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  1. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Au revoir, Nick.
  2. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    This is the season of the Black Hole on BB. Everything is sucked into a vortex of nonsense, including this latest choice by Ameriker. Nick is thrilled because he reeeeeeeally wants Christie gone. I love midnights because I want a deep tan. I would love for Nick to be sent to jury, manifesting what a dumbass he truly is.
  3. Lonesome Rhodes


    Black hats gonna do what black hats do. I would like the backstory as to when he would have been approached to conspire with the Becks. Those dudes could not possibly have invested effort towards such when Cowboy first arrived. They had good reason to believe JD would have been an ally in their fight against Rainwater. I can see how a given man who was desperate to hang on as a cowboy/ranch hand would choose to go all in with Dutton. There just aren't all that many opportunities, especially for those with the assumed past of that guy. He also would have been impressed with how Rip and Kayce were all about doing a solid for the least of their hands, Jimmy. As I was ruminating (I know...a dumb thing for Ol' Lonesome to do) about the Beth convo with Monica, I came to a realization that perhaps it was more in service to Beth gaining full control when JD passed. She has no problems with Jaime, at least for now. Kayce and Tate were absolutely going to get the ranch. If Beth could turn Kayce permanently against having anything to do with Yellowstone, Beth would get it by default.
  4. Lonesome Rhodes


    I was bored. Mrs. Teddy was sent to make good and dang sure the CIA was free from liability with the operation or shut it down, making sure Teddy took any necessary falls. Then Oso forever ruined any chance Teddy had of getting out slick as you please by murdering Agent Soledad. Franklin and his mother's pain over Melody is well deserved. The heck with both of them. The previews looked like some reality is about to rain down on our intrepid lad. It better. The one thing I genuinely loved in this ep was just how lightning fast Wanda went from BFF to thug on Melody. Really good portrayal of how hype and driven those users are. I wasn't really buying it when Melody smashed Wanda's head. Too bad for Mel her ruby-encrusted accessory could not get her back to Kansas. Did Oso first massively wound that bad guy before he chucked him out the window? There was zero blood where the stunt/doll whatever first hit the ground. Then we saw a massive pool as Oso strutted past. Bad job, Director. Bad episode.
  5. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Nick is literally the last person I would entrust my vote with. He had his chance. YMMV.
  6. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I'm voting for Howie.
  7. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Worst 2 throws and ties get punishment?
  8. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Ya can't fix stupid. Sis is a Rhodes Scholar compared to the 5 who voted against her.
  9. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    OK. Is Chenbot with that hair a good witch, or a bad witch?
  10. Lonesome Rhodes


    How delicious was the interim before Company Beth of the Dutton Cavalry arrived at the store? Awesome. Even in Montana, the strip search would never have happened as it did. Costner, er, Monica made the point about day-to-day injustices. Dignity trashed. OK. Got it. Let's just forget the radical rap from last week as the Confederation was granted the mantle of forgiving righteousness by way of Monica. Innocents all the way! I liked the conversation Beth had with Monica in the bar. She was still calling for a war. Nothing short of that can separate Kayce from his legacy. Even the Tate scare would not be enough. There's reasons a Rip would never act rashly to "protect" a Jimmy. He will alllllllways protect the brand - which is why he would have wrecked the meth heads earlier for destroying his truck window. The cowgirl would have explained what happened. But, OK. It's TV. Suspend disbelief. Daddy Fredo? Next. Did Jenkins cross the line about getting "personal" with his frenemy? It made total sense for him to try to get JD to buy him out. JD admitting his financial weakness? Never in a million years. Calling it now. Tate is on the plane at some point. The Becks bring him as the ultimate pawn.
  11. Lonesome Rhodes

    S14.E15: Live Results 2

    Loved the billboard. Ameriker pretty much got it right, as much as "right" could be given the horrid choices she was given. I was glad Robert got through. So, too, the best singer this season, Christopher Claus the professional from Sweden. I dreamed a dream that I was dreaming...last night's debacle. Yeah, I'm not much sentimental about it.
  12. Lonesome Rhodes

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    Fab send-off. I can't choose in this moment which touching moment was my favorite. So many to choose, ALL of them earned. I teared up several times. Damon's homecoming. Esteban's declaration to Angel before the proposal(s). The new urchins. Each scene a gift. Blanca belting out the Star Spangled Banner could not have been more on point. Whitney's iconic Super Bowl performance had happened 3 months prior to that Ball. My job allowed me to be pretty darn close to Houston as she gave that performance. As brilliantly as Houston sang, Blanca's effort had more heart. Frederica is truly insane. The emcee meeting was a hoot. I note they did not agree to anything beyond the gesture, which was admittedly much fun. Full credit to TPTB for not evading the question about other houses which had to be competing all along. I'd be happy to see more of them next season. Of course, none of those mothers were gonna beat out Elektra! THE CATEGORY IS>>>>BEST SEASON...Jidges? THIS ONE!!!!!!!! Credit to all involved.
  13. Lonesome Rhodes

    S14.E14: Quarter Finals 2

    Worst Quarterfinals evah. I was so pleased to see The Sentimentalists on stage. I thought they got jobbed by the Jidges Cuts. This was a trainwreck, wrapped in a black hole of suckitude. When Howie is truly the best aspect of your act? Disgrace. The literally HANDicapped comedian? (See what I did! I could write jokes for him!!!!!!) He had a few humorous takes. By this season's standards, he's the second coming of George Carlin. Charlotte's opener was not horrid. Her tonality was surprisingly good. It was a woeful choice for her, though. Shirley Bassey? Reeeeally? That is one of my fav Bond films and that theme is quite mature. Old dude has soul for days...and a voice that breaks. He was a nice respite from the artifice. The Indian dancers were the class of that group and of the night. The Africans' vocal arrangements were not proper for that song. Their execution was pretty good. They should move forward. Didja notice that despite the complete breakdown in the Sentimentalists' act, Simon did not buzz them? It was the all-time most appropriate time to do so and he failed to do so. Hmmmm.
  14. Lonesome Rhodes

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Zingbot should get a paint job making it look like a giant watermelon. Then, for its first zing..."Jackson. EAT ME!"
  15. Lonesome Rhodes

    S01.E07: 2016

    I took that as her insurance policy if Fox refused to pay her off as they had so many others. This was a great bit of subtle storytelling, imo. It could have several meanings and we were not hit over the head with exposition - we were allowed to think for ourselves!