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  1. I’m trying to figure out if I liked any of the designers or looks tonight. Aaron’s was a Taylor Swift video outfit. Katie was one clown short of a circus, Cristina was in my bottom, and I think I saw that painted red pleather in the 80’s. Meg and her tears during meditation got to me last week, stfu and go sew. And then just say “nope”, you’ve already patterned it out. Christian didn’t help by starting the model switch thing. I liked the past seasons when it wasn’t a dive for cards. Let the winner pick and then do a random draw. BUT her constant yapping about how woke she was, I w
  2. What in the fresh hell of interior design choices is this thing? 😂 The butterflies were even worse.
  3. Never was a Maddie fan, still not. Glad she’s having an awesome life as an All Star and if we got her instead of “Showmanship Melissa”, I could live with that. Ava seems even younger than 19. I’d have cut her just for asking if “best solo” was good. I know they’re not hiring Mensa level I.Q., but she’s about as smart as a houseplant. The giggles annoy me too. Grow up or go away. I hate “flail around and look constipated” choreography, but Travis is awesome and I love his energy.
  4. Ava is not DCC material. She’s too young, and a giggling disaster. Sorry to see Cailey go, shows the damage drunk drivers do, even when their victims walk away.
  5. I watch everything on dvr these days. Best part of that is being able to fast forward through Fredrik. I can’t stand the facials, the fake shock and outrage, and the Instagram ready family unit. Seeing Suzanne Somers made me feel very old. I can see that place becoming a yoga retreat, spa, drug rehab for the rich or something. Something involving crystals or beads or healing energy. 😂 Ohm. Hi Bobby, glad to see you’re making your parent’s wish come true. Good luck getting Josh to take a break, although the old people in the area might appeal to him. He can find new friends. I freaki
  6. So, Tiffany was basically hanging out and going backwards on the beam. Then blows the plan to boot Xander and his advantages. BUT Voce goes? K.
  7. Now I want Randy to be like “hello you” to all the brides. 😂 No “beautiful” in the bunch. KloneKardashian sister was annoying. And acting. I hope the consultants get extra for the show, because wasting hours on these wanna be reality tv people must be annoying and unprofitable. Happy to see Randy out of the iPad and back in real life. Feather bride was cute, and I loved her gift, but when her whole entourage also were “designers”, it got a bit OTT.
  8. Sad face mom must have been an act? No one can be that negative and mopey all the time. Talk about throwing off negativity. Could they not get her coffee or uppers or something? New hairy chest consultant can dance off into the sunset.
  9. Do the ladies hate Sutton because she’s independently wealthy (due to being smart enough to hire great lawyers and forensic accountants)? Or because she isn’t going with the mob mentality that all of Erika’s lies are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Kathy should just serve Happy Meals on trays at this point, this crowd is not worth the nice stuff. Hope her butler got a nice bonus after that dinner.
  10. Odd how since Palm Springs Erika has had less and less on camera help. Guess she realized the producers are NOT her friends. But her comment that the rose came from Tom’s mansion crypt was damning since that could be something the creditors would be after. Tune in next week when Erika takes a job as an Uber driver. Garcelle said everything I’ve ever wanted to say to Dorit. But it would be amended to “F*ck you and your rental clothes, dog dumper”.
  11. Eh, there’s days I’m happy to see my collarbones when I look in a mirror. Thank you for bringing back that Megan C photo. I can’t be the only one who would see that avatar and blow it up to giggle at it. And I was and still am a huge fan, she was one of my favorites no matter how she looked in that uniform. That woman could sell a dance!
  12. Guess they’re now doing synchronized swimming in the new pool which is being built under the 50 yard line. It’s in the shape of the Star, raises up, spins and everything. Kick line is now called “The Splashdown”. Rookies jump last.
  13. We need a Texorcism, that freaking mascot was scary. 😳😂
  14. Minority here, but I grew up in the 70’s and never had Nellie Olsen as my fashion icon. Nothing Amazon is selling looks like the runway, so whatever is up there holds zero interest for me. I was rooting for NYC Andrea, so hooray for her. Give me more of those feathered pants and random suspenders. She can dress a woman who’s not out bringing in the crops.
  15. Gary is exhausting. And his store looked dusty and dated. Andrea Columbia was my winner, concept was thought out and really surprising. NYC Andrea went yellow, which she’s never done before? So, what’s her concept?
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