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    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    What I was going to say, but you were much more succinct.
  2. dgpolo

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    You're the second person to say this in this thread but I really thought they were joking. He said it, waited a beat, then she elbowed him and they both laughed, right? They are listed as 'friends' not dating.
  3. dgpolo

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    A lot of the 'needle in a haystack' type tasks don't take any skill. Just patience.
  4. dgpolo

    S16.E15: Finale

    Or, it could be there were 2 very strong contenders that split the vote and made way for a third party to win.
  5. dgpolo


    I was too, but not only about Lena who really should have/could have said something but because I had a hard time keeping all the characters straight. I binge watched the first 3 seasons on Netflix, when I do that there isn't enough time between each episode for everything to sink in (you should have seen me after bingeing Battlestar Galactica or 24) so when I got to season three there were just too many female character with longish dark hair for me to keep straight. Including his daughter! who I really should have known. It took me a second watch through to keep everyone straight. Of course it doesn't help that I am usually doing something else while watching, reading, on computer, crocheting, so I also really hate it when there are long silences with maybe dramatic music, if I don't look up at the right time I miss something important.
  6. dgpolo


    Is there no way to scan the brain on that ship?
  7. I thought it was interesting when the showed the instructions for one of the technicals, I think it was the Madeleines, it showed the temp 170 and the baker said 350 Fahrenheit. Do they give them a conversion table?
  8. dgpolo

    S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    Neither did she. She was given the name Baby Spice when she became part of the Spice Girls (which she joined when she was much older than an infant). She will be 'Baby Spice' until she dies, no matter how old she gets. (unless she gets really famous for some other role, like being the wife of a super famous soccer player) I also thought most of these bakers made a pretty poor showing, I believe it was posited in an earlier forum that because the contestants had to fly overseas for a significant amount of time, other, perhaps better bakers couldn't make that commitment.
  9. dgpolo

    Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

    There is no Ustinov version, I think you mean the Albert Finney one? Ustinove did do a version of Evil Under the Sun. I was disappointed in this latest version, while I can get behind some changes in various adaptations this one seemed too far away from the original to really enjoy. I will still watch for DotN to see what they make of that.
  10. dgpolo

    Guy's Grocery Games

    They are dumb. How long has this show been on? Too long for so many to be left flatfooted. If they assume Guy will say it again, well you know what they say about that. I was watching a kids version where one kid was really on top of it, as soon as Guy said go, he was off, he didn't stand around with birds chirping. If he can figure it out then the adults need to wise up, and as long as they are stupid about it, Guy is going to do his thing.
  11. dgpolo

    S05.E08: Slayer II

    I've been thinking, maybe it's easier to tap out early just because they already know the consequences aren't really that bad. They get publicity, if they are smart they can probably parlay that into some actual money. they get support from their families, some of them have businesses that benefit, etc. I think Carleigh was the only one that really wanted to win because she came so close last time.
  12. dgpolo

    S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    The early American/Canadian frontiersmen did not have restriction put on them geographically (they could go to where the game/fish were) or what kind of game they could kill. They also had months to get ready for winter and were able to make/buy supplies to help them make it through. ETA: this isn't a 'normal' situation in any way, shape or form. This is entirely contrived.
  13. dgpolo

    S05.E09: Starvation's Shadow

    I thought he must have put on some weight, one of the pop ups said he had already lost more weight than in his previous season. When they showed Britt carving next to his groin, I was holding my breath.
  14. dgpolo

    S05.E06: Of Mice and Men

    I'm not sure you're understanding this show. This really isn't take your stuff into the wilderness and survive for as long as you can. There are all kinds of rules and regs and laws the competitors must follow. There is a list of items all of them get. There is a list of items they can only choose 10 from. I think there are certain personal items that are allowed. I believe they are not allowed to cut up their tarps. If they did they would be disqualified. They can only hunt certain animals in certain ways. That includes fishing, especially in Mongolia. I'm not sure if anyone has compiled a list of them all but I think certain competitors have mentioned different things when eliminated etc. They only have to last longer than the other guys, production really doesn't want them to last a year, that's probably one of the reasons they are restricted on what they can bring.
  15. dgpolo

    S05.E08: Slayer II

    I'm so bummed! He had such a nice little cabin.
  16. dgpolo

    Midsomer Murders

    What could Dr Lassiter have done except call for an ambulance. He could always just say he panicked, or he thought the ambulance would be better or he didn't know exactly where Dr Lassiter was... I don't think the point of the play was the name of the character, the point was the incest between the character and her brother, that's what gave Barnaby the 'light bulb' moment.
  17. dgpolo

    S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    This is the first episode that I felt actually matched the title.
  18. dgpolo

    S05.E04: Mongolia's Wrath

    That was my thought, too. If you catch one fish, surely you should try for more.
  19. dgpolo

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    I wonder how many visitors have bought souvenir hats for themselves or family members?
  20. dgpolo

    S14.E04 Panic on the Panel

    I like him too, I can even imagine a show with him called Firehouse Chef. He could travel around to different Firehouses and either taste a couple of their favorite recipes and/or show them a recipe they could use.
  21. dgpolo

    S05.E03: The Serpent

    Birth control pills stop your period, it would definitely be something the women wouldn't want to deal with in the wilderness. ETA: Thinking of this I think there has to be a way to do that by injection, with the med checks, 'cause I can't imagine how dangerous it might be for the women to be around large predators while smelling of blood.
  22. dgpolo

    S05.E03: The Serpent

    I don't know, but I really don't see how that would work. The way they push their bodies to extremes would not be good for any medication they would have started out with, and it seems to me that it would open up the show to a lot of liability. What if they lost their meds in the river, or their fire, or just walking around the wilderness. Would production be expected to replace them? If the meds are steroid based they might be considered an advantage? then others would sue... I just can't imagine it would be allowed.
  23. dgpolo

    S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    This is so brilliant I don't think the writers even thought of it. Well done!
  24. dgpolo

    S05.E03: The Serpent

    I think Randy should have made his shelter a bit smaller both because it would be quicker to build but also easier to heat. I am glad to see it though. Why didn't Sam add some of the roots he had found to his 'gravy'? And I thought it was funny how everything tasted like 'chicken'.
  25. dgpolo

    S05.E03: The Serpent

    After watching Jesse? and Randy being so careful walking around, and a good thing too for Jesse. It really was scary to watch Sam and Nicole walking around like they hadn't a care in the world! I thought for a while that she would be bitten by a snake before her symptoms got so bad she had to tap.