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  1. I tuned in the second half to see how, not if, Nebraska would blow their lead and I was not disappointed. Scott Frost got the dreaded vote of confidence, but I don't know if they can keep him for another season, because this is not the type of record you want to break.
  2. I'm absolutely gutted, Gypsy is my second favorite musical. After his music, one of the first things I always remember about him was the story he told about when he was staying with Oscar Hammerstein II when Show Boat opened and he cried so hard he ruined Hammerstein's wife's fur coat. RIP Mr. Sondheim, what an incredible talent and legend.
  3. Popples

    NFL Thread

    On a much more serious topic, Vikings DE Everson Griffen has barricaded himself in his house with a gun and did a video where he claimed that people were trying to kill him and that Dalvin Cook helped him purchase the gun.
  4. Popples

    NFL Thread

    Dude was projecting like hell in that statement. "Everybody is probably a little lactose intolerant so it messes up our stomachs." Nah, man YOU are probably lactose intolerant and you hate that many people enjoy it so you shit on it. He's now my third least favorite NFL player ever due to that nonsense.
  5. Popples

    NFL Thread

    It's the NFL's "Salute to Service". They've been doing it every November since 2011.
  6. Emmy-Nominated Disney Voice Actor Will Ryan Dies
  7. Popples

    NFL Thread

    All the doinks today!
  8. I was about to type this! I always think about that scene when people start bringing up baby names. My brother named me after one of his friends, who luckily had a gender-neutral name, like "Adrian". Then my parents had the brilliant idea to spell it differently (Adryan) and put up with many years of me complaining how I could never find my name on things like keychains and stuff, all because of one stupid letter.
  9. This looks kind of cute and I liked the use of "It's Gonna Be Me".
  10. The captions are so hilarious and the ending exceeded all of my hopes and expectations.
  11. I was gagging through the restaurant scenes with the old food. OMG, the salad starter in the car! 🤢 The health inspector must not make it up there on a regular basis. Moon's story was great and the pirate part was hilarious, especially Honeybee.
  12. University of Washington Director of Athletics Jen Cohen announced today that Head Football Coach Jimmy Lake has been relieved of his duties, effective immediately.
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