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  1. Not I (said the unspectacular Jeopardy player). I love TS's cause most times I get them which makes up for the times I have no idea what the answer is or those OTT frustrating times when I can see the person but can't pull up his/her name). Gosh, I didn't notice that Jon was hyperventilating. But I felt sorry for him. He'd start doing well and then--crash! Actually, I always feel sorry for those who don't qualify for FJ. Hey folks - please stop swaying. Who started this irritating habit?
  2. Sheesh...I can still see Plushenko smirking his way around the rink, stopping to do a bump & grind, skating obliviously to the music. Blech. And then, showing his butt during the medal ceremony since he thought *only he* deserved the gold. A real 14k gold horse's heinie.
  3. Me too! Good luck with the new job. May it NOT aggravate your injuries (and be a nice place to work).
  4. I'm so sick & tired of bad drivers. Tailgating, weaving back & forth from one lane to the next, speeding (esp on rain or snow slick roads). They put us all in danger. Who died and made it their very own roadway?
  5. I remember that day. Mr. P914 was working in some country overseas and emailed me that Michelle was #2. I was so disgusted. To this day I have not seen MK's LP at the '98 O's. I did see Tara's, on tape.
  6. At first I had no idea but the word cedar was the clue-- Cedars of Lebanon. Not too shabby a game for me tonight. Does Mackenzie look like she could be James' sister? At certain times, when she's smiling, she looks so much like him.
  7. If I need to just load stuff in the trunk and continue shopping, I wave them on. Heck, the way things are today in America, I don't want to get anyone ticked off at me 😐
  8. He is just incredibly self absorbed, running his mouth ad nauseum. So of course he never thought how bad that sounded.
  9. We both drew the same map of Africa! 😆
  10. Rex obviously didn't hear me yelling, "T U D O R" over and over and over. Once again, too young a group to know "stenography" and Jane Curtain (they don't know what they're missing--her SNL skits were hilarious, always!) And another TS when the clue was the word "river" which is rio in espanol and (I guess) Portuguese.
  11. 2009/10 was the season of Davis & White's Bollywood. Maybe we'll get to see some interesting RD's like that (fingers crossed).
  12. I wonder if TPTB are trying to avoid skaters having to appear in leiderhosen or other old world costumes, having to skate to bouncy old folk music. Thus, cultural dance is vague enough to allow skaters to use more modern themes, music, etc. Just a thought. I sure haven't seen any clear definition of cultural dance.
  13. In a way, I can understand that as I'm mentally worn out from the whirlwind. I now only watch Deadline WH and then local news. Re: Chris--he also may be affected by those treatments. Rough times for a lot of folks these days.
  14. Yikes...glad I missed that. Did he really mean it re: fearing he'll be beheaded? He's become a real drama queen over the past few years.
  15. Hey, y'all...Carmen isn't all that bad. I mean, it's not like the dreary Otonal. Look on the bright side (😁)...they could've picked Hallelujah.
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