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  1. I genuinely loved the Compton backstory. Perfect timing for what we are going through, imo. YMMV. I was shocked that the percussion did not seem to be enhanced by AGT minions. Unfortunately, they aren't that great in choreo nor execution. The circus sisters were quite good. Not sure if they can bring a whole lot new innovation, though. For this night, anyway, they sure did. The dog concept was brilliant and I really appreciated that. Again, the execution was lacking. Certainly a yes from me, though. The CD magician was incredible to me. The thing I most admired was how he would go from holding several of them with thumbs and forefingers, and the instantly transfer to another set, but this time with at least the forefinger through the middle hole. Serious, serious, dexterity. The coloratura from the young crybaby GB was sorely lacking, but man, her tonality was fantastic. With the right handling she really could become something. The comedian's performance demonstrated the worth of honing one's craft before taking a big stage or claiming a big shot at success. His comfortable tone, and especially his perfect timing, demonstrated geuine professionalism. I liked his material, too. I would have loved to have heard something from a different topic, but what we did get was top notch and funny. I love, love, love the potential of the "Super No." Sofia is a smart cookie. Definite upgrade.
  2. The Goldens never worked out. Junior (or his backers) lost at least $250K (not counting Disco subsidy, of course). And he still has the means to buy the F/V Lady Alaska. Shenanigans on the Keith "double cross." There were several days of soaking involved. The plaintive calls by Keith were simply acted out for the Disco cameras. There was zero reason for Jake to not tell Keith that his string was paying off. He knew his season quota was gonna be filled, and then some. The phony baloney setup we are getting as to Bill's great adventure is another of endless times when Disco feels like they have to make more out of something than the actual truth, which is plenty compelling. All this stealth being foisted upon us is a joke. "I know a guy." Puh-leaze. Funny that we are getting foreshadowing of a brutally cold Opie season. Will we get a lecture as to the effect of global cooling on what had been fabulous harvests the previous two warmer seasons? Nah.
  3. When he took he cards out of their respective boxes, he flipped them face side up and had Howie and Simon verify they were ordinary cards. I agree the trick was to sub out decks with nothing but, in this case, the Five of Clubs.
  4. Glad to have "actual" AGT back. I dread what the show is like without a full audience. Loved the cops singing the theme to Deadliest Catch airing against a new showing of....Deadliest Catch! The act did show the power of just a couple of passionate singers with acoustic guitars, no embellishment. They have no shot on this show. Speaking of the opposite...drum dude was basically a Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire routine with drums as props. It was literally impossible to distinguish any licks from him from the tracking played behind him. There were several times where there was no change to my ears in the percussion/syncopation when he obviously stopped "drumming" but the tracking continued. I was gobsmacked that Archie did not get a GB. I knew there had to be a sob-story choral group coming up. Bingo. Archie definitely has a special tonality. Fine by me if he, and the cops, make it a very long way. The voice impressionist was excellent and the magician (Irish?) has a cool patter. Porkchop Review was great fun, but it's a mistake to give them a future slot, imo. I'm sowry. Sofia is a definite upgrade from Gabrielle.
  5. Anyone know if the Golden fishery will be open again, or if the government has decided there just aren't enough of them to allow for more harvesting at this time? A pissing elbow. Only Jonathan. Vasily would get to steppin' were I Bill. What would the extra cut be for the crew on the Saga's extra quota, which would gross roughly $175K Any idea what they paid for it? What would they have better to do than earn another, say, $1K for another week or so at sea?
  6. Could it not be as simple as his being relentless in blaming her for their mother's death?
  7. Given the pretty much universal love for Dita (Cerberus) amongst posters, this link is about Bass, a magnificent and decorated canine. There are other links to a book all about other such awesome animals. https://www.foxnews.com/media/alex-schnell-bass-marines-hero-dogs
  8. The original show started out really strong this season in the demo, above .4. It has since eroded a bit. It also led the Harris mess 2nd hour by about half a point ~(.37 - .32). The last numbers I saw for 5/5, however, had them tied at about .35. So...Disco's scheduling BS basically paid off.
  9. What a fascinating ep! I loved the Goldens arc. Some obvious shenanigans (zero crab in both pots shown in the rescue) and a whole lot unsaid/unexplained about the process behind Junior being the prospect captain. I'm confused as to how a $420K badge investment against a likely maximum payout of $500K works, but Disco cash is usually involved. Bill's engine issues and the traveling engineer was great TV. We saw, imo, real risks and rewards, informed by a lifetime of experience. No bad guys in that process. Then we have the alltimer Vasily.
  10. Mandy earned her deep ambivalence and misgivings, imo. The problem is she should have known earlier, and she would have know for SURE by now, that the Company, and the USA, pretty much fight to win. Either the morality of the fight is sufficient, or it is not. Great arguments can be had either way. However, you begged to get back in the fight, Mandy. You were removed and were in no position to place others in harm's way. YOU fought to get back in this fight, knowing full and dang well we used people. So, STFU. Deal. Can't do that? GTFO. Go. Thank you for your service. I loved the ice cold "welcome" Bravo gave Sonny upon his return. I loved his acceptance of it. It all seemed real and congruent. So did his insane risk, largely made to get back in good stead with his brothers. I also loved the dependance Jason displayed for Sonny, his one remaining door-kicker. He absolutely had to have him there to help him justify and affirm his world view. That was a great scene. Who were you trying to convince, Jason? An RPG! It worked great, too. Unfortunately. Have a great summer, Dita!
  11. CBS has renewed almost all its shows. This stings when they had a perfectly nice, family/moral show like GFM, but dumped it. Ugh.
  12. Another standard ep and it was more than enough to hold my attention. Has any captain had worse luck at sea with breakdowns than Bill? I loved his interactions with the engineer, who had earned obvious respect. Bill knew there were gonna be sunk costs and that the only way to mitigate them, if at all, was to make a fix that was rife with issues. Instead of transferring blame, he praised the man who was performing a valuable service. Goose Island Brewery in Chicago was a long ago fav of mine. How could the Goose Neck gambit not work? 😉 Some of the F/V quotas seemed super low. How were they supposed to make any money?
  13. Jason gets his reprieve (well, the show sure did, it was renewed). Gonna be interesting to see who, if any, Bravo vets will be separated from the team now that another year of eps is needed. Hard to see how Sonny chooses Texas at this point.
  14. I was more thinking the firing of weaponry in the general direction of the tangos to force them to withdraw. The point of that engagement was not to kill them. By then, it was alllll about getting Sidicki (sp?) back to base for interrogation.
  15. The show itself is headed for an honorable discharge if it likes. Main characters have about had their fill and it is time for them to move on. It may not have been an epiphany, but in that last convo b/t Ray and Jason, an awareness/clarity that the purity they find is the actual fight itself - not the brotherhood - is what they most crave. They surely love each other and the USA. Yet, it's the testing under fire that makes them fully alive. The very great issue, which hit them both like a ton of bricks, is that their window of opportunity for such is all but shut. Let's see how Jason processes, or not, this truth. Man, I was worried for Cerberus. Here's hoping he gets out same as the maturing gang can jussssst ahead of a very bad outcome. Having Clay on the wrong end of a talented sniper team was riveting irony. Methinks the snipers were given some impossible abilities. So be it. It was great TV. Mandy did good. No, she did not have to know details of Samim's death. I wonder if she will now become a problem for the folks on the ground. What has happened to many USA friendlies when the USA quits a fight? Lots of Samim's. Well, Mandy knows darn well there will be a lot of it over there if/when the USA GTFO of that region altogether. Will she suffer her "guilt" silently? I do not understand why the QRF approached so deliberately and silently. Havoc would have had full comms with them. No urgency was impressed on that commander? Really?
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