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  1. dgpolo

    S09 Talk

    I quite liked the hippies, whether they were playing characters or not, one of my criteria for a 'liked' team is politeness to the locals and support for each other, and they did. If they were annoying it wasn't in the way Flo was annoying. So Yay! I'm glad they won over the obnoxious E&J. I can't believe they aired them groping Danielle. I do wish Dave and Lori had made it farther. Still surprised at how far Barry and Fran made it. I liked that BJ & Tyler helped them and not so happy that Fran was unkind to them on the bus when BJ & Tyler were still crossing the bridge. They had helped them with directions to clues (which they surely needed after walking within 6 inches of one w/o seeing it) and always asked if they were OK. But they did give them some money after their first non-elim so that was good. I have no idea what was actually said at that pit stop, but Barry & Fran and Ray & Yolanda gave them money while E&J and MoJo didn't. Mojo said they threatened them with a Yield but no one else said anything about that and BJ&T didn't seem to be serious about until they thought Joseph had cancelled their cab. I'm glad BJ&T gave some money to R&Y to pay back the favor. Was that slap dance the first Dancing Roadblock? And was that the first memory task? And I loved BJ&T's Bowling Mom's shirts.
  2. dgpolo

    S08 Talk

    So agree with both of these, just finished my rewatch and I write down a few things I want to say when I post here and one of the last things I wrote was 'so f*cking boring zzzzzzz' Agree with this too, it felt like an experiment gone wrong, it was too cumbersome. I had the thought that if -redesigned- and renamed to could be an off shoot show for families. Having the little kids along really made this difficult, they had to always keep in mind that it was possible, not probable, but possible that an 8 year old might have to do what they had planned. Also, I have no idea how many immunizations racers have to have to go around the world so I wonder if that was also an issue for the kids? How many could they have all at once? The Weavers were lucky they had Rolly, I heard he turned procyclist. He was certainly athletic enough. I disliked that no one (except DJ?) recognized Kevin and Drew (and from the clue was it supposed to be 'Frank'?) The worst thing about this format is you get double the screeching.
  3. dgpolo

    S06.E05: The Kill

    They were in the supply lists that someone posted a link to in a previous thread. Bear horns were not listed but I don't know if they list something that they give them without choosing?
  4. dgpolo

    S07 Talk

    I was so happy that Uchenna and Joyce won, they were severely handicapped that last leg without money, I hope it was part of getting rid of the 'mugging' of teams. I was glad Rob and Amber lost but I would have understood if they had won. They did run a good race, I did think they were helped a little too much by locals who recognized them and I think there may have been some juggling in the rules later to prevent so much help but other than them not racing I don't see how they could have avoided that. They never raged at locals (probably 'cause most of them fell over each other to help) and rarely said anything bad to each other. They were VERY in tune to where their camera was at all times. Still glad they lost. I thought Gretchen was screechy all the way through but what a trouper! Energizer bunnies indeed! Didn't like Ron or Kelly and they were pretty toxic together. I think this season had the most amazing Africa scenes ever, so many different animals showing up to be photographed including a warthog that somebody didn't recognize. I found it amusing Lynn and Alex called the village with the bright paint and geometrical patterns the Beverly Hills of the villages. I still can't believe the girls who drove 2 hours in the wrong direction! Didn't they know they needed to get to the mountains? My favorite leg would have been the London one with the Sherlock Holmes clues but another Romber Fern ruined it for me. I hope Uchenna and Joyce mailed a bonus to the two cab drivers that helped them.
  5. dgpolo

    S06 Talk

    I'm not sure it was racism exactly but more a kind of elitism? She seemed fine in Ethiopia, I don't think she felt safe in Senegal, but it was an appalling comment. I mostly didn't like them because they didn't seem to like much of anywhere and rarely took the time to enjoy themselves. Kris and Jon on the other hand loved everything, everywhere. They just seemed to enjoy themselves no matter what. Heartbreaking season ending. Especially since Chicago is the closest big city to where I live, and the town I grew up in had train tracks on two sides. If there was a freight going through you were basically stuck unless you wanted to go waayy out of your way. So for Kris and Jon to lose because of a train really struck home for me. Jonathan was just vile, I've read that they claimed editing but though editing can leave out good moments you have it can't create the bad ones. And when he shoved her hard enough to knock her off balance and drop the clue she was carrying, that was a bad one. Plus I noticed two other times his arm seemed to draw back like he was going to push her, once in a cab. Speaking of which, America cheered when the Hungarian cabbie forced the out of his cab. I've read that this is one team Phil did not want to come back, that is not editing. And why did he have to go shirtless so much, I would much rather have seen Jon that way. At the beginning of leg 5, Jonathan says that they've come in 2nd 3 times but at that point they had come in second only twice, at the end of leg 5 is their third second place. So either he can't count or they put an interview from the end of the leg at the beginning of it. So sad about Lena and the hay bales. Loved Bolo counting at Ikea... 66-68-80 Gus and the beer, Gus's backpack looked really small. Hera's gorgeous eyes. Her story makes it so sad to watch her. Too bad Freddie and Kendra's penalty for taking a 2nd clue wasn't enough to eliminate them. We don't know if it was really a half an hour, editing could have placed that remark anywhere. I also disagree a bit about it not being physically demanding, I mean it didn't take brute strength but it was hard on their hands, and I think it was also probably hard on their backs -they had to bend over for hours- and on their legs -standing and moving up and down, again for hours-. Personally I have always had a hard time fitting keys into locks and turning them, there always seems to be a 'trick' to them, slightly up or down or to the side or you don't slide it all the way in. I'm not surprised this was a hard task.
  6. dgpolo

    S05 Talk

    This is why I said 'what ifs' We -don't know- that the above would have been true. For instance in the 'Ribbon Roping' Roadblock where they had to rip a cloth from the neck of a calf/cow there was a scene where whichever twin was doing the task had a few in a corner, 2 had the cloth on I think? maybe only one. But Chip swoops in and manages to get the cloth off of one and the twin doesn't -what if- Kim had been the one doing that task. Could the twin have been faster at getting it than Kim (or Nicole)? could it have made a difference in the standings? could it have gotten another male/female team eliminated before the final? It's really just a game the 'what ifs', they can be done for any task in any season. Especially when someone you don't like wins. And since I like Chip and Kim I'm glad everything worked out for them though I would rather have seen the Moms in the final rather than Brandon and Nicole.
  7. dgpolo

    S05 Talk

    I see no reason for spoilers, every episode of every available season has been aired on TV therefore there are no spoilers. If someone hasn't watched them yet it's up to them to keep away from threads that they don't want to be spoiled on. We only need to be careful to not talk exclusively about another season in a specific seasons thread, not because of spoilers but because of off topic-ness. I think there were Roadblocks in Season 5 that all the women -could- have done with absolutely no problems, since the members of the all female teams did well. But if the female teams had to go head to head against another woman sometimes maybe placements on a leg would have been different with the all female teams maybe getting more chances to get ahead of the male/female teams. The biggest break Colin and Christie got this season was that the leg they received the Yield which led to the big ox blow-out, was a non-elimination leg. I never did understand that, it completely negates having a Yield at all. Absolutely agree with this! Exactly the right 'punishment' for coming in last but not being eliminated.
  8. dgpolo

    S05 Talk

    The difference between this Colin and Christie and last's seasons Colin and Christie is almost unbelievable! They especially Colin is almost unrecognizable! He looks so young. Chip and Kim are great and I think show more 'Christian' tendencies than Brandon and Nicole. This was the season of really one-sided Roadblocks with the men of the 3 final teams doing almost all of them. I'm glad they changed the rule after this but the 'what ifs' are hard to contemplate. This was also the first season of the 'mugging' of non-eliminated teams and I hate it. I was so glad when they stopped that. I've also heard that there is now a rule in place that they cannot beg or barter. Not sure where I read that so I don't know if it is true. Soo many good shots of the twins and others walking right past the clue box. Did not like the yield right there at the task, not so much because of the uncomfortableness of the yielded team staring at you but because the yielded team got an advantage of being able to see what the task entailed. Maybe Mirna dancing with the tango dancer sparked the idea for future dance tasks. Love! not having a FF for every leg, they were so random. Some you had to just jump in a pool to get and some you had to wrestle someone onto a surf board and some you just had to eat something. So random. I bet it saved production a lot of money too, not to have to have something set up for every leg. 72000 miles, is that the most for a season? This season has the leg that if I could only run one leg in any season ever, I would run the one in Egypt with the pyramids and the Sphinx.
  9. dgpolo

    S06.E05: The Kill

    That was my first thought when he caught that fish also. If you caught one shouldn't you try to get more? If they are biting get as many as you can. 2nd quote: I thought she was crazy! 'I hear a large predator outside my shelter, let's go look at it!' Either make a lot of noise or stay where you are with whatever weapon you may have. And it looked like she was one without a fire inside her shelter. Speaking of which-next week- Again!
  10. dgpolo

    S04 Talk

    When I was getting ready to watch this season I couldn't remember who won. When it started I did remember the teams but they really don't stand out to me when looking back at all the racers. I think I remember the shark tank the most, with Reichen trying to get his balance by throwing out his arm with a big shark right there next to him. Other standout moments: Tian getting pulled through the mud by the bulls, I heard she was the first (only?) woman to have ever done that and it was in the local paper. Reichen and Chip eating the octopus and talking about how it was clinging to their teeth! The train in India with all the groping. I do not like how the airport employees share info with the racers about other racers. Then something that just seemed odd to me, when they were running to do the swim under the ice a voice over, that sounded to me like Reichen, asked what skivvies were, but I thought that was military slang for underwear and he was in the Air Force? Not a very memorable season for me.
  11. dgpolo

    S03 Talk

    I'm sorry to say that Flo really does cast a pall over the whole season for me, even though there were other winners to come that I dislike as much this one is really hard. This was the first season that I watched as it aired. I remember calling my daughter and telling her about the crazy people running around, the moms that could barely even navigate out of the airport, jumping out of planes, riding with donkeys. I've never missed a season since. I caught up on 1 & 2 when the Travel Channel! aired them once. One of the first things Zach says to the camera is how he's not sure if Flo is going to be able to cut it and how high maintenance she is! I almost felt that there should be a rule that if a player says they want to quit 5 times or something they were out. Sort of like manifesting Beetlejuice by saying his name 3 times. Say 'I want to quit' 5 times and you're out! Heather had a wonderful voice, I loved it. I never get tired of watching diesel gate, especially Teri asking if it takes diesel several times with Ian telling her no each time. While I remember not liking Teri and Ian the first time around, this time, perhaps because I'm older, I noticed that Teri basically ignored him most of the time and yelled at him the other times. I think she knew him well after all those years and knew when to push back and when to just do what she wanted. And I really like Ian's transformation in Viet Nam, he seemed to be so apprehensive about going there and then when he was actually there and saw the people just going about their lives it seemed to calm something in him a bit. ETA: I was surprised to see that when presented with a bungee jump every team except the twins, bailed and went for the goats.
  12. dgpolo

    S02 Talk

    I didn't say it was the final leg, I said that they got into the final leg by using the ff. The same leg that eliminated Oswald and Danny. I don't think it was fair to be able to be one of the final three by using a ff. Of course it was because of the rules at the time but I don't like it, the same way I don't like the placements of non-elims on some races.🤷‍♀️
  13. dgpolo

    S02 Talk

    I forgot that TaraWil made it to the top 3 by taking the FF! so not fair, that shouldn't have been allowed on that leg. I know they don't have FF's every leg anymore but other things also, like the Express Pass have to be used before the final legs.
  14. dgpolo

    S02 Talk

    Agree with all of this. Re-watching this season now. Loving the Cha's and their Zen, enjoying Peach broadening her horizons. My favorite Cha moment was the bungee jump, Oswald screaming and Danny laughing was just so perfect. A close second was the leg in Australia when Oswald re-read his clue and finished the task correctly while Wil and Blake screwed up. I was heart broken when they missed the ferry. When Phil uses the format 'You are the __ team to arrive' I expect to hear 'however...' When I heard that Blake had founded TOMS shoes I was so glad something so good had come out of his experiences. I had wondered if seeing the poverty in India or any of the orphanages different teams had gone to had inspired any of them to be more active in charities or something. It was good to see someone had. Some huge backpacks on this race also.
  15. dgpolo

    S01 Talk

    I really noticed this in the first Paris leg. Dave and Margaretta somehow finished without me knowing how or where, then the next ep Phil explained about them missing the clue at the Eiffel Tower but getting the answer from another team and not completing it as designed. I'm still not sure how they were not eliminated. I did enjoy how low key Rob and Brennan were the whole race, if they got upset with each other they never showed it on camera. I hated Amie's passive aggressiveness when Paul asked her which way she wanted to go and she says You choose, it just bugs me when people do that. Don't tell someone else to choose and then berate them for choosing. Momily's killer fatigue in India and beyond was fatal, I don't think they were thinking clearly at all. It made no sense to not take the bus after they couldn't find the private car.