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  1. Hell no. They would have farmed them out somewhere. Maryssa could go to her granny's and Kaiser could go to Nathan, but they would've had to pawn Enchilada off on someone. I think Jenelle and Barb are on the outs, so that wouldn't be an option and I don't think they're talking to Lurch's family, either. Maybe they have some new 'friends' that would have stayed at their house while they were gone to watch her and the poor, unfortunate animals trapped there.
  2. MTV is really grasping at anything to keep the TM franchise afloat and it isn't working. They need to shoot the whole thing and put it out of it's misery. Jenelle shows us again what an utter idiot she is. She could have gone to CA, been paid a decent chunk of change and had enough money for beer and biscuits and gravy for a while. They could have bought a ticket for Lurch and found a cheap hotel room for him to stay in and not said anything to production. But, nooooooo! She had to demand they pay for him to fly out there and pay for his accommodations, so MTV peaced out and put her on ig
  3. I read something, I think on The Ashley, that when people were commenting on the pics and asking why Lurch looks homeless, Jenelle came back with 'he has vitiligo!!'. Like that has anything to do with him looking like he never showers. When they first got together, he wasn't that bad looking and looked like he showered on the regular. Since he's grown that scraggly, disgusting beard he always looks like you could smell him from a block away. Jenelle always looks dirty and smelly, too. Their day at the beach probably counted as their weekly bath.
  4. You can tell Page 6 hates her🀣 Those pics are horrible, especially the one taken from behind of her walking on the beach. She's gotten so big, her bolt on boobs no longer look too big for her body. Everything has averaged out size wise. Since she has never had any problem fat shaming her former castmates or anyone else, I feel no remorse for laughing at the fat, ugly beast she is. Lurch looks (and probably smells) like he just crawled out of someone's septic tank.
  5. Yep. She's used that several times over the years. When she had the little, red Pomeranian, it was wearing a cone and Jace asked why it had to wear it. She told him the dog had been 'spayded' so she wouldn't have puppies. Someone, I think maybe Barb, corrected her and told her the term was spayed. Now that I think about it, I believe that is the ONLY one of her dozens of unfortunate pets that have been spayed or neutered. I'm guessing she signed a contract with the breeder agreeing to have her spayed by a certain age and the breeder was holding her feet to the fire and threatening to take the
  6. I could swear she posted pics of Rosie wearing a cone and claimed she had been 'spayded'? What a shock! She lied again!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Those poor dogs. I wish someone would coax them out to the road and spirit them away to a good life.
  7. Thank you. I think she would have an extremely slim to no chance of being approved for any type of disability. She's young, healthy (even if she says Dr Google disagrees) and completely able to work. Her useless huzbin is able bodied, as well. And, I think he even knows a trade, welding. I have a friend who is disabled due to spine problems and multiple failed back surgeries. He worked construction until he was nearly 60 and has applied for SS disability twice and has been disqualified both times because 'his injury/illness does not meet qualifications'. He needs a cane and is working as
  8. If Jenelle is really trying to set herself up to attempt getting disability, I want to know what agency she's planning on applying to? I feel very safe in thinking she's never paid into Social Security, except for the 2 weeks she worked at a restaurant. Does Social Security offer disability to people who have never paid into it? Or, is there another agency she could apply with? Honestly asking here. Does anyone know?
  9. I'm sure Jenelle has never paid into social security except for the restaurant job she had for a few days before she got canned for not showing up. She could apply for SSI, but it's income and asset based. She'd have a better chance of being named mother of the yearπŸ˜‚ This is from the SSA site
  10. I'm bet the swamp monsters did that video to prove the hatters wrong about Enchilada's lack of verbal skills. Boy! That sure bit them in their nasty asses, huh? Out of the mouths of babes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will say I was happy to finally hear her say actual words instead of mumble gibberish.
  11. Faux Liberace is the perfect description! I mean, who doesn't need a giant, fake Persian cat in their blue on blue on blue living room? I get the feeling Dolores has never wanted a husband or kids and would be perfectly happy if they all went away and she never had to talk to any of them again. Can you imagine grandkids running around in that gaudy house touching Granny's precious garbage? I don't see Dolores as the sweet Grandma type and think she'd scare the grandkids to death when she caught them picking up one of her knick knacks.
  12. She was packing it on before the 'Rona hit. A steady diet of biscuits and gravy, UBT's fried everything and alfredo, all washed down with truckloads of Corona while doing nothing is finally catching up. Propping her cellphone on a brick (she actually posted a video showing that was her 'tripod') to record a few horribly bad dance moves a couple of times a week is the only time she gets off her lazy, drugged out, drunk ass.
  13. Disability is much harder to qualify for than it was a few years ago. My doctor suggested it to me 9 years ago and I said no, I'd just wait until I was old enough to start getting it. From what I understand, it's a given that you'll be denied the first time you apply and will have to hire a lawyer that specializes in disability to have a snowball's chance in hell of ever being approved. Even if you have a list of doctors backing you up, you have to see doctors who work for social security and have them agree with the others to qualify. Also, I believe you'd actually have to have paid into the
  14. Me, too. I have a laundry list of spine problems, including Tarlov cysts. The cysts are benign and haven't been problematic (so far).Every three months, I spend $175 to see my pain doc, $220 if they do a UA. My insurance doesn't cover this doctor and I did not want to change docs when I changed insurance. Once you have a good relationship with a pain management doc, you stay with them! Jenny from the Swamp wouldn't last long with a legitimate pain doctor. I'd predict she'd be discharged from a practice in short order for failing a piss test, trying to lie her way into early refills and just ge
  15. When did she have a nose job? Look at the tip of her nose in those pics. It's obvious that the tip of her nose has been cut down to Michael Jackson proportions and is no longer in the center, it's to the left of where it should be. Her nostrils are uneven, are different shapes and one is much higher than the other. She looks horrible and it's only going to get worse. Can you imagine what she'll look like by the times she's 40? Jocelyn Wildenstein level scary shit!
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