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  1. Loved the piece about the Canadian geese❣️. I live on the WA coast, spring and fall am able to hear them fly over. Cool especially at night. They seem to honk more then.
  2. Well, that wasn’t quite as painful as it could have been. The first tongue bath wasn’t until halfway in and that was from her Mom. It was uncomfortable all over again to see Jamie Lee slobber on her and thank her for “her service “. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Sounded so fake. The absolute best part for me was during the opening. Joy had the biggest shit eating grin on her face! She looked so happy. 💩💩💩. Made me lol. Have a good rest of your summer everyone❣️❣️
  3. Two more days!!! And she is getting more vile by the minute! Guess she feels the need to get it all out now while most everyone is watching with great expectations. By Friday I expect to just see steam rising out of a cauldron that has become Missy. 🧟‍♀️👺
  4. Personal note: I read that Kathy was having surgery. My last data was that surgery is the “only cure” for lung CA. So 👍🏻💛
  5. Poor poor Clay Aiken. Always called out by Missy As one of her closest friends in the entire world, her brother. 😡 Joy had a good point about the second hand smoke. My brother never smoked but died of lung cancer from his wife’s continuous smoking.. I had access to many oncologists at research start-up meetings and every single one I asked said the second hand smoke was the cause.
  6. Just hate watching this now, and actually for some time, like most of Missy’s tenure. Noticed Her stifling a yawn during the Olympic bed discussion as well as lots of side eying to her left. I wonder at who or what she is looking.
  7. Come on end of July!!! Now that the end is in sight is it just me that finds Everything that comes out of Missy’s mouth 10x more infuriating and annoying? And I love Jamie Lee, still do, but the tongue bath for MM was a bit much, for me at least. 🤢 unfortunately we will probably see a lot more of this.
  8. “Because that’s where I am at”. Oh Joy. And you are a former teacher 👎🏼 This is a big pet peeve of mine, adding the redundant at at the end of a sentence. Nails on a blackboard.
  9. When the opener stated “ an announcement that will change the View’s history” I thought ‘oh no, Joy is retiring 😳.’ But this is so great and I don’t see it as much as history changing as pulling off a hot sweaty too tight girdle you’ve had to wear all day. Note she did not mention Ana. At least so far, I’m only 10 minutes in. yea! 💥💫💐🤳💃🏼🍾🍾🥂
  10. I would hope that Missy had the sense to slink out of the studio with her tail between her legs after getting schooled by Bernie for her asinine question about “the squad “. Does anybody besides Missy even call them that anymore? God she is tiresome!!!
  11. Yes. I knew tptb would make an apology happen. But Whoopi’s a professional and handled it with aplomb. Missy, the opposite. Whoopi and I are about the same age. At this age I am finally attempting to put the wise words of Les Brown to work for me. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff.’ Missy and her attitude fit in a teensy tiny corner of the small stuff box.
  12. Hi to anyone out there in the know. Please tell me what is going on with Wendy Williams besides being overbotoxed and too much plastic surgery. She seemed kinda drunk or something. 🤪🙄. Thanks
  13. Joy to Missy: Happy to correct you. God I love that woman❣️ (Joy not the other one)
  14. I have been semi-binging this, a few episodes at a time. I find it very charming. Most of my chuckles come from Leslie Jordan. I like the way they end the show with all the cast coming out to wave goodbye.
  15. This was a good show, one that made me more than just smile occasionally. I have watched SNL from the start and must admit that many of the references and jokes fly past me due to age/social differences now. I do still enjoy the irreverence. I highly recommend the Queens’s Gambit. I had to be convinced that you need not know chess to enjoy it and I very much did.
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