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  1. I know it’s probably kitten blood, unicorn tears, or something else insane, but I want to know what she uses for skin care, she glows! And yep, I know there’s a lot of plastic surgery.
  2. Oh Kyle, Door-it knows what your “friendship” is worth. It’s why she’s not groveling at your gnarly feet for it. Sutton doing a boutique party reminds me of every home sales party I’ve been invited to. Inflated prices, check. Overdressed harpies, check. Blue pleated wrap, check. Too little seating, check. Food offered after shopping, check.
  3. Eek!! Wrong cannon. My inner geek has died of shame. 😂 No one would believe I grew up with comic books and wanting to be Wonder Woman. Sorry blue seer. 😬
  4. Are people really speculating that VK is pregnant? Based on what? Did she order a pink and blue milkshake? I took a forum break and it went haywire. Marvel comic characters are posting, Maddie yeeted, Tess is off to yell at and rat out other people now, Savvy and her hair took a powder. Damn. You could tell me Thunderstruck is being replaced by Vivian’s spoken word poetry and I’d believe it. 😂
  5. Still plowing through the first season. Tia’s used a catch pole, sent dogs with new owners without home checks, Mariah is tattoo free, twins have very little hair. The biggest shock is her voiceovers, it’s like listening to a different person. Calm, almost detached. Mando and Jake are babies!! 😂
  6. Discovery Plus streaming has all the episodes. I started yesterday with season 1, episode 1. Talk about flashbacks! Show returns next Saturday, but it’s on Discovery, not Animal Planet.
  7. I didn’t expect Matt to stay with whoever he picked, he’s not ready for settling down. But most of the Bachelors don’t get married. Aren’t we at 3 marriages after all these years? I don’t think Matt expected the problematic photos and likes to just keep coming. Her mother hasn’t helped matters much either. With it all combined, he was done. It’s not his job to educate her to not be racially insensitive. I thought Emmanuel did a good job when he wasn’t reading off cue cards. But that “embrace” comment was just a hard pass. I wish this franchise would do a better job vetting the cont
  8. Fortunately the “black football player” is a published author, a tv host, well educated, and a fabulous choice. He works for ABC. I don’t think it’s a knee jerk reaction to bring on someone who is well versed in racial issues when a front runner for the first black bachelor likes racist posts and goes to old south parties. Sorry if that upsets fans of the current white host who swore 5 million people went to those old south plantations parties and believes it’s okay to shout down an interviewer while rambling about the “woke police” and giving a 24 year old “grace”.
  9. I’m still not sure why Rachel Lindsay is getting dragged for conducting an interview. Or why people think she’s enjoying getting bitched at by racists? She didn’t lie about the number of people dressing up as plantation barbies. Or think 2018 was 5 years ago. Harrison’s inability to keep his foot out of his mouth is not her fault. But I’m still salty they cast Lee the racist on her season. And made her watch the finale live. She didn’t crack under pressure and got her happy ending and a career. Sad people can’t be happy for her. Someone mentioned no Jewish bachelors. Jason Mesnick is
  10. Season one was awesome. Season two was Chris. The judges keeping him there week after week despite him ignoring parameters had me not appreciating the show as much. Probably because people who did care were booted in favor of his crappy pieces. Elliot was awesome, but it seemed one note. Cat was awesome, but it wasn’t enough. Peeked at both websites and she’s doing good, so that’s encouraging. Wandered onto the Corning Museum website and Deborah is doing sunny side up vases. K.
  11. Judges can stuff a sock in it. 🙄
  12. Would have given this one to Cat. And would have booted Dani, wasn’t a fan of the generic megaphones. Chris continues to skate by. Ugh.
  13. Glass pencils. For a cartoon challenge. And that obnoxious asshat didn’t get booted?!? Does he have photos of the judges with farm animals? I don’t freaking get why Chris is still there. I loved the first season, but this one? I’m hate watching.
  14. . Nothing to see here, move on. 🙂
  15. I feel like they judged on reputation rather than finished piece. The bear was wretched, but Chris produced something that wasn’t innovative and had an ill fitting lid. He needs to stop bragging about who he taught and realize they’ve all passed him by.
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