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  1. I did read that, but because my BF was half asleep (and shirtless--it's cold here today!), he went outside and brought him to the other side of the parking lot. If the mouse returns, maybe he'll pick a neighbor's place instead? I still can't believe he was so easy to catch! (The mouse, not my BF, though he wasn't difficult either. Like the mouse, he came to me, haha!)
  2. I still may call someone to come in and take a look around for me. In the meantime, I posted to our condo's Facebook page to see if anyone else has seen any and I'll be sure to pay extra attention to anything that the cats may be paying extra attention to... I feel like there probably are more; based on what I am reading, there is seldom just one within a house's walls. But because this "house" is a condo building, they may not necessarily be in my home in particular.
  3. Thanks -- I will start with all the cabinets under the sinks. And try to scope out the laundry "room" (it's a closet) and where the water heater is. Honestly, I have doubts anything is going on in the food cabinets; I think I'd notice.
  4. Yeah, that's the tricky part -- other than the obvious, I have no idea what those might be! And, ugh, my BF has no time to even help me with this.
  5. Oyyyyy, so I had an exciting morning! I woke up to see a little black mouse casually strolling through my living room! And, yes, some of you may know that I have 2 cats -- neither of whom had any clue about this; in fact, they paid attention only after I'd put a Pyrex bowl over the little guy (under which my BF slid a plate and then took the mouse outside). This is all so weird to me; I have never had this issue here. My condo unit is the second floor of the building and, as I mentioned, we have cats who generally will notice a tiny bug on the ceiling 25 feet away from them. I assume this
  6. Ugh, yeah, that leads me to a peeve: our refrigerator. It's very basic, which sometimes is not a terrible quality for certain things to have. But when it's full, like the day after we get groceries, there's really no good way to keep it conveniently organized so that we don't have to move 65 things around to get something else. (It also doesn't help that my boyfriend is a "just shove everything in so that other things are all pushed to the very back" -- and a "I need 32 different types of juice, all in large plastic bottles" -- type.)
  7. There are so many things that I wish could function like they do now but look like they did then (if that makes sense) — dishes and kitchen appliances, clothing, muscle cars, homes, me in some scenarios…
  8. OK, how fast did Love get that bakery set up, anyway? When she says that Natalie has been gone for "a few days," the store is ready to open.
  9. Right?! There are plenty of shirts one could wear and be recognizable as Sid for Halloween (or no shirt at all!) — why on earth would someone choose that one?
  10. Every time someone types “own it,” I can hear and see Rinna saying it in that annoying way she does, like her mouth is having trouble with the word “own” — sort of like she’s almost saying “owl,” but replacing the L with an N.
  11. Oh, sure -- but the generalization of being "too old" for something like hair is dumb.
  12. And the hair-related ageism. We are adults who do what we want-- women don't have to cut our hair short after a certain age.
  13. It’s horrible! People need to know that it’s their right, not an admission of some kind of guilt. Too many people, through no fault of their own, don’t realize this.
  14. I think they were still in the mall's food court, but that confused me too. I’d assumed they wanted more on tape and planned to kind of lurk around the background, not march right up to her at the same time Linda did.
  15. Seriously, if I had children, I would drill into their heads to say nothing but "I want a lawyer" to law enforcement!
  16. I took it as the opposite -- they were rushing. They wanted this done with ASAP (that night, IIRC) and were attempting to sway her with that lame "no typewriter" excuse, which would also allow them to not put their "deal" terms in writing at all.
  17. Ahahhahahahaha, I did but I didn’t want to add to it in case I was wrong! Also, in the moment, I got extra mad and sidetracked about the plain vs. vanilla debate in my own head.
  18. Annoying…but I guess it’s better than the complete call? I don’t even know anymore. When it’s a live human, I usually just put the phone down next to the computer through which I’m listening to Howard Stern or a podcast.
  19. Not just yogurt, but the only decent PLAIN vegan one I can find around here — always with the vanilla everywhere! Vanilla is not plain, damn it (especially if your goal is making a faux blue cheese dressing!). There, another peeve, haha!
  20. Here’s what it looks like. I’m not done with the inside yet, but I can still show you this old thing! I found it at a vintage store for maybe $35. I like that it’s clearly vintage but also really versatile (also, there’s a Rob Zombie pin on it, haha!).
  21. Is THIS why I get a ton of one-ring calls all day?! I have been thoroughly baffled by this for a while now.
  22. Ooooh, I know I am sort of to blame* for this peeve, as I continue to use the service, but that fucking Stop & Shop grocery delivery can never get anything all the way right ever! I would fall on my head if they ever sent my order with 0 problems. Today’s was a smashed yogurt all over everything else in the bag (which are now paper, not plastic, so at least that’s cool), so “putting away stuff” became “washing stuff off.” Jerks! *But am I? I pay for the service, even though my reason for using it is laziness and a hatred for grocery shopping, haha!
  23. I wish their luck would rub off on me -- my sewing machine just decided, out of nowhere, that the presser foot is going to remain in the up position. ARGH, and I have only the coat's cuffs left to do!
  24. You're so nice, thank you! (Haha, underneath it does -- it's neat and all, but you can tell that it is not factory made.) That fabric came from Spoonflower--it has nice stuff, but it's a bit pricy. Luckily I needed just a little for the tray. The other fabric option I got had too big of a pattern for a tray; too much of it would have been cut off, so I re-covered one of their beds with it instead.
  25. I believe it was a website with a name like restaurant dot com — something super-bland and simple. Let me check again! Correction: webstaurantstore dot com. I am not seeing the one I bought though.
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