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  1. The police must be feeling bad right now, particularly the very kind and patient guy whose body cam it was.
  2. This is fascinating. Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie -- The Interview Room with Chris McDonough
  3. Oooh, your post tempted me! I am kind of glad they're sold, haha!
  4. What is this from, @CrazyInAlabama? I recall wondering why they were searching a Mustang in the driveway on Friday night during the live news coverage. That was, I think, before they reported that he'd been missing from the home (or at least before I heard them mention it), so I didn't know what that car had to do with anything.
  5. I'm usually a pretty good searcher but was just running into a wall yesterday. But I was gettin distracted every minute with the fabulous photos of vintage patterns, trying to keep up with a news story, and having a text conversation about that news story. Thank goodness for @MargeGunderson or I'd probably still be Googling (or worse, $500 deep in "add to cart" in Etsy or Ebay).
  6. Looks to be the same type as what @MargeGunderson linked to. And I don’t really care if it is; I think it’s fabulous. Those young people need to head to the Dollar Tree! I think you could pretty much fill a bare kitchen with less than $100 there—I almost wish I needed to because our local store has surprisingly nice things in it.
  7. Wow! Thank you, thank you, @MargeGunderson, thank you! I knew posting here would pay off! What search terms did you use? And seems like I got a bargain, considering mine is bigger than the pint size. So thank you also to Goodwill! Also, @shapeshifter, I almost posted a photo of the bottom but the mark was so tiny to begin with, and I couldn’t get a good photo without a glare.
  8. They had been searching for him in some wildlife preserve not far from his parents’ home, but I think that got called off yesterday. I heard (but didn’t verify) that it was about 30 minutes from the house; if that means by car (and if it’s even true), I wonder who drove him there?
  9. Me too — but until you said that, I didn’t even think to use “Celtic” in my search. So yay for you and your comment!
  10. Live feed saying not 100% confirmed, but it is sounding like they believe it is her. How horrible. Her poor family.
  11. I love so much old Pyrex but for some crazy reason, the solids really get me! No idea why those over the fabulous patterns. But then, some of the rarer ones with the very midcentury star/atomic styles -- oh holy hell, if I saw those in a thrift store, I'd probably just scream with joy!
  12. Hi, random — does anyone recognize this brand of bowl? It has only a tiny marking on the bottom (looks like concentric Cs maybe?), so I don’t think it’s Pyrex/Corning/Corelle or Fire King (though I am delightedly looking through those pattern libraries anyway, while saying “OOOH!” every 2 seconds!). Maybe a no-name repro? I don’t really care for any reason other than curiosity; it was $3 at Goodwill. I “collect” old Pyrex and the like, but not in any serious way (as evidenced by me having no idea what this even is); I just love the aesthetic of the old bowls — and the aesthetic of not-old
  13. As a person not in a law enforcement-related profession, I can’t think of a good reason either. My gut instinct would be to spill anything and everything I thought would help. But I’m not an attorney and I have never — thank the gods — found myself in a situation like this. But “can and will be used against you” is a hefty and persuasive motivator for following an attorney’s advice, especially if someone is innocent (and as a preemptive strike, I’ll add that I am, again, NOT SAYING HE IS). At first, I optimistically wondered if the silence may have had to do with the murders in Utah that
  14. Right about what? I never said that I think he didn’t do anything (and even if I did, I wouldn’t assume I KNOW that to be true). My point is that we don’t know (specifically about the “not a care in the world” assertion. I don’t know what he is like when he has all the cares in the world or when he has none—especially when there’s no documentation of his demeanor). Why assume I am on some invisible opposite side? And all of what you said is fine and good and obvious (and circumstantial) stuff that everyone, police and civilians, would and should consider. But what none of it is, factual
  15. Not that I know of—I think just normal news stories and updates so far, mostly if the “blurb” variety that I’ve seen (there was live coverage on MSNBC on Friday night when the police were at his house). It’s still going on and there’s so little solid info. There have been a couple of podcasts on it though—one is called Going West, which seems to be trying to keep up with updates as they come.
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