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  1. That look on the judges' faces was that of "oh shit, we played our 'return from the dead card too soon."
  2. Sbeetle

    House Hunters Renovation

    What drove me crazy is that this woman had no concept what true mid century architecture was. When she was complaining about the acid green kitchen cabinets, yes that color was horrid, but that was a true 1950s kitchen. My house was built in 1953 and has those exact cabinets and tile counters. Those cabinets are pure mahogany. And the third house? With the green slate floor and the limestone fireplace? I was thinking “Lady, you don’t deserve that house. Get out. Now.” Everyone loves palm trees until they have one in their yard. You don’t get to enjoy the view. You only get the mess and a view of the trunk. I’ve had mine for 15 years. He can have it.
  3. Sbeetle

    Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    Wouldn’t it be something if at the series finale, they show the Symposium, and we get a flashback to June finding a microcassette recorder with tapes in a dusty box in the Boston Globe? They then have a scene with her recording her story and hiding it there? It would be possible. I had one of those recorders when I was a reporter in the 90s. Newsrooms are packrat central with ancient technology. There would most definitely be one there. It would be more practical than digital ones, since there wouldn’t be a way to upload anything. Its not Bangor, Maine where the cassettes were discovered in the book, but that’s a forgivable edit.
  4. Sbeetle

    S02.E04: Other Women

    I just can’t get over how physically abusive Serena is. I was stunned at her choking June and her slapping poor Rita. Her mood shifts are truly frightening.
  5. Sbeetle

    S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    I think there will be a huge sigh of relief in that workroom now that The Vixen is gone. Being around someone that goes from 1 to 10 in a millisecond is exhausting. Her target/fixation may have been Eureka, but everyone on that room walked on eggshells around her in the end. Kudos to Asia for attempting to reason with her. I too was confused over Vixen’s “ultimate White Privilege” on Eureka. A large, effimimate, loud, gay man is shunned in so many groups. Kameron is more of an example. It just shows how much she hated Eureka. Someone like her must have done something to Vixen in her past to set her off on such an extreme level. It seems to me Eureka was trying to tone herself down to diffuse the situation. It wasn’t enough, but she’s not the one losing her shit at the slightest provocation. But damn, girl’s got a crisis she has to work through for every challenge. Ugh. As someone said upthread, Good God Get a Grip, Girl! Wouldnt it be something if Kameron emerges as the strongest player?
  6. Sbeetle

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I finally got to see the eye searing bruise house today. That black marble! That bizarre Juliet balcony! The crazy blue doors! I have to admit I liked the redone stairs, the tile in the kitchen is cool. But everything else? OMG your eye has no place to rest. As for the time Aubrey wanted to redo that floor after it was laid, that’s insane. Marble cracks so easily. Its turned into a must watch for me as well. It’s kind of terrible, but at least it isn’t the same thing over and over again. I appreciate that.
  7. Sbeetle

    S02.E03: Baggage

    No, that was a different actress, though she did look similar.
  8. Sbeetle

    Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    There's a line in the book that talks about older women. It's almost throwaway. I looked it up. To summarize, Offred says that she never sees old women, but nobody knows where they go. Since women are valued by their fertility, I guess if they're not "legal" (married to first husband and haven't committed any "crimes") they would be shipped off to the colonies. That is some scary stuff. Maybe they have the option to become Marthas?
  9. Sbeetle

    S02.E03: Baggage

    Yes. It was a Qur'an and prayer rug. I couldn't believe she pulled it out like that. I thought that might be why the family was detained, but then they'd still be raiding the apartment to find it.
  10. Sbeetle

    S10.E07: Snatch Game

    I think Vixen was so angry at being called out by the others that she stomped off in a tantrum. I don’t think she was mixed up. Side note: UGH on me putting down Asia instead of The Vixen. That’s what I get for posting late at night! I fixed it.
  11. Sbeetle

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    That red glass tile. I just can’t. It reminded of that 1970s fake brick they used to use, usually with wood paneling. That realtor was spot on. That place was an eye searing disaster. I had hair like Aubrey’s at the end back in the 80s. Yikes . I keep watching this show, I kind of think these train wrecks are adorable. I need help. I just saw the blue and green episode I don’t even know what to say Oh dear lord, she did NOT just paint that lovely brick acid green!
  12. Sbeetle

    S10.E07: Snatch Game

    Sigh. It’s official. The Vixen is *that girl.* She has had a fixation on Eureka since the beginning. Ironically, ever since she first came for her, Eureka started winning. She has to blame and talk over everyone else, doing the exact thing she’s accusing of Eureka. It’s Sharon Needles/Phi Phi O’Hara all over again. She said she’d get pigeonholed into “the angry black woman.” Nah girl, you’re just immature.
  13. Sbeetle

    S02.E03: Baggage

    That episode was rough y’all. I had to stop it for an hour at the 40 minute mark when June was changing into the Econowife’s outfit. I get June’s not exactly a spy, but her lack of common sense was unbearable for me. When she was looking out the window and stomping around the apartment? I was so tense I had a hot flash. As for people “chosen” as Handmaidens, I thought they were criminals, divorcées, and adulterers. They weren’t picking legitimately single women yet were they? I mean, they have to keep some around to marry soldiers, right? I definitely think we will see that Econowife as a Handmaiden. The show may as well have used a neon sign. I can definitely see why the next leg of a trip was unknown to the courier.
  14. Sbeetle

    S10.E06: Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

    That’s TOTALLY what I said to my TV when I saw her! I’m so glad someone else caught it. She should be featured on the IkeaHack website!
  15. Sbeetle

    S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    A few thoughts: The subtle racism when The nurse asked June if Hannah was her biological child. Damn. The line that gave me some serious heebie jeebies was almost throw away, where the ICE officer asks Emily if her child was from “her ovaries” or was implanted. Chills! The airport scene scares me because my husband is a dual citizen carrying a British passport. How many couples would be split over that designation? Wasn’t there a line in the book that spoke of visas getting canceled or invalidated? I thought the Wife being sent to the colonies was an interesting twist on the narrative, reminding us that no women are safe from the horror that is Gilead.