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  1. Mixing cheerleading and the martial arts was very smart. I saw too many unbroken pieces to lose my mind over this act. Easily, however, the most worthy GB in memory. Storm can go out to sea. She can whale all she wants to out there. Oh goody. Another woke comedian. Creepy Crawler guy was zzzzz. BUT...it was genius to make everyone wonder where the arachnid went.
  2. The shot of Bill steering the F/V and then randomly beginning to cry, just prior tp the scene where he called Sig, is the most beautiful moment in DC that I've ever seen. BW is reputed to be the hardest and least tolerant of the DC group. Yet, his deep self burst out against his will. His soul, if you will. A good man you are, Bill. I got the feeling that Blind Dog may be a tad developmentally disabled. He seemed incapable of reasoning his emotion which Johnathan triggered. His loyalty is said to be great. So, trust is crucial to him. JH was wise to be the "big" man and reach out
  3. What a tangled web we weave when we first endeavor to deceive. That has got to be the Discovery motto, amIright?!!!!! Something was very off with no scenes of Jake A. and the Saga the past few weeks. He clearly did well. He does not care about the fleet? He must have had super smooth sailing for Disco to ignore him. Several F/Vs were all around "home plate" for a majority of the season. How was it different for Harley to be there, and then to have others "join" him? Shenanigans, that's how. I did enjoy Mandy's eye-rolling and evident mistrust as Sig was (supposedly) buying int
  4. The Partridge 6 were dang good. It was, however, totally weird that dad refused to say a word. If AGT tries to screw them over with song choice, I'd loooove to be in the room when the parents who are clearly industry savvy, tell Simon's minions what will be. The magician's concept of the end/beginning/end was very good. He just didn't put it together thematically as well as he could have. Maybe it's a language thing. But, totally deserving of another appearance. The silly rockers did what they do very, very, well. Second week in a row we got Gong Show-esque acts that had unspok
  5. The one moment that got to me was when Blanca referenced Hart Island as she was getting Pray's ashes. The mix of political action stridency and hagiographic path to Pray's demise was too much to deal with. Elektra could pull that off. No other. We got Glee II, this time with a real choir! ZZZZZZ It was a gallant choice to have our last impression of Pray be that of a mentor, as Blanca was passing it on. The ballroom community was not to last, but this was a noble end for the series. I am less charitable that the very final image was Blanca, wait for it, walking a st
  6. Brilliant open with the dog jidges. The execution was a bit clunky (how could it not be?) but the warm humor was clever. This grouping of jidges is my favorite on AGT. It was good to see Simon back. It was sad to see him weakened. Lord, deliver me from virtue message choirs. Not that I had any real hope that the GB would be about actual talent after the travesty of last year's. The dog's confetti wasn't the real thing. More's the pity. AI taking over magic. It'll get us all, eventually. Horrendous "comedians" again. There's a wonderful bossa nova piece call
  7. Super boring ep with a side of tedium. The fishery's gonna close! Yeah, right. Not with Jake A. waiting in the wings to save them all. The seagull befouling the galley and bunks was gross. But, it was legit funny, too. Kinda reminded me of Disco's storyline.
  8. There were a couple of off notes for me in all the fun and delight of this ep. First, Angel was just not a nice person. She does not seem to have the "mom gene." Yet, most everyone acted so syrupy and warm and loving. The sentiments were over the top. She may yet become warmer, but IRL that would be a stretch. Esteban can't be a dad AND a mom. He can't, by force of nature, "make" Angel change her fearful nature. I do hope it all worked out. Spectacularly. I just can't get past the vow becoming a set piece out of "Glee." What was the point of the prior scene where the groom s
  9. The fantasy aspects were wonderful to behold. Whatever may come, they ALL had their moment. So many never do. I was deeply moved by the scene with Angel and her Pops. Sure, it was heartbreaking for Angel, yet I felt the worst pain was his. He knew he was denying each of them a wonderful love. He decided his faith was worth it. Just as with Elektra's mom, we saw a frightened and flawed human who was made to endure tremendous loss. Monsters? Hardly. The other moment which really got me was Lulu's chip. Overcoming the self is the hardest thing any of us can do. For addicts,
  10. Jake A., among the DC legacy captains, has insisted the most about the safety of the crew. Dude doesn't even know the lifeboat regs? Forget the regs, how much is safety diminished without a back-up raft? He had no clue. So, the entire fleet was counting on Jake to fill the season quota. Why didn't every last captain who harvested Reds contact Jake as to the honey pot holes? The very future of the industry was hanging on it, amIright? Again, Disco had the Saga at the top of the crab board during Bairdi, and per the edit, they weren't getting any of them - it was all Reds. I
  11. What a price is paid. Fabulous episode once the firefight ended. I admit I was getting furious when Clay was giving the standard soap opera "I have to break up with you so I won't hurt you." trope. Then came the flanking maneuver. I LOVED it. Stella had already bought in. It's great that she'll get the chance to live that out. The scene with Ray and Naima was outrageously deep and truthful. He really is giving himself a chance. After how many years?! Huge truth in the scene with Jace and Ray at the shrink's. There is no guarantee that either man will follow up.
  12. What a fabulous time that was had by all, myself included. I am typically punctilious as it gets when it comes to realism and to continuity and congruence of characters. Yet, Dominique has won me over utterly. I also loved having the moment of fantasy for those folks. One thing I was beside myself over was the callback to the mopping of the museum for ball costumes in the first season. This time, the gowns got boosted and put to another awesome use. Sooooooo much fun to see. I don't understand why Blanca was not moved to very respectable living quarters and merely got the furni
  13. I know it's fake, but didja notice who was leading on the tote board? None other than Jake A.! I guess it took a typhoon for that to happen. ;) I don't remember an early Bairdi season ep where most everyone was on the crab as they were shown in this one. Any chance Sig would have taken the cash out of his daughter's hands if her hubby had missed? Nah. So we had a typhoon raging and there was no draaaaama for neither the Summer Bay nor the Harley boat getting into St. Paul harbor? Docking was dicey, but how many times have we been breathlessly told that entering the harbo
  14. The mission and its' design were comical. At least the bad guys had more than one grenade this time. Good thing our boys have the Olive Garden endless rounds special. Davis' arc is similarly farcical. Fine by me if she wants to throw away her career. Her surprise when informed that this latest scheme might not work? Puhlease. How about...even if it does work, both of their careers are over as they will be branded malcontents/troublemakers. Again, I am NOT justifying the harassment/abuse. Only noting the real world consequences. Except, we all know Davis has an endless supply c
  15. One of the beauties of a POA is that it can easily be withdrawn and a new POA can be put in force. I, too, wondered if the Magic announcement would be noted. With each passing year, his relative good health was a great sign that the fight against HIV/AIDS was being won.
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