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  1. Re. HWs "blaming the edit," I mean...sometimes the edit is to blame. We've all seen reality shows messing around--clocks in the background indicating that more time has elapsed than the conversation we're shown, outfits not changing even though we're supposed to think it's the next day, wine glasses full, then empty, then full in a matter of seconds.
  2. There should have been nothing to "iron out"; they could have all just lowered their voices and continued with the threesome discussion.
  3. I really don't think using profanity in front of kids is the same as talking about actual sex acts, whether or not some of the words overlap. Denise never said she was concerned about swearing; what she said was to chill on the loud sex talk with the kids nearby. So, IMO, she's not being a hypocrite by swearing or by quietly talking about a damn dick. And Kyle flat-out admitted that she understands not talking about certain subjects with her own kids around, so she should understand what Denise's issue was--and I say "was," past tense, because she'd probably be over it by now if they'd all let the shit go instead of trying to come up with new and innovative proof that she's hypocritical. She said to quiet down and they are, for some reason, scandalized and butt-hurt by it. Also, the various reasons for her kids not being there are not necessarily an indication of prevarication, considering that they were simultaneously true. It looked to me like like a boy-short bathing suit bottom, not a thong. I don't see the issue with it, as it was similar to a swimsuit cover-up one would wear over at a beach or pool.
  4. Oh, thank the lord that at least one of these fools is not pretending to not understand Denise's issue!
  5. I fail to see the lure of this Max. He's not ugly or anything, IMO--just not notably attractive either, in personality or appearance (in fact, I think Andy Cohen is better looking than Max, haha!). And while Brett is not my kind of thing, I can at least understand why someone (or even many someones) would find him physically appealing. But Max, no--I don't see.
  6. I've been doing the "replenish as I go" routine, meaning if I am in a store already for something else, I'll grab a single hand sanitizer, roll of toilet paper, or roll of paper towels, even though we still have some at home. On another note, I am not about to get political, of course, but am adding a general "yikes" to this current environment. This is stressful.
  7. I really miss yard sales and thrift shopping, man. I am going to bleach and do some Manic Panic color to my hair this weekend. At first, I thought, why bother? But on the other hand, I do it because I like it and it's fun. It's also time consuming but when will I have more time for such trivial pursuits? Normally, I have the bleaching done by a pro because it's a little scary, but in these "uncertain times," I'll just do it (luckily (?), I have monster hair that seems to come back stronger and more willful than before after harsh processes!). And my regular hair stylist is always available by text to help if I get confused (I actually texted her yesterday just to make sure it's been long enough since the last bleach job)--she's great; I think she is taking appointments here and there, but isn't trying to convince me to come in during this shit-show.
  8. SOME days, I can do it in 2.5...hooray? Oddly enough, even though I tend to stay up late, I have been getting up within 30 minutes of the usual time and without an alarm.
  9. Oh good (re. the bold)! I cannot even imagine trying to read all day with it on (I'm a copy editor). I have no doubts that my company will do everything possible to make it safe. I'm not worried, I'm just confused as to why even bother making all these adjustments so we can go back at all if the majority of us (or at least the majority of survey respondents) are fine at home?
  10. Haha, I bought gas once since mid-March! I have a 2BR condo, but with the BF. Sometimes I regret letting him have the other one for his hangout.
  11. For me, there are many definite pros and a few cons to working at home. I love not having the commute (90 minutes one way, so this "pro" also means getting up a bit later and not buying gas all the time) and I really love being able to keep up with household stuff gradually, as opposed to losing half my weekend doing it (not that I have much use for my weekends at this point anyway). I love being with my cats and being able to brush my teeth each time I eat! On the other hand, I miss wearing real clothes and not, like, living where I work (I don't have a designated office, just the dining table). And sometimes the quiet is weird! The specific issue I am having with going back, though, is that we'll be pretty separated from each other anyway, so what's the difference?
  12. Haha, I thought the same thing! I don't recall if his animals are "ill gotten" or if he's trying to have a legit sanctuary for animals who can't really go back to their natural habitats, but--despite his shady past--he seemed more convincing (and educated) to me than Joe, Doc Antle, and Carol combined in terms of benevolence toward animals.
  13. Very much dig the rest of your post but this part isn't exactly what happened, as going to a session together isn't being "in therapy together," and the session wasn't about their relationship to each other. The other women are doing a very junior-high "you're, like, so gay" thing that is just willfully obtuse, IMO.
  14. I like Erica but what is her problem? We saw her having a calm, collected lunch with Denise , during which she seemed to understand Denise's issue with the loud sex conversation. Why are they all pretending not to understand perfectly understandable things? And I am glad that they showed Denise quietly saying the word "fuck" during the threesome conversation. She never told them not to talk about anything, much less not use profanity; she asked them to keep it down. I mean, I get that there is a high possibility that the kids can find out shit whenever they want, but I also think that it's silly to take that to mean that all bets are off in terms of what a parent does or doesn't want to happen in front of their kids. For example, underage kids can probably obtain booze somehow, so should a parent just say "fuck it" and actively serve the kids cocktails? Or it did then, but she's willing to forget it now, but for the others harping on it--much like Erica and the "flashing" incident, which she seemed to be over (and even laughed at Dorit's gift). These chicks don't get that what people are "still" mad at is the constant badgering and no longer the incident itself.
  15. That kid in the commercial doesn't sound remotely distressed to me, or like someone young enough to need help (but does sound too old to not just come out and say what it needs help with, if it is indeed in distress). But who knows--maybe it's just a really stoic (and accident-prone) child!
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