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  1. Is there one? My DVR doesn't have it in the "Scheduled" list!
  2. OK, maybe it's the armchair detective in me, but now I want to find out what movies Erica may have streamed before these events began to unfold!
  3. OH MY GOODNESS, I just remembered this part from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!
  4. My BF owns a comic shop and knows a few artists—maybe he can get this ball a’rollin’, haha! Also, I am sitting here laughing about a possibly neurologically challenged old man driving off a cliff. What is happening?!
  5. It has like an actiony rear-view of the car going over—but I’m picturing an old big shiny black car with those pointy fin things. And then a closeup of cartoon Erica’s horror-stricken face. I can literally picture this, the squares on the page with the white negative space between, all of it.
  6. In my head, the “Tom goes off a cliff” story is in a comic-book format/aesthetic—like I am picturing each individual box (panel? I don’t know).
  7. I’m not worried. I had a good run (and I always have masks to fall back on. Oy).
  8. I always look for ‘60s and ‘70s cookbooks at thrift stores because I find “ugly food” so funny! This Belvita commercial is getting on my damn nerves with its “dip it, sip it” slogan! There are two different “it”s in question here—it makes no sense!
  9. Not everyone has lines at this age though—I don’t (that said, I don’t live in the CA sun. And I’m a year younger—maybe they’re a-comin’!).
  10. RIGHT! I know the real issue here is that crazy husband*, but if you are going to cheat on the diet, cheat satisfactorily! *Unless, of course, she asked him to help keep her accountable?
  11. WHAT? Why not save the peas for at home in front of the weirdo diet-controlling husband and eat something more rebellious at work?
  12. I do it. Not to look taller or thinner or whatever it’s supposed to do, but because I have no clue what to do with my hand while I’m waiting for what always seems to be in interminable amount of time for someone to take the picture that I most likely don’t want to be in anyway! And while I am a reasonably attractive person (is that bad to just come out and say? I don’t mean it in any boasty kind of way, I promise), I consistently look just awful in noncandid photos! It’s like a damn curse.
  13. You guys, this is probably the most unreasonable peeve but who cares? So, you know when a group of people (I'd say typically girls) pose for a picture? For whatever dumb reason, that pose of the people in the front -- slight crouch with hands placed on bent knees -- annoys the bejesus out of me! I guess it's necessary but I inexplicably hate it as much as I hate "heart hands."
  14. My dad also had some strong words for the friends that gave me champagne at a wedding in which I was the flower girl (what a weird title, by the way) and went to the reception in the limo with the wedding party instead of driving with my parents. Oh, the ‘70s.
  15. She should probably educate herself on the term “guinea pig,” then (though they probably prefer being called “clinical trial participants”). Haha, my dad has strong feelings about kids’ ears being pierced. To be fair, though, when I learned this, I was 7 and some family friends who’d been babysitting me had just had mine done without his or my mom’s OK…which is really weird in hindsight.
  16. Oh, also -- haha, my BF said, "You do know that I too walk on the floors?"
  17. I wish, haha! But he's a new business owner who's at his store 12 hours a day. Unless I want my dinner at 10 pm, it's up to me! (And everyone knows that 10 pm is SECOND dinner!)
  18. Almost this same conversation happened with my BF's stepfather! My BF mentioned that he'd vacuumed and his stepfather was baffled. Meanwhile, I am the "breadwinner" and also do most of the housework; to his credit, my BF said that.
  19. Agree. And I had the fun of waiting tables at night after my 8-hour B&N shifts back then! Oy. (Sometimes, though, I do kind of miss those jobs after sitting at a desk all week.)
  20. YUP. And that place totally encouraged -- or at least accepted -- it in somewhat subtle ways. (I'll attribute that to "different times"; I cannot imagine that the few B&Ns we have left around here would tolerate some of that shit.)
  21. I worked in a Barnes & Noble (one of the big, then-new superstores with a cafe) for a long time when I was young. I could totally write a book about the obnoxious, inappropriate, and insane customers. Run-of-the-mill rudeness was a good day there, haha! I do not know what about that place inspired such craziness.
  22. Hahahhaaa—“meaty creep”!
  23. I have an OCD-related peeve (not directed at anyone here!)—when people assume it’s only about neatness. Neatness is not really the issue (and not the hard part). And a spouse peeve too—when mine assumes I’m being bossy or controlling for wanting things to be put away where they “go.” The obvious reason is so that we can find it again. And if he’d let go of this bossy business sometimes, he’d know that I almost always have a reason for why things are where they are; those reasons are not OCD related, but often because I’m 5’4”, haha!
  24. Oh, yikes—I feel like I should apologize for implying that pregnant ladies don’t look nice! I didn’t mean it to sound that way, I swear!
  25. Oh my god, I think I posted about her a while back. I thought she was gone for good until just this week. "The naaahmel." Also, she sounds like she popped a few Valium before the commercial.
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