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  1. Last night I made Skillet Chicken Lasagna (I think it's a Pioneer Woman recipe). It was good but it needs some revisions. Next time I'm using Italian sausage (maybe turkey) cause the chicken just doesn't hold up in all that good sauce and fresh mozz!
  2. I loathe skinny and/or curly fries. Give me good basic crispy French fries (and I sorely miss real old-fashioned diner food from the 60's too--the healthy version diners serve today is no fun at all).
  3. I love this ^^^^ T-shirt!!!! So glad he's gone.
  4. Awww no, SABER5055. We'll miss ya so much ;>( How can NBC be gone for you???
  5. That's good...sleepwalking is very therapeutic. I couldn't turn on the game until it was 7-0. Oh no...score's now 7-4. My fingernails are extremely short right now.
  6. Ohhhh thank you very much, SABER5055! That double Jeopardy was so foreign to me in so many clues 😕
  7. Ed is smart and isn't smug about it. Geez, that codex category certainly humbled me. Otherwise, I wasn't too shabby in Jeopardy. Double J just about did me in. Only got 6 correct but happily got Hoffmann. FJ? Fuhgeddaboudit 😖
  8. Well, it's ok IMO to wish Chris would retire (and who knows--maybe after this health experience he just might--surgery is hard on the body) because he's no longer able to be the host that he used to be. Stuff is happening today really fast. Lots of names, titles, agencies, congressmen & women, Senators, their districts and states, countries & dictators, etc., to remember quickly. And, of course, on top of all that, the impeachment hearings taking place. I've observed that it's hard enough for the younger hosts to keep up with it all.
  9. So glad to learn other viewers said "dulcet" too. I love that word. Whenever Mr P914 goofily sings a song, I always play the dj to announce, "And that was the dulcet voice of..." 😁
  10. I checked in on Hardball tonight (while watching Jeopardy), noticed that Steve once again was hosting. Checked in one last time at 7:58 and heard Steve say that Chris wanted people to know why he hasn't been there. He had prostate cancer surgery last week and hopes to return to the show in a day or so. I'm glad something was said about his absence.
  11. I did ok on Jeopardy (was trying to pronounce Tijuana and for some reason just couldn't remember how to so I said "Tia-wanna"...oy!) But I got that TS, 4 Weddings & a Funeral and was shocked that no one got it. Did ok on Double J but had no idea what FJ was. I'm looking forward to seeing how Erin does tomorrow. She's pretty quick.
  12. Simone also does all of her other elements very well. She's not just focusing on one mega move. Figure skating fans are complaining about ladies doing poorly executed quads followed by dull programs that lack good presentation and other challenging moves (e.g., change edge spirals).
  13. Grilled swordfish, baked pilaf, and slices of tomato, avocado, radish, onion, on mixed greens w/ vinaigrette.
  14. Who are they tooting...I mean rooting for?
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