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  1. Not counting on the Naseer factor, I would have thought Danny and Deshawn sitting out would have been the perfect way to throw the challenge. They said those blocks were heavy, so leaving the challenge to the physically weakest players would have seemed ideal. Then came Naseer....
  2. Have they stopped the "inside puzzle" thing? I didn't see one this week and I don't remember seeing one last week.
  3. Well, I do hate Sydney, but not because I ain't her. It's because she's horrible. I did like that all the other players supported Heather. I'm guessing that because they didn't do it, they weren't allowed, but it would have been nice if after a few tries, someone else could have gone and given Heather a minute to rest and get it together before she tried again. In a perfect world, all the green players would have put their heads together and realized Shan was playing all of them and voted her out. But that never happens. When she lost it and was screaming at Genie about how *she
  4. Or even like on TAR, get a time penalty. You left a piece of trash on the ground, you get a 10 second penalty added to your time. 6 pieces, a whole minute added. If your lineman landed head first, you get 1 minute added to your time. Sometime like that would let them know they have to be fast, but they have to accurate.
  5. We wondered if the entire season would be based at Camp Pendleton as well. One thought I had was, if they are all on base, they can't break quarantine like someone (apparently, allegedly) did last season. You can't get on and off the base easily. Nobody stood out to me as an instant like or dislike, except Murph. So I'll have to learn to hate the others as we go. I was hoping the former Marine (Lia?) would do better at the challenge. The first time they showed her in uniform without a cap, I didn't recognize her. "Who's the new chick on the end? Oh, the team captain." My onl
  6. I was watching the whole thing, chanting over and over "Shut up, Brad. Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Even my parents, who only watch this show when being held in captivity at my house were saying "why is he telling everything he knows? Shouldn't these be secrets?" Yes, yes they should. I was glad to see Yellow win something finally. Whatever their name is. And there was some woman on the blue team I don't think I've ever seen before. Maybe I'll figure her out at some point. ETA: Oh yeah, my mother, who again only watches in captivity, did not like that guy having the advantage
  7. I love watching surgeries of any kind. I used to watch way back when one of these channels (TLC maybe?) had doctor continuing education on Sundays and you could watch all kinds of surgeries. But I cannot handle: 1. Feet 2. Eyes. Maybe because I've had issues with those areas? But they make me curl up in a ball.
  8. A girls' alliance is okay, if it gets you ahead. Keeping Tiffany won't get them ahead. She was all but useless in the challenge. I don't remember her being all that brilliant last week either. They deserve to lose. What happens if Xander gets voted out before the other idols are used, so all three phrases can't be said? The others are waiting for the butterflies trigger but it's never said so they have to sit on their broccoli revelations? Or is it hidden again and they have to wait until it is discovered again. This seems like a lot of going around waiting for something to happen.
  9. That would make more sense. I have to watch it again with my mother, so I'll listen closer when we get to that point.
  10. Maggie said something about she hoped they didn't make the Prue jokes for "10 days." Does that mean they filmed the whole thing in a few weeks, in a bubble?
  11. Dang...I hit the vote-out trifecta. lol Good thing I like my sofa so well, and can direct from there.
  12. Yes, Jeff is very distracting with his scraggly pandemic hair. Maybe he's trying to show he's *just like us.* Which would play better if he hadn't had his face pumped full of fillers and botox and whatever else he had done. He's definitely looking a little clowny. And if they are going to change "come on in, guys," maybe can also not LOOK AT THE GROUND when he says it and actually look the players in the eyes when they come in. It'll be a whole new game! (Did the sarcasm come through?)
  13. Yeah. I've never looked at the profiles in advance before, but did this time for some reason. I already hate a few of the players, so I quit looking at the rest of the profiles. I have to have someone to root for and if I hate all of them in advance, it will be harder. It'll be better to learn to hate them as we go.
  14. I started this and thought it was interesting, then my PBS station skipped from episode 1 to 4, so I missed the entire middle and the next bit I saw made no sense. So it's worth trying to catch if they ever rerun it?
  15. I have never before read or watched anything about the players before the season started. I'm going to have to go back to that policy. I've seen stuff about some of the players and I already hate two of them. Better to go into it blind and learn to hate them as we go along. In that Entertainment Weekly article, is that just a really bad picture of Peachy or has he really, really screwed up this face? (dumb computer won't save the picture for me.)
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