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  1. Was the dated looking kitchen sort of beige/dark cream colors? I was surprised to see a top chef's home kitchen looking so dowdy.
  2. Adios, azztros and yeah...hope the door hits ya really hard on your way out.
  3. I've noticed this & wonder if Anderson is trying to talk too fast. Back in the late 90's, I noticed a change in the way the 20 & 30 somethings talked...waaayyy too fast. And the females were chirping (only way to describe it). The speedy talkers were talking so fast they were verbally stumbling over their words. He just needs to slow down. The host who annoys me is Erin Burnett. She's smart and knows what she's doing. But her way too long hair is hanging all over the place plus, Erin seems to be huddling and sometimes almost mumbling (that might be due to the long hair & hunching over). It's always made me uncomfortable so I rarely watch her show.
  4. Mounds, Almond Joy, and Chocolate Kisses are the only candies I'll eat. Sometimes I like to eat them with a chilled Granny Smith apples.
  5. Wow...I *loved* those beans & spaetzle. The sauce made the difference. I'm sad to say that no supermarket in my area is selling B&M baked beans in the little brown glass jars. They were the real deal, IMO, of Boston baked beans. I emailed the company & was told some stores outside my area are still carrying them. Guess I'll have to go on a road trip one of these days to stock up. Even the B&M beans sold in cans just aren't quite right.
  6. A guy goes to a club; the bouncer stops him. "No tie, no entry." He walks back to his car to find a tie. All he found were jumper cables so he puts them around his neck like a tie. He goes back and says "How's this?" The bouncer says, "I'll let you in, but don't start anything."
  7. I made butternut squash soup (from various cooks'/chefs' recipes) and shrimp salad ( a la Ina).
  8. Here's some good news: I just had a covid 19 test and the tester did not insert the Q Tip way up my nose. She just swirled the Q Tip in each nostril, not far from the front. So easy. I wonder if this is a new technique and that they've stopped doing that awful test all the way to the back of the nostril (shudder). This lab is part of the Medstar Georgetown Univ. Hospital system.
  9. Fettuccini al fredo, tossed salad, and a baguette (with a few anchovies baked on top).
  10. I just ordered Jerry's book, "Is This Anything?"
  11. I agree re: Texas Pete--not as hot as Tabasco. There's also sambal oulek (ground fresh chili paste it says but it's not a "paste"). I learned about sambal oulek in an Italian restaurant in Stockholm when I asked the waiter what made their marinara so good.
  12. I had the same thing happen to me inside a Walmart several years ago. A young women with maybe an Eastern European accent approached me, holding a 3 x 5 card with something written on it. She started talking to me but I moved away. When I was checking out I told the cashier and he said they were aware of her. A year ago, I had just gotten into my car when a young woman approached, pushing a stroller with a little girl holding her hand. She started asking me for something but I just shook my head, started the car and began to pull out of the space. As I was leaving, I saw her talking with a man beside another car and it looked like they were together. God forbid someone really needed help these days and here we are leery of scams, criminals, etc., (and deservedly so!)
  13. I agree 100%. You can have "the sweetest doggie in the world" but you *never* know about animals. One chomp is all it takes.
  14. Geez--I've never made mayo (been tempted, but just haven't). Hellmanns is pretty good (& Ina *always* recommends it). When I first made aioli, I carefully followed the recipe. But after a while, I started tossing the ingredients together. I'd taste test to ensure it was good. Sometimes I use lime instead of lemon (going rogue!!)
  15. Hmmm...I just throw together mayo, some Dijon, lemon zest & juice, garlic, a little cayenne, S&P.
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