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  1. Oh my god, please no more naked coat! Seriously, OK, Sutton—stop it; someone can feel violated regardless of whether or not they were (in your opinion) violated. And, Crystal, you cut the shit too because yes you so did imply that Sutton acted like a degenerate leering creep. Also, I have no clue who this Scott person even is.
  2. That’s mainly the way I handle acronyms (though “DPOE” is an initialism, I assume—pronounced D-P-O-E as opposed to “depot”?). My job (copy editor in medical/pharma) is CRAMMED with them (acronyms and initialisms—seriously, I feel like no one in this field ever says entire words!) and there’s no solid across-the-board rule encompassing all of them, which is ANNOYING. And it brings up a peeve! We typically have to make sure that acronyms/abbreviations/initialisms are spelled out in a list at the bottom of the first page (or slide) in which they appear. When copywriters add or delete copy, t
  3. Ugh, oh my goodness, I am so sorry to learn this. How awful.
  4. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule about this in terms of “supposed to”; it’s common to LC, but I think it’s possibly just a style choice.
  5. Almost like how all ghosts seem to be in old-timey garb. No one is ever haunted by someone in ‘80s workout gear or “power suit.”
  6. Thank you guys! That’s 2 recs for the same one! @AgentRXS, I am so sorry.
  7. This happened with one of my cat’s favorite toys! It was the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey thing, which used to be made with a kind of solid but bouncy and flexible metal wire that was maybe the circumference of a drink stirrer straw. Now it’s made of little metal stringlike wires twisted together. Not only does it unravel, but I’d doesn’t move around the same way that my cat loved (or, to be honest, possibly hated, judging by how he voraciously tried to get it!). Another peeve (though this feels more like flat-out rage): out of nowhere, my DVR (Optimum, aka “the devil”) is suddenly limiting
  8. Thank you. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder if I am the thing that’s actually not secure enough (mentally), haha! I get a bit crazy about pet safety!
  9. Oh, thank you! I was legit looking at $180 ones and not knowing if I could trust the reviews.
  10. Just the basic vet visits and "let's get outta here" situations (we had on last night; not fun).
  11. Can anyone recommend a cat carrier? I am looking for the most secure one ever, preferably the soft kind, with zero chance of mesh being torn or zippers breaking or any possibility of a breach at all (which kind of makes me think that the hard style is probably more appropriate). (Also, these "demands" are based not on my cats' previous behavior in carriers, but on my own neuroses!)
  12. I know—I remember it. But they way the commercial is worded, there’s no (re)introduction of it; it’s just referred to as if everyone already knows what a Noid is (eg, “old tricks”—I’m thinking there is a ton of people in a certain age group who have no idea what those tricks even were, and this commercial doesn’t even say).
  13. I dig Hungry Root, though it definitely should cut back on the plastic.
  14. Yeah, I use those too sometimes, but I am intent on creating a faux blue cheese and a faux ranch, as my favorites have since disappeared from the stores.
  15. OH, another thing! I have been having a rotten time lately finding vegan plain -- NOT vanilla -- yogurt! I use that to make salad dressings, so I clearly do not want vanilla. Plus, vanilla-flavored things always taste like "subliminal mint" to me.
  16. I’m an OK cook for what I need to do, but invariably confused about anything outside my comfort zone (and I HATE baking), but the dumplings looked easy enough to me (especially because I’m the lazy ass who buys prechopped vegetables). Regarding Tom’s house, I was also surprised by the lack of bedrooms. Maybe it has other rooms that are called something else but could conceivably be BRs? And regarding Erika fleeing the home, I kept thinking “isn’t there some ancient, right-hand-man type of servant in there who would tip off Tom immediately?” Haha, maybe I’m adding some kind of nonexis
  17. I think Crystal is a jerk -- except for her enthusiasm for dumplings, which I am going to try to make.
  18. Oh, I have a “green” peeve about condiments! When a brand that was vegan suddenly says fuck that and starts to include eggs or whey or some shit! At least update the label’s design so I notice, you dumb jerks!
  19. Ohhhhhhhhh—the person’s parents were THOSE PEOPLE!
  20. This is the commercial I couldn’t think of before! I have so many questions. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/nETC/quilted-northern-little-comforts-bedroom Why would the toilet paper be kept in the bedroom? Why would someone need to be at their parents’ home to have this kind of toilet paper? And how could someone prefer it to the cute old rabbit (not to mention, why would someone not take that rabbit to their own home when they moved out)?! ETA: I say this assuming we are seeing an adult staying in her “childhood bedroom,” otherwise why say “childhood”? But even if it is a kid’s current
  21. Thank you, but I am hoping to find one out in the wild -- I am so ready for outdoor flea markets!
  22. That's the one that I had that broke!
  23. My BF loves to eat microwave chili from the "farm scene" bowl.
  24. I’m a Pyrex girl myself, specifically the vintage solid colors. I was lucky enough to get a bunch (solid and patterns) from my BF’s mom when she was packing to move. But, ohhhhh, the small brown bowl broke, man. I have had moments of wondering if people are lacking intellectual curiosity as well. But then I just realize that, while they may not have it for Topic A, for all I know they have it for Topics B through Z — and they possibly wonder if I have no curiosity based on the fact I know nothing about a specific thing that they might know all about.
  25. I did notice one thing when I saw the Noid commercial approximately 900 times last night (what was I even watching? I think it was Forensic Files. Anyway...): the noise that he makes when he bounces back up into the air and out of the frame. Is it supposed to be an actual word? I have no idea, but it's funny. There was another annoying commercial that I kept seeing on this channel last night too, but I have since forgotten it!
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