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  1. OK, well, maybe you're right that he doesn't want them living with him (or maybe he has a really tiny home)? Whatever, though--we can't know because it's not a topic that was ever brought up. I personally think that if it had been, DJ wouldn't say flat-out no, considering that he sees how crammed full his dad's home now is. All I was saying was that this was a clunky and convoluted way to shoehorn this storyline/issue into the show. I have never seen any indication that they were not close with DJ in the original series, in which DJ was pretty much a child.
  2. This conflict felt unnatural and forced, especially for this show, which always did reality pretty well. Like why wouldn't the family as a whole not just decide, when DJ took this new job, that Mary would just go to the house after school and DJ pick her up later? Or, for that matter, why some people from Dan's don't just go live at DJ's, at least while his wife is gone.
  3. Maybe she's not a mom but a babysitter who has never actually seen the dad!
  4. Seems counterproductive and kind of mean to the kid, haha!
  5. There's some Pringles (I think) one with a woman who says this type of Pringles is "not really Pringles," just like the picture her kid is drawing is "not really Daddy." And then she gives him a sarcastic "Oookay" when he says that it is. Am I missing something? Is it "funny"? How does this even make sense? What the fuck is wrong with her? (And even if the kid had drawn a perfect charcoal portrait, that portrait also would not really be Daddy, as it is a piece of paper and Daddy is, presumably, human.)
  6. Ugh, I hate that Enya song and I don't really get why it's in the commercial anyway. However, I am all for giant bowls of mac & cheese, haha (my mom told me that when I was little, I would eat the majority of the box myself while she and my dad had something else).
  7. Same uncle who posted that teachers and parents should just chill about schools reopening, citing that he too is a teacher and it's easy and safe and perfectly fine. He teaches automotive stuff at a tech school for adults. Oh, and has no kids.
  8. Just saw this shared by my uncle. This attitude is not helpful and is what will keep us in this position. Spreader events DO affect other people. And does the author of this dumb thing think the awesome neighbors will just vanish from the neighborhood and no longer be able to do this litany of neighborly things? if the authorities break up a rule-violating party? Fucking stupid. I feel like these fools are just letting the rest of us do the heavy lifting for them in this whole shit-show.
  9. It's funny--most of the people I know who refer to other people as snowflakes are also the people who scream "unfair" at just about everything (well, not everything, exactly...), are afraid of a whole lot of hypothetical scenarios, and/or subscribe to outlandish conspiracy theories.
  10. I get very, very peevy when people call other people "sheep" for...not thinking like they do. Oh, the irony.
  11. At least a lot of the retail sites have reviews (some with photos) that are helpful if the person includes her dimensions. But come one, secondhand sellers--you can even just take photos with a tape measure in them if you don't want to type it all out!
  12. I hate when Ebay/Poshmark/Etsy sellers don't put measurements on their vintage clothing. How lazy. And do they WANT to have to answer 650 questions?
  13. Do you really need to take one daily (not arguing, haha--I'm no doctor!)? I have to take it because of a vegan diet, but I need it only once or twice a week, if that.
  14. One of my most favorite pairs of Levi's came from the costume shop of the theater department in college! (I wasn't in that curriculum, but I did costume work for vis-art credits--it was less "glamorous" than it sounds). But, as for peeves, the costume-shop lady, who was like a sitcom gruff-but-lovable crazy neighbor, said the best thing regarding sewing errors: "So what? No one's gonna die from it!" Sometimes I still think of that when I am feelin' peevish!
  15. I think I am one of the "lucky" ones (even at Goodwill & Salvation Army), but I'm guessing we probably shop for different stuff--and where I am, the Goodwills are surprisingly well organized; the first time I went into the one near where I live, I almost fell over in shock! We also have the best big crazy warehouse of vintage not too far away and it's super-cheap (I scored 4 vintage '70s maxi dresses for $32 once)! But that's because the majority of it is organized in boxes labeled with Sharpies, haha! It's worth it, IMO (but not the easiest place to shop in very hot or very cold weather).
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