracts 5-10 million views per clip on YouTube. This is not going anywhere until people stop watching altogether.
  15. As if we needed more proof of what a creep Epstein was, he told a NYT reporter criminalizing sex with teenagers was a "cultural aberration." And the Post went through the unsealed documents and found these disgusting phone messages, before voicemail when people had to actually write them down, saying things like “I have female for him” and "has girl for tonight."
  16. Epstein was arrested after his flight arrived from France, where he had an apartment in Paris. So French Ministers want an investigation too.
  17. From CNN: Jeffrey Epstein is dead. His cases could live on for years.
  18. US Figure Skating didn't protect their kids either. And the abuse was first reported back in 1999.
  19. Molly Ringwald actually wrote a whole essay in the New Yorker about the problems with John Hughes films.
  20. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E11: Judge Cuts 4

    Leno was an ass back when it came down to him or Letterman taking over the Tonight Show, and he was an even bigger ass to pull it a second time with Conan. Also, his humor has always gone for the lowest common denominator and I've never found it particularly funny. The dog conga line behind the little girl was adorable. Not enough to save the whole act though. Ben Trigger I enjoyed for what it was. He could get booked at gay clubs and drag revues, I think. The singers all blur together, but at least the kids can actually sing this year. Would have liked to have seen more of the horizontal juggler. Jackie Fabulous talking about her Haitian mother is pretty much a ripoff of what Margaret Cho was doing 25 years ago.
  21. Vermicious Knid

    Season One Talk

  22. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E10: Judge Cuts 3

    Well, they do say for every pot there's a lid.
  23. Extra host leaves over misconduct allegations. Isn't this the second one? I think Extra was the program that also fired Billy Bush.
  24. Vermicious Knid

    Project Runway In the Media

    It's Page Six, so take with a heaping tablespoon of salt. Project Runway may be done for good. Claims they will be done after the second season of a two year deal because they didn't get any Emmy nominations and ratings have dipped. Bravo of course says the ratings were strong.
  25. Vermicious Knid

    S14.E09: Judge Cuts 2

    The shadow act was mostly Harry Potter with bits of Narnia and LOTR thrown in. I'm sure no matter what Simon will scoop up the mini Spice Girls and sign them to his label.