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  1. ESPN is on that SEC love train too, seeing how they just straight up lied about the results of last year's Sugar Bowl.
  2. This year's John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners commercial.
  3. This reminds me or a toothpaste commercial where a kindergarten teacher is going through colors and she asks the students what color are her teeth. The kids' answers were beige, off-white, and mother of pearl, leading her to start using whatever brand of toothpaste they were advertising. Thing is, her teeth's original shade was fine. I find blindingly white teeth to look disturbingly unnatural *cough*Roberto Firmino*cough*.
  4. I wasn't sure if this belongs here. Also, I'm not crying, you're crying.
  5. Popples

    NFL Thread

    Even Jerry knows he's the problem. He gave an interview some years back saying if the GM was another person who had the same results as Jerry did, the other person would have been fired by now. Jerry just has an insatiable desire to be the one who gets all the praise. It still pisses him off that Jimmy Johnson is credited for the Cowboys' success in the '90s.
  6. I really don't understand Eddie's animosity towards Kimberly. He actually said, mocking Kimberly, "I could have bought an Hermès bag, but instead I bought a child." WHAT?!
  7. If you always use the same brand of salted butter, you might be okay. However, if you go for what is on sale that week, it could lead to an inconsistent taste. I would have been fine with either the Snowflake topper or the Santa coming down the chimney winning. I just wish the guy had used the same red icing on Santa's bag as he did the hat instead of leaving it plain with writing on it.
  8. I learned this story from Drunk History, and all I can say is that Dolly Parton is a much better person than I could ever hope to be.
  9. Here's a screenshot of Angela's dad with his "Abar" name-tag if it helps.
  10. One of the best comments I read was that not having a reliable kicker was in the fine print of his deal with the devil.
  11. Popples

    Disney Films

    That's right! It's been a while since I watched the entire film through, I usually end up repeating the musical numbers over and over again.
  12. Popples

    Disney Films

    "Someone's Waiting For You" makes me ugly cry every time. If I had all these children, my hair would probably turn white as well. I think they're probably hers, they never explicitly said.
  13. It depends on what site. The New York Times, for instance, cuts off most of the article wanting the visitor to sign up for a free account if you use incognito.
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