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  1. Popples

    NFL Thread

    This might be my favorite recommendation for Washington's new name:
  2. Stamps.com Generates Sales of Over $4 Million in Last Week Tonight Custom Postage Stamps in Support of the USPS.
  3. Popples

    The NBA

    DeAndre Jordan tests positive for Covid-19.
  4. Liverpool are the champs, but there are still matches to play. They work on a points system (3 points per win and 1 point per draw) and Liverpool has 86 points (28-2-1 record) and second place Manchester City is far behind with 63. They've set 5 Premier League records, including earliest title win (7 games left to play), and can possibly set 5 more.
  5. Darlene Love's 1992 "All Alone on Christmas" references her 1963 Christmas song "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)". Do you remember sleigh riding in the snow And dancing all night to "Baby, Please Come Home" Today's celebration is bittersweet There's mothers and children in the street
  6. I knew this would be there.
  7. I need video of him sobbing with joy so very badly.
  8. It's official; Congratulations Liverpool.
  9. Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato Time" mentions The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", The Marvelettes' "Please, Mr. Postman", and Chubby Checker's "The Twist" in the second, third, and fourth verses, respectively.
  10. Popples

    American Soul

    This was my favorite episode so far. I agree with Tessa, let "Happy Don" out more often. Major props to the costume department, those outfits were on point. Original Sly DCYOUNGFLY as Sly Original Elton John Hudson Thames as Elton Original video of Mary Wilson and Don Cornelius going down the Soul Train Line Marquita Goings as Mary
  11. The appearance by Rhett and Link was a surprise.
  12. This might not fit in, because I'm not sure if it was a shout-out or a happy coincidence. I've always found it a bit interesting that "This Kiss" from the album Faith by Faith Hill contained the line "It's the way you love me", then on her next album, Breathe, there's a song called "The Way You Love Me".
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