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  1. Has anyone heard/read anything further about this? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that NBC's response is so muted (even though this is Weir's second public offense). After reading about how they tolerated Matt Lauer's actions over the years, I guess we can't expect anything done about Weir and Lipinski. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2020/07/02/tara-lipinski-johnny-weir-use-vulgar-term-spoof-olympian/5370126002/
  2. I was trying to create a meat sauce minus the cholesterol (probably using a recipe in Cooking Light). It wasn't bad. If I had to eat tofu, this recipe made it palatable. Thank goodness for statins (& 93% lean ground beef...an occasional treat).
  3. Re: tofu? Quite a few years ago I tried a recipe using tofu in which it was supposed to sub for ground beef. I had to freeze it first. Then I thawed it, broke it up like ground beef, & cooked it with onions, garlic, bell peppers, seasonings, & marinara. It was good on spaghetti. But I don't think I made it again.
  4. I finally remembered to watch this show. Love Ina but I didn't care for any of the desserts...maybe cause I'm not much of a dessert person. But it was nice to see her on TV again. Wish she'd invite a friend or neighbor in - even if they just sit on a stool and watch her.
  5. 9:37 PM, July 3rd... heard the first (of probably many) firecrackers. Anyway, I hope you all have a safe, healthy, relaxed 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America.
  6. Lemon-y pappardelle with shrimp, and a few sauted mushrooms tossed in for fun. Delicious!
  7. People who talk on and on. At first, I really enjoyed Zoom. But there's one group I'm in that has a few overly talkative women and they just dominate the entire time. A few of us quieter types hardly get a word in. And these are nice women, not mean or uncaring. It's gotten so that I'm trying to think up excuses for not being on this particular Zoom any more. Normally, this groups meets for lunch once a week and it's fun. So, I guess it's easier to get a word in amongst friends when you're physically together but impossible online. And then (outside of Zoom) there are people who just talk about their lives, their experiences, their families, etc., without stopping to ask, "and how are you and your folks doing?"
  8. I finally signed up for NextDoor after much nudging by a friend and it's pretty good. Occasionally it gets snippy (when a wild animal is found in the yard and certain folks get a bit nasty and/or condescending with their lectures). And, of course, there are the worriers! There are certain people on NextDoor who always post their concern if they hear a helicopter overhead or loud noises...stuff the rest of us don't even stop to think about. But for the most part it's been helpful, especially since the shutdown began (finding out who had toilet paper and paper towels, back in the early days).
  9. Last night's supper was Mexican-Style Ground Beef & Noodle Casserole, + a tossed salad. I've been going through the gazillion recipes discovered on the internet & printed (then stuffed into a file and forgotten). It was good but I got carried away & made it almost a bit too rich with fresh mozzarella and then some Gruyere I found in the fridge.
  10. Mary Jo imitating Daddy was hilarious. I never realized the same actor portrayed two characters in DW. The only son (from the Hee Haw episode) I remember was Nub, the family's gynecologist. I think he was Charlene's dancing partner. Just remembering all these funny stories, characters, lines, etc makes me realize how talented Linda B-T was. And how much I miss writers like her.
  11. I loved those couples vacation trips. My favorite was watching Julia dancin' with "Daddy" and hearing him sing to her, "and when she gets behiiiiind closed doors".
  12. What do you mean by "stretching out"??
  13. They were one of the original gorilla & ant pair teams (but G&G's look wasn't so extreme--he didn't look like he could crush her with one hand!)
  14. annzeepark914


    Lindsey used to be our local NBC sports anchor (hated to see her leave--she was very good). I hope they switched rooms for their interviews. That wallpaper hurts!!
  15. I'm reminded of seeing the "new" style of Russian pairs skaters. Didn't they refer to them as the gorilla and the ant? Or something like that (big male with tiny, very young female partner).
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