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  1. rr2911

    S01.E16: Bad Apples

    Maybe I missed something but I never got the impression that Campbell was racist, but according to James' son, he was arrested for that reason. I just thought Campbell was a dirty cop and retaliating for James snooping around. I guess I must have sneezed and missed a scene. There just certain storylines that really have no bearing on the show. I will leave it at that. Trey and Mick just don't go together. I'm still waiting for Mick and Walker to.........
  2. A few points about yesterday's show..... * That boy with the long hair that sang a Queen song didn't really sound good at all. I think because he is 14 years old and attempting such a classic, people assume he's going to sound great. CUT! * The lone dancer was a pretty good act. I figured he was using his hands and feet when he went to the table. I wonder what he'll do next? * The guy with a bunny wasn't very good. I would've buzzed him. * The juggler was probably the best act of the night. Very entertaining! * I'm ready to weed out all the sob story acts. Send
  3. I'm not sure if you are asking a serious question since this question has been asked many times before. "Got Talent" is the name of the company that runs these talent shows. They travel all over the world. In the case of AGT, America is the hosting country. That's why it's not Americans Got talent but rather America's Got Talent.
  4. I can see where you're going. I would've preferred an old fashion mentalist type show with no modern gadgets. But the holograms were real. I've a T-Rex hologram that looked pretty cool!
  5. They were not digital effects. He used a hand held hologram. Amazon sells them. So the judges did see the hologram live.
  6. I just saw AGT and yet again I'm asking the same question as before, "What has happened to AGT?" A few points about the show..... . I felt sorry for Michael Winslow because not only did he need equipment to help with his sound effects, but he wasn't all that good. Age has gotten the best of him. . The drag queen was more hand balancing than contortionist. He didn't do anything special . The girl band was refreshing to see because there aren't many bands on the show. But I think they need seasoning. . The mentalist was kind of boring. Maybe his presentation needs some w
  7. My interest meter for AGT used to be right at "10" a number of years ago. It has slowly been declining every year since then. Now, it's about an 8. My takes on Tuesdays show.... . Damn! I thought the auditions were over. . The red and black dance group weren't that exciting. I gave them a no. . The mariachis were all over the place with their performance. They won't last long. . The baby faced comedian wasn't very funny, but I did giggle at one point. Or maybe I cleared my throat. Oh, who knows? . The singer who lost his wife on the helicopter crash was indee
  8. Again, I'm late to the party as I was trying to catch up to all my shows I watch. I watched AGT yesterday, so here are my 3 cents.... . It seems like the TPTB are listening to their fans. the GB was a quick change artist which I liked very much. I was just pleasantly surprised that they have enough balls not to pick a slobbery story again. . I read above that those twin comedians have performed before on other shows. I knew I've seen them before. They were just ok though. . Yeah, Howie turning green was all scripted, but more about this later. . That K-dance group wasn't v
  9. The only act worth mentioning was the magician kid. That kid is going to be a great magician if he keeps it up. Best act of the night! What was up with the that guy tap dancing with the choir? They might as well have gotten someone to "juggle" some coconuts while singing. The dancing was very out of place. The choir? I've seen better choirs. Let's move along! There was no back/sob story on the GB singer, but I probably could guess what it would be. No, I'm not going to say. I've already ditched American Idol. Will AGT be next? Except for the magician kid, otherwise, very 😴
  10. Well what a waste of time and a load of crap! Even though in the final scene of Liz dying, you do get the feeling that the producers are telling us that Red is Katerina. However, I really don't think that anymore. I think Red was the man Katerina married, and Red (Spader) was actually Liz's real father. The show is just stretching things until the series finale. I actually thought Red was going to convince Liz to have plastic surgery to change her appearance and move away safely. After of course Red reveals that he is her "father"!
  11. Townsend's henchman was someplace else and wasn't in the bunker!
  12. rr2911

    S01.E14: Trips

    This episode was kind of boring. I got of tuned out a little bit with the Llama and the Alpaca scenes. Other thoughts of the show in general..... . I still don't trust Jeri! A while back, someone posted that Emily's murder was solved too quickly. Jeri just happened to be there when that blondie was spilling everything to Walker and then Jeri shoots her before she says anything else. I think Jeri was involved! . When is Miki and Walker going to hook up? You know it's heading that way.
  13. I now do not believe that Red is Katerina. Who could possibly agree to have reconstructive surgery? Who seemed to love Katerina and be utterly happy that Liz was his daughter? .....or thought he had a "real" daughter? Constantine! Katerina's husband. He is Raymond Reddington! After all, it was an arranged marriage. Constantine knew Dom and everyone else. I'm sticking to that theory! 😁
  14. Megan Boone isn't the best actress by far, but I didn't mind her character until she turned her back on Red and wanted him dead. Liz Keen quickly changed too much and too fast that all I wanted was Liz to be captured or killed. Having said that, I actually didn't mind the Liz/Red storyline. I think maybe it should've been brought to light later on when the TPTB knew the show was in it's final season.
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