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  1. The backtalk and sass is outrageous. Sonny was told to stow it and he keeps coming. Super unrealistic that Kwan had not yet broken. If she took herself out, it works. But, the very fact that she was caught there and that she would have killed herself would have the NoKos on a razor's edge. Now the explosion? That whole area would be crawling with them. My recording gave out when Jin passed out. What is the big deal about him not being able to run? Aren't they all trained to carry a slight man like that foe miles? Rotate him and everything is fine. The swim was always gonna
  2. After this 4-ep story arc ends, the show is being moved from CBS to Paramount Plus, which requires a paid subscription.
  3. Gotsta give DB credit for coming up with a North Korea arc. No way TPTB will be able to maintain the level of peril our intrepid lads have come to. Maybe individual jet packs they stowed while we couldn't see them will save the day? The Kwan character is pretty great. Any chance she had been co-opted? If so, to what end? Her activities leading up to the fateful night were worthy of James Bond, which is to say, unrealistic. If she is as we have seen, my goodness the torture she now faces. How long before she gives up the details of Bravo's insertion? On the absurd side of thi
  4. Just watching a few of the first eps from Season One. The Clay emphasis was all over the map. It didn't have to be. Two things really stood out for me: 1) When Clay was going through an exercise in rescuing a hostage, it got to a point where the enemy threw a frag and good guys were gonna take the hit. Hostage included. Clay chose to dive on the explosive, trying to save the others. The training commander ordered a halt to the proceedings and ripped Clay a new one for that choice. He went on and on, insisting that getting the hostage out was EVERYthing. Clay had explained t
  5. I'm guessing James Arness is not BBT's inspiration for this new role. This is gonna be great.
  6. Probably the most worthy Champ/AFP combo in BB histoire. Each was very well deserved. In my best JCM voice...Pace.
  7. Little is better in BB than when the Chenbot intentionally pokes the bear and the bear comes back too strong. Good on X for refusing to play.
  8. It's almost always frustrating for me at the end. Derek is a tool, but at least he plays to win. So many would all but kill to potentially have the choice Azah almost had. For her to come to the purposeful decision to throw away a win is an insult to all of them and to any of us who were pulling for her.
  9. The narcissism on full display from the evictee was off the charts. Classic BB. If the jurors decided AFP, Tiffany would win unanimously. From a game perspective she had to go or she would have won this thing. It sure looks like the lawyer is gonna win his case.
  10. I'd love to know if Disco gave Wild Bill heck for endangering their film crew. For all the BS the Hillstrands have done through the years, trying to enter St. Paul in those conditions took the proverbial cake. I am a fan of Bill, but he was irresponsible in this one. The edits and ep structures this season were way off. We went back and forth, especially between eps, from feast to famine. The customary Disco shenanigans with the ice floes didn't help. Then we get the fishery being all but doomed, then nothing, then at the very end, more talk about saving the industry. I reall
  11. The male loser legit surfed the ride of his life, with the deepest barrel of the season, and a reverse to end the ride. The winner had a solid final ride and hit his stunt at the end, but no way was his final move all that. It was telling that we got zero spoken words from the loser. He got jobbed. The female winner clearly bested her bestie, the loser. Of course, we never got the actual final numbers for the losers. Then again, did we ever really get actual numbers all season? So much for the spot on the CT, too. It turns out that the winners only get to enter three even
  12. I missed Mr. Piffles? :( Glad a singer did not win. Weakest AGT magic champion ever. The audience came back this year, but the show seemed off. This is the best panel of jidges, imo, so it wasn't them. Good luck, Luxor. You need it.
  13. They were brought in to promote the Vegas act in which they are participating.
  14. Simon's suit is perfection. Of course he wore it again. Ameriker really got it wrong lately. Brooke and Josh over any of the Save trio is farce. I really like her, but her performance last night was all over the map. Josh has overcome a lot. But, his material can't overcome my indifference. His Top 3 vote is prima facie evidence that AGT is about the story and not the talent. The YouTube award tells all. It's why TPTB are slavish in feeding us more and more and more background. It's also why I am done with this season.
  15. I am certain that Unicycle Flow's act just does not translate as well on TV. It must be stunning to see in person. I thought this the last time and it was reinforced for me tonight: On certain maneuvers, they resemble witches on broomsticks flying off. It's fantastic. Just as I was thinking they are hurt by a lack of gymnastics and massive jumps, I saw the stunt where three riders held up a castmate who was posing very much like we see all the time in cheerleading. Super well done and a nice add to the act. Lord knows we must keep it fresh. Right, Simon? Mentalist is toast. I felt
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