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  1. It's a shame that Kodi Lee is being judged differently than the other contestants. If Kodi did not have disabilities, he would be just another singer that would've been eliminated weeks ago. But the "shock factor" of an autistic blind guy singing are the coat tails people are following.
  2. Unfortunately, many people think it's ok to give Kodi Lee the win because of his disabilities. If you read Facebook posts, the first thing people mention is how he inspires. How he brings love to the world. Nothing about his singing.
  3. I was really looking forward to this season of AGT. With 2 new judges and all, I thought we might finally get some real judging. Boy was I wrong! From the moment Julianne Hough opened her mouth, I knew this was going to be one of the worst seasons evvvverrrr! Well, there is Gabriella Union to provide some balance. Wrong again! Her over the top responses left me want MelB to return. Tonight's finale is going to be anti-climatic, since we all know who is going to win regardless if the "guaranteed winner" had the most votes. TPTB will find a way to "tweak" the votes I'm sure. Voices of Service starts us off with the first elimination of the night. I liked their singing, but I just don't see them as a Vegas act. I am surprised that DYC is still around, since there is nothing special about this choir. Sure, they dance and sing pretty good, but I could easily see this locally. Just one of many acts that are heavily dependent on sob stories. Growing up in a rough neighborhood and upbringing doesn't mean a great Vegas show. I'm just going to say it here. Ryan the comedian is not funny at all. I think people laugh at his jokes because he waves his arms, knowing that people will notice. His jokes fell flat yesterday. Emanne sings opera and everyone stands and applauds. Why? Because we can't understand what she's singing so it must be good? She was one of two singers that sounded pitchy. The other singer will come in at #2. Tyler's violin playing while dancing is not new, but the judges apparently think so! He kicked cancer's butt which is great news, but he also kicked other contestants butts that were more talented than he was. Thanks to the sob stories! Ndlovu, the other choir is more polished than DYC. They dance better. They sing better. They even dress better. I don't care for choirs, but this is the first choir I won't mind seeing winning. LBK. These kids are awesome! Period!! They do everything that I would enjoy seeing in a Vegas act. Besides coming from a war torn country, their back stories don't hold up to the eventual winner or any of the others. My favorites, but America doesn't agree. V. Unbeatable should probably win AGT. They performances are stunning with all the acrobatics and stunts. If LBK doesn't win, then I'll be cheering V.U on! Benicio is not my favorite by any means. Nor is he the best singer on this show. The really good singers have been eliminated already. He was pitchy last night, but the judges weren't going to tell him that. In fact, they haven't told him anything of the sort. America seems to love him. Now we get to the reason this finale won't have an exciting ending. It's been decided already! Kodi Lee has gotten the best treatment any contestant could get. Never has received critiques of any kind. unless you think "you make America better" or " you brighten up the room" are critiques, not one judge has bothered to say anything about his singing. He has received the most sympathy votes. It would be cruel if Kodi doesn't win after the judges and America basically declared him the winner weeks ago.
  4. Um..like I wrote, Got Talent is the name of the competition company. It so happens the show is in US, but it's open to the world. Ok, I don't know if your a sports person, but have you ever heard of the British Open? It's a pro golf tournament. It's open to ALL pro golfers, not just the British. Or the U.S. Open on golf and tennis. All athletes all over the world compete in these tournaments. Whether you agree with the format, I hope you understand the name. 🙂
  5. "Got Talent" is the main title of the show. Since it's in the United States of America, it's called AMERICA'S GOT TALENT. It's not implying that the contestants are only from America. If the show is in China, then it would be called....you guessed it, China's Got Talent.
  6. I will be rooting for Light Balance Kids and V. Unbeatable to be in the final two. Others I wouldn't mind seeing winning are Voices of Service and the choir group from Africa.
  7. I agree. The judges judged Chris on his singing and song selections. However, the judges have been vague when it comes to Kodi Lee. They never judge his singing or song selection. Why not? Could it be they just don't want to be the ones to critique a disabled person? I guess they think America will understand that letting Lee win this whole thing is the right thing to do.
  8. There is some great posts here. Probably from former journalist or current! I'm going to keep things short and to the point since the Results Show starts in about an hour. Lukas and Falco - Thank goodness they ran out of material! You could tell they weren't prepared to be called back. In danger Dom Chambers - His performance was total crap! Where was the magic? That's what happens when you ask a magician to do something he doesn't know how. Or.....maybe his lackluster act was a plea to be eliminated. In danger Emanne Beasha - Why is it when someone sings opera people start clapping and cheering even though they don't know what their singing? I recognized the song of course, but her singing is more screeching than anything. In danger Ryan Niemiller - I was hoping he would get away from the disability jokes. And he did! Sort of. It takes a special and kind of comedian to peak my interest since comedy is not at the top of my list. He failed. In danger Detroit Youth Choir - They are good. Not their best performance. I was expecting for them to sing "Up with People", a 70's feel good generic song in the first half of their performance. They have lasted this long because of the rough lives these kids are living. In other words...sympathy votes! In danger Voices of Service - I have enjoyed every performance from them every time. I would place them higher but unfortunately there were better acts. In danger Luke Islam - Look, the kid Is good! I don't know if he has a sob story or not. I fast forward to the actual performance. I think he's better than Benicio. Going through Marcin Patrzalek - This kid can play the guitar and I was glad he chose a familiar song. He'll probably won't win the whole enchilada but he's safe. Going through Chris Klafford - He looks and sounds like he's been "there" already. I liked the song he sang yesterday. He suffers from not having a sob story. Going through Alex Dowis - His art making and incredible storytelling gave me chills! He has a unique talent that needs to be showcased. Going through V. Unbeatable - They certainly looked unbeatable yesterday! Even though many of their high flaying routines were repeated, there were some that I hadn't seen before. I don't normally like dance groups, but they are the exception. Going through Parting shots..... It's amazing that Chris Klafford had a good performance but Howie and Simon still found things to critique. While Kodi Lee hasn't been judged on "his singing". In fact all the judges ever say about Lee's performance is that he "brightens" the room, or he tells a story and he lets us into his world. Nothing about his singing. I think I prefer MelB over Julianne Hough.
  9. What the hell is wrong with Julianne Hough? She has some crappy critiques that don't make any sense. She's making me wish MelB was back! Kodi Lee went through, which was not a surprise. Too bad Lee isn't being put through based on his talents, but rather his disabilities is what the judges are looking at. They don't critique his performances. They always talk about what an inspiration and the love he brings to the world. Huh? If he wasn't disabled, he would've been eliminated along time ago. Same thing that can be said about Tyler Butler Figueroa. His cancer I believe is in remission, but they still find time to mention it. His playing is subpar compared to other violinists that have come on AGT. Benicio I think had a pretty good performance. However, I think he's getting votes because of his songs that are usually about social issues like bullying. I don't like his head shaking every time he sings with vibrato though. Ndlovu is one of the few choirs I've liked. I won't pay to see a choir perform, no matter how good they were.This choir is good and I enjoy them every time they perform. Light Balance Kids wowed us again! their performance tonight was spectacular and awesome! I was surprised they were in the Dunkin Save. Come on America, this group is worthy of their own act in Las Vegas! I wanted to say that I thought Eric Chien got a raw deal. I thought his magic was great as usual and tonight he didn't disappoint, at least in my opinion. Simon Cowell kept insisting that Eric should do bigger magic that would cover the whole stage. I'm sure close-up magic and a big production illusion are two entirely different things. I think Simon influenced the viewers. It's tough, because I thought Eric was a top 5 finalist.
  10. My only question I have and continue to have is how can the show allow Demi and Christiane to remain on the show if they were dating before and will probably end up together anyway? I would hate to think the show has to allow them to stay to please the LGBTQ community.
  11. I haven't posted much at all. I just haven't gotten into this season. But I do have a few questions about the Sentimentalists. Why didn't this trick/mind reading act work? Was there a "spotter" in the audience that maybe had communication problems? Like transmitter issues? Were the judges involved? If so, why did they decide not to go along with the act? You see where I'm going with this? Sure, it may be all a act to fool us, but why did the other times work and not this time? Anyone have an idea? Be serious please.
  12. As it stands right now for me, I like that kid dance group with lights. I think their parents did the same routine a few seasons back. I also like Eric Chien the magician. He might not have thr presentation of a Shin Lim, but his magic is on par with Lim's. There are other acts that I like but none of them come close to these two. Having said that, America probably won't want to see a magician win two years in a row. And I know the kid dance light show is not everyone's cup of tea. I'll be voting for them!
  13. The only act this past Tuesday night that really caught my eye was Eric Chien. I think he can actually give Shin Lim a run for his money. Great act and the best of the night! Why does everyone start clapping when there is an opera singer. Do they know what they're singing about? Maybe, but how do they know if she's in tune when chances are the audience has never heard the song before. One act that I'm glad didn't make it as the dog act. It's been a routine on the show that a dog act, no matter if they're not that good will get through just because they're....well dogs! Like many people have pointed out, a very boring show and the whole season. Hope the live shows are better.
  14. It's been awhile since I've posted anything concerning AGT. The show really hasn't been good this season. It's been so long that another poster has my "signing off phrase" I used to end each post with. Oh well! I would say the Golden Buzzers from last week and this week were deserved....for the first time! I'm glad the little girl didn't make it through. I thought she was more cute and funny than a good singer. I just hope AGT doesn't bring her back as a wild card. Gonzo probably didn't deserve to go through, but that is all part of the script I guess. Someone posted that they thought Terry Crews brings nothing to the show. I disagree. He stays in the background where I think a host belongs. Not everybody is a Nick Cannon! Well, I used to end my posts with "Until next time....", but I don' think there is room for two.
  15. Speaking of 24. I read an article the other day about several Easter Eggs referencing the show or characters of 24. There is enough Eater Eggs that one fan theory has Jack Bauer in a Russian prison (Bauer turned himself in to the Russians in mini series of 24) writing novels. One of the titles of his novels? Designated Survivor. Pretty fun stuff!
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