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  1. I am so annoyed at my uncle, who just posted something that basically says "blah blah blah, it's fine to open all the schools--just be careful, DUH! I'm a teacher too so I know! [some kind of unrelated statistic about other things that kill people over a year]." One, he has no kids. Two, while, yes, he is a teacher, it is at a technical school for ADULTS!
  2. I read this as "Why is Ted Bundy buying maternity clothes." I wondered what I missed that may have given one of the HWs that nickname.
  3. Pointing that out to these types would probably do no good. I have more to say on that but it almost borders "political" a tiny, teeny bit.
  4. Not that I put much stock into anything Brandi says, but you can be drunk and still know what's happening. "Drunk" and "blackout drunk" aren't the same. Haha, I watch TV "regular drunk" and I know what happens on a show.
  5. That didn't bother me. A lot of people don't take allergies serious, especially if they've never heard of them. She was probably very limited in what she could eat there and be "safe." Yeah, what was she supposed to have said? I thought Dorit's "Judgy-Wudgy was a pregnant woman!" was so funny.
  6. I may agree with the maggots (at first I thought it was some kind of thing the stylist needed to do in order to get some other result; I did not think they were supposed to stay there). As for the boots, I don't remember any that resembled Frankenstein, but I really don't buy into telling people they are too old to wear some kind of clothing or another (my 49-year-old self will keep the band Ts, Docs/platforms, and ripped Levi's).
  7. Or, worse, in the beds of pick up trucks. This reminds me a peeve I have that has to do with -- surprise! -- social media. People who post memes implying that everyone today is some kind of big pussy -- like "Man up and calm down! I grew up with no helmets, no seatbelts, no whatever..." Like learning from mistakes how to be better is some kind of bad thing. Like once something is a certain way, it must stay that way forever. Like information over the years can't change and thus necessitate different approaches. I see this regarding so many things, not just the supposed "pussification" of today's kids or whatever, but also for environmental issues, food allergies, science, health, equality, etc. It's fucking maddening. It's basically saying it is somehow wrong to learn and change. And by that rationale, should we not all still be acting exactly like we did when we were were BORN?! Or to be less ridiculous, let's say when we turned 18.
  8. "Funding for children's programs are at risk." Really--"funding are"?! This may be worse than "Do you wish your clothes would come out of the dryer wrinkle free [or something like that]? Well, you can!"
  9. I hate these too, but more because of the stupid song. Ugh. I also find it to be a weird, random thing to do; it's not like there is "opposite-sounding" music playing before the mac & cheese, so isn't just the now happy, quiet, not fleeing kid enough to make the point?
  10. The "defenses" of "Denise's kids are going to see it on TV/hear about anyway" and "she knows how these HWs get," are to me, completely irrelevant and vaguely victim-blamey. She asked them to shut it at her house; they didn't. That's on them, not Denise. What may or may not happen regarding what her kids see and hear is speculation, while the fact that they wouldn't just keep it down to respect their host is fact. It's not up to them to decide what other people's kids hear at a party (especially considering that Kyle got all bent about a harmless joke that LVP made in front of Portia that time) or predict/assume what they may see or hear in the future..
  11. If, as she says, she was led to believe that Aaron was OK with it, then she isn't guilty of anything. If she's full of shit about that part, then she's a giant hypocrite. Also, who is clutching pearls about it?
  12. What is the timeline of this show anyway? Earlier in the season, one of Rinna's daughters was wearing a mask, but now we see all these big events full of people.
  13. Bite your tongue! I had a delightful desert iguana (miss you, Japhy!) who, I swear, smiled! And he was smarter than Brandi as well, but I suppose that goes without saying.
  14. I always though Carlton looked like Mrs. Baylock from The Omen.
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