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  1. I didn’t LOVE Coral’s dress, exactly (I KIND OF dug it a little, I guess), but that color against the backdrop was so good—and I’m even not a big fan of yellow (except for that ‘70s mustard hue; I love that).
  2. Ugh, why can't Aldo's dumb kids just be normal brats? This is the second reference to them intending to cause harm to animals and why are all these people taking it so lightly?!
  3. THEY should be the ones to say, "whatever, here’s a refund immediately!" Instead they’re wasting time of various employees over $10?! That’s just crazy! And maybe why people flock to Amazon despite its myriad questionable practices (in my experience, Amazon has always just said, “whoops, sorry, keep it and we’ll send another or issue a refund, OK, bye”).
  4. Damn me -- iPhone over here!
  5. Yes, all day. I don't even know what to do anymore -- NOTHING actually works. I have basically stopped paying attention to my landline because of spam calls and now it's texts and calls on my cell.
  6. I'm late to the game on this one, but yesterday in a Zoom meeting, I had on an old Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirt, haha! Clients don't take part in these meetings and I don't think anyone at my job cares one way or the other, thank goodness.
  7. Same here for just about all of this! I didn't like the raincoat, but it looked well made despite what I suspect is a difficult material. And, yeah, that jumpsuit was terrible, but it's not like he thought it was good; he just had some mishaps and figured something would be better than nothing, I guess. And, I too was completely nipple-baffled!
  8. Maybe it’s not her house! Maybe her own house doesn’t have a good porch, so she waits for her fancier neighbors to leave and uses theirs! Also, I feel that a yogurt picnic is no good at all—I hope they had some better food in the cooler earlier! (Oh my goodness, maybe they’re not even her kids and that's why they're pedaling and scooting away from the lame yogurt-picnic lady so fast!)
  9. I’m annoyed by yet another yogurt commercial! A mom on, presumably, her own front porch with a cooler holding various Yoplait formats for her two kids. Why would you fill a cooler with a couple of yogurts when you are — again, presumably — 30 feet away from your own refrigerator? (I will add that this would probably not bug me if it were adults on the porch and the cooler was full of beer!)
  10. Agree, @eleanorofaquitaine. I’ve often thought that Tom S is overmotivated at times, and wildly passionate sometimes to a disproportionate degree.
  11. Why did they even need to be so formal about a pitch meeting with Randall anyway? They’ve all seen each other at their worst, I assume—just talk about it all at home!
  12. Why on earth did Brock make a big show of blindfolding Scheana? The proposal setup was on the balcony; why not just walk in like normal and let her find it next time she goes out there?
  13. I only watch NJ and BH—I wish Teresa (or Marge!) was included, not just because I (inexplicably) love her, but because I wanted to see her galumphing down the runway. I don’t know who I’d want from BH though—maybe Sutton?
  14. I did not see anything gothy about that black and silver mess—at least not in the sense of actual goth people/clothes. Maybe more like a Disney villain (with a bit of an Ace Frehley-influenced mother of the bride thrown in)!
  15. That ring was too big (to me, anyway). If, presumably, someone wears an engagement ring all the time, doesn't it make more sense for it to be less obtrusive? I mean, I didn't hate it, but it looked like a pain in the ass for every day -- and more like the big, clunky, vintage costume cocktail rings that my mom gave me.
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