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  1. Colin and Shin were tremendous. I would so try to see them in LV. It was nice to see even a fleeting shot of Nick (in the Heidi montage). Say what you will about KISS, but those gents know how to stage an entrance. I actually chuckled when Hans couldn't keep a straight face as he introduced the (his) "supporting acts." Props to the AGT producer who came up with the concept of the sung sand art presentation. Ameriker (assuming announced results were legit) never got it more wrong than in its lack of support for Kseniya. Ukraine got it right. The editing tonight was not up to customary AGT standard. My guess is the time crunch was too much to overcome. The last stunt (grabbing the drumstick) was fantastic end to a fantastic act by a genuine champion act. Didja notice a near-total lack of verbiage as to how close the competition was or how several acts could win? The Baskerville Hound (Simon) never barked. Was the Heidi tribute a hint that she will be back for the coming AGT 2020? Fine by me if the jidges and Terry return.
  2. A reputable gambling site has posted odds on the winner tonight:
  3. Ali gets to make reckless quality of life choices. It's in character for her to have made this choice. It's also in character for her to not have already had the first assessment by the fertility specialist. It's only her life at stake. No biggie. Of course she would choose to dwell in unnecessary ignorance when time is of the essence. The attempt to parallel the brave choice of LuLu to put her life on the line for a greater cause and Ali's by TPTB was dirty pool. At least the King had a chance to protect his daughter. I bet that was one heckuva extemporaneous debut on the world stage by the future Queen. Zain ain't done, either. Not by a longshot. Maybe literally so. The reporter knew Zain was to be King if LuLu were to be discredited. Then again, she had already reported LuLu's progressivism. 1) She would never have agreed to the new deal because she knew Zain was likely to be King. 2) The "damning" news was already out! What new news was there, anyway? Insanity. Nice start to the marriage, Trish. You chose the daughter's needs over your husband's. Then again, he signed up for a healthy dose of disappointment, didn't he? If Trish privately went to Arthur with Ali's "side" in this, great. An attempt at added understanding is a good thing. But, no. She took Ali's side and supported her. She then refused to tell her husband what she had done. Trust is in such abundance in that nascent household, eh? Lulu sure brought it with that red dress/winter coat combo. George Peppard would recognize. Wow. I was truly enjoying this ep as the stories were setting up. It seemed "old school" GA to me. The Rakesh romance arc was particularly charming. Yet, TPTB simply could not resists several misdirections. Each was unnecessary. They could easily have taken the characters to where they ended up with some straightforward exposition. Here again, the show was too clever. It needs healthy doses of "feel good."
  4. It is more and more difficult for me to see a decent ending for Kim. If she has anything to do with Goodman, who is very obviously about to appear in full, she will have broken bad. Better than she could not find a way out (right, Mike?). It feels to me like it's a matter of how low her bottom will be, much like an addict. Arguably, her disgrace would be greater than Jimmy's, as she had excellent opportunities to carve out a moral and responsible professional life - better than Jimmy's. I am keenly interested to see what Gilligan ends up deciding about her. My pure guess is she lives similarly to Gene: Some type of probation and no ability to practice law. I'll be shocked if Kim is not returned for the final season.
  5. Just a reminder that CBS will be airing a new episode tonight (2/16) at 8 PM ET.
  6. The interaction between the Brit surgeon and Alvarez as she was removing the shrapnel from his back was a perfect illustration of why this show is such a mess. On the one hand, there was a high-concept set-up with the surgeon commanding surgery on himself, mixed in with a healthy dose of absurdly halting/clunky/naive reactions by Alvarez. We had a true crisis chock full of life/death decisions where adaptation was the rule of rules. Alvarez never ceases noting irregularities, demanding approvals. This is the same Alvarez who, in the field, is hyper-focused on mission and being highly creative and savvy. Don;t get me started on Holloway exclaiming to nobody in particular, the particulars of triage to folks who have been performing it routinely for as long as they have been there. TPTB simply refused to give viewers credit for grasping such basic protocols without them being shouted at us - never mind the myriad command decision Holloway needed to make super quickly as the OR location was being transferred. Did you hear any screams from the victims as they were being cut, aside from the occasional and ridiculous shouts from the Brit? Another yooge issue with this ep was the calm aftermath. That base was fully normalized within one day. There was no obvious physical damage seen and no obvious re-construction taking place. Remember...we were informed there would be no re-supply of anything for at least a day. The June Taylor dancers were much better at the coordinated circle dance which we saw as the Taliban and the drug outfit had their standoff. Springtime for morphine? Mel Brooks approves. Finally, the entire time Roback and his buddy were hatching their scheme to keep the cash, there was not a single mention or acknowledgement that Khalil knew what was going on. Were they gonna frag him?
  7. And the Oscar goes to... Oops. As boring as it was, this show ended on time. Well, it never really should have started this season. If they could figure out how to use dogs in the stunts, V_Unbeatable would retire all AGT trophies.
  8. The least mooooving and watched Oscars in my memory. More than 10% fewer total viewers than ever before? Wow. The most important thing to me was that Robert Forster be a part of In Memoriam. He was. When did the "orchestra" get moved back to the stage pit from the Capitol Records building? Several trophies given for career achievement. It happens. When did Bob Iger become Jack? How many times was he on my TV screen? In an unrelated development, the announcer, Disney, did a fine job. The best package, or at least the one which most stirred me, was the one relating certain songs to movies/moments. There were a few misses and boy, did they blow it by not including certain songs (maybe next year?) but credit to AMPAS for the concept. The one which thrilled me was Slumdog Millionaire (dance sequence at the train station). Thank you to the many contributors to this thread.
  9. Roback spooked by Alvarez' snooty retort? Yeah. The two best scenes for me were Austin's briefing and then his convo with Holloway about loving the action more than their families. Some interesting truths came out. The contents of the letter home were an atrocity. This show simply can't get past its dark need to be edddddgggggyyyyy. Maybe if they got a Sam Kinison-copycat to spew the hatred in that missive it would have been fun. The show is hemorrhaging viewers. I blame Boz.
  10. J.J. with the best back-to-back comedy appearance I've seen on an AGT platform. Sure, it was one-note. Yet, the material was actually humorous and his timing was very good, despite his youth. The coupling of the act styles for results was quite telling. Is it the case that the votes were taken between them and that the overall vote positioning was ignored? The odds that everything fell so neatly by category are prohibitive. The dog act was better this time, but it was still filled with errors. The energy was excellent, thanks yet again to the masterful AGT editors, and it was certainly a fun act. Definitely a Top 4 act in this ep. I thought Hans' device of showing criticisms and reacting was a smart concept. He just failed to deliver. He should have had J.J. deliver the punch lines. X's material merited advancement, imo. The audio was too disjointed making it tough to discern the messages/script. If AGT has been consistent about anything all these years, it is that the act simply MUST be easy to grasp and to take in. It's Simon's iron law.
  11. Was the flashback depicted at the end foreshadowing for what the Paramount executives are gonna do to this show? How on earth did Holloway manage to get the authorization for that helo mission? The one redeeming scene for me, as it reflected reality, was when the Brit surgeon asked her if Roback was "protected" or on her shit list. The man took his cue and dealt accordingly. Of course, the very deep irony is that Holloway is now complicit in abetting Roback's hash scheme. The Colonel took zero interest in Roback's release nor the mission he went on (Saving Qasem), yet he is freaking out about the nuptials? Roll Tide.
  12. J.J. was DY NO MITE!!! Oh. Different J.J. His material, however sourced, was very good if not single-note. As I type this, I can not recall any comedy person who brought more genuine laughter to AGT, though. He was also the beneficiary of one of the all-time great misdirections in AGT histoire. A worthy advancer, imo. It was a bit of a stunner that we did not get the AGT-patented criticism of bringing an original song to the stage - most especially for a first effort. I knew then she was toast. she seemed to have a decent voice. Oh well. The strength/doggie act was performed very well. It should have been grouped with a prior show. If so, it would have made it through. Better judging through great dentistry! Who knew?
  13. I've never been outside a wire in a hazardous area. However, I can safely assure you that just about the last thing I would do is absorb substances which would dull my senses and my ability to focus. It seems an impossibility that Holloway would have any actual bite to go with her bark now that we see the Colonel is a self-admitted eunuch. Of all the outrageous suspensions of disbelief required to watch this quality entertainment, the consequence-free failure to pay the bets off on the fight is the most fantastical. I like the Goliath character, but the acting by Derek Theler is arguably the most wooden I have seen since I saw a high school stage "Pinocchio."
  14. Sunny days...Sweeping the...Clouds away... Oh. Wait. Toots Thielemans is long gone. So, too, my truly caring about this franchise. At least harmonica guy got me to recall that true genius, Toots. Can you tell me how to get... The dog segment was super cute. Such unbridled joy and the love behind it are so needed. Despite the fact the edit was as generous as the expert AGT folks could manage, it's difficult to justify the act on a performance basis. But, man, that energy was wonderful. I give the magician megapoints for attempting the profundity he was trying to impart. This show ain't about truth. It doesn't ask you to think, it tells you what to think. On this occasion, it shouted. I actually do wonder if Simon was so gobsmacked he forgot to buzz him. Traumamagic? Or is it just Tragic? Creepy knife dude did display serious humor with his response to Simon's divorce question! Then got promptly separated from the show. This ep really had the feel of a first round in Hollyweird. Some real duds, reflecting some pretty bad choices by Ameriker. It also had at least one mystifying advancer, in this case one-note dancing violin child. Maybe next time he will be asked if his act is worth one MILLLLLION dollars?!
  15. There was some exposition by the Julia character that it wasn't just about her being barren. She said they had each realized they weren't right for each other. The childless issue merely brought things to a head. That Sam so quickly began seeing others is indicative of this being true. The elation by Sam at the end was not congruent with any of this. Remember, he did not get all giddy with the revelation of the pregnancy. That made sense to me. Her offer to move across the country was when the happy ending was portrayed. I never got the feeling that Sam was as invested in being a father as Julia was in being a mother. I would have been fine with Sam doing a true 180. Children have a way of causing such. TPTB simply did not give us the requisite scene(s) which would have indicated such a change of heart. Clunky to the max, imo.
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