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  1. I’m pretty sure that she knows how to cook. I have not seen it myself, mind you, but I know enough people who have. I also didn’t know “dot with butter,” but I am by no means any kind of pie maker (though I would like a pie, now that I think about it). Also, holy crap, everyone—I TOTALLY forgot all about Siggy! It wasn’t even that long ago, what the hell?! Also also, I don’t know if my TV is weird (sometimes some channels look funny) but I thought that boyfriend looked very red and shiny!
  2. Oh, @tennisgurl, I dig your post, but my issue was less about the “concrete” and/or “logical” reasons and more about that he’s still her dad who (I assume) loves her. I guess I’m probably projecting, in a way, because I really feel that I could do just about anything and my dad would still be on my side (even if, in his mind, he wasn’t). I don’t think I’m articulating this very well!
  3. I think the “unicorn horn” was the paper cone for cotton candy. I thought it looked cotton candyish (or ‘90s club kid), but I hate that kind of costume. I like blood and gore and goth!
  4. I really want to know what would cause Jeanette's dad to treat her like this. Obviously, I get that this whole situation is very fucked up, but I assume that there must be something more pointedly specific and damning to make a previously doting dad act like this to his daughter, no matter how she's acting in the midst of it.
  5. Yeah, why are they doing that? I actually wanted to see it tonight after seeing that Teresa would be on it, but when I went to set the DVR, I couldn’t find it in the channel guide thing. Then I remembered they’ve been talking it onto the end of the episode, so whatever, but I was all confused for a minute, damn it!
  6. Teresa’s new lips are not good and I don’t think she “needed” to change them. I suspect I’m in the minority, but I always thought she was pretty (though “overdone,” makeup and style wise, for my taste), especially in the early seasons.
  7. Heard in some late-night commercial about some toaster/air fryer/grill/juicer/lawnmower/shaver combo—“save up to 70% less calories.” What is that sentence even trying to say?
  8. The scrunchie—it made me think of Heathers! Also, to this day, my BF and I regularly quote Clerks.
  9. Dear god, not one, but TWO songs that always get jammed into my head for days anytime I hear them: Two Princes and What’s Up?
  10. You guys, I swear that my dad knew a guy named Frank Catania in the late '80s, so I was just Googling FC to see if I could figure out why I even think this and through where (if he did at all; my dad is no help, though he says the name is familiar). Anyway, I saw this -- could this be correct?! (I also saw this poorly written and clearly untrue thing: "Currently he is in his 30s who has achieved a lot in his fitness career.")
  11. Honestly, I may be mildly impressed at anyone who puts on normal (or “normal” as the case may be here), non-loungy clothes and heels at this point. Because I feel like I may have forgotten how.
  12. Haha, I guess I’ll strip off my 20-year-old fraying Levi’s and band T (Monster Magnet, in keeping with the Jerseyness of this forum!) right here as I wait for my food order.* Who judges these sartorial designations? Stupid to me is weird random rules for women. And what’s more “age appropriate” than a grown woman doing what she wants? *Edit/off topic: why the hell is this place playing Xmas music?!
  13. For all their actual faults, is this an issue? Women can’t wear what we want once we get to a specific birthday? Baloney.
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