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  1. I loathe spiders that get in the house and bite, leaving a welt. And silverfish. So I keep a can of Raid on each floor. But I do like Daddylonglegs.
  2. Yikes--yes!!! I thought that was weird of Lysacek to be making such a pronouncement (+ he's sort of disappeared). Thanks for the correction 😏
  3. Yup...I too have experienced this. Let's just say we're mega carers 💖 😁
  4. Yeah, well he's not competing...not hoping to make the Olympic team. Yes, it's a *major* problem and they shouldn't have been given the O's, but they got them so here we are.
  5. We ordered a sofa and love seat in April. We hope to get them in November. I'm also noticing some empty shelves in all the supermarkets I frequent: Safeway, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, & Giant.
  6. Bradie is out of Skate America due to a foot injury. She's being replaced by Starr.
  7. The Winter of Our Discontent. I read that on my own...mucho depressing!!!
  8. No wonder we couldn't figure out why it seemed that they just dropped off the planet. This was kept so quiet. She & her partner are mentally strong people. I'd be so furious I'd probably explode. What kind of makeup was she wearing that didn't cause issues for other female skaters?
  9. OK--I wish to hell some scientist would invent a replacement for gallbladders. If you still have one (& it's functioning correctly), count your blessings. Or, if you had one removed but feel fine? Again, count your blessings. It isn't the worst thing to happen to a person but it can be challenging. So, biomedical engineers of the world...have at it 🧐
  10. I made Alex Guarnaschelli's Pumpkin Pasta for dinner and we both really liked it. But I did use more brown sugar, and added garlic powder & powdered ginger, and some sea salt. It's a keeper!
  11. "C'mon!" Yup...annoying as hell, especially alongside bellowing Jeff. Didn't they say GZ made the cake? With all the noise, maybe I heard wrong. And, yes, what was going on with KL's sleeves 😲
  12. I made the pumpkin pasta and IMO it's better than the ravioli version...not so doughy. *But* I added extra seasonings and extra brown sugar. Alex was right, adding several ladles of cooking water to thin it out is necessary.
  13. I watched today's show. Big surprise--Sunny came in from the cold, at long last. Of course they had the scary stuff. They showed a tape from maybe last year where they all jumped onto each other when a hand suddenly emerged, and Sunny fell down. So she said viewers need to stop accusing Jeff of pushing her, that she fell down all by herself. I think the crew needs to quit the scare tactics. Anyway...there were two good items that appealed to me: Alex's pumpkin pasta, and that red velvet cake that oozed "blood" (raspberry sauce). I'd make the cake & cream cheese frosting and forget about a
  14. People are a lot less judge-y when you say you ate an “avocado salad”...instead of a bowl of guacamole. My prince is not coming on a white horse. He's obviously riding a turtle, and definitely lost. When a guy says he's fine what he really means is he's fine.
  15. What a bunch of charmers these creeps are. And to think Tipper Gore was vilified back in the 90's for complaining about filthy lyrics in rock songs. These rap lyrics are beyond filth...they're scatological. I can't believe record companies produce them.
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