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  1. Among the best eps. Maybe the best. The superfluous conversation where Beth asked if she could marry Rip ended with a wonderful admission from a real father. That was a spiritual moment, imo. The other unnecessary scene, although well within the doofus Jamie's character, did not work as well because the 41 year old child is just that. He didn't figure out instantly when the clerk told him of the murderous bio Dad that Dutton and his step mom did him a yooge good? C'mon. He needed that exposition from JD? Puhleaze. The breeding analogy was silly. So, now, whatever treachery against his Dad that Jamie was plotting before the fateful moment he was told to get that birth certificate, is sure to happen. Ugh. I will say, his staring at the diploma and asking, "Who am I?" was pretty great. That instance of sanity will not prevail. It made so little sense for Rip to go so far out of his way to learn Jimmy about real-deal rodeo. He dreaded it the entire time and he got Mia's girly girl chattering for his troubles. The SEAL episode which broke out was cool. Turn your chest to the wall! The ring scene was aight. The best moment, by far, was when Rip showed pure joy and bliss when he understood he could really and truly marry Beth. Goodness, he lit up the entire state! The meeting in Beth's office was classic soap opera. Two alpha females staking out territories and understandings. The actors pulled it off to my eyes. This is unlike the summit Rainwater and JD had in the last ep where it never had the feel of existential/epic decisions being made.
  2. The legacy networks are all sucking air when ti comes to programming. They need as many reasonable hours of filler to get to a delayed "new" Fall season. AGT is delivering the best numbers for Comcast, so it makes sense to drag it out as much as possible. This ep gave SYCO maximum production leeway as to recording the acts and editing them, as well.
  3. That's the worst lighting and look I have ever seen for Simon. Goodness, he looked every bit of 60. The pigs got through?! Not even required to prove themselves capable of winning? Well, TPTB knew full well that they have, at best, one more performance in them. No sense wasting it on this ep. The really young singers are worse than ever. I will admit this was a tough year to pare things down to the 35-40 level of folks moving on. The mediocrity leaves almost no differentiating factors. It's a SYCO dream - no clear cut favorite and they will get to credibly advance acts based on the backstory, not ability. I loved the entrance. Those cars were great. The edit of the jidges' discussions was actually more underwhelming than previous years. This, despite promises we would see how it reeeeeeeally happens. Another OPUD deal. Welcome to AGT.
  4. Major edit shenanigans. We had the Summer Bay iced over. "40 miles South," we had zero ice on the Saga. Later, "100 miles North (of the Saga)," we go back to an ice-free Summer Bay. Heckuva warm front, dude. Jake's engineering skills are tops. Always have been. He's got to learn to manage emotion and learn how to lead. Todd is a HOF Greenhorn. Something has gotsta change, right? Getting bopped on the head was not on him. Boy, I sure hope Ameriker's F/V's can beat dem Russkies! Ugh.
  5. I was livid at the cheap gesture Disney made with the commemorative plaque at the Columbus Ave. entrance. They couldn't have named something after him?! Donate a gazillion dollars to his favorite/many charities???? He only saved the network which resided in the massive building/complex attached to the studio where LIVE was produced. At least Iger showed up. I had long forgotten that a future president (Trump) was prominently featured in several audience scans. I also had forgotten just how pretty Kelly was when she first got the gig. Her later devotion to thinness has not served her well.
  6. It has long been a best practice for newspapers and TV news divisions to prepare obituaries for important aged folks, like Regis. Then, when the time comes, they can make a few edits/adds and are ready to go with a meaningful obit/memorium. Gelman absolutely spit the bit by failing to do this. He made a conscious choice. Among other considerations he gave into are the annoying/angering expressions sure to come from Kelly if she ever discovered that he was using show resources to do this. He chose...poorly.
  7. I knew there was no way Sheridan would sustain the staggeringly dark tone he had established at the beginning. Who would watch? I did not expect the bunkhouse to become the House of Mirth. A bastion of wokeness in female empowerment, even! Rip and Beth were stone cold assassins. There was no redeeming their nature. Boom! Their blooming love is as warm as a puppy pile. The militant relationship and frequently spoken ethnic and racist slurs back and forth between the White Man and the Indigenous? Why, we're all best buddies, now. The villains and monsters are the Gordon Gekkos of greed. The corporations are so many Thanos'es. Heck, even the wolves who destroy their livelihood are given respect and status! Anyway, the contrast from the original vision to today and its spiking ratings is stark. I want(ed) the unforgiving darkness, but if the story has to lighten up in service to more eyeballs, so be it.
  8. The curious lack of content in this ep seems to me a result of having Sheridan write literally every word of every script and that the outrageous/outsized storylines can not be sustained. Inevitably, it's a limiting formula. I enjoyed the Buffalo scene. I am certain it is a piece of Sheridan's recognition that Forrie J. Smith's Lloyd is popular, if not beloved, by viewers. Just as Gilligan and Gould saw how great Banks and Seehorn were in Better Call Saul and play out their characters way beyond originally imagined, Sheridan is rewarding/newly emphasizing certain elements in this show.
  9. The open was a cringefest. So much of it was devoted to how they had privileged status. "That kid (RS) has it." When she related how awesome Regis was to her children, my anger rose. Her betrayal is unforgivable. Basically, this was a reflected glory fest and I resented the hell out of it.
  10. Beth's accusations against Jamie were ridiculous. So, too, John's defense of him. He chose to create a huge chasm by running for AG. Was he looking for Daddy's approval then? Suuuure. Then, he magnifies his idiocy by murdering the NYT reporter he was told to stop seeing. Was that the obedient son Beth was describing? He's Fredo, and John was telling Beth to trust him. Sibling comity was more important than the super powerful enemies which are primed to get his land. She asked the teen Jamie for his help. She got it. More transference from her. We were ALL cheated out of the actual notification of Daddy by Beth. Garbage move, Sheridan. I did love the scene with Rainwater roping Monica into his quest to turn back time. The oral history he presented is not often spoken in polite settings, such as a soap opera like this one. I have serious reservations as to the morality and righteousness of his view. His passion and conviction, I do not doubt. It was pure catnip to Monica and it is guaranteed to create monstrous frictions between her and her chosen family, the Duttons. Like her frenemy John, she always wants it all ways - she insists on a world that will not and can not, exist at this time - bending to her. There is gigantic irony in that Jamie and Beth are correct in their financial assessment that $500 million is the smart move and one they would make given the chance. I'm pretty sure Kayce would take it, too. Then, he would be out of the politics and everyday tensions there. Of course, Monica would want to give away his fortune to the Confederation. Anyway...$500 million, John, is not "nothing."
  11. Little angered me more in BB than when Janelle and Kaysar underestimated Chilltown and waffled in their approach to them. This and the overwhelming feedster love for him which only built bugged me to distraction. I just could not understand any of it.
  12. The chances of a regular audience member being in on the con and staying silent are remote. The jidges are good about dat.
  13. We are later into the season and not so much as a speck of ice to be seen, despite the F/Vs all heading further North. Poor Disco. Fat pots, fair weather, and full tanks. Global warming is turrrrrrible! LOL. Mandy's decision was BS. The two hours gained against a deadline not remotely in jeopardy was nowhere near as valuable as the additional rest would have been to the crew. Classic mistake made in the military by young officers: Showing how "tough" and "motivated" they are to their superiors at the expense of their charges. Unless one wants to argue the NW crew are slackers, this was a garbage move by her. Keith has had a lousy season per the Disco edit, yet they were waaaaaay above all the others in the harvest tote board. How? No way he put out that string without first having prospected. No. Freaking. Way. Not after having been burned so badly on the prior string. So...Keith's season is over, right? Let's just see.
  14. I am all about John and Rainwater. It's the primary reason I watch. I was so looking forward to the "Yalta" meeting. I was so disappointed with the script and the acting. Sheridan had to walk a fine line between basic exposition and profundity. His writing did not work for me. The choice to have Rainwater be so jovial throughout the meeting was a poor one. I never once got the sense that they were outlining a truly existential war. The emphasis on the women they each were choosing was unseriously handled. The tone was very much like the "Fuck it" scene (which absolutely worked in context). The bar meet up was all over the place. It made little sense to me that it devolved into a pissing match. Yes, it was fully in Beth's character to be stupidly bombastic. Roarke pleading with her to change the timing of her shorting was silly. He also would not have shown her anger. She acknowledged perfect lucidity and understanding of the economics. She was pleasant. Heck, in what may be a first, she said he was right! To me, that's meeting over. It's already really well established that each are ruthless and capable of fighting to the death. The parting threats were worthless and cheap. The horsey deal was fun. As previous posters have noted, it was all kinds of whack. They netted a paltry $35/horse. I did truly love the moments Kayce had with the son at the wake. That apple won't ever even fall from that tree (Dad). He's permanently attached. His bravado and pride in his choosing that life path was classic. A beautiful moment. So, too, John teaching Kayce about real leaders not being able to be one of the boys no mo. Real truth. Deep. Earned.
  15. CBS has nothing in production that can fill the time BB could. A later start for BB gives them decent filled hours in the heart of the Fall season, which has more HUT (Homes Using Television). It also allows for the current Covid spike to settle.
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