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  1. A few things about the show in general: . Why is Eve always saying "Run!" whenever they face a hungry animal? Can't she say anything else? Come on writers, be more creative! . This show is interesting but I see it going in the same direction as other complicated storylines......the cancel bin! . Are the two scientists together? It seemed the show wanted us to think that. . Why didn't the mute girl not want to reveal that she saw the old man? Her sister didn't want her talking to anyone about their lives so I don't get them so far. . I guess this show is
  2. What I find strange about Survivor wanted to be more inclusive is that the show has always been that. Starting with the first season 's winner, there has been a diversity of winners throughout. I do roll my eyes at the wokeness of the show now and think about something I never thought about when talking about Survivor..............the End of the series. I could never be on Survivor because I wouldn't play by the "rules". I think that the producers tell contestants to tell others that they have found idols. I'm sure there have been many contestants who have the same strategy: D
  3. Didn't really like the "everyone on the right is a bad guy" plot. This plot keeps popping up in all shows now. A few points about this season. . The actress who plays Sarah was coming out in Yellowstone on Paramount channel. So maybe people will get their wish and she'll be gone soon. . Did they really have to go there with Tali? Another nice kid turned rebellious, ugh! . I like the new agent Kristin. I'm glad she's showing the others, in particular Barnes, that she isn't just a pretty face! She's gutsy and I like her. . The actress who plays Hana will be coming
  4. Well, I was really referring to television shows not real life. I guess I should've explained in more detail but I was getting sleepy by then.
  5. . I liked the nod to "Mork and Mindy" reference by Fornell. . Woke America really hasn't touched NCIS but that might change. The show left it up to us viewers to decide what Agent Knight meant when she commented that Marcie isn't Gibbs "type". Then we see Marcie going on a trip to Mitch's cabin with Mitch...a woman. Also, how would Knight know that Marcie isn't Gibbs type? Hmm! . I was disappointed that the show went the "contract killer" route. I really thought that Marcie could turn out to be the serial killer. Whoever is hiring these hitmen, I still think it has to be som
  6. How times have changed. Years ago, everyone would've thought Marcie was going to the cabin with just her best friend.
  7. rr2911

    S41.E01: A New Era

    I agree! I can imagine in production meetings before this season, Jeff probably wilted and told everyone the show has to be more diverse and flow with the woke crowd to get more viewers. Like someone said, this decision about "guys" was probably already decided.
  8. What happened to the cliffhanger? I think I missed the beginning of Most Wanted of this crossover. Who got shot or died?
  9. rr2911

    S41.E01: A New Era

    I've only missed two seasons of Survivor and I was anxiously waiting for the premiere this past Wednesday. I have never considered not watching the show since Survivor is my #1 reality show......or at least it was. I rolled my eyes and shook my head when Jeff Probst questioned whether "guys" was offensive to the contestants. For 40 seasons and 21 years, Jeff has been using "Come on in guys" without any complaints. It wasn't offensive all those years. What changed? The Woke movement is what changed. If there was a scale from 1 thru 10 and 10 being I would never stop watching this show, w
  10. I didn't see the pilot of this NCIS Hawaii, but as soon as I read that the show was going to be "diverse" I knew what that meant. I'm out!
  11. Gary Cole will be cast as a new series regular FBI Special Agent Alden Park. So the series has Marcie and Alden Park as new characters, although Marcie probably isn't a regular. So who planted a bomb on Gibbs boat? This is where the writers should be careful into making this plot too complicated. It has to be someone who blames Gibbs for ..... . Arresting them or a family member and spending years in prison. . Killing a spouse or other family member. The revenge card if you will. This serial killer has to be introduced to us maybe a recurring character. Maybe some
  12. Thanks for mentioning Kasie's name. I couldn't remember her name at all. Going back to Pauly Perrette, I'm sure she adlibbed several times and that made her character more likeable. The problem I see with Kasie is in my opinion, the show is trying to sort of make her quirky or Abby-like. For example, Agent McGee wanted some info and Kasie was blabbing away about something irrelevant and McGee had to stop her. This is something that would happen to Abby a lot. I would've been fine if Kasie was more of a serious character with perhaps a dry sense of humor. I would love when Abby would
  13. Yeah, I miss Abby. Abby was pretty and cute and you just wanted to give her a big hug. Her replacement gets on my nerves, especially when she tries to be funny.
  14. Just like not all male actors are believable in being tough, there are female actors that just can't carry the torch. The lead in this one just isn't believable. That's what Kate, Ziva and Knight have, that's toughness.
  15. It was a good opening episode. Someone said that they like Agent Knight better than Bishop already. I agree! Agents Kate, Ziva and now Knight fit the "kick ass" role. Bishop never did....... at least to me. Gibbs may be back on track with the team but there has been articles that he won't be coming out in many episodes. Maybe things changed? I think the serial killer plot will probably drag on all season. Why? Because that character must make us trust and believe in them. Maybe even like them. Perhaps another agent? (No, not Knight) Perhaps a possible "love interest" for Gi
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