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  1. I don’t disagree, but I also feel like a “normal” person’s initial gut reaction might be surprised and relieved — and then maybe later on (alone?) stopping to think “awww damn” as kind of an afterthought.
  2. Why do we not have a “mad!” reaction face?!
  3. People blame rape victims to this day, even knowing that certain now-common terminology is “a thing” and/or knowing that thing is wrong. I don’t know how many otherwise intelligent people I’ve come across who don’t justify rape, but do make sure to say stuff like “He’s at fault BUT she put herself in the situation,” as if to imply a rapist suddenly lost the ability to decide not to rape once a woman said/wore/drank some certain thing.
  4. I distinctly remember a former boss of mine talking about date rape — and using that term — in the late ‘80s.
  5. I’m such a geek, you guys—I am rewatching because I want to solve this before the finale! What is my problem—what kind of person does this?
  6. I think they did show her hiding behind a tree and laughing when he got sprayed with the sprinkler or tripping on a hose or something. And I assume that means that Mallory walked up to the door earlier to arrange that? ETA: Whoops, sorry—I just noticed that someone else posted that we did see her doing the filming.
  7. I also just noticed something in episode 2! After Jeanette, Mallory, and Vincent throw shaving cream balloons at the garden party, they run away. You can hear Jeanette say to Mallory, “hey, that’s my bike!” and Mallory then says, “who cares, let’s go” or something. Then, Kate is shown watching them pedal away, with Jeanette last, on Mallory’s bike with the card audibly flapping in the tire. So, if Kate noticed a bike with a flappy card the night Jeanette left with the snow globe and Kate has the necklace, which she knows is Jeanette’s, it seems logical that she’d think it was Jeanette pedaling
  8. Is it the same red dress she has on in the first episode? I’m rewatching episode 1 and am wondering about a couple of things. First, why did Jeanette look so troubled/scandalized (guilty?) when her friend told her and her other friend that Kate was alive? And the other thing is why was Jeanette(‘s family?) recording all the news about Kate? And also, why did Jeanette’s mom, while watching the first news story (right after Jeanette came home with the black eye), say, “isn’t that Jamie’s ex?” I feel like she would know that Kate was his ex, but what really got me was the “that”; why would s
  9. I honestly don’t know what my reaction would be if someone accidentally walked in on me naked. I feel confident in saying I wouldn’t immediately drop to the floor — but I won’t judge Crystal because life my doesn’t involve camera people (or generally someone I only really just met). I think that being temporarily mad and telling people that barging in is not cool are reasonable reactions. But I do think that, no matter how embarrassing and startling it could be, it’s not something I’d find to be a huge deal that may shape my attitude toward the person forever (unless, of course, I thought it w
  10. Right—it’s not normal behavior; that’s fine, we agree. But again, IF Crystal thinks it’s because of a legit mental problem, I think she’s being an asshole. And maybe a hypocrite too a little for going on the boat just fine but then not going to dinner (which, you know, whatever, if she just didn’t feel like eating dinner again with them). Whatever, she seems to think she’s better than everyone. Maybe she is but she could attempt to pretend she doesn’t.
  11. I'm not saying Sutton isn't crazy (or that she isn't simply an asshole). I'm saying that if Crystal actually believes that Sutton is plagued with some kind of mental illness, Crystal is being an asshole. You either really think someone is crazy or you just call that person crazy to be mean (perhaps justifiably). But if you truly think the person is mentally ill and you also deliberately mock and belittle her, you're probably the asshole in the situation. That said, I am also not saying I wouldn't be tempted to be a jerk to Sutton as well (or anyone else there too!).
  12. Yeah, I keep forgetting that part. Plus, I’m a true crime fan. PLUS, I am a chronic what-iffer!
  13. Thank you! I am not too well versed in the various types of trials in which this kind of stuff wouldn't be considered too circumstantial.
  14. I don't think so -- I actually don't know how she'd have time with all the ahhhhhhmmmmmming!
  15. Wouldn't a normal person, like Crystal seems to believe she is, be kinder to someone she thinks is legitimately mentally compromised? She's just being a bitch (and also a hypocrite regarding the whole naked incident).
  16. OR, twist -- he broke into Jeanette's house to get teenage girl things, hahahhaa! Just kidding.
  17. The iPhone health app is making me NUTS! It basically just said that it took me over 30 minutes to walk a mile on a treadmill, which is just insane. I realize that the treadmill dashboard display is likely somewhat imprecise, and I would expect a bit of disparity between the two technologies, but I had the treadmill set at 4.6mph. It's not that this is SUPER important to me; my goal is just to remember to move around during the average work-at-home day, and I like to get at least 2 "on purpose" miles per day -- meaning that, in terms of step counting, I don't include normal walking around
  18. This all makes sense to me, but I am stuck on how anyone would prove the whereabouts of the snow globe in the house; it's small and portable and could have been anywhere. Obviously, it would seem that it would have been where the other decorations had been 6 months earlier, but by June, all of the decorations would have likely been put away. I guess if the phone message is used as some kind of evidence, it could be deduced that the noise from the TV and the placement of the phone indicate that the call was made from the living room and so the snow globe must have also been there. And is the me
  19. But how would anyone other than Jeanette and Kate know that the snowglobe had been upstairs?
  20. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but that may be the stupidest necklace I have ever seen in my life. Is it "talking" to the wearer or a person looking at the wearer? Did Mallory pick it out in an "ironic" way?
  21. Dude pretends to forget that she's a minor...even though he is pouring a stress-drink precisely because he's harboring a runaway minor. This is what I think. But I feel like it makes too much sense -- it seems almost too "bland" and not twisty enough for a TV show.
  22. And on the other side of the coin, when you somehow manage to do the perfect messy bun on the first try, but you’re not even going anywhere.
  23. I mop our floors with diluted vinegar, mainly because of the cats, whom I can’t keep from walking into the kitchen if that’s where I am (though they do stay away if I’m using the scary, scary steam mop). I don’t want them to get some soapy chemical on their hands and feet and then lick them. OH! I should add that vinegar can make a cat sick on its own, but if it’s adequately diluted, you should have no problem.
  24. But a lot of people think their husband is the best husband. Maybe the person doesn’t have the best of everything 24/7—but it doesn’t mean that something that makes them happy enough to post about it is fake. I suspect many people are full of crap, but many are not. (And maybe some of the full-of-crappers are just trying to feel positive about their possibly unsatisfying lives in whatever way they can?) Of course there is going to be a subset of people who engage in “look at me“ posturing and bragging on Facebook (and anywhere online, including here, probably), and some “who says that?” m
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