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  1. Popples


    Also a new trailer for the upcoming episodes!
  2. Popples


    I've been waiting for a Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers reference since the Gummi Bears shoutout in "From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!" And finally Daisy and Goslyn! Adult Kit looks just like Baloo, except brown. I can't wait for September!
  3. Popples

    Years and Years

    I was so shocked at Daniel's death. Mostly because I thought something was going to happen to Stephen. When Muriel and Celeste kicked him out and he had all his possessions on his back with the bike, I thought he might have another neck spasm and be hit by a car while inadvertently looking the other way.
  4. The hetero lifemates are back. Snoogans.
  5. Popples


    From IMDb:
  6. I always forget about the Boomerang network because my cable company doesn't carry it, in my area at least.
  7. Every time I see that commercial, I wonder if the kids in it even know who or what The Flintstones are.
  8. I'm most excited about the nominations for Billy Porter and Alfie Allen! I might actually have to tune in since this is the first time in years more than two shows I watch are nominated.
  9. Popples

    NFL Thread

    This is my favorite Odell outfit take.
  10. Popples

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    For me, it was Hercules, the first Men in Black film, and as King Louis XV in Marie Antoinette.
  11. Popples

    Years and Years

    I had this exact same thought! Also, Steven was really grating. I can't believe Edith drank the liquid remains of her father, then again if you have radiation poisoning, nothing really phases you.
  12. Popples

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    The Music Man took home the Tony Award for Outstanding Musical over West Side Story.
  13. Popples


    Season 1, episode 4 "Home", the police come in guns ablazing towards the end. Not to mention Thursday has to save Morse's life at the very end by being quick on the trigger.
  14. Popples


    God, this episode is still fantastic four months later, I'm so emotional all over again. I can't find any information about it, but the voice that's narrating the film at the beginning sounds like Roger Allam.
  15. Popples


    Yes, that's the order. I didn't discover the show until after the second season and absolutely fell in love with it. I still haven't seen every episode of Lewis (because my local PBS stations hate me), but I just discovered Wal-Mart has the entire box set for under $42, so I might have to treat myself.