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  1. Fitting that Ray and Clay bought the Ambassador's insane pursuit of the white whale (tribal peace). At least she went down like Ahab. Glad there was more than the one survivor in THAT story. No, Clay, the random rocket that killed her, and easily could have wiped you and Ray out, was not your fault - unless you are now admitting it was the stoopidest move you ever made to back her vision. It was Jason's for allowing you to question his order in that moment. Once again, the enemy had rocketry and RPG's, against machine guns in a fixed position. Alamo, indeed! Now, add in the savviest tactical tangos yet seen in such an assault. Not a single Team casualty, save Jason's knee. Riiiiiiight. TPTB way oversold the ability and advantage of the bad guys and fashioned a completely unbelievable solution. Why did they abandon the SUV after eliminating the trailing truck threat? The bad guys had no more comms? Oh. I guess they did not, just like the TV trope in cop shows where it is not possible to have a unit go to a place where the intrepid detectives believe the missing person and/or super bad guy is. Nope. Only the on-screen characters can handle, IN PERSON. Davis made that call? With the commander of all the Teams right there? And Blackburn? Riiiiight. They agreed with it else it be overridden instantly. She is dumb enough to believe it was hers, though. She had not already scoped out the maps when it became clear they had to make a run for the airport? She had to recheck the online map she had while they were enroute?! I'm fine with the personal admiration most of the Team had for the crazy Ambassador. She did have real guts. She had an uncommon understanding of leadership, and martial leadership. She was still bat-guano insane. Mr. Ultimate Warrant Officer and Master Chief candidate Ray is once again standing mute when the core physical ability of his unit's commander is in grave question. Promote him yesterday! Sincere question: What honors are Clay due for that truly gallant move on that heavy weapon battery? Highest traditions, for sure!!!!! Wow.
  2. The only downside I can determine for Sameer to cash the ticket is that tax would be taken from him as the original presenter, and from whomever he "gifted." So, what would have been an original take of about $350K (after taxes on value of annuity ($650, give or take), would then be taxed against the ultimate recipient of the funds. But, given the time crunch, $200 K sure beats nil. Question for y'all who are closely watching the fashions...Aly seems to have always been dressed brightly/vibrantly and youthfully. In the pulpit, her look seemed mature well beyond what she had been. She was fully covered, yes? Her hair pulled all the way back added to this new image. Am I off about this? I fully agree with the comment above about the turrible wigs in this ep. I never, ever, notice such a thing. But this time, it was blatant.
  3. It's gotta be me. I am flummoxed. Surely, the logic in this ep exists. It completely escapes me. First, and it's a golden oldie on this show, it takes everyone to do a task. If someone needs to get somewhere, they ALL have to go at that very moment. It was impossible for Sameer to go claim the ticket once he knew Judy was incapacitated. She only lived because HE was in the ER waiting room the entire time. Had he gone to the lottery office and then gone to the waiting room, Judy was a dead woman. As pointed out above - the changing of the hearing time without the assent of all parties, let alone not notifying all parties? Instant reversal on appeal and the judge and/or Clerk of the Court would be in seriously hot water. The brothers enmity for each other, is bad only if it comes from Sameer. Never mind the tearing had already occurred when the other brother disowned Sameer. Again, it's got to be my mental shortcoming, but that had to be the most vapid speech Miles ever gave as he challenged the brothers in their office. They were already split! What, exactly, was the downside? You will hate each other if you cash the ticket! You will hate each other if you don't cash the ticket! That speech had not a thing in the world to do with Cara and Rakesh figuring out it was Judy's ticket. It only served to delay Judy getting medical attention. Ugh. Good to know the God Account wanted the government to get the winnings. Therefore, it approves of a form gambling which perversely harms the least, the most! The brothers have also lost their legacy business, and Judy her life's work. I know. That's just me. Still no Diocesan misgivings expressed. Man, are they stoopid. Arthur is clearly not in any emotional position to accept a Bishopric. Nobody there sees it? Minister Aly. ZZZZZZZZZ The reveal of the house clue is intriguing, as is the Grenelle character. Fingers crossed.
  4. Apologies for my brain cramp as to the timing of Arthur's loss of his wife. I would not want a Trish for a wife for the reasons well outlined by y'all. But, Arthur knew how she was, understood her demands, and asked her, nonetheless. The best advice, imo, for any couple considering marriage, is to not expect their partner to change. They are who they are. The "warts" you see will be there for life. Can you deal with them? If the good far outweighs the "faults," you are a match. Marrying with the express hope that some major aspect of the other's character can be managed? A fool's errand. A man of the cloth, with Arthur's experience of counseling folks, and many encounters with human nature which has never changed from before Christ, would know this.
  5. The larger issue with Arthur is he demonstrated he does not respect Trish as a co-equal partner. On the hugest of issues, he chose lies of omission. There's no overcoming that. There is no compromise. Trish can swallow and try to accept she is second-best to Arthur's ambition. And yes, it is ambition, not service to mankind. He punted that particular ethos into the East River when he quit. This Diocese is a joke. They just lost a Bishop to unsettled family affairs, largely due to their man's pride getting in the way of living a life of integrity and transparency. Helloooooo, Arthur! Did Arthur fail to communicate to them the very real promise he made to his fiancee? Is he still keeping it from them? Perfect Bishop material, that one. But, something like this is absolutely something the Diocese should be digging into as a matter of course. Arthur is a relatively new widower, quit his life's calling, and he just sold his home and got engaged. In a very few months. They see no red flags?! After all this, the man still thinks this is about "balance?" It's a very good thing he took off his collar. It's nice to have Ray back with some realistic gifts and talent he can provide. The Grenelle arc seems to be promising. If Miles needs my addy to return my lost Lotto-winning ticket, let me know!
  6. I am glad to see the further repercussions from the fraternization. Davis is a special kind of stupid if she continues to try to ameliorate the situation. I would truly hate duty protecting an insane Ambassador. I liked the realism of the State Department trumping the very clear and imminent mortal threats. The tactics of the firefight were, unfortunately absurd. First, Clay has a clear shot at the bad guys as they were leaving their vehicle. One, or two, of them would have easily been taken out. Clay does not even fire. Later, the baddies were deploying around the SE (master locked) entrance. Ray had clear shots at them. He does not fire. We had the old SEAL chestnut where grenades are scarce as hen's teeth - for both sides. You think an attack that well co-ordinated would not have had, at the least, half a dozen RPG's? There was something heavy-duty in that first plastic case which Ray/Clay spotted. Never used. Ray's position was the only one returning fire and the baddies did not send a grenade or missile to take it out? Then, the baddies have the most precise mortars imaginable as they took out cars, one after the other. Well, they did not have that ability earlier? Riiiiight. The best, aka a new low, was when Clay did not instantly shoot out the lock. Beyond laughable. Surreal? Utterly incredible. Why did the Captain even wait a few seconds for Blackburn to describe the live fire? He would not have instantly shouted the order for Jason to get his team to the compound pronto? He needed a conversation? Remember, he had been primed to give that order, anyway when the stand-down order originally came down. He stood mute. Joke.Now, if he had ordered them to standby awaiting a go-ahead from higher-ups? Cool. Not on him. Yet, as we saw, that was not at play. It would be interesting to see what further military response has been triggered. There is little chance, imo, that Bravo would be forced to hold out alone for more than 8 hours. Then again, with the mortars the enemy has? They'd all be gone within a couple hours, anyway.
  7. She keeps saying reasonable compromise about work is cool. I've yet to see one. I agree she would enjoy sharing an a-vocation with Arthur. No real responsibility and freedom to take off as desired. Charity work, for example. A vocation? She would not have sold the shop if she wanted a real job. She clearly loved what she was doing. Why would she have given that up if she thought she would be taking on another position?
  8. The man who is supposed to be the sage, wise, and careful presence to help tamp down Miles' impulsive enthusiasm has behaved with astonishing impetuosity himself. That is a structural problem for the show. He quits his "calling in life" and he then becomes engaged to a woman he truly does not know well and sells his beautiful home, all within a very, very, short time. Now he might could unquit? A flea puts more thought into its next jump.
  9. "We are as sick as our secrets." - Recovery aphorism. Every single thing the Bishop said about red flags coming from his daughter was doctrinal recovery. The "slip" almost never happens out of the blue and all at once. It is pretty much always rooted in a less-than rigorous honesty and accountability - the keeping of secrets being an example - that leads to a relapse. Claire's behavior was screaming DANGER. Being too tired/overextending oneself is a surefire way to lose sobriety. She was well on her way. I do call BS on the Bishop's keeping his addiction from his daughter. A good sponsor would have pointed out to him years and years before that just about the only reason to not make a full/complete amend to someone, and she was most certainly owed one, is if the revelation would hurt them, or others. This revelation comes nowhere near that. It was selfish. It was not loving. It was from fear, not love. Addicts simply can not afford to live a lie like that and expect to achieve long term dryness/non-use. Sobriety? Not as I understand it. To be clear, nothing is impossible. But, by way of example, any idea what the odds of achieving even a year of sobriety are? 35-1. Please believe me when I tell you that addiction is a super-powerful and sneaky evil. A supreme level of honest vigilance is the most consistent (some argue it's the only) tool to manage against it. The 12 Steps are unrivaled in their effectiveness. They were turned on their head by TPTB in this ep, imo. Rachel giving up Claire's anonymity without first asking permission? Unconscionable. It's as grave a "sin" in recovery as there is. Not cool, show. Arthur is in a nice box of the writer's making now. He cannot accept the Bishopric and also marry Trish. It's one or the other. This isn't Rakesh and Jaya and parental units. This is super serious stuff. Trish has made it known she wants no part of a Church life, beyond worship (and maybe even that is problematic?). And what's up with a Diocese that is willing to bring back a man who took all his toys and ran away? Personality over principle is not exactly a holy tenet. TPTB are messing around with incredibly important institutions and themes here. Intentionally or not, just like with Claire and her father in this ep, they are creating space for some really bad things to happen IRL. All of the above, excepting the odds piece which is scientifically-accepted fact, is as I understand it and that does not make me an oracle. YMMV! Who makes a one-way bet? She lost, but lost nothing. Huh? I'm happy to have a legit hottie wedging his way into Cara's life. Standard rom-com tensions are sure to ensure. Good.
  10. I recalled her from 1995. Her first monstrous album dropped in February that year. 20 million sold to-date. Several million almost instantly. Her celebrity took off during that year and she became an icon immediately. The marketers saw to it. Martina McBride also broke big in 1995. Independence Day, y'all? Another name which ought to have been at least mentioned in passing is Amy Grant. She grew up in...wait for it...Nashville. Sure, she was marketed as a Gospel artist. Yet, her sound was absolutely informed by Bluegrass. A significant number of her offerings got pretty good play in certain "country" radio formats, too. She was a Queen of Nashville, forever promoting and representing the area. Her crossover appeal helped the country wave build, as well. I was going to mention Alan Jackson being given short shrift in my first post. Also, if Burns' wanted to bring in politics of war with Vietnam and how music played a significant role (it really did), he should not have omitted Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA (1984), which became, and remains (for good or for ill), a cultural touchstone. The Carter marrow and legacy was pretty much played out before the 90's hit. It was overwhelmed by the modern crossover explosion of the genre of that time. Burns lowered his standard and broke format to shoehorn JC into the last ep. Again - the seconds were beyond precious in Episode 8. How many hits did we get with RC? Not justified. Thank God I'm a Country Boy. It does not get more "Country" than that. The name (alias), "Denver?" How does it get more "Western?" I don't much blame Burns for not giving the man more of a presence in the doc, but it's one of the wackiest musical heritages evah that he was not seen as a full-on country artist in his ascendancy. He probably made more money by being handled more as a "pop" artist. As his character Deputy Dewey Cobb, on one of my favorite McCloud episodes (remember that?!) would have said, "Farrrr out." Did we have even one appearance by Connie (Mrs. Stuart) Smith? I'd love to know that backstory. Surely, she was asked.
  11. Her unceasing efforts to be seen as "one of us" pays off handsomely - never more so than when Strahan flew the coop and Ryan got gazillions to come aboard. Ripa is a sharp political creature and she played Disney for all she was worth. She was a working mom who was being kept down. - she was a VICTIM of corporate machinations. In the meantime she played the hardest of hardball with her personal "strike." All non-Disney media played along and Disney knew they were screwed. So...girl got paaaaaaiiiiiiid! Tragically, she is unable to enjoy her riches.
  12. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
  13. Did not like this ep at all - except for some reality fiiiiiinally coming into play with Sosa (Sonny/Lisa). The firefight with the barricaded dudes through the hatch window? They are taking serious rounds and returning the same. Then, after more of this, they then decide to toss grenades before the breach. In a million years, why would they choose to keep taking fire like that? Where the hell was Blackburn when the chokepoints became obvious (inability to breach two hatches)? There comes a time when Plan B must be looked at. We were waaaaaay past it. If I am Lindell, I am questioning them all verrrrrry closely as to how the mission evolved. I don't trust Jason at all, not Blackburn. for that matter. The AA (after-action report) would have been a doozy. That's the Lindell we have seen, right? Ray's failure to notify Jason of his plans did not raise any red flags with his mentor/sponsor? Of course not. Ugh. Remember how broke Jason was? How is he affording these hundreds of dollars worth of bar runs? Jason is correct about Natalie. She cares not for his career. If she sees he is broken down to X extent, he is done. He is obvious well past X. However, bringing her aboard is a smart move and it affirms Lindell's statements to Clay we saw last week. Jason is the bad guy here. No question. When they rescued the hostages, did anyone see any evidence that Loch had received medical attention? The pirates were not fools. If it was about keeping their meal tickets in good health, the hostages would not have been looking as rough as they did. The bottom line is the very real fracturing of the team, which several posters have well documented in here, is too much to overcome. The Navy recognized, but then failed to re-constitute the Team. Now we'll watch as Natalie forces Lindell's hand. Then our lying eyes and ears will be told it never happened.
  14. I have never seen a better accounting of race in American culture than what Burns has done in this remarkable documentary. The eps recalling the roots of this music are spectacular. As was depicted later, no other American art form has retained its origins and continues to honor them as well as this one. Jimmie Rodgers would recognize what he would see and hear today. I had no earthly idea who Marty Stuart was. I do now. Fabulous storyteller and historian. Rhiannen is an absolute gem. My concerns for the relative strength of this doc as it played out were borne out, though. I knew there would be "hands washing hands" with some of the folks who appeared on camera. Trisha Yearwood, for example, was given much too much time in an incredibly packed finale where where each second was precious. There were also some repetitive elements, most prominently the Smith/Stuart "romance." I counted at least four tellings/allusions. These were entirely, and should have been, avoidable. Without question, short shrift was given to the phenomenal rise of the genre in the 80s and the new understandings, forced largely by the marketers, of what the "sound" was. No mention whatsoever of the absolute dominance of the rock and roll stylizations of this time. Garth was given his proper due. But, Strait and Travis were not. Where the heck was Shania?!!!!!!!! The crossover of "country" at that time was never seen before, and has not been seen since. It deserved much more examination. Burns made the correct choice to move things along so deliberately as he constructed the first 5 or 6 eps. Unfortunately, he boxed himself in as to the later permutations and superstars. I wonder if he went back to the foundations and PBS and asked for more support to add at least one more ep. Stuart's final appearance was excellent. "I invite you to come in." So, too, were Burns' choices and sequencing of images as he was fading to the end. Pretty much perfection, these all were.
  15. That was my first thought, as well. Then I looked verrrrry closely at the not-Joy mom. The actress did not change expression from the one she had before and during the time she asked the question. Not a quick look back at Joy (signifying some new thought), not anything. If that meaning was supposed to have been conveyed, my belief is it would have been made much more obvious. The show typically hits us over the head with a metaphorical hammer when we are to infer such important understandings.
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