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  1. annzeepark914

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Double Crunch Garlic Chicken & a tossed salad. Glad I doubled the sauce cause it was delicious.
  2. annzeepark914

    America's Test Kitchen

    Maybe it's just me, but ever since I started watching ATK, I've noticed she slips a little dig into either CK or Julia. She did it on Saturday's show when they were doing the intro for streusal & how if you just breathe over it, it flies all over you. Julia said yes, it ends up all over me and Bridget smirked and said, "So I've noticed".
  3. annzeepark914

    America's Test Kitchen

    And this is what bugs me about a lot of these reality shows. They start out ok, but then you notice them starting to behave like show-off kids (e.g., Chip Gaines, Ryan on Maine Cabin Masters, etc). So it's the producers egging them on. Back to ATK: I'm sad to see Julie reduced to her new role as sidekick to edgy Bridget. I haven't seen the new ATK much but are their roles ever reversed in the new CK-less show?
  4. annzeepark914


    @BooksRule: Let us know what happens. In my apt living days, I suffered a lot (bass notes booming through the walls or floor, music played loudly at 2:00 AM, etc). The worst time though was when a neighbor slashed one of the tires on my car (I'd complained to the mgr about loud talking late at night in their apt and music played nonstop...the walls in that place must've been like paper!). I moved out w/in 2 weeks. So, as you well know, you have to be careful. Someone else mentioned discussing this with that other neighbor and that's what I'd do. He may know more about this guy or may know what was going on when the police came to that house. Good luck.
  5. annzeepark914

    This Is CNN

    Gloria Borger. I remember back in the day when she'd be on Washington Week in Review. In her younger years, she was interesting to listen to and attractive. Today? I dread seeing her on Wolf's show because once it's her "turn" to talk, she goes on and on and on. And I know this is petty, but her recent plastic surgery has caused her mouth to tip sideways at times when she talks...almost cartoonishly. It's really distracting (and quite weird). But they must like her at CNN cause she's almost always on one panel or another.
  6. annzeepark914

    30 Minute Meals

    Good grief. This show came on today immediately after Ina so I got to see Rachel act like a goofy preteen, all within just one minute (calling something sexy, making odd noises, & giggling). You all had perfectly described the awful change in RR. I had to switch channels right then & there! What a mess.
  7. annzeepark914

    Barefoot Contessa

    Yup. Throughout the show, I kept thinking about the original BC. It was such a cozy, relaxed show that also included her friends & tips on flower arranging & tablesetting. However, I too am sooooo glad to have Ina back on TV. While she was at a farmstand, they showed a clip of a tomato, avocado, & corn salad that looked so good. I need to make that! I'm sure this series is a lot easier to tape than her original show.
  8. annzeepark914

    Fixer Upper

    I just read this article an hour ago. Is it just a nasty rumor that the Gaines are being sued by a lot of homeowners (who purchased houses and had them made over on the show)? You'd think that would've been mentioned in this article. I've heard 2 people say this but never saw it in print so I really didn't believe it.
  9. annzeepark914

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I agree. I watch it Monday - Friday. Most of her guests are great (big exception: Donny Deutch!)
  10. annzeepark914

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes w/ onions (from scratch), and salad.
  11. annzeepark914

    Figure Skating

    B&B. Didn't they introduce the squat to ice dancing?
  12. annzeepark914

    Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That?

    That's interesting cause I squeeze lemon into red clam sauce & like it. Next time I have pizza, I'll try the lemon. I also squeeze lemon into tuna salad & egg salad. It tempers the fishiness of the canned tuna and the egginess of the hardboiled eggs. Ina did an episode on the additon of lemon juice &/or zest.
  13. annzeepark914

    Figure Skating

    Yes! I saw that program at one of the COI's I attended. She was lying on the ice, covered by the drape at the end (& maybe the beginning?) of the program. During the program, he'd wrap, then unwrap her in that drape as they skated. And she had long red hair that would fly out behind her. Ice dancing is tricky enough, with the blades so close together and to be able to skate with that very long drape? Just amazing and wonderful.
  14. annzeepark914

    30 Minute Meals

    I saw her new 30MM show today and was shocked. As you all have described, she looked a mess. And her husband, who used to be attractive, doesn't look much better. I do believe her intended audience is the person who's a novice in the kitchen & her old show did a decent job teaching them that basic cooking can be easy & result in tasty food. Not this show! There must be a cook who can do this show who would be more professional and take pride in her/his appearance. Heck, they've got so many cooks they've observed during all those Next Food Network Star shows. Surely one of them could do a basic cooking show.
  15. annzeepark914

    Figure Skating

    I think these were programs that they did for Champions On Ice, where they could really add the drama. I went to two COI's in the 90's and saw K/P perform several stunning programs. But their FD at the '92 O's did start with them lying on the ice. They are my all-time favorite ice dancers. Whenever I hear Masquerade Ball I think of them flying across the ice--they were so fast.