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  1. Intuition

    S15.E04: Little Tools, Big Challenge

    I'm happy when no more women are eliminated but not happy to see men go home just because they're men or they're white. So I agree that the comment mentioned was mean spirited and prejudiced. A white man has won in 6 out of 14 seasons on this show so a non-white and/or non-male winner would hardly be tables turning "for once". Considering that most gourmet chefs in the US have been historically male and white in this country, it seems to me that Top Chef has done far more to help non-white and female chefs get recognized and given their due than it has done anything against that.
  2. Intuition

    S11.E08: The Tesla Recoil

    That's a good question. Did I miss something? Does anyone know how he's been getting there?
  3. Intuition

    S05.E09: Trust

    There's no way she would have been too tired for sex with him if she really wanted it. That was total BS. I think he makes her feel like an "old lady". She talks to him as if he were her son or something. Then again, he asks for it by acting like an unsure teenager. What a horrible match!
  4. Intuition

    S05.E09: Trust

    OMG I have been thinking this about Danielle the entire season! She needs an eyebrow intervention in the worst way. I understand the strong eyebrow is in style but she has no idea how to shape them!
  5. Intuition

    Beach Flip

    I read this was coming back this year but I haven't seen any premiere date yet.
  6. Intuition

    S02.E10: The Gamble

    Nicole could afford to wonder what the bears were eating because they were far enough away from her camp for her not to feel unsafe. In fact, in earlier episodes she mentioned that they were no threat as long as they stayed at a safe distance on their side of the cove, which it looks like they did. They even looked far away and zoomed in in all the camera shots we saw of them. I actually think it was the other way around and the show was trying to make it look like the bears were more of a threat than they really were.
  7. It's not starting sex too early that's the problem, it's that having just married the guy, Vanessa assumed Tres wouldn't be just having his fun like no strings attached, but doing it within a serious relationship. That isn't too much to assume in what at that time was a legally binding marriage So I agree with Snarkle that Tres had the responsibility of being up front about not being on board with a serious commitment if he was just having fun with her at that time. He could have said, "I want to have sex with you but if I do please understand that it's just for fun and not within the context of a true marital commitment." Of course he'd never have said that because if he did he knew she would probably have said no.
  8. Intuition

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Whatever anyone's personal experience may be, no one can speak for how Whitney's body reacts to dieting only their own. And no two people are the same. I have read that no two people with PCOS gain or lose the same way. It may be harder for you to gain weight and easier for you to lose it even with PCOS than for Whitney. Insulin resistance for anyone is a tough thing to beat and cutting out only 300 calories a day will not even make most normal people lose weight, which is why most diets always cut people down to somewhere around 1500 calories a day. And it's circular logic to claim that Whitney gained weight not because she has a low metabolism but because she eats more calories than she burns - It's precisely because she has a low metabolism or insulin resistance or both that she doesn't burn calories as efficiently as someone without those issues and gains weight more easily and on less food than a person without that problem. It is common knowledge that insulin resistance causes a person to put on more weight on less food plus makes them have a much harder time taking it off than if they didn't have the insulin resistance. That's a double-bind I wouldn't wish on anyone.
  9. I am taking my post on this to the small talk thread.
  10. Intuition

    S05.E13: One More Woman in Kody's Life

    Yeah, I'm not going to bash Christine for taking advantage of a little help. She's paid her dues as far as I'm concerned. I pay someone to clean my house when I'm stretched thin for any number of reasons, including that I just need a break. And it's not even that easy for me to afford it, either.
  11. Intuition

    S05.E13: One More Woman in Kody's Life

    Not to defend her, but this used to be the rationale men used to devalue "women's work". I've worked full time all my life and never had kids and yet I would not say this about Christine. When I'm home (like I was yesterday because of snow) I find I've got plenty to do, and my house is half the size of hers plus I don't have a zillion other family members taking up my time. Hubbie is out hustling his butt to make $$ round the clock so all the housework, food shopping, cooking, etc. falls on me. I feel kinda sorry for Christine and the rest of the wives because as far as I can see they don't get any support from Kodouche with these things.
  12. Intuition

    Food Network in the Media

    Guy didn't become a megastar either overnight and Jeff is rapidly going places with the network so I hope he will one day eclipse Guy. That network needs less of Guy by now and it seems like most of the public agrees from what I read on comment boards.
  13. Intuition

    Food Network Star Alums

    Yeah, I always wondered about some of her stories sounding made up. I honestly never bought that she came from a background of poverty although I thought I heard her say at one point that her mom was a single mom - Perhaps she became a child of divorce at some point. And military salaries back in that day especially and with a few mouths to feed wouldn't exactly add up to living in the lap of luxury. Not that I know too much about this but I do know the military subsidizes child care. I'm not sure how much they did back then but they do now at least on military bases and perhaps outside too. And especially back in the day when she was a kid it might have been pretty cheap to have a Mexican nanny. I just think Melissa hasn't broadcasted the details of her family life enough to make any of this seem plausible, perhaps because of the divorce. I never got the sense that she's an outright liar like Rachael Ray, who continually attributes her love of food and knowledge of cooking to her grandfather, who BTW died when she was barely 5 years old! I mean, she acted like she watched and learned how to cook from him!
  14. Intuition

    Food Network Star Alums

    I brought this over here from the "media" thread - I think Jeff is exactly what FN wanted and he is popular with fans too, so I think he has a lot of potential and a bright future ahead of him at the network, especially since doing so well on "The Kitchen". He's just not an overnight sensation. Guy really wasn't either. It took him a few years to become a mega star on the network. I hope Jeff's momentum continues and increases. Hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel with the constant Guy bombardment and Jeff can eventually replace him as their "go to" guy.
  15. Intuition

    Food Network in the Media

    His mother just got out of the hospital from breast cancer and he makes a schticky post about going hunting like he's still "in character". Plus it's his first post anywhere since winning. This ass knows nothing about how to handle his public image. I still think the guy is certifiable. I hope Food Network puts him on the next stagecoach to nowhere.