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  1. Why are people on the board so.intersted in the sex lives of fictional teenagers? Its creepy
  2. What was the look Carly gave when Phyllis held sonny's hand? Why would sonny want the plaid shirts? What is about sonny's coffee? Is it the one that an animal poops out?
  3. What does esme get out of stopping ava and nick from being together? It doesn't seem as if Spencer and her are deeply in love. If trina,cam,joss ,, Spencer are in college where do they find all this time to be involved with Ava's life? Doesn't Maurice bernard look like he needs some sleep?
  4. Where is mr.sheffield holding liesl ? How was it ninas place to say sonny was happier in Nixon falls than at home? She wasn't that close to him So for all that time with Carly and Jason's I love you they just go back to being friends? Its more interesting if she cheated on sonny with Jason.
  5. How difficult is it for Carly to make coffee? What makes sonny's coffee so great? Is esme Kevin's niece? How did she know about his upbringing?
  6. What a bunch of dumbasses on this show. What kind of life did Nina and sonny think they would have had in Nixon falls? Carly and Jason talking about the wedding and the mob families are talking about getting rid of Jason and Carly. Stupid Jason and carly.
  7. Whats in sonny's sauce that only he can make it? What if its froma store brand? It would be funny if Mr sheffield's butler Niles was on gh as victor's butler.
  8. What am I missing about britt and carlys adoration for Jason? He has no emotions. He's a killer. He always wears black. Why is Nina obsessed with sonny/ Mike? Its still sonny. A mobster.
  9. Why are willow and Michael so hot for each other? All they do is talk about that kid
  10. Laura's marriage to Kevin is true love. Its not a marriage of convenience like Jason and carly.
  11. I don't get this Nixon falls story. Instead of sonny finding out who he is ,he stays in this town. The owners of the bar don't have any friends in town but sonny and Nina? When Lenny dies what happens to Phyllis and sonny they stay and run the bar or move to Port charles?
  12. Am I the only one who thinks nick and amys comedy segments are annoying?
  13. The man tonight put garlic in a choclate cake!!Noone would do that. Gross. I can believe the woman who served the cheesecake with the base on. Embarrssing.
  14. I just saw online Stuart Damon passed away at age 84
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