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  1. New sneak peak from the premiere episode! I'm really excited to see Donald and Della's relationship and how they incorporate Della in the opening credits. Five more days!
  2. ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ & ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Set HBO Returns Amid Coronavirus Crisis.
  3. Most of the Moon people are sticking around so I'm sure Penumbra and Della will get up to shenanigans, also Penumbra and Launchpad are going to have some interactions as well! New promo!
  4. Popples

    NFL Thread

    Hmmm... Also, why the hell is Cam typing like this?
  5. Popples


    They didn't even use her correct Twitter handle in their tweet.
  6. Is it weird that I got a bit emotional at the end? I actually started to tear up a bit. I also really enjoyed it being just John by himself, he was still really funny without the audience laughing, which is a feat not everybody can pull off. Just like TikTok hamsters, Wu-Tang Clan would also like everyone to know that coronavirus ain't nothing to fuck with, so stay as safe as you possibly can everyone!
  7. Even though I was so excited about this upcoming series, I was a bit reluctant to get into it, but I absolutely adored it. Oracle: I always hate when Morse and Thursday are at odds, it's so frustrating and infuriating to me. I thought Dr. Blish's wife was going to end up being the murderer. Maybe her getting back at him chafing under his misogyny and possible infidelities or infatuations with other women under him at the research facility (he never mentions the pretty ones). Dude had some serious projection going on, talking about women in the laboratory made him uncomfortable because they're too emotional about who does or doesn't love them when it was him all along who had the wrong idea about unrequited affections. Raga: The fact that they had Roger Allam's wife Rebecca Saire back and their actual son, William, played her son that died really upset me. That must have been incredibly difficult for them. First, he came to tell her that her son was dead, then the scene in the morgue when she kept crying about him being cold while he was on the slab. I was DONE. Zenana: Certain parts of this episode felt like a horror film, which is a genre I tend to avoid, I had to pause it a couple of times to calm myself down and press on the finish it. All of those taxidermy animal statues really freaked me out. I thought Mrs. Bright was going to die between series 6 and 7, but they bring her back just to kill her in an even worse fashion. Now poor Mr. Bright really has lost his entire family. I loved that Max DeBryn was not here for Morse and Thursday's relationship breakdown at the scene of a murder. It was nice to see that Strange realized that Morse was on to something with the life insurance business. Usually, Thursday is the one to listen, so seeing Strange picking that up was somewhat comforting. Leicester, Uttoxeter, Dover, Oxford? Come on! At first, I thought that Ludo somehow knew that Morse and Violetta had already slept together (he seemed the overly jealous and possessive type that would have her followed anytime she was out of his sight) and was tormenting them by being super friendly and waiting for the right time to say, "I knew all along" and that he would try to kill Morse over her. Instead, he just kept Morse close so he couldn't see the forest for the trees about his shady dealings.
  8. Update: John Oliver Going Dark After Sunday.
  9. Episode titles and airdates:
  10. According to Deadline, the show will tape without an audience on Sunday.
  11. Popples

    NFL Thread

    I guess I'll have to take what I can get. I'm happy that Deadspin is back, but the lack of a comments section is very disappointing.
  12. HOLY SHIT. And Robin was hilariously sort of close with the Tina Fey guess.
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