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  1. Lonesome Rhodes

    S01.E04: 2009

    Ailes was a pig. That opening scene was revolting. He was also brilliant and he was correct about the actual laws and their effects in his home town. Shea was the one appealing to opinion and feeling in that meeting. He spoke of what he intended. Ailes brought an expert to explain the actual effects as proposed. That man was not allowed to speak. Shea set those terms. Not Ailes. Axelrod is getting an undeserved portrayal. He was a major piece of the "Chicago Way." Sure, he created a president. But, Chicago is a disaster and Axelrod's man did not get nominated by playing fair. He's a pretty fair mirror image of Ailes in this regard. I have zero data as to any personal abuses by Axelrod. That's the difference. Professionally? He was an Ailes of the Left. Yet in the show, he is seen to be the "reasonable" one. Nuh uh. Gretchen's crusade to be more than the pretty face is understandable and it is somewhat commendable. It is also a dynamic as old as media. Doocey was/is the Alpha and he would and did protect his territory. She wanted some of it. It had nothing to do with sexism. Ailes made the right business call in backing Doocey and cooling Gretchen's jets. To this day, Doocey has delivered on air, and off air he has been as reliable a mouthpiece as any corporation could hope to have. Gretchen would never have been the latter. Ailes' costly mistake was to go further and engage in sexist abuse. He was dead wrong to do so.
  2. Lonesome Rhodes


    The gang-level geography was not what I was concerned with. That Hispanic women and her syndicate pretty much had Franklin where they wanted him. Of course, there was Lucia's family's syndicate, as well, IIRC. My belief, and I could be very wrong, is that the ethnicism of the ultimate distributors (ethnic gangs) would be loyal to the corresponding syndicate. The vacuum, if there really is (was) one, at the syndicate level would be soon filled and it would be naturally divided by ethnicity. The Jewish guy is an equal opportunity dealer and his operation does hurt my argument. I just don't know how all that Hispanic power and organization just goes away without Franklin being there NOW, with real firepower and substantial numbers, in an area as huge as L.A. County is, it beggars belief that Franklin would be standing for very long. The "secret" formula would not remain so for long. Apologies if I am not understanding the point you are making. I thought Lucia and Gustavo were both as good as dead, if not actually dead, at the end of last season. I was quite surprised to see Oso as a bouncer this year. So, what do I know?!
  3. Lonesome Rhodes

    The Code

    One thing the show has done well is introduce us to some quirks in the lives of Marines. The marriage scam is a good example. Abe has gone to ultra lengths to do the "honorable" thing. He made his boss' professional life miserable, at times. But noooooow, let's accept something about the Corps that is not honorable so I can get with the widow. No way would that Colonel get an early star. I've written for weeks as to how she bucked the Pentagon and Executive poobahs. Happy, Abe? She's lucky she hasn't been blackballed. Thanks for the lecture, show, about the wisdom as to the projection of force and its cost. Never mind it has not a thing in the world to do with the UCMJ. And now we might could get an arc where a JAG officer who perfectly well knows she is not qualified/able to hold the office in W-S running for said office. What rule of law?! Does Danny and the Juniors music play on the hop(s)? Let's go to the hop!
  4. Lonesome Rhodes

    S14.E08: Judge Cuts 1 - July 16, 2019

    If the Massoudi Brothers were soooo rushed, why did they bother to take the time in wardrobe putting their shirts on? They came off in near-record edit time. Arguably the worst GB evah. From what I know about Paisley, I find it almost impossible that he actually liked the whole sad-sack presentation and the atonality of her "singing." Peyton Manning shows more musicality in those dang commercials he does with BP! The mentalists were the best act of the evening. There were several witty and quick asides by the dude. The trick itself was great. Does it matter that it is a variation on other acts? There's nothing new under the sun, or so I've been told. These two actually stepped it up (the highest "good" on AGT, amiright?!) and are obviously stage-ready, as they are performing around the world. The dog act was weaker than Howie's immune system. JH is a pretty lady without the eyeblack. Simon's weight loss was noticeable. He's also the only one allowed to be droll. Goodbye bearded comedian. Terry was almost non-existent. That fit since drama did not exist at all.
  5. Lonesome Rhodes


    I can, and do, accept it's a vestige of the mother's death. She would have fought for JD's affections and did everything she could to get as much exclusivity with him s she could. There may also be lifelong guilt from messing up when her mom died. Wasn't she blamed? Perhaps Jamie used this against her when they were younger. I simply think there is more than enough in her background to account for her wickedness.
  6. Lonesome Rhodes


    I absolutely loved the first part of this ep when JD was assessing what happened and later ordered the burn. Seemed a timeless thing. As much as he would like to make this his only priority, circumstances don't allow him that privilege. The funnest moment, by far, was when JD told Jamie he would meet under the tree ALONE. And Rip went right with him. SO much said. So few words. There's no chance that Rip and Lloyd would allow those meth heads to get away with busting their truck window. They would have got the truth out of Jimmy and the gal. Then, they would have ended that particular problem. What does current tribal chemical abuse have to do with history? It's certainly well worth trying to understand. But, the class Monica teaches is "History." As an adjunct. Class time is precious. Don't tell me about the way things are now. Tell me about what it was like THEN. If she wants to lead some type of campus awareness away from class? By all means! JD has natural allies with the entirety of the established power in Montana when it comes to fighting annexation of land by the Confederation. But he refuses to enlist them? Becks aren't "established" as I mean it. A very great problem with this show is they showed the Governor in cahoots with Rainwater. Hmmm. Ya think she's gonna allow JD to get away with his illegal burn (no permit) and not use it against him as she takes Rainwater's side? Generally, just how long before this chasm forces the showdown with the new AG over tribal influence with her? Another issue is just how weak and ignorant Jenkins is. His vows of action are vacuous. If he is supposed to be a real villain, TPTB have grossly missed the mark. That Sheriff may actually be stoopider than Jimmy! Instead of understanding immediately that his butt was on the line and that he needed JD, idiot chooses to take him on. His department was on the hook for failure to support AND the shooting was fully legal. Like it or not, he had no choice but to come to a swift understanding of how to play it all in order that all concerned come out OK. Also, that dad can suffer. He kept quiet and refused to de-escalate when his son drew against a duly constituted authority. He started the whole damn thing, too. This was still the best ep of the early season.
  7. Lonesome Rhodes

    Kim Wexler: She Has a Two-Year Plan

    In reading various articles where Rhea discusses Kim, I can't get around her equivocations about Kim. Basically, Rhea insists Kim is not being (breaking?) bad by continuing to associate so intimately with Jimmy. A crucial point in this are the straight cons she looooved running with him over those jagoffs at the bar. It's fine to enjoy the thrill and the multi-faceted intelligence required to pull a con off. I might even accept that it is a form of justice when they score. The vics had it coming, eh? But, what to do with the booty? Did they not cash the checks? Did they donate the proceeds to worthy causes? Nope. They kept it. As many have said, what one does when nobody is looking (like in a con!) is character revealed. Now, does Kim have a conscience? Most assuredly. Yet, the bottom line is until she isn't, she is, a grifter. Let's see where Gilligan takes her. Was that display of evil by Jimmy in the final courthouse scene enough to wake Kim the F up? I'll be happily stunned if this happens.
  8. Lonesome Rhodes

    S15. E15. Devil's Cut

    I am happily stunned. This is as meat and potatoes/matter-of-fact as this show ever gets. Enough was enough! We didn't get embellishments of standard trials and tribulations. Yay! That Marine on the Brenna A is getting an all-time tongue bath for a Greenhorn. I don't think he has much of a future as a crabber, though, if he has back issues right out of the gate. I love his attitude and wish him well. This is the Wild Bill I always insisted was the real Wild Bill. When he had a crew giving a proper effort, he supported them. "Showing the flag" on deck was excellent. He clearly has his charges' respect. So much said and not a word spoken. To me, that's the best of this show. Seeing that pretender Josh enjoying so much harvesting success while we saw other seamen being injured and nearly injured brought out anger in me. There was nothing wrong with it from a TV POV. That was a true piece of the story. What was perhaps the best part of the presentation was giving June the respect she was given. She demonstrated a Nordic stoicism and strength and was not about seeking props. That was the edit Disco gave her and the situation. Kudos to all and best wishes to June and the Hansens. I don't dare to hope more of what we got in this ep. Having said that, Disco and all concerned get a well deserved tip o' the cap from me for this one.
  9. Lonesome Rhodes

    S21.E11: Live Eviction #3; Battle Back #1

    First time in a long time, maybe ever, I was actually angry with Chenbot. Her urging everyone to get access to be able to see the endurance HOH comp was such garbage. How many frickin' times did I get fishes and such when they were in such comps?! The same empty promises, year after year after year. The happy difference now? They don't got my cash. I agree with the consensus in this thread that Chenbot was stoking the ethnic fires. Of course, she would not be direct about it. Oh no. No digital footprints on her! But, she did it. It was also incredibly lame for her to go right back at David after his highly emotional first response about his crying. She wanted more! That was a classic Chenbot loop sub-program. Given the unanimous endorsement of like by the bootees, Endemol can write Cliff the AF check tonight.
  10. Lonesome Rhodes

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    WWCD? Inspired. Well, Angel has been working solid for months, now. She got paid for the W&W campaign. Any notion of her being poor is ridiculous. She would have an important agent, for SURE. Loved the Ball. Pray Tell was back to basics, which is always a welcome sight for me. Cruella D'Elektra outdid herself. I found it to be entirely credible and in character. Seeing a more mature Damon was heartening, but was a leap too far. It was super cool seeing him as the Alpha in Helena's class. THAT, was on point. The conversation later with Helena was a nice payoff, as well. I love earned affirmation. Nothing better. The oily TV producer was a hoot. The shlocky pilot we saw was just what a weasel like that would come up with. It's difficult to not think this ep could be the apex for the characters on this show. I don't know about you, but I'm buckling up and putting my tray in the upright and locked position. The preview looks daunting and anvilicious.
  11. Lonesome Rhodes

    Pose in the Media

    BP will win the Red Carpet. They may as well engrave his name in the trophy today.
  12. Lonesome Rhodes

    Better Call Saul In The Media

    What a haul of EMMY acting nominations! (Best) Drama Series Bob Odenkirk, Lead Actor in a Drama Series Jonathan Banks, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Giancarlo Esposito, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/emmys-2019-nominations-complete-list-1203268665/
  13. Lonesome Rhodes

    S01.E03: 2008

    I bet it did. My remark was aimed at the Director's choices. The angles and the super XO (close-up) of the hands and the bar. It would be interesting to learn how it was blocked and how the production actually happened. The character very likely felt imprisoned. I'm just saying she entered transactionally. She was also free to go to Dallas anytime she chose. I was at a major network in NYC. In my experience and my belief, they ALL (news divisions most definitely inclusive) were/are run by narcissistic megalomaniacs. Sharks everywhere, talent most especially. Ailes, for all his pigness, won the game. Heck, he destroyed rivals. The tenor of this series is but one vengeful response.
  14. Lonesome Rhodes

    S14.E07: Auditions 6 - July 09, 2019

    Simon's "wardrobe" is very much a statement of power.
  15. Lonesome Rhodes

    S01.E03: 2008

    The show goes too far with the demon-in-waiting portrayal of Ailes' son. The kid is even made-up a ghastly white, as a ghost (zombie?)! Ailes, in his autobiography, wrote of the sacrosanct time cutouts he made for being with his son. He repeatedly, and forcefully, wrote of his regret that he would probably die no later than the lad's early teens. The trip to Warren served several masters and one of these was most assuredly showing his son his upbringing and the "real" America. The book is filled with anecdotes about what a shit he could be - admissions against self-interest. Yet, the thing he prized most was that his son become a real man with a superior understanding of how the world actually is. Yes, he used power to bed women. He was unfaithful to his wives. He was often a dick. No question. Yet and still, I have little sympathy for the Laurie character. We saw her in an earlier ep making a very considered calculation when Ailes came on to her. The proverbial wheels were a spinnin'. She made her choice. She literally slept with it. She made the choice to not go to Dallas, didn't she? The choice to show Shine grabbing her suitcase as almost handcuffing her was rich. The Gretchen character is another like this. She knew good and dang well how to play the game and what the game was. She wanted fame. There were others every bit as good, if not better, at presenting the news with Fox Attitude. But, she played her political cards and she got ahead. She was not ignorant as to how Ailes was to many. The rampant scuttlebutt could not have been missed. The decisions to hire women with a certain look on "his" networks was unmistakable. Gretchen chose to join in. If one believes similar dynamics were not at play at the other places, I invite them to rethink. None of it is right. But, it takes at least two to tango. I continue to find the most value in this series to be the Murdoch arc. His treachery in going behind Ailes and the entire ethos of his largest moneymaker was quite something to observe. I'm fine with the possibility that he decided the best way to make more money was to make peace with president-elect Obama. I believe that Ailes was correct that this calculus was hyper-influenced by Wendi. Given the returns in the succeeding years of Ailes in control, this appears to have been one of Rupert's few significant miscalculations. If Rupert's thinking was that Fox needed a foil (highly doubtful), this show should have presented it that way. Attacking our president and the Democrats paid off hugely. as Ailes insisted it would. Still does.