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  1. He reminds me a little bit of Fred Gwynne.
  2. Missed Monday's game completely because of tornado warnings and severe weather, missed half of single Jeopardy yesterday because of Biden's announcement and missed end of DJ and FJ today because of Biden/Harris press conference. couldn't they have waited 10 minutes. Also, last week did Alex announce the contestants who made the semi's because of their high scores? I was waiting for it and never saw it.
  3. That was my answer almost word for word, except I added that 'Molly Brown gave each crew member a medal'...
  4. Not particularly, I don't think. It's one of those things that you either know, or you don't. Philby was a British MI6 officer who turned out to have been spying for the KGB. He was exposed in 1966 and defected to the Soviet Union, where he lived until his death in 1988. So he wasn't recent news in 2002, or anything. His given name was Harold. He was nicknamed "Kim" after the hero of Kipling's spy novel of the same name. Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_Five I've watched documentaries and read books about this plus there was a mini-series called "The Cambridge Spies" in 2003
  5. I had -just- watched a documentary on Philby, I knew it was him, I knew the Kipling nickname started with K and was 3 letters long and my brain -still- froze up until the last possible second when I blurted out the name!
  6. I didn't like her the first time but after that, on re-watching, I noticed her humor more and how helpful she was to others and grew to like her more.
  7. Not only that, I believe they 'tailor' some of the categories toward the celebrities appearing, thus a Sports category for Charles Barkley and Shakespeare for Eric Idle.
  8. I think it is, thank you!
  9. As far as I have been able to determine Gen. Powell was not on Jeopardy, so I am misremembering and it must have been someone else I'm thinking of. Sorry.
  10. I think he was whispering to her because I kept hearing her giggle when Probst was answering. She didn't annoy me unlike some, if a regular contestant kept forgetting the phrasing it annoys me but I'm willing to cut the celebs some slack. Does anyone know if they are showing Gen. Powell? I remember being impressed.
  11. I cracked up at Alex's response for the Don't Impeach Me day; the answer was Father's Day and Alex says 'same thing' What made Cats even funnier is that just before revealing that Alex said something about JFK's years being known by this play and imagining it being know as Cats in the WH instead of Camelot was hysterical.
  12. That's how I remembered it.
  13. I'm confused about where to post? I also posted this in the Celebrity Jeopardy thread because I saw people were posting there too. I've been to Brookfield Zoo twice this month. Sad to say that Baboon Island is no more
  14. I'm confused about where to post? I've been to Brookfield Zoo twice this month. Sad to say that Baboon Island is no more.
  15. Really impressive today and not much fooling around. They came to play!
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