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  1. Eureka! While cooking Italian meatballs a little while ago, I came up with a good way to remember not to let them be crowded in the skillet (otherwise they'll steam). I was careful to keep them socially distant 😉 Spaghetti & meatballs for dinner tonight.
  2. What a bizarre game! Got FJ...TV was in its infancy in the late 40's so I figured it had to be Truman. Also got TS Carnegie. I fared better in double Jeopardy. Strange game.
  3. Sauted salmon in a little sesame oil and noodles in peanut sauce. I was going to visit Harris Teeter tomorrow but will wait for early Sunday morning. Less crowded, sure, but I hope there will be some groceries left in the store. I wonder if I'll ever see TP on the shelves again!!
  4. I cannot stand the commercial for, I think, Volvo. Young women load up a car after skiing or snowboarding, hop in the car and goofily groove to some irritating tune or change their clothes. They end up at a beach where they plan to surf. It usually plays late in the afternoon when I'm watching MSNBC. I guess to me it's an OTT attempt to look cool. Hate it.
  5. She's actually Edith Bunker's long lost daughter.
  6. I *knew* she was going to be the new champ. I'll be wearing ear plugs tomorrow 😎
  7. IMO, golf hasn't been a form of exercise since they made golf carts available. Back in the day, when golfers walked the course...that was exercise.
  8. Yesterday & today I participated in Zoom virtual get togethers with two social groups. It felt so good to see those wonderful people, and just shoot the breeze with them (like we used to do back when life was normal). Now I'm thinking of maybe doing a mini family reunion on Zoom with my sister & her kids. She's so funny! I just discovered her a few days ago.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting we're in lockdown (well, that's what it feels like).
  10. I absolutely love Panera's tuna salad sandwich--on the French baguette or whatever it is. Been thinking about it lately. Maybe I'd better get over there before the lunch crowd arrives tomorrow.
  11. Got two TS: Sonoran & Hammond. I was stumped by FJ...can't believe I forgot about the Lend-Lease Act. Another one & done champ.
  12. I just had a thought today. There has been a small silver lining amidst all this coronavirus misery: Zoom! I keep hearing that more and more folks are participating, setting it up, so they can still "get together" with their friends, church/synagog services, coffee groups, AA mtgs., book clubs, in addition to the people using it for work. My cousin said that her just-turned 5 year old grandson is participating in a Zoom get together with his little pre-school classmates today (the kids are finding this whole shutdown thing very confusing). My lunch group will be using Zoom for the first time tomorrow. Hope I can "join" them (I've been studying the tutorials on youtube)...at least I downloaded the Zoom app and have a password. This should be interesting.
  13. annzeepark914


    I noticed that Nicolle was on for two hours yesterday. Is this the start of her 2 hour show? She's doing her show from home (mentioned that her 7 yr old son was "upstairs" playing with legos) but she had the Deadline: White House background up. Yes...it's interesting seeing so many folks broadcasting from their homes. But I can't wait to get back to the good ol' days when Nicolle & others would gather around the table.
  14. Tonight will be grilled brats ("imported" from MI😉) & burgers, plus leftover incredibly delicious potato salad (secret ingredient turned out to be a larger than usual amount of horseradish). Will there ever again be shelves full of TP???
  15. The Dollar GeneralDollar Tree mgr must've been thrilled to make such a good sale. This is disgusting.
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