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  1. Yes, the conservatorship needs to be removed from her family's control. We don't know Britney, don't have any idea how she behaves, thinks, makes decisions, etc. So, just in case she's not as stable as she should be, she needs some kind of protection from all the unsavory characters (gold diggers) who are drawn to wealthy celebs. I hope the judge can help her in this regard.
  2. I started taking D-Mannose about 4 years ago (a friend recommended them). Have not had a UTI since. It's a cranberry supplement. My PCP & urologist know I take D-Mannose. It's pretty good stuff.
  3. Baked feta with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach & fresh basil. MrP914 liked it. My opinion is that the feta, despite my doctoring it w/ seasonings, seems to bland out this dish. It was ok, not a lot of work.
  4. I never heard of that 😁 I love bacon!
  5. Fried green tomatoes & salad. Blueberry crisp for dessert.
  6. I always thought she said, "Oh big wooo" (something I've been saying ever since).
  7. Grilled swordfish, roasted cut up small Yukon potatoes with aioli, and a Greek salad (of sorts).
  8. Plan A never works. Plan B almost never works. No one ever has a Plan C. Some drink from the fountain of knowledge. Some only gargle.
  9. I’ve just signed up for an online dating site. Do you think it’s rude to ask people to send a picture holding today’s newspaper? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just saved a ton of money on my Christmas shopping by expressing my political views on Facebook.
  10. Yup. It's weird but I pronounced the same word slightly differently too.
  11. Oh geez...I turned on this show several minutes before the end and learned that Jeff is getting his own show. It sounds like he'll be going to total strangers' houses & challenging a chef (and/or himself) to make something out of what's in their pantries & refrigerators. At least I think that's the plan. If the doorbell rings, I'm not answering!!
  12. Last night I made a spinach-chicken sausage-onion-cheese frittata, Ina's Confetti Corn, and a salad.
  13. A spinach, chicken sausage & onion frittata, plus salad and Ina's Confetti Corn. No dessert needed!
  14. Because English doesn't have a noticable plural for "you", European immigrants made their own version: yous or youse (as in youse guys). Well, that's my theory and I'm stickin' to it. I was once "outed" as a New Yorker when I lived in NC because I said wawder. I've got a big white mug on the kitchen counter on which I wrote Cawfee (saw it once online and loved it).
  15. When did these bridezilla type weddings start? Was it in the 80's or 90's? Where did these gals get the idea that because they'll be the only ones in a white gown & veil, that they're the queens or empresses of the whole event? AFAIK, I haven't attended a bridezilla wedding. All the brides were gracious & appreciated their guests.
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