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  1. Oh, I know. I have no opinion on the school, only on the way they’re all looking expectantly at Grandma! As for working and online college for me, though—no. I work over 50 hours most weeks, so yikes!
  2. The whole "it doesn't matter how old you are" attitude bugs me too. I do understand what's behind it and i do believe people should what they want to do. I also often lament that I don't have a degree and especially that I didn't go to school for something else, so I get it! But I find that many people who say this, along with stuff like "where there's a will...," don't quite get that, in order for me -- or many people -- to "correct" it, it would turn life as we know it completely upside down at this stage! And then they act like I am being so negative! I am really not, I swear; I just don't want to take out many loans and be starting again at this age and have no time for myself anymore. Saying "it's not worth it" in this scenario is less about being negative than it is about being practical (and it's not like I am completely miserable either; if I was, I probably would find a way).
  3. There's a commercial for Southern New Hampshire University that gets on my nerves in such a weird, particular way. It shows vignettes of real people (I think?) at home with their new diplomas and, in one, an old grandma is on a couch with a framed document, presumably shoved into her hands by whomever the graduate is. Grandma seems baffled as fuck until some annoying person (possibly the graduate) steps forward and points at the frame and says just "Southern New Hampshire University!" as if Grandma should have totally known WTF was going on here. I don't know why this gets on my nerves so much, other than it feels like this is some sort of gift-giving occasion and this family thought that just simply knowing that someone got a diploma served as a good enough present for Grandma!
  4. The vet I take my boys to told me once that a customer brought in a sick yet curable dog to be euthanized. My vet said he'd do it, sent the person on his garbagy way, and the dog lives there to this day.
  5. The Shining carpet sighting in yesterday's episode. Also, I feel like the "previously on" segments are showing things that I never saw.
  6. Becky told Emilio to think of her as a sister.
  7. Way back when this first started, we had a Teams happy hour. I remember that I wrangled my hair a bit and made a G&T. And had on a Nirvana T-shirt!
  8. I mentioned earlier how my jewelry (but for earrings and nose) comes off as soon as I get home. Same for shoes. And especially socks! I put them on when my feet are cold but they typically end up on the living room floor 15 minutes later. I may have tons of shoes in the closet but I guess I prefer a free foot!
  9. You sound just like me, right down to the love of the easier laundry routine and the new pajama binge! Haha, I became fed up with my regular rotation and cleaned house. I would never consider actually getting dressed as usual—I like dresses (maxi and mini, no in between) with tights and vintage sweaters and shit. So that would be bit much (I even saw a video where the chick was putting on shoes to work at home! I love boots and shoes, but hell no).
  10. Just blame your internet service for turning off the video! I do, only it’s the truth because Optimum in my town is a horror.
  11. Haha, unless I fall asleep on the couch, I can’t wear what I wear to bed while working. I would be very cold and it would be very inappropriate for video meetings!
  12. Congratulations! It must be so strange to start a new job during all of this!
  13. I compromised and just ordered a few new leggings. It's colder now, so maybe I'll just wear those and a pullover sweater (as opposed to an "around the house cardigan"), which, to be honest, is probably what I would be wearing to work on super-cold or potential-for-snow days anyway. My coworkers already know my hair is unruly and I am sure I'll still show up on Teams calls with an old Star Wars or band T sometimes. In hindsight, I’m surprised I didn’t wear maxi dresses all summer while WFH. I would have at least made use of the closet I so meticulously organized back in March when I switched the seasonal clothes out! Ugh, I am NOT doing it again for winter—I won’t! And I’m WFH until at least July, so I will be one step ahead by then!
  14. I miss jewelry too. I have my nose ring, a necklace, and earrings that always stay on, but I usually in normal times have rings and other necklaces—though those always came off the minute I got home because they were bigger and clunkier things. Maybe my BF needs to get me a little, nonchunky, “everyday” ring!
  15. You guys, I'm curious--are any of you who are working from home getting actually dressed in the mornings? Did you always, or was it a decision after it became clear that WFH would be an ongoing, prolonged thing? On one hand, I feel like I should, just to change things up a little and because I kind of miss my clothes! On the other, I feel like why create more laundry and add one more thing to do before logging in to work? Am I contemplating getting dressed only because I am bored with the repetitive routine? But it's not like I'd be getting dressed in the outfits I'd actually be wearing if I were going to an office, so how much of a difference would it make anyway? Sorry to bust in with such a comparatively superficial post amid all of the thoughtful comments about vaccination. I'm going to go back and read them at some point; I'm just feeling the "caution fatigue" lately and have been kind of avoiding the topic this last week--I thought ignoring it all might help me relax during my PTO. It only sort of did.
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