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  1. I wonder how much the Compton couple spent on renovations. I swear the one bedroom had mold on the walls. 😬 Just watched the International couple with Norman the wine dog. How long ago was that shot? Norman’s instagram is gone and the founders are now in DC. Guess Spain was short term? I should do an instagram for my cat. He’s always judging my choices too...
  2. Ohio whiners, ugh. Oh no, they have to paint and replace carpet. How will they survive? 🙄 “House fishing” is a new term for me. I’d have tossed him back.
  3. The TSV today is..... Socks?!? And not just regular socks, but 2 options. Ankle, actually looks below the ankle and over the knee, where my socks haven’t been since 2nd grade. I’m so glad they’re bringing socks to everyone, I know that’s one thing I can never find. 😐 Nothing says Black Friday like socks. Who needs big screen TVs or a new computer, just give me over the knee socks in stripes and argyles.
  4. Bye Teddi!! Good luck with the new house and shady businesses. 👋
  5. Which team did Lisa make? The DCC or the Cowboys defense? I’m getting Sarah Connor Terminator II vibes here.
  6. Somewhere there’s an aquarium full of sea creatures looking skyward at Rinna’s lips, Kyle’s man hands and Teddy’s lame ass flying overhead going “what the hell is that mess?”
  7. I’m team Denise, but really thought Aaron was mansplaining at the wives, not being brilliant and insightful. The man did his wife zero favors against the coven.
  8. Is Lisa trolling us with the photos or is she in training to be an MMA fighter?
  9. Was Kyle going for a Valley of the Dolls look? Rinna must have a blowtorch hidden, she came ready to set fire to Denise. I can’t imagine ever being mad enough to go after a longtime friend’s children. But I’m not Rinna thank god. My lips and hips are normal. Erika sure can screech like the rest of the harpies when she’s not near them. It was a disturbing hour. Debating watching the rest of it, I like being happy. Reality should distract and entertain. This is not entertaining, it’s a cat fight.
  10. Considering the current news about the Washington Football team and the video shot without the cheerleaders permission focusing on nsfw nude outtakes from their calendar shoot, props to Lauren for not doing the calendar. Kelli and co didn’t seem to have an issue with her not posing. She was a dancer, not a butt cheek out laying on the beach babe saying “pruuuneee”.
  11. So much for the “cut for weight” bullshit storyline. Go Hannah!
  12. I logged on 90 minutes ago and saw the board had exploded. And now that I’m caught up, damn it. Brennan has been one of my favorites for years. She got cut while Kalisa the stripper made it. She was class, grace, and just steady as a rock. And I freaking love her fashionista side. You can tell what she brought to the team on and off the field. FU Kelli. Hannah was a head turner. Totally shocked at this. America’s sweethearts my ass.
  13. I’m thrilled Merideath was cut. The memory issues, the mistakes, the wooden posing, the custom uniform adjustments, that girl got chances last year that only Kalinas and Trammels get. They expanded the freaking team to add her, and she brought nothing to the team. If the rumors about her bf’s friendship with a Jones family member being a reason she was added, let’s hope that’s the last influence some rando has on team selection. If I don't have to hear her vocal fry again, I’m thrilled. Call me a heartless bitch, I’m good. We like who we like. And as far as getting personally attacked, Brennan would probably like a word about cuts and comments. And so would VK’s fans. 😶
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