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  1. As I above in previous posts, the recipe called for 20g of flour for the tuiles, 100g for the puddings, if, as I believe, they are given extra in case of do-overs, then she still had 80-220g of flour left. Enough, I think, to question whether she forgot something.
  2. I'm not Dleiqhq and I can't be sure but in the past they coat the inside of their piping bag, just a strip, in the color they want then when they pipe it, it gets that effect. I know Candice did that with green in her season then didn't like the way it looked so she swirled it all together.
  3. Yes, I do believe they get extra but not 80g (or more since they have to give enough to remake the puddings) extra. If they double it that would mean they were given at least 240g! that seems excessive for just the tuiles.
  4. Which is why Maggie missing it was even stranger, I tracked down the recipes and it had 20g of flour for the tuiles and 100g for the puddings, they were given way more flour than was needed for just the tuiles, she should have known the flour was there for a reason. Also, the recipe said 60 min. hands on time (?), 35 min. bake so even the original recipe was more than 90 min. especially since they had to read it first.
  5. But that is sort of the point, if she had only had to bake once it would have been even more apparent that she had kept it too simple.
  6. Last season I posted this: I think Henry would make a great host, humorous, quick on his feet with comebacks and understands baking. Pair him up with someone like Ruby Bhogal or Liam and it might work. And of course they have now hired Liam for other shows. Either Henry or Ruby or both would be great I think.
  7. I think Giuseppe has a good chance at the final 3 but if I'm reading Wikipedia right, Tom, Julia, Michael and Marc all won bread week and did not make the final.
  8. I do agree about the 'style over substance' to harp on about that and then request challenges like this is very hypocritical. I can however imagine the show runners sitting around and saying stuff like : Remember when Nadiya did that soda can? let's have a challenge like that or: That chocolate well that Ian did, let's have them do something interactive. There's been a few challenges where I can remember one of the contestants doing something like it previously I just don't think they need to keep coming up with something 'new' just go back to basics! it's fine!
  9. I didn't the first time through but re-runs have shown me her sense of humor and her willingness to help others. I also am not liking Lizzie much, I'll have to see if that changes on a re-watch. Loving Jurgen and Giuseppe. Are they going home between weeks this time? Are any families there with them?
  10. P.E. teachers with great legs?
  11. Re-watched the first season to be ready for the second (ended up not mattering) Watched the 'behind the scenes' after I was done with the first season, big mistake. Everybody loving everybody, very uplifting. Then started second season. What a bummer! (sorry showing my age) only good thing is the actor that played Kahu on Brokenwood.
  12. Depends on what you mean by racing around the world. TAR 7 for example did not circumnavigate the globe, they went as far as India and then headed back the other way to America.
  13. dgpolo


    There had been a curved sofa type seating area where at least a few people would sit, also there used to be a LOT more people in the office at any given time. We don't know most of their names (and did Aiden mention Helen at one point?) but there were people at most of the desks and on the sofa and standing behind the sofa. It was very, very noticable that there were only a few people there. When she was talking to the lawyer I noticed it took place outside and they sat on the stone wall about 6 feet apart, made me think of all the times Vera sat right next to someone on a bench at the beach,
  14. For me this episode aired a couple of months ago so it is not fresh in my mind. One thing I remember is finding Neville's line about wanting to be an archaeologist funny because he had played one in a Midsomer episode. I dislike Marlon, I wish Ruby was still there, she brought a different energy to the group.
  15. I believe those were the initials of the killers father, his death was the motive for this murder
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