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  1. annzeepark914


    Awww...so cute! Little Teddy Bear. And his mommy looks so happy! I sure do miss seeing Katy on TV, but this little fellow needs his mom right now.
  2. annzeepark914

    All In With Chris Hayes

    Chris Hayes is an ok host. But the too-long editorializing has to go (and that's for any others who tend to babble on and on--we can think for ourselves!) I have a question about Chris though...it bugs me that he always seems to be looking up at the camera. Is that just me or is he really doing that? Others look straight into the camera but Chris has always, since day one, been looking up.
  3. annzeepark914

    Pet Peeves

    Here's my pet peeve for the day/week/year: babies and little kids out in the hot sun w/ no hats on. I was sitting in my car in the medical office parking lot and saw a young mom carrying what looked to be a 2-3 month old, fair skinned, blonde baby to one of the bldgs. The sun is very hot today (while filling up the gas tank earlier, I could really feel it burning the back of my arms and neck). All I could think of was this little one, with her brand new skin, thin hair on head, exposed to that strong sun. If I'd passed her on the sidewalk I would've told her to get a hat for the baby (I've done that before). Over the years I've seen moms and/or dads either pushing or jogging behind a stroller. They had their sunglasses and hats on but the babies/toddlers never did. Grrrrr. Don't mind curmudgeonly me but I've had surgery on my face for melanoma (thank God it was stage zero but the surgery was scary & left a scar) so I'm a worrier about kids & sun exposure. It feels good to vent 😎
  4. annzeepark914

    Unpopular Food Likes/Dislikes: Table for One

    This sentence brought back memories of sitting at the kitchen table for several hours, refusing to drink my glass of milk. I think I've already posted this but I've never liked milk. And it would get warmer and warmer. And I could hear the kids outside playing after supper. Finally, I'd pinch my nose and drink the disgusting stuff and finally get to leave the kitchen. I still have the stepstool high chair that I sat on all those miserable evenings.
  5. annzeepark914

    Barefoot Contessa

    And make it the early Every Day Italian in which Giada isn't a grinning fool, but a serious chef showing us how to cook delicious Italian food.
  6. annzeepark914


    Wellll...I may sneak a peak (if I remember that he has a show) but no loss if I forget. I remember his first show and how skin-crawly he was (can't think of a better term so I threw that one in). He must be BFF with the president of MSNBC to get a show when there are so many other real political experts and/or journalists who deserve to have their own show. Oh well, on weekends I give myself a break from the chaotic craziness of America today 😞
  7. annzeepark914

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    I couldn't believe how much Mika was yakking while the author of the book was sitting right beside her. Watched for maybe 2 minutes and got sick of the blonde bombshellac running her mouth nonstop, & changed channels. I didn't know anything about the author and I kept wondering why it was ok with her to be sitting there quietly while her life/book was being discussed by others as she just nodded her head over & over. Very weird. MSNBC is getting weirder by the day 😒
  8. annzeepark914

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Fish & chips (ok, Gorton's fried flounder & Alexi French fries, both baked), Ina's tartar sauce, & cole slaw with a diced Granny Smith apple in it (very good!)
  9. annzeepark914

    Hardball With Chris Matthews

    There must be somebody who could take over this show ASAP. I wonder if his ratings have dropped. I was planning to contact MSNBC about this but never got around to it. Will do so now (I know...like they care what I think but I bet a lot of people must be contacting them about Chris Matthews inability to remember names, even of his guests!) Things are heating up and I don't think CM will be able to adequately handle the intense discussions (especially if he won't let his guests talk) that will be taking place up through the elections of 2020.
  10. annzeepark914

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I'm making Dan Dan Mien for dinner.
  11. annzeepark914

    Hardball With Chris Matthews

    Well, it's been a while since I watched Hardball and tonight was typical CM of late. He had Michael Beschloss & Dana Milbank on to discuss Trump's plans to take over the Capitol Fourth celebration on the mall. The two guests could hardly get a word in, with Chris loudly talking over them when they managed to speak. And then, CM was talking about "how hot it is in DC in July & March...oh wait...in... August". Next, he referred to the Secretary of Commerce as "Wilbur.........." and Dana jumped in and said, "Ross". MSNBC needs a new host--one who will let his interesting guests talk, and who can remember the names of people he's either talking to or about.
  12. annzeepark914

    Barefoot Contessa

    Have a wonderful time. And, if you do run into Miss Ina, tell her we love her too!
  13. annzeepark914

    America's Test Kitchen

    Once I tried Diamond Crystal kosher salt, I never looked back. IMO, it's milder.
  14. annzeepark914

    Barefoot Contessa

    Ina said that using ex-large eggs has made her a better baker. That caught my attention since I'm just a so-so baker. She made that lemon poppyseed cake. I'm tempted to make it but without the poppyseeds. They followed this show with a rerun of the highly criticised (by us) episode in which she served an outdoor meal to the family with a 7 week old baby & featured the huge lit balloons & everyone was bundled up in coats. Her spicy turkey meatballs looked good😊
  15. annzeepark914

    Valerie's Home Cooking

    I just watched her new show & thought she looked a bit different...but grown up at last (teenage hairstyle gone) and she's lost weight. She looked good. So did her mom's lasagna. It inspired me to make it (after many years!) And that kale salad looked good too. I'd heard about the massaging of kale, but thought it was a joke. I think I'll make that salad too.