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  1. I neither knew that they were going ahead with the Senior Bowl nor that the Combine was canceled.
  2. Popples

    NFL Thread

    Deshaun wanted Houston to hire Omar Khan as GM, Khan is in Pittsburgh. Hopefully the Steelers Old Yeller send their current quarterback to a nice farm upstate during the offseason and give Deshaun the front office personnel he wants.
  3. Popples

    NFL Thread

    I don't ever want to see that man in another Super Bowl.
  4. A colt gets raised by mountain goats then goes in a mystic cave to become the new (ugly) For Bronco.
  5. Popples

    NHL Thread

    San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has filed for bankruptcy, totaling $26.8 million of debt.
  6. Still taking shots at Notre Dame and I am here for it!
  7. LOL, another thing for me is that Debra Messing can do slapstick comedy. Also, Lucille Ball was known for having a very expressive face and Nicole Kidman's forehead hasn't moved in 20 years.
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