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  1. Damn. Hope Gina heals quickly and bounces back. Or bounces away from this mess. The way the team is playing this year, there won’t be any extra games happening.
  2. Red star was for the Salvation Army. Kickoff for the holiday fundraising started today. Both halftime shows sucked, Detroit had technical issues and Ellie Goulding was too low key for an NFL game. And I wanted to rip her curtain tassel hat off her head. What kind of performer shows up and hides most of their face? Shocked Gina sat for a national big deal game. If she’s not injured then Kellie is an idiot. Merideath is NOT DCC worthy.
  3. It’s sickening. At the end of the day, it’s a fluffy reality show people used to watch for escapism. I don’t know if it’s the anonymity of hiding behind a keyboard or the culture we’re in, but it’s been brutal. Critique the dancing, but it’s been way too personal, and just makes me wonder why anyone would go on these shows. Forget social media, it’s been in here too. The poor guys weren’t exempt either. I saw a post today complaining about James “trying for yet another kid”. Who says and thinks like this? 😥 Okay, off soapbox. I really want this show retooled. With less judges interfering, less social media manipulation, and less Pitbull performances.
  4. I voted for Hannah. But I didn’t start until I saw her being called a whore and a bitch. So, thanks haters. I didn’t even watch her season of the Bachelorette, gave up when they chose Colton. I’m not a Stan, but the comments are very harsh. Carrie Ann needs to take a hard look at what she’s become. And the judges save needs to go. Ally could have sat on the floor last night and not moved and would have received 10’s.
  5. dbell1

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Not surprised they sat Meredeath. She’s not ready for prime time.
  6. dbell1

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Huge thanks to the mods, the insiders, and the posters this year. I spent way more time than I should have on this board. 😂 I’m so over Kelli and the dragging cuts out for drama reality tv bs. Meredeath could have pulled down the whole kick line or danced the wrong routine and she was still on the team. Lily got dragged into the drama and I felt bad for her. Amy, you are not “point”. You’re co-point at best. So glad she’s finally gone after this year.
  7. Whelp, that was a season I won’t rewatch. Meredeath was in no matter what it took. Kat improved, but I could do without the fake facials. Would have been nice to focus on rookies other than VK and those two. Rookie Taylor is so forgettable to me. Maybe it’s the bleached out eyebrows. Squad photo, good job hiding Christina’s new implants. Announcement was cute, loved the tackling. But nothing will ever beat Lauren flying into Brennan after last year’s announcement. That was awesome. 😂
  8. Eh, Julia is responsible for what comes out of her mouth. And as an on air personality, she should know to not pop off like that. So, I don’t care who told, they didn’t make up what she said. If the girls need to suck up with the sunshine and roses crap, then do it or don’t try out. I don’t talk back at work, I just smile and vent privately later. Jaelyn is the perfect example of this. She took unnecessary abuse and kept her tongue. Not surprised that Merideath is rich. She’s got the bored rich girl thing going.
  9. Jinelle is engaged and living her best life back in Australia.
  10. Ooh, live! The big faint just happened. I hate my dvr, it missed the first half hour. Is it over this season too? 🙄
  11. Nah, Manson has a personality. Does he talk like a zombie?
  12. Interesting photo of the cooking group. Where’s the “beautiful bouquet” of hair color Kelli likes to see?
  13. Foles was the MVP of the Super Bowl, so he’d be a big addition to any team. But with a player like Dak at QB, they’d never sign Foles. And Foles wouldn’t go someplace he’d be backup again. (Football nerd here). We should be glad that Kat didn’t answer the “Whitten in the broadcast booth again” question with “thank god no, he sucked as a broadcaster“.
  14. Aaron Rogers is such a badass that he talks trash to a cheerleader. 🙄 What’s next? He gets in Rowdy’s face after a score? Knocks over the Gatorade guy? Flips off Erin Andrews? #dick
  15. What bothers me about Amy making point is that she’s not the best dancer, doesn’t have the pop and precision the spot needs, and is at best, a blender. Point shouldn’t make mistakes, or be behind the team. Point is a dance leader. She isn’t. Announce it as seniority, but don’t tell me she’s the best you have, she’s not.
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