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  1. As regular filming was ending (I believe it was before it was extended but it could have happened at the end of that), Sutton's ex-husband suddenly pulled his permission for their kids to appear on camera and a lot of Sutton's solo/home scenes were with her kids so producers downgraded her from Housewife to Friend Of before the start of the season. It's not that she has to film scenes with her kids, it's just that after removing those scenes, all they really had left were group scenes and no "story" for Sutton - which makes sense since this whole season has turned into mommy shaming threesomegate and it sounds like they really focused on Sutton as a mom in her now scrapped footage. She had even filmed her nameplate scene and from how quickly she fired it off during a WWHL appearance, she had a tagline ready to go. Early on in the season, there were rumblings that Sutton would get her diamond next season. I definitely hope she does. Her and Garcelle have been the breath of fresh air this show has needed.
  2. I dunno but I don't want to live in a world without kadooz and ruh-gay music.
  3. "Blonde" seems generous. That looked like an unholy yellow orange combination that only occurs when a teenager is armed with angsty rebellion and a box of Blondissima.
  4. None of the ladies are coming out ahead in this threesomegate and Aaron's mansplain-y tone definitely takes him out of the race altogether but the real losers in this situation are us, the viewers. NO ONE CARES, SHOW. I'd rather watch Rinna's ass cheeks twerk via a Doctor Ho infomercial product for the whole hour rather than watch Kyle try to do the wide eye innocent "I just want to talk about it" routine and Erika act like the ready to rumble Tough Girl. I did snort a little at Teddi's "moral high ground" bit, like what, is she afraid someone is coming for her place in the group? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Where they don't just beat the horse to a greasy gross pulp, they wait for it to come back from the Elmer's Glue factory to beat it some more.
  5. Are there any sources for this total revamp that kicks everyone but Scheana off the show? I have yet to see anything saying that and I do a daily check on VPR shenanigans because I love me a good dumpster fire. I'm having trouble believing this without an actual link to the stories. The only rumor I've seen (and I think it's still unconfirmed) is that Villa Blanca is closing for good.
  6. There was something off about this episode - I don't know if it was the lack of background music in the front half of the episode or the low quality 'rona talking heads but it didn't feel like a RHONY episode for some reason until towards the end when Sonja was, as is standard for this season, drunk off her ass and shoving food in her maw while repeating Dorinda's talking points about how horrible Ramona is. I'm kinda tempted to take Tinsley's drinking game, replace "cabaret" with a prompt of Sonja eating (most likely free food), and get nice and toasty every Thursday. Yeah, I'm drinking, Luann.
  7. Kinda yes and kinda no? The booze still flowed pretty good in some seasons (I remember a lot of wine in Rachel and BRENNAN!!!1's seasons even though I'm pretty sure Rachel was requesting tequila at first). It wasn't always booze-y but it had its moments. It was BB15, WineGate, and the subsequent racist bullshit that ended up really turning off the booze tap - I think they figured that if they weren't as drunk, they might not say such stupid shit but of course they still do. It helped that BB16 was a pretty dry season because I think Frankie is a recovering alcoholic and Donny was a good ol' boy and Derrick was all about the game so the booze wasn't that wanted except by Beast Mode Stalker and by the time BB17 rolled around, we were down to our official six pack + 1 bottle of white + 1 bottle of red once every three weeks if you don't ask for it to be split between 16 people. As someone who has been buying wine by the box since Quarantine 2020 became a thing, I'm horrified at the thought of being locked in a house and only getting one little glass of wine to get me through - and I like the husband and the cat but I'm still tempted to put my lips on the tap of the box and do like GinaMarie did in that froyo food comp.
  8. Do you need a Friday morning laugh? Who doesn't, really. Stassi's birthday was on the 24th? Something like that? Anyway, there have been a recent splooge of paparazzi pictures of Stassi and Beau going into an "L.A. home" to celebrate Stassi's birthday. The funny? Kristen and her new boyfriend were there (I guess you can break up a friendship for awhile but when the racist accusations hit the fan, birds of a feather and all that). Jax is greasy and driving his golf cart (Brittany is still in Kentucky). Stassi is holding her gas bubble pregnant stomach and dressing in flowy tops to make herself look more pregnant than she is. And the real kicker? It's Tom and Katie's house that they were going to. Y'all, the paparazzi are not hanging outside of Tom and Katie's house in Valley Village by chance. And Stassi, on her now defunct podcast, even made fun of reality stars getting papped (I believe it was Scheana she was making fun of at the time) because she said that they don't just appear, you have to call them and let them know where you'll be so that they show up and Stassi was all "Ugh, why would you do that? That's so lame." Guess it's only lame until you lose your job and need to scrounge up a few bucks for ranch and diapers.
  9. I don't think the HGs would be safe at all. The crew may not personally interact with the HGs (except during certain challenges but that's easily avoidable) but the crew does move through the passages in the house, enters the house for various reasons throughout the season, and brings outside things into the house (groceries, comp clothing, etc.). I may be slightly paranoid because I'm classified as High Risk so I'm looking at being locked inside until 2021 when we either all die or there's a vaccine but really, unless that house and all the staff, crew, and button interns are hermetically sealed in a big plastic hampster bubble, I don't think you can really call them "safe". I'm not opposed to the Hampster Bubble, though. Theoretically it could roll and if we get enough Low Risk people together with safety equipment, we could just roll it into the ocean when Frankie is inside and not have to worry about his annoyingly pink head threatening to pop up every season. I might even break quarantine for that - the risk would be worth it.
  10. Nobody "canceled" Stassi. She was held accountable for her actions - actions that could have gotten someone killed - and she was given an opportunity to do some real self-reflection and to educate herself. And instead she stomped her foot and whined like the Princess of White Privilege that she is and she did everything in her power to show that she has learned absolutely nothing from this experience. (See: her brother's pleading hostage video, her mother's... everything, and all those Us Weekly exclusives.) So she lost her job, her sponsors, and her podcast. She still has her book, she still has her legion of die-hard fellow racists Khaleesis that will follow her every ranch soaked basic AF word, and she still has plenty of avenues to make money. She hasn't been thrown off the face of the Earth, nailed to a cross like Vicki, or thrown on a funeral pyre. On the upside, it sounds like her and Kristen are friends again. Yay? So she isn't on Bravo anymore. Big deal. WeTV picked up Mama June, no doubt they can make room for Stassi. If not, there's always Mommy Blogging. It worked for Aaryn Gries and we had video evidence of her being racist. She still makes money - if a Z list Big Brother Houseguest can do it, a D list reality TV star can, too!
  11. I can accept certain things. I can accept that words change and new words emerge and sometimes fetch happens and sometimes it doesn't. I can accept that like is the new hmm or vocal pause to gather your thoughts. I can accept that literally now means figuratively and figuratively means purple. I can accept these things even though I may not like them. I DO NOT ACCEPT LOTTLE. I PUT MY FOOT DOWN WHEN IT COMES TO LOTTLE. Also get off my lawn, I just seeded and fertilized it so I can grow enough fucks for a new season of Big Brother, should it actually happen.
  12. Also, this is the gender announcement: Because nothing says "Pay no attention to me being a racist!" like a barely there bump that probably came from eating a burger and a pink #OOTD onesie gifted to her from Katie (who was doing so well with her activism on social media since the season ended and then she had to comment on Stassi's IG apology about how she knows Stassi's heart and it's okay).
  13. Do you hear it in Lala's voice, complete with finger snaps and a saucy head toss? Because I totally do. She probably wears her Tupac bathing suit that's a screenprint of his chest (lightened to match her spray tanned skin, as you do) while she says it.
  14. I especially like where "Faith"'s friend calls Kristen by her last name in the first screen and then refers to her as "the other girl" in the second. I'm 50/50 on whether these were written by a big Stassi fan trying to protect her or Stassi's mom. I lean more towards the mom theory but only because of those reports of her calling Bravo to beg for Stassi's job back.
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