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S18.E08: Sheer Genius

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Ugh, what a terrible episode.  I hate the winner (he's so damn smug) and wasn't crazy about this design.  I think Victoria should have been eliminated.  But since she wasn't I hoped Christian would use his one "save" to rescue the designer who lost.  (Yeah her design was bad but not as bad as Victoria's and I like her and would like to see more from her.  Maybe Christian WILL save her but we won't find out about it until NEXT week.)

I'm also sorry about the designer we lost due to illness but the one who came back did well so I'm glad for him.  (Also his and the blonde's stunned reactions back stage to the announcement of the winner was the best moment of the show.)


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4 minutes ago, CherryMalotte said:

What a dumb ass decision.  It would have been better to tell her to get the hell out now rather than let her linger.

They should have said "Well - you want to leave so badly, we won't stop you - your garment sucked, your attitude sucks and you've been eliminated."

Victoria didn't even seem happy, relieved or humbled by the fact that she was kept on, basically on a sympathy vote, and because she chose a yellow fabric that looked gorgeous (fabric, not design) on her model.

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Since these tasks are so trying on the mind and body, why don't they have the contestants get a physical beforehand. It's clear Da’Young wasn't up to this from almost day one. She clearly isn't well and hasn't been for a while. Think of all the designers they must have turned down to include her?


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8 minutes ago, PDXlulu said:

Does anyone else hate Brittany?  She is many of the things we complain about when we discuss Sergio.  She has an inflated ego, she is dismissive of others' talent, and she has the personality of a pancake.

Yes, she has been working my nerve for some time now. There was usually someone else who irritated me more so she's been flying under the radar, in some ways.

I wish she and Delvin did not say some of things they said while the top/low designers were on the runway.

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Last season I stopped watching about halfway through do to the overly obvious Hester love. I was really enjoying this season but it just turned a corner with the compliments and upbeat comments given to Victoria. No save for Chelsea. I'll give it one more week.....so producer driven. 

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2 minutes ago, Marmiarmo said:

I’m telling y’all again...Victoria is this year’s Hester Sunshine.  The viewers don’t like her, but the judges find something so wonderful about her that it doesn’t matter what she sends down the  runway.  She will be in the finale, I’d bet on it.

if she is eliminated before the final Christian will save her.  Actually, that's what I thought would happen tonight.  Ugh, can't stand the phony drama queen.  I would have sent her home regardless just because she threatened to quit

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1 hour ago, hookedontv said:

Victoria is the WORST! She’s like a kid that flips over the Monopoly board and walks away because she’s losing. 

Actually - adults do that too - I've witnessed it.  Also -- great analogy.

I like Marquise as a person but I thought his outfit was a disaster.  It was like a horrific version of Nancy's.

I like Geoffrey very much and I liked his outfit too.

I'm so sad Dayoung left.

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It's clear I could never be a fashion person. I wasn't feel the nipple swag that Marquise put on the dress, I thought Nancy's dress looked like a prom disaster with a side of ho that was inspired by old Dynasty reruns, and I was not feeling the fringe at pube level from Sergio's dress. Yes, okay, "editorial" but nipple swag. I wouldn't even put a swag on the top of my curtain rod.

And since I'm going in on them, why does Stephanie (she of Marquise's nipple swag) always look like she's two seconds away from bursting into tears but darn it, she has a Brave Little Toaster smile to hide it. And why do they keep putting Thijin in a high neck because then she pushes it forward and makes her look weirdly turtle-ish.

It wasn't all bad: DD is everything for me and I enjoyed the Brittany and Delvin exasperated snark session on the couch. 

But seriously. NippleSwag

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I'm just relieved I didn't cringe too much about Sergio this week. He was acting like an almost normally confident person for the majority of the time, which was a refreshing change of pace. It started to turn into awkward narcissism towards the end of the design day when he knew he nailed it, but for the most part, he was fine. And I did think his dress was beautiful, including the fringe. he's much easier to take when his overconfidence is somewhat justified. It just doesn't happen a lot. 

I didn't like Marquise's dress and was shocked that he was on the top along with Britney and Delvin. I don't think he deserved to be on the bottom, but I think I would have had him swap places with Delvin. 

I personally find Nancy tiresome, but I like her designs for the most part. It's interesting that she's apparently friendly with Sergio, which you'd never guess after watching the rest of the season. I think there's definitely some storyline and deceptive editing going on.  

Victoria is doing herself no favors by broadcasting to the entire fashion industry that she can't handle stress or criticism. She strikes me as the type of person who probably hasn't ever had to deal with constructive criticism, so it doesn't surprise me that she flew off the rails and didn't know what to do the second she was on the receiving end of it. 

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What does Victoria have on the judges? She does the bondage cutout too tight same design every week. And how many challenges in a row has she ignored the instructions? Ugh.

I liked Sergio’s design, but that pube fringe was wrong on all levels.

Guest judge was useless except when she called out the Moldova Mess. I’d auf anyone who said they spent 90 minutes sulking. 

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1 hour ago, jacksgirl said:

Christian hated the fabric, but Nina and Elaine liked it. Crazy

I took their comments on the fabric as trying to find something positive to say about the outfit even though it was a disaster.  They may have told her that she needed to suck it up, but it felt like they were still "coddling" her by praising the color and the way the garment showed off her model's body.   Her "poor me" tears had their intended effect.

I don't usually care for Elaine's contributions to the judging, but I loved that she told Geoffrey that he won her respect by standing by his garment.  I think it was less about him and more a lesson for Victoria to stop making excuses.

Still hate Sergio's overall entitlement attitude but I did like his dress.  Of course, if I'm being cynical, it looks similar to a lot of the looks in his "collection" so it was probably easier for him to execute.


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