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  1. I love our landline phones. I have two cousins who call me on their cellphones. They both sound like they're in a tunnel and/or underwater. I always tell the one who still has a landline that I'll call her back on it. I only use my smartphone as a mini portable computer (unless I'm away from home & must make a call).
  2. Well...I have to admit I really didn't enjoy the ladies competition, and the frosting on this sad cake was Mariah. She did so well at last year's nationals and winning Skate America. Geez--5th place. Good for Bradie, though. And I hope Alyssa will soon be able to handle the triple axel and maybe a quad.
  3. I loved that program last year and was sad they couldn't use it at worlds. Fingers crossed that they can this time.
  4. I'm tired of the Sunny oddities. That frozen pizza on the grill was the last straw for me. If I had an address for FN, I'd let them know how pathetic she has become. She could've used a studio kitchen but for some inane reason, doesn't. I guess I like Alex too much to notice the quirks that irritate others (love her New Yorky-ness!)
  5. In Ladies programs, dismal songs seem to be the rule. You'd think some of them would try to stand out from the crowd by choosing instrumental (which doesn't distract from the skater). Glad to move on to ice dance. Yay for Chock & Bates! That straight line lift demands such strength & balance but they do it so elegantly that it looks easy.
  6. My teachers told me I’d never amount to much because I procrastinate so much. I told them, “Just you wait!”
  7. Curried Shrimp and basmati rice, plus a salad. The shrimp tacos sound so good, esp that dressing!
  8. Johnny said what I was thinking about Knierem-she goes out there with so much confidence and you can feel it. Watching this team...I am not nervous. They're amazing. I also really enjoyed watching Chan/Howe. The only music that sounded good to me was during McBeath/Bartholomay's program (Buble?). No matter who his partner is, I always like Bartholomay's music choice.
  9. I haven't enjoyed pairs in a long time but the new team of Knierem & Frazier looks good. Even though each one was a nationals champ with previous partners, their gelling as a team in such a short time + dealing with less ice time thanks to the pandemic, has been astounding. Also, Alexa doesn't look so tense skating with Brandon (maybe because he's happy competing whereas her husband may not have been for quite some time). Who knows?!? Glad they connected. I can't believe we have 4 hours of figure skating tonight (w/ a 2 hour refrigerator break).
  10. When Jim Acosta replaces Wolf, I'll watch CNN more. I just can't handle listening to that voice droning on & on.
  11. My dentist told me I needed a crown. I was like, I KNOW, RIGHT?
  12. I can hear his bewildered boss right now, "George?"
  13. I know one thing--I'm ready for a long weekend of figure skating. Hope everyone has their best skate ever & that they all stay healthy for Worlds!
  14. I lived in the south for too many years. I ignored the have a blessed day stuff (just smiled my "thanks") and went on my way. It can be quite a closed place (e.g., southerners not interested in getting to know people from other parts of the country). So glad to be living in a place where no one cares about my accent & doesn't care where I grew up. I did meet some wonderful people there (which is why Designing Women felt so familiar to me) but I'm glad to be further north again.
  15. annzeepark914


    Chris Matthews was way past his retirement date but kept working until he was forced to leave. That's not going to happen to Andrea Mitchell but I have to wonder why these news media folks insist on continuing to work despite being over 65. Over at PBS, Judy Woodruff has had some moments (recently she had a weird coughing spell and they finally went to a different story--they didn't get back to her that night). Those are hard jobs, jumping from one topic to another, interviews, needing to remember names, date of events, the latest information, etc. I've noticed it's tough enough on the younger anchors/hosts.
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