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  2. preeya

    Chicago Med in the Media

    Just read, the Dynamic Duo is leaving Med: https://tvline.com/2019/04/19/chicago-pd-jon-seda-leaving-antonio-dawson-season-6/
  3. mbaywife123


    I always go by my "gut" feelings reguarding neighbor issues. The occasional loud music or party no big deal, however continual disrespect of your neighbors is rude and should first be dealt with a "friendly" visit and a "Thank You , I,m sure you were not aware " visit. If the problems persist or other issues start to happen and make you feel something is just not right then it is time to report, you could potentially help save someone who may be I in an abusive relationship.
  4. saber5055

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I played the game against myself again today and got beaten badly, 36 to 25. Some of those Do Not Knows I did know and could have answered if I had FJ time instead of the split second allowed for regular board clues. I've also discovered that my mind wanders if the clue is too long, and I'm thinking about something else before I get the whole thing read. Or listened to. I did get the three TSs, Quaker, sawbones and Jerome Robbins. Maybe I should get double points for those. I saw the FJ category and thought, "Oh, crumb bums, I'm sunk." I thought the same last time we had that category and it turned out to be an easy Bonnie Prince Charles question. So I figured no such luck this time. But will wonders never cease, I answered easily and without much thinking. Which is good because if I started thinking of those kids I might have said "William," like Gabby did. I thought James seemed tired too. I hope he is getting some rest and didn't have to tape another game right after this one. I want him to continue forever. This interesting factoid is from TheJeopardyFan.com. James was VERY close to this record: With James being incorrect on the first clue of today’s match, Liz Haigney Lynch’s record of seeing 179 consecutive clues without being incorrect remains intact.
  5. Robert Lynch

    Motown 60: A Grammy Celebration (CBS)

    I really don't know. We have to see how they will do this.
  6. preeya

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Just read that Jon Seda is leaving P.D. https://tvline.com/2019/04/19/chicago-pd-jon-seda-leaving-antonio-dawson-season-6/
  7. Just count the rib money Jimmy, forget your dignity.
  8. LoneHaranguer

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    If you had enough students getting academic credit as well as a paycheck for their work (e.g. lab/research positions) a college could potentially put HR on the academic side. CalTech hasn't IRL.
  9. I don’t watch the Bachelor very much but I have to ask - do the girls in the house usually leave before they are eliminated? This has happened two weeks in a row. Yoga girl must have realized that her “dancing” with beaver shots and posing made her look totally ridiculous and she would never redeem herself. Also, she wasn’t getting the attention she’s used to. Glad to see her gone. I don’t think that Paulie is sincere about settling down with anyone, so I was glad he spoke to Nikki about not monopolizing him.
  10. GrailKing

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Yes I'm wrong? because I got the official up on another window and they both say. YOU!
  11. Snarky McSnarky

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    That's some old wombat shit. Punch cards haven't been used since, what, the 1980s?
  12. How?? I stuck with Manifest for a long time, but I finally lost interest for good. I didn’t think the ratings were great
  13. Kdel1079

    S17.E06: Power Play

    I also loved Tessa’s look and hated Hester’s. Leela’s was really beautiful and was probably my favorite. Hester is annoying and her clothes are ugly. I agree with the person who said she is like 38 going on 6. Exactly! Couldn’t get into Garo’s costume because he was just too damn proud of it. Tessa puts her head down and works, and I admire that. No need to brag about some ten minute dress you’ve made a million times.
  14. funnygirl

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Horny Deloser and her brother were not Arizona's "people". She had a shallow sexcapade with one and the other rented a room from her but they rarely interacted. But Alex, Bailey, Teddy and Richard were absolutely her people. You'd think she'd have been mentioned at least once in regards to Teddy's pregnancy, and maybe she still will if Teddy runs into labor complications. I'm actually surprised by the amount of times April has been mentioned, especially by Jackson, considering the optics that tptb couldn't get rid of her fast enough. Lexie Grey and Izzie Stevens could run circles around most of these current characters. If Krista intends on being cute with callbacks, have some respect on their names.
  15. Winston Wolfe

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    I've never been to a taping, but it does seem that on more than one occasion Simon has had Johnny on the verge of breaking character with unplanned laughter.
  16. Nanrad

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    So, it’s wrong for Dany to try and claim the Iron Throne due to her blood claim and that her family used to rule westeroes for hundreds of years? But, it’s okay for the starks to claim the north because of their blood claim and their family ruled the north for hundreds of years? To which both have waged battles/war for this land and claim as well. Am I missing something here?
  17. I agree about Stevie. I remember as a kid reading a story about his mom giving him his first harmonica. I would love to hear his entire life story. So you don’t think Motown wants to distance itself from adult Michael Jackson, given the HBO documentary?
  18. WendyCR72

    Law & Order

    No big deal. 🙂 Just remember it's an app that streams cable (and in some areas, some broadcast - but not mine) channels for a fee. Pretty simple! If you have questions, you can PM me so we can take this off board.
  19. My great aunt Barbara- May she RIP, she was our nanny growing up; would be VERY SCANDALIZED by this photo. I had my bra straps showing at 13 and she demanded my Mom buy me two strapless bras (black and nude) to wear during the summer because that was not becoming of a young lady. That carpet is filthy. I’m not the worlds best house keeper (I don’t even have rugs because I have three cats and I know my limitations) but that’s BAD. Maybe she should’ve cropped the photo so we didn’t see it.
  20. Nah, Jeremy seems the type to be all about the microbrew/IPA. 🙂
  21. HouseofBeck

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    It took me a bit to see "our" Kelly in Young Kelly. I was also wondering if there was a filter/CGI/makeup/etc manipulation going on. Then about halfway through, they had Young Kelly appear at a slightly different angle and she (briefly) looked more like Current Kelly. After that, I tried to ignore all of that and succeeded in squashing it down to low level resentment. 🙂 I was actually also waiting for young Kelly to be revealed as a Kaylon once those two ships mysteriously appeared and also managed to find them again.
  22. Nanrad

    S08.E01: Winterfell

  23. whydoievencare

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    LOL, I'll leave my original post up (with a mini edit) as a testament to my dumbassery! She still would have been considered to be an elderly primipara.
  24. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    It seemed to me that James was bit tired this game. His name on the podium was written in normal letters, not something fancy and harder, and he obviously got off to a slow start. This is what I've been wondering about for a while--can he last through multiple taping days and keep up his speed? In the first round he just didn't seem to have his usual buzzer speed and it took him a bit to get back in the groove. I knew the answer to FJ, and I got two right that James missed, but of course, now I can't think what they were.
  25. heckkitty

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    💯 I thought I might be the only one. I have a terrible feeling that Silky is going to win this shit because Ru is so hot for her. I can tolerate her less & less every week.
  26. I was more sad because Cane mentioned how happy Neil would be that Maddie wanted to go to his alma mater and how much the twins love their grandfather. Next week is going to be tough.
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