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    I'm sorry, I think it's a bit hypocritical of you to ask not to have spoilers while spoiling some of the MAJOR plot points in your own post. All of the current Vera episodes have aired so nothing is considered a spoiler, if you don't want spoilers don't read the thread until you are done.
  2. It was on regular CBC last night. The question, or actually the indirect question, was when it would be on US streaming services not the CBC.
  3. I actually think teams did share info on that one and they left the Cowboys out (just as they had at the flags). Other way round.
  4. Or just cast really good really competitive teams. I mean can you imagine Colin and Christie or the Beauty Queens or Boston Rob saying they were going to work with another really good team so that both of them can make it all the way to the finals? It would make no sense. Colin and Christie did form an alliance
  5. They used an actual legit 'tool' of the race. Alliances have always been a part of the race and have been used by many teams. So I agree it was 'personal' but not outside existing strategies of the race. Outside using a 'tool' of the race but alliances have always been a legit part of strategy. The alliance was ended. A new one just popped up that left D&G out. They were all working individually until they realized that it was more difficult than they thought. Then they made a new alliance with the 3 teams. The beards -could- have allied with D&G but they decided not to. That was their decision to make. Of course there has. One I mentioned before where they ganged up against a team of alpha male twins, one instance that resulted in the first -burning- of the U turn board. There was even some strategizing in the Cha's season the B-list Vanck & Ashton and I think one against the Cowboys.
  6. Pretty sure Colin and Christie were 'out and about' at one location. Colin got a cut on the head? I think it was, that did not happen during the leg and was later explained that it happened while he was out 'touristing'.
  7. I really think that this alliance was serendipitous. The stars were in alignment for those teams, at that time, at that place. I don't think it will be repeated because these teams won't be there. Some teams in the future (fingers crossed) may -try- to repeat it but then one team will take a wrong turn and get lost for six hours, or one teammate will break down at a task and won't be able to finish (Mika, Jen, Flo), or a team will decide to break away (Karlyn & Lyn), or the tasks won't lend themselves to 'sharing' (swimming, diving, dancing, needle in a haystack etc.) I think this was a pretty unique set of circumstances that will be hard to replicate rather than becoming common.
  8. dgpolo

    S23: Talk

    While I didn't go that far when I re-watched this season I did admit that Marie was one hell of a racer! Tim and Marie weren't even a couple when they raced so they wouldn't have been together after the race. She had approached him to be her partner and got him to sign a document giving her a bigger percentage of the winnings (if they won, don't remember the amount)
  9. The participating team members can help each other, or they may ask locals for help (unless specifically told not to), the non-participating member cannot help.
  10. You probably mean Rahul but Ruby was not sent home she was a finalist so I'm not sure who you mean? Mel and Sue could be obscene they were just a bit more ladylike about it. Definitely remember Sue talking about Paul's balls. GBBO is one of my favorite shows to watch. I agree it's on shaky ground right now but I'm still hopeful it will recover it's glory days.
  11. We have all had this thought, but it’s apparently not makeup, just the natural thickness of his eyelashes. The show runners have addressed this comment before, which is why I know that. 🙂 I wish I had such great lashes Don't know about Neiman, but I wouldn't be talking about his lashes. In close ups you can see a line on the lid of his eyes so not mascara, eye liner. The scene that comes to me as one where I noticed this is the get together where Julia is dressed as a man with some other of the basketball (?) team. In one of the close ups of Murdoch I could see a line on his eyelid.
  12. Many, many years ago, it could be as many as 30 I was watching Poirot on WTTW, the PBS station in Chicago. Poirot, Hastings and maybe Japp were walking around a museum and they passed an art class with a live -nude- model. I was totally shocked, not because of the nudity but because WTTW allowed it to be shown, I would've thought they would have edited it in some way. The first Midsomer episode showed siblings, nude, in bed with each other, I think an artist's model would be pretty tame after that.
  13. This encapsulates my feelings about this and a lot of the reactions to gay men 'mugging'. He dramatically called out 'Hello Cambodia' because it was on his bucket list and he was there and he was excited AND he is a dramatic person. This is who he, and his partner, and Tyler, and Joey (of Joey and Meghan) are, they are fabulously gay and they aren't afraid to show it. To ask them to hold back their personalities because people find it irritating is wrong. I do believe that they all would have the same reactions whether or not they were on camera whereas I don't think the clowns or the hippies would and that is my definition of mugging. If it would be the same without the camera it is not mugging, it is just something that irritates some people. And yes that means I think Will and James would be self-congratulatory by themselves and roll their eyes and the rest of it on their own with no camera and no audience.
  14. This. So much. I remember looking for instances of Tyler (he was called out individually a lot) 'mugging', didn't see any. Do not see Will or James 'mugging'. They get excited, yes, but no more than anyone else might.
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