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  1. Yes! TCM and Hostel, afterward, SEEM like there was more violence than there actually was! And that to me is so interesting and somehow profound; I feel like that is brilliant in such a weird way! But I didn’t feel like LHotL blamed the victim; I was left feeling sad and upset, but in a “good” (yet horrible) way, in terms of what one is supposed to “get” from a horror movie. Ugh, it’s a hard-to-articulate feeling. Still, I cannot do The Purge—no idea why that’s my limit.
  2. TattleTeeny

    What's That Book?

    You guys, I have been going crazy trying to find a book I read as a child. I got it from my grammar school library in the mid-'70s (not sure if that is helpful info, as I have no idea of its publication date). It was about a little girl who lived in a a high-rise apartment in a city and was staying home alone at night for the first time. If I remember correctly, the illustrations were in a pink and purple palette (as this was a picture book for little kids, not a novel or anything). In one part of the book, she was sitting in an armchair and was trying not to fall asleep and she purposel
  3. Me personally? I’m just referring to those who interpret it as “words should have no consequences (unless and until I disagree with those words).”
  4. Haha, I better — I’m a copy editor for healthcare-related stuff!
  5. Seems like a whole lot of (the same?) people understand the First Amendment about as well as they understand HIPAA. As for UPS/post office peeves, we always get deliveries here for the house across the street — like ALWAYS. In fact, there are 2 downstairs right now. No one other than my BF in these condos ever seems to bring them to the people, but that’s beside the point, as they shouldn’t have to after all this time. The recipients’ house is an even number and we’re odd, so it’s crazy that this keeps happening. Also, when my BF does bring their stuff, the people are always snotty to him
  6. At least “cuz” seems to be deliberate. When I see “cause” I just think people have no idea that there should be a “be” there. The apostrophe would also indicate that people understand, which would not get me all peeved up!
  7. Will people ever stop typing “cause” for “because”? At the very least, use the apostrophe before the c.
  8. To state the obvious, I feel like they both (all) should drop it. And the pants wouldn’t have been remotely so offensive to me if they didn’t have those horrid pleats!
  9. Hostel was almost an exception for me, in that I guess I didn't expect such a resonance after the fact; I thought it was going to be a "fluffy" late-'90s Wrong Turn kind movie...but it was not. Oof, that thing crept back into my head for days! I'm veering off topic, so PEEVE: unnecessary twist endings in horror movies that were perfectly good solid scary stories until the last quarter, when said twist rears its ugly head!
  10. LotL is a tough one. But...Wes Craven!
  11. Oh, I have one too. But hers looks to me (and again, what do I really know?) like she's digging it, which seems a bit unfair to someone she seems to believe has a...disorder of some kind (and maybe she does?). Or, these scenes are so producer contrived that maybe she -- Crystal -- has a hard time not laughing? (I have that too, haha!)
  12. Oh, Peaches, me too — and I have never even seen a Purge movie, even as a lifelong horror enthusiast (including shit like Last House on the Left — not a favorite, mind you, just something I wanted to see once, at least once for its…influential status, I guess? Definitely not a “hey, let’s have a movie night” pick!). My boyfriend finds it amusing and curious that The Purge is where I’ve drawn the line. But mob mentality themes have always made me crazy. I know my head will feel messed up if I watch those.
  13. I agree about her infuriating face (though, to be fair, I don't really know much about her "baseline" face). But when she smiles, she really is very pretty.
  14. Well, if Crystal is not actually an asshole, she sure seems determined to play one on TV. And those pants were hideous (and before anyone gets nuts, these opinions are not intended to be synonymous with, or interpreted as, "Sutton is 100% right all the time ever!"). And the "just jealous" shit is so lame--are you that girl, Crystal, haha!
  15. This is super nitpicky, but a commercial for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser says there are “hundreds of ways” to use it, then proceeds to list the ways. But it’s all one way” — ie, “rub it on something that’s dirty.”
  16. I assume so? Or confusion or stress or melancholy? I have never heard anyone use it to describe a happy feeling, and I think it’s usually in terms of relationships? Where did it come from? Because I hear it frequently lately—and each time is more annoying!
  17. The phrase “feeling some type of way” is becoming a real peeve for me.
  18. I would have laughed, partly because I’d be picturing Sutton as the Incredible Hulk. (Sorry, I’m a child of the ‘70s and somehow the opening of that show is ingrained in my brain.)
  19. And none of this would be a thing if some normal person had said, “no one needs a coat right now so who cares where she left it? Let’s drink!”
  20. Back in my food server days, we just kind of brought the extra back in smaller bills so that no one had to allude to tipping by mentioning change. That said, i didn’t work in fancy places so it was never really a question of change in the form of big bills.
  21. I see that now, sorry, sorry! Carry on! I’m not even working today and am still doing 65 things at once (and why?!)—I apologize!
  22. Right, that’s what I said. I never said that she has no right to feel how she feels. In fact, I said the opposite.
  23. I don’t think one can control how one feels. But one can control whether one tells others that there was a deliberate creepy sentiment spoken at the time of the privacy violation. That said, like many here, I am confused about why the coat has to be returned at that moment; it’s not like she left it in a public hotel lobby. And that kind of says to me that “production” is the real creep here. To clarify (again), I don’t think Crystal’s story of how she felt changed—but her story of what she said to whom afterward has. She claimed she didn’t talk about it but she did. And she claimed
  24. While her story about how she felt remained consistent, her story about what she conveyed to the other chicks has not. Also, she claimed that she had not talked about it to the others when she clearly had. She appears to be pretending that it’s out of her mind and forgotten, but it doesn’t look that way to me. And I don’t care—she’s entitled to have it on her mind, especially if others are talking about it in front of her. But why pretend that it isn’t?
  25. I think she may have thought about it enough to come armed with definitions. Not that she’s wrong to do it, but I am not seeing in her someone who has let it go (and when she does say it’s done with, I feel like she’s doing it because she knows she’s since changed her story).
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