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  1. So. Former Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge has a podcast with former Housewife of Beverly Hills Teddi Mellencamp. And she "accidentally" put a story up on IG that mentioned a "Big Brother announcement" (link to Reddit). So it sounds like we'll be getting one of them filling in the obligatory Housewife role for CBB3. Keep your fingers crossed for Tamra - as much as I don't like her, she knows how to produce moments for television and she can stir the pot like no one else. Also, we might get something like this screech (seriously, you don't even need audio to hear it): Unfortunately,
  2. I didn't realize we had a CBBUS forum! My bad! I moved my "accidental" "casting announcement" over there.
  3. Ew. Other than being the dictionary definition of a clout chaser? Todrick is known for putting out music videos and visual albums with lots of backup dancers and collaborators... that he doesn't pay and when they complain, he says that they got exposure so it's all good! He also has accusations of abuse, sexual assault and harassment, racism and he's known to slut shame women online (usually in defense of the face of white feminism herself, Taylor Swift). He's a dick. Searching "Todrick hall controversy" brings up a lot of articles about him. ...he better not show up on the
  4. Social media bios continue to change. On IG, Derex had added "Tiffany's Favourite Pawn" and "America's 2nd Favourite Player". Alyssa has added "The winner of the losers" (being the last non-Cookout person evicted) with a picnic basket emoji because the rest of the non-Cookout jurors are jokingly calling themselves The Picnic. And for those that think these are coded, pointed messages at the black HGs because the others are still afraid of being cancelled... sorry. They really all like each other. Literally no one in the house is crying "Racism! I was the victim of racism!" now that t
  5. They both look like Birkenstocks, don't they? I'll die if he gets in next season because he quietly went home and didn't call himself a cast member all over social media. I think that's what Bald Christie was trying to do, make people feel sorry for her so that they would consider her for another season but then she lost the plot and Whitney started quietly dragging her on Twitter and it all turned into a shit show. TARA KELLY MUSIC: the 17th HG this season (but only when Ky was HoH). That's M-U-S-I-C, just in case. Ky's never kissed her. Just like Sarah Beth! (it's like a refle
  6. Bald Christie was a one-to-one swap with Claire in terms of Big Brother casting: they're both white women who are vegans.
  7. (For the record, I forgot about BB21 Christie [I know, how?]. This is about Bald Christie from this season. Just to avoid that confusion.) No, no positives from the party. It was Christie's positive COVID test that got Claire her spot on the show this summer. Claire was her alternate. Christian was also an alternate. Bald Christie has been a trip on social media. She lists herself as a cast member of BB23 even though she left one week into sequester because of her positive COVID test. She also sells Cameos for $75 and lists herself as a Big Brother Houseguest. She contacted every pre
  8. Social media is media of a sort. Claire changed her bio on Instagram to add "Child of God" to it. She also took a picture of her and Christie the Clout Chaser (she came to the finale party since she's a cast member of BB23 and all) and captioned it with a shoutout to Christie's positive COVID test. Can we find a second AFP prize kicking around in the back for Claire?
  9. I thought we determined that every first week has to be a Frenchie HoH week just because of how fun and batshit the feeds were for those first two weeks that Frenchie was in the house. I am not backing down on this: Frenchie for first week HoH every season! ...then again, I think he was the reason for the hour long HR meetings HoH one-on-ones this season so maybe... nah, Frenchie for first week HoH every season!
  10. Obligatory I feel as old as she looks but I was as young as Kate Winslet when BB23 started.
  11. Pretty much, only it was Robyn Kass that he tweeted. It turned out it was his wife's sister's kid or something that he basically identity stole (face stole?) and pretended that it was his daughter on BB Twitter for clout and a possible cast spot - some Nancy Drew did some Instagram digging during week two and found the original picture. Frenchie tweeted a few times about Baby Robyn Kass after the original tweet but I don't think there was much beyond that. I think it all occurred a year or two before Frenchie was even cast. No one really brought it up in exit interviews or anything that I coul
  12. Thanks for all the fun this season. See y'all for the next one. Special shoutout to Fake Baby Robyn Kass - you're still my favourite random story from the season.
  13. Shoutout to @30 Helens and @PaperTree for casting two votes each for my Canadian ass - I like to think it was all because of us.
  14. Holy shit, Kyland voted for Xavier.
  15. I'm kind of sad that the Giggle Hairflips couldn't be reunited on stage so Britini could cockblock them one last time.
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