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  1. I thought it was excellent--it really incorporated both the movie and the book Shining and pulled them together so well. And Stephen King got his finale to the original Shining here. The one negative for me was the Jack Torrance as the new Lloyd though; the other people playing Wendy and Dick really nailed it with the inflections and stuff, but Henry Thomas did not and it stood out because he had the most iconic part to play. Also, why would Jack now be the bartender--what's the "actual" spirit Lloyd doing?
  2. I am not a fangirl (though I do like Daryl very much), but for no particular reason, I have always thought of him as asexual.
  3. Thinking someone is physically appealing is not the same as being OK with that same person's bad acts.
  4. I think one can acknowledge someone's physical appeal, and even some positive personality traits or talents, without condoning that person's actions, especially if you don't know of the nasty stuff (like with Dexter--or Ted Bundy before he was caught). And, obviously, someone watching this show may appreciate and even like Negan because they like JDM. This always makes me wonder if everyone at the Kingdom had to be vegetarians; surely they'd need to feed Shiva all of the meat not designated for the Saviors.
  5. Oh, yes. And the moving around part from your previous post too. Ever since I took a job with a commute that has me sitting on my ass in a car for 3 hours a day and all day at a desk, I need to remember to move more! Not only have I gained a few pounds but I feel different. Ugh, I hate it.
  6. And then there are people who do like to recreationally shop and browse for fun stuff, but really could do without making time in a 45-hour+ workweek to do the mundane, everyday things (groceries, cat food/litter, various filters for faucets and furnaces--so many household filters!--makeup, cleaning products, whatever). I like to save my free time for stuff I actually want to do (and, of course, the housework for which I use those cleaning products).
  7. Oh, I don't know -- maybe someone who wants to be free of Alpha or something along those lines. I have no idea; I just didn't think Alpha meant to literally put on a new face mask. That's cats for ya.
  8. Oh my goodness, every time I refresh this page, I see that image of Carl about to get clocked and it makes me--an unrepentant Carl fan--so sad! (However, when Shiva swooped in, I screamed and yelled and my BF instinctively knew to rewind it a million times.)
  9. I thought he meant for pain management or stress or whatever, not as a cure. Also, does anyone there even know how to do acupuncture?! They could ask Negan; he probably likes to puncture people.
  10. I just got the impression she wanted someone to get insider information and we know what a sucker Aaron has become. Same here--if this is referring to the "try a new mask" scene, I took it as an instructional metaphor for "play a role that works to the Whisperers' advantage."
  11. Why do commercials for any kind of food that one might dip into something have to be so messy?! Seriously, there's a Popeye's one shows a hand just slamming that chicken into some kind of sticky-looking condiment, causing it to splash into the air and ooze down the side of the bowl (because it appears to be a small glass ramekin as opposed to a little plastic cup)! Sort of related, there's a restaurant commercial (Panera or Olive Garden) in which we see a closeup of a lady's hands tearing her panini (or something) in half. But these hands are positioned as if she's about to angrily break a pencil or a twig, and not soft bread and melted cheese. It's weird and it annoys me as much as the unnaturally positioned thumbs in commercials that show people drinking from a labeled bottle.
  12. The whole thing was weird in a million ways. Like, for instance, if that kid grew up from a baby/toddler in this whole apocalypse mess, how do we even know what slang words (for testicles or anything else) he would be familiar with? Non-apocalypse kids learn shit from TV, school, other kids, etc; if this kid has basically been by his mom's side his whole life amid the fall of society, would he know "balls"...or even anything Negan was talking about? The scene could have been mostly* OK if it stuck to airplanes or whatever. * "Mostly" because why on earth would that mom leave her kid alone outside their shelter--which had just been besieged--with an adult male complete stranger?! Also, exactly how much did she have in that bus to pack?
  13. @Samwise979, I agree with most of your post wholeheartedly! However, as a chick with long hair (albeit not in a zombie apocalypse) who has also had close-cropped short hair, I can say that long, for me, is far easier to manage--just put that shit up and out of the way and go about life. Then again, my hair grows at an annoyingly rapid pace, so my short-hair maintenance would be more time-consuming than dealing with long hair. I also don't care if they shave; as far as I'm concerned, they found grooming supplies at a store somewhere and stocked up. Or they just don't grow much (which is my case, except for my head!).
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