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  1. I've been rewatching seasons when there is nothing more interesting to me to watch. I'm on season 18 now. I had also been reading the recaps along with the rewatches but those are apparently no longer available. Was it ever revealed what happened with the chocolate challenge? Did Vyxsin really steal Flight Time's chocolate gnome? It didn't look that way to me, but I can't remember if it was ever really figured out.
  2. Meredith was selfish in not letting the people who saved her life celebrate. No surprise. (But honestly, who was working while they were all standing around outside waiting for her forever? Usually they are a quick in and out thing here.) Also, there is no way she is going home without rehab after being on a vent for three months. But who's counting? Jackson just up and quits with no notice to do what he wants. No surprise. Tom just up and quits too, with even LESS notice than Jackson. That was a surprise but in this show, anything goes. Owen and whatshername crawl on top
  3. But also, he just GAVE her the spare key. Why not go over to the house with her, maybe asking some very obvious questions along the way, let her in, check her ID, little things like that. I love him, but at times he is so dumb, my eyes hurt.
  4. I enjoy the show and all the people. but there's probably something wrong when only one scene really got my emotions flowing, and those emotions were "oh no, not Smitty..."
  5. I also wondered if Lola was appointed because she seemed pretty naive (however that is spelled) about elections every time the subject came up. If McCarthy is "one of the good ones" I don't want to see any bad ones. He's scary. As wonky as it was, I'm going to miss the whole mess.
  6. After last night's reruns, I wish Sweet Baby Kyle Chandler (his official name, he leaves off the first two as a stage name) could have stayed around. He and Meredith don't like each other. Could have been fun to have someone not fawning all over Meredith all the time. Although hard to work in a bomb every episode, I guess.
  7. I don't know. I really enjoy TAR Canada and they stay almost 100% in Canada. They've gone a few other places but mostly stay at home. An NA edition would be fine for me. There are some spectacular locations in NA that are just as beautiful as anywhere else in the world, that some wouldn't see otherwise. However, I'm not up on the latest with US/Canada border relations at the moment. Nothing seems to be happening with TAR Canada either, as far as I can tell.
  8. Yeah, that's the first basis of appeal (if convicted) before you get to all the other, routine reasons for appeals. On the other hand (I don't know, I'm asking) is waiting around for a certain judge a kind of "judge shopping?" The first routine judge was appropriately denied by the defense. This judge could be denied appropriately by the prosecution, but they then they would be stuck with Laski, who they don't want. Using the correct rotation seems the most fair, and the best dramatic use, of course. I don't know where I've heard the term "judge shopping" before, but I know I've hea
  9. I watched three episodes last night, so they kind of blend in and not sure what was introduced when. But with Amy's husband. (John Ross Ewing!) They stayed married so he could stay on her insurance. Okay, fair enough. But since she's in private practice, she's probably paying a pretty penny for insurance. I can't see that struggling practice having employer-sponsored insurance? And if they did, her "boss", Rachel, the only partner, would know who all she was sponsoring insurance for? Have we ever seen another living soul in that practice? A secretary, receptionist, paralegal? It all
  10. bunnyface

    Station 19

    I wish they would quit these "crossover" storylines with GA. I'm sorry, but I'm never going to care about Station 19 and I only watched the few bits that were going to transfer over to Gray's. And honestly, I'm not sure I care enough to even keep doing that.
  11. I know he's a horrible, irredeemable sociopath, but I do enjoy some Oscar.
  12. I agree about Celi. I mean, Celi would have been my pick to sit out. But in hindsight, Swifty would have been better left out. I would not have predicted that going in.
  13. I watched a few episodes when this show started and then saw it in passing last night. Talk about changing: Ana-Kat is a completely different kid! I watched a few minutes more than I would have just trying to figure out who that random kid was, then they said her name.
  14. Has an air date been announced for this? I tried to find one but didn't.
  15. Shush you. Bite your tongue. Keep your trap shut. Put a sock in it. Don't make me come over there.
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