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  1. We were at a concert tonight so I missed Jeopardy. What's this about accepting Himalayans for a mountain range? And contestants didn't know where the Red Sox played?
  2. I did, to myself. I like to think that my mom & I had breakfast at their "round" table one morning. Loved seeing the resident cat. It's a great, small, beautiful historic hotel in mid-Manhattan...super location! Tonight? I'm glad Jennifer won, although she had no competition. I did well, but I sure didn't get FJ. It will be interesting to see how she does tomorrow night
  3. Hoooo-kay. Do ya think Jeopardy would have accepted "the Round Table"? Yeah, I didn't think so. I could not think of the name of that hotel & I stayed there once. The new champ was the best contestant throughout. But this was another strange evening.
  4. Korean Beef & Noodles. Leftover Apple & Pear Crisp.
  5. I think I'm watching the first episode of Season 4. For some reason, I'm not into it...& I've been a *big* fan of this show from episode one. Not sure what's bothering me about the new show. Maybe I enjoyed the old cabins, with their history, that I'm not seeing now.
  6. Light opera? I don't think so. The proper word/term is operetta. I can't believe how many TS's there were--ok, I didn't know the answer (except for operetta) but I wasn't a contestant. And what's with so many allowances? I don't ever remember so many. What's going on with Jeopardy?
  7. As soon as Jeopardy ends, at 7:58, I switch to Hardball, hoping CM will have some interesting nugget of the latest news. Tonight, he said that whoever becomes the Democratic nominee...that nominee had *better* beat Trump. He is so right. So, who was the candidate in 2004, that most Dems really wanted to be the candidate? I recall that I loathed Kerry, but can't recall who his primary opponents were.
  8. annzeepark914


    Well...yea and nay. We certainly don't watch MSNBC only. We switch back and forth, CNN to MSNBC. But it would've made smart sense to use a potential slow news day to introduce new hires (like Joshua Johnson) to viewers.
  9. Mr. P914 and I are wiped out. Our guests left this morning. Loved seeing our 9 yr old grandson, daughter & son in law, going to some museums in DC, eating good food, and catching up. But stick that proverbial (Thanksgiving) fork in us. We are done!
  10. You're fortunate that you can't hear these crackly voices.
  11. Re: Stove Top? My mom made stuffing from scratch until her later years. That's when she'd "customize" Stove Top with sauteed minced celery and parsley. So that's what I do and it's delicious. I buy the Savory Herb style & I also add a little Mural of Flavor & garlic powder.
  12. I just made that double layer pumpkin cheesecake, and I also made the topping for Ina's apple and pear crisp (so all I have to do in the morning is peel apples and put the rest of the seasonings in with the apples, then top it with the crisp). I also made chocolate crackle cookies but from the Ghirardelli mix for the first time. In the past, I've made them from scratch. Think I'll go back to scratch. The mix is fine but maybe because it's Ghirardelli...it's OTT chocolate-y.
  13. I know what you're talking about. Once my mother passed away, it seemed like there was a hole in our family (she was a fun mom/grandmother who adored all of us). Something I've noticed over the years is it's best to change the old tradition and create a new tradition. It doesn't have to be a major change but some things just need to be a bit different (e.g., going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving--good food & no dishes).
  14. Ohhhhhh...I'd love to do that! Oysters and Prosecco (with more oysters for dessert). Well, I'm having Prosecco with dinner. Our daughter, son in law and 9 yr old grandson are (hopefully) flying in tomorrow from Minneapolis. I've never roasted a turkey (and never want to) so we ordered a dinner for 6 from Wegmans. I'm also making that double layer pumpkin cheesecake for my stepdaughter (she adores it) & Ina's Apple Pear Crisp and sweet potato casserole. And I bought Josh Cabernet Sauvignon as my stepdaughter loves it (I "tested" it the other night and for $12, this is a lovely, smooth red wine - I was surprised!) We may have 2 cousins also for dinner. I haven't entertained in a long time due to back issues but I used to do special event mgmt so I'm drawing on those skills (my sister calls me Listy McList).
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