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  1. Medicine is not an exact science. There can be as many variables as there are people. The CDC puts out recommendations based on the current data and since this is a new and changing virus it probably will continue to be a moving target for some time. The vaccine is the best choice IMO plus a mask in certain situations. Buck up Buttercup!!
  2. Tiffany seems to be very happy and in love. I was disappointed in the Anna Farris segment. Really? Just a discussion about confiding in friends? I like her and ‘Mom’. Sorry to see the show end. It had such a strong cast I think it could have gone on a little longer. But no one asked me.🤷‍♀️
  3. Gads! All the drama and tears! But that is what ABC/Disney feeds on. Big ratings? Not from me but many eat it up. I watch mainly for the dogs, love them 💜💜💜
  4. Willing to bet that California is happy to see “Friends of Megan” leave the state.😈
  5. Oh Tony, come on! Why why would you say that you hoped Major the Biden’s dog would become the My Pillow Guy for the Biden WH? What did you even mean by that? 😤
  6. Oh❣️ I haven’t enjoyed an episode of the show so much in quite a while. It’s always good but today’s just had so much that touched my mind and heart.
  7. Oh dear. Missy looked so awful today. I think she did get het ‘shots’ last night because she had her tiara cockeyed on her head this morning.
  8. I have a much better idea. Replace Missy with anyone who understands anything!
  9. Wow! Where’d everyone go? I just got CBS back on Dish this week after several months of them having a pissing contest with Apollo in NY. I signed up for CBS All Access for this show and Stephen Colbert. I didn’t want to pay $10 for ‘no commercials ‘ so went with the basic. What an exercise in frustration 😤. So glad to have this back on my DVR. This was a great show today but the singing group of >75 year olds was really wonderful. When the lady was singing Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.......well it really got to me. And I loved the Paul McCartney piece too. 💜 Glad to
  10. 🤮. Can’t stand B. Shelton. He thinks running over tortoises in the desert with his big Mr. Man truck is a fun thing to do. He is also a tR***turd. How can Gwen tolerate being with him?
  11. I have always liked Al Franken but his time on here was really cringe inducing. Was it just an act, was he stoned or what? I was happy when he was introduced and then happy when he walked off. Would have been nice to get some political insight or something. And what about Lindsay being a shoplifter? So weird 😳
  12. Ailainna: you are correct! Thanks for the correction. Not so good with names these days. 🙄
  13. What a pleasure to watch Giancarlo (Max Fring) being interviewed. So handsome with his grey curls. And he appears to be a very nice man. I started to watch Breaking Bad for the third time last week and just last night watched the intro of Max episode. I love this show. Waiting for the next season of Better Call Saul.
  14. Agree❣️ I have dvr’d almost every show I watch for many years. Even in retirement, don’t have time for all the time wasting commercials. I very much agree with Leslie Jones about getting thru the quarantine. You really need to enjoy your own company. And thankyouthankyou once again Joy. It was a lol moment watching you mimic guliani doing his antics on the bed. Nasty old man. Hope you all have a good weekend. 😇
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