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  1. So I did a dive last night to see but after a couple of searches on different platforms, I can only find that Kyland has an ADHD diagnosis and is medicated for it (his dosage is correct for a real world situation according to him, but not the Big Brother house). I saw some people who thought that being neurodivergent means that you're autistic but it doesn't - autism is a type of neurodivergence but neurodivergence doesn't always equal autism. I saw someone say that his sister was tweeting in his defense over the tortilla face bath that he has sensory issues but that also isn't an only autism
  2. Welp, Kyland's gone 'round the bend. I went for one last check before bed and have found out that tonight he has claimed that Deref has done more in this game than Hannah ever did (...uh...), whined that it's not fair that he's going home this close to the end, and then made an appeal to Xavier's family (?) and talked about how Kyland hopes they raised Xavier to understand "the importance of this season's winner being representative of a lot of characteristics other than a will to win by any means necessary." He also talked about that if Xavier went back on his deals, what kind of man would he
  3. While I'm here and dragging Kyland, I don't remember seeing this showing up here (if it did, sorry for the repeat) and I had actually forgotten it happened until I was going back through his earlier stuff. I think it's also mentioned in the comments of the Reddit post I linked above. I should have included it with my other post last night - migraine meds are fucking with my focus. The night before Tiffany was out the door, there had been plans made much earlier in the day for Tiffany to stay in the HoH room with Kyland. At some point during the night, things got a little tense and butthur
  4. I saw the screenshots on Reddit but there's no links to the specific article. This is the post: https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/pqdbas/s_thoughts_on_kyland_aligns_with_the_general/ My favourite bit is the one at the bottom of the first slide. Hannah: "[Kyland] at one point remarked that I don't know people, I don't know this game, and he would never sit next to me in a final two because essentially I'm not worthy of that. And I don't know who made him the gatekeeper of the final two of Big Brother Season 23. But I don't think that was his place to say and even though I t
  5. I don't even know. https://twitter.com/evctions/status/1439424928806326274?s=19
  6. This is my new fantasy and the only ending I will accept. I dunno. For me? Because I'm so used to it, I'm more likely to see it and just kind of sigh and move on both because I'm conditioned to it and desensitized to it. I get it from my landlord who needs my husband's okay for any decision even though my name is on the lease, I get it from some random asshole walking down the street because if I smiled more I would be prettier, I get it from an in-law because my accident meant I can be a good housewife and cook and clean all day so it's a blessing, I get it from the guy at the
  7. Holy shit, it's a real thing! And a portion of the symptom list sounds eerily familiar. Take that, Mr. Wilson who told me that I just had to try harder. (Yeah, try harder to copy the person in front of me.)
  8. Weird, when I Googled earlier, I saw something saying it was the 22nd 24th 23rd? I don't fucking know anymore - and it made sense to me because Survivor starts that night. I thought usually Survivor starts when Big Brother finishes. There's still another week after that?! Kill me now. However, it doesn't change my point even if I can't read a calendar. The two weeks point (or final 5-ish?) is when it's tumbleweed in here. There's just no reason to watch the feeds anymore once the numbers are so low so there's no reason to post that much. They spend more time staring at walls than doing an
  9. Xavier and Kyland aren't sitting around in their couch beds, tossing out a "bitch" here and a "bitch" there like Deref is. They're doing more subtle things: constantly diminishing the contributions of Tiffany and Hannah to the alliance and claiming that they did all the work and carried the women on their backs (both), choosing to speak up when Deref calls Alyssa a bitch but remaining silent when he does the same to Tiffany (Xavier), talking about how "exotic" Alyssa is (Xavier) (this one is a real headscratcher, considering that black women are called "exotic" for being black, of all the word
  10. You're right, he did finish in the top 3 again in his second season, I forgot about that. I think the feed watchers were less into James than the broadcast viewers the second time around and sometimes I forget to make the distinction between them (I actually thought this post was in the Live Feed thread for some reason, that'll teach me to check titles). It was his after BB18 shenanigans that caused overall opinion to change. Nicole Anthony was definitely a better example as she managed to do it all to herself in the house by defending Jackson the next season. I just can never miss an opportun
  11. It's not because we're six days out from the finale and the thread always dies at this point? Silly me, how could it be.
  12. The final 3 men have all shown some exceptionally shitty views and/or lack of boundaries with women. While I agree that they shouldn't get dragged for being disappointing, I do think they should be dragged for that.
  13. So the jurors don't actually spend a lot of time alone together - each juror has a handler that is with them at all times to prevent game talk from happening. The only time game talk is allowed is when the cameras are present in the jury house (which is only for a segment or two a week, not every hour like the Big Brother House). There have, of course, been times that the handlers have been shit and either let the HGs escape to go sing karaoke, couldn't keep their eyes on their own cell phones, or could do nothing to prevent it like last season's triple eviction where they stayed up to the wee
  14. I was surprised how much I liked Alyssa in the jury house segment. It was the pre-giggle nomance hairflip Alyssa who was a Big Brother fan. When she admitted to feeling dumb and loving that because she's a fan of the show, I had to respect it. She's a Cool Girl but occasionally she can be actually lowercase cool and it was nice to see there. I think a lot of people are going to blame it on an all black alliance running the endgame or whatever weird take they have on it but truthfully, almost every season dies off around this time like this. It's not new, every F6 onward is dull
  15. They went to the trouble of digitally removing Helen from the scene where Aaryn accidentally drank nail polish remover just so they could use it weeks after the actual incident occurred. That was such a heartwarming, wholesome moment... for those of us that hated Aaryn.
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