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  1. I follow them on Facebook and donate monthly. I remember when this broke online about the wolf dogs. So overwhelming and cleanup is still ongoing. Watching it play out was worse somehow, even though I knew Athena survived. My pets have been my besties during bubbling, and watching Pete tear up about being alone got to me. My dogs are older, one is 14 now and I treasure him knowing there might not be a year left. Losing him during the pandemic, well, lets just say I geared up a lot during this episode.
  2. Well, damn. There goes Bjorn. Poor guy got stabbed and then used for target practice. I appreciated his not having a giant deathbed scene. No clue why he has a tomb and not a longboat bbq. And that random fresco on the ceiling. Just bizarre. I forgot he had a second wife. Poor Gunnhild can’t catch a break. I really need Harald Finehair to die soon. Dude is way past his 9 lives by now.
  3. Well, that was a shit show. Poor pom technique my ass. Brennan really is a boss. She kept her cool, she put them on blast, and she did it professionally. And Kelli, your “direction” is a laughing stock. You’re more about ratings and “gotcha” moments and covering your coaches pets than fielding a decent team that’s not breaking quarantine, chasing players, and backstabbing. Nice choices.
  4. That episode seemed like filler to me. Or re-edited afterwards to make them look better? Wish they had explained that Caroline was in the dance off as their gold standard, it was edited to look like she just wandered in and joined. Kat really has a low bar. “Didn’t suck like last year’s media day.” 🤣 Brennan’s media day outfit was amazing. Lisa looked like a waitress. There were a lot of high slits.
  5. Guys, I liked Cianna last year, but she got booted off show group, and looks to be struggling keeping the unrealistic DCC shape. I want her to hula off into the sunset before she becomes their next hatchet job. Kelli can go in the van with the Ozark 4 and they can all infect each other. But tying her to the roof like a Griswald granny has some appeal too. 😂
  6. Retirement wish list: I will pack their bags and arrange a van: Maddie, Tess, Lexie, Alora, Taylor, Sydney, Kat. Kelli, you can hop in the van too. Please go out with dignity, your future is not here: Kristen, Brianna FTLOG, go: Savannah, Cianna, Judy and her stool.
  7. Join me in my Eloise dislike, I’ve got snacks and snark. 😅 Someday others will join us.
  8. I watched 4 episodes last night. Started with one to try it out and next thing I knew it was 2 am. 🤣 Was texting a coworker for hours about it, she’s on episode 3. I loved Polly Walker in Rome, so any chance to see her on my screen is awesome. Love the colorful clothes, even if the family resembles a flock of fluorescent parrots at times. Little Penelope is my favorite. Sweet, smart, and stuck in yellow, she steals every scene for me. I want to bop Colin on the head for ignoring her, but his hair would protect him. I hate Eloise. The hair, the hats, the clothes, the EYEBROWS, the voice of an 80 year old man. There’s no way she’s 15, I think she was replaced as an infant with a troll. I totally get the character, but the actress, hard pass. Daphne and her tragic bangs annoy me. Was hoping she’d get shot in that duel scene. Generic Kiera Knightly. Simon, love. Lady Danbury, LOVE. She’s amazing. Badass character and actress. The necklace getting left behind was annoying too. Guess Daph needs pockets in those ethereal frocks.
  9. Ironically, the DCC instagram has Kristin doing a Merry Christmas sign language spot a few days ago. And then they do this hatchet job? I’d have more respect for them judging the dance than distorting the message. And Gina deserves better for her solo than to have a rookie doing a half screen with her. Fuck the editing this year.
  10. If there had been interviews and solos before training camp, this would be a different outcome. But the rookies came in knowing the dances and got days with Kelli and Judy, I think it made a big difference. Is the flowing top in now? Before only VK wore it for solos and now they’re all floating around the stage looking ethereal. Meredith was never a favorite of mine, but that was a brutal cut. Maybe they should stop bringing Kelli’s pet projects onto the team every year. They rarely last. Lots of lax mask wearing this episode. It goes OVER the nose people.
  11. I hope Tess retires, she’s one that hung on too long and defined the word “blender”. Of course I may be salty because of her missing leadership skills in group 4?
  12. Is today the last home game? Feel bad for the rookie cheerleaders who never got the reveal, the family night, the season of being able to post, all for a reality show that won’t name them until after their first season is over DESPITE being in a uniform for 8 games.
  13. Travis Wall is my favorite guest choreographer every year. He brings such joy to the show. I’m trying to remember what else happened. Meredith struggled, okay that’s normal. Kat is back, okay that’s normal. Maddie spoke. That’s rare. I want Caroline to find a new hairdresser. Hannah, I feel you. This year is so tough that what brings me joy normally isn’t doing it. But you are a diamond. Rookies, Jada is tall, and that’s their only issue with her? I still don’t know the rest of them. Season is flying by.
  14. I thought Jonathan and Zoey were adorable together, but I’m a sap these days.🤣 Too bad they didn’t have the budget or time to do an add on. That’s a tiny place to raise 2 children in.
  15. Things we learned this episode: The stadium is BIG. Meredith struggles. Kat is lost. No one can do that entrance properly. So, same as last year? Stadium entrances matter because 80,000 people are watching YOU. In reality, the normal entrance is before kickoff when most people are watching a beer line move slowly. Happy to see cow’s girl go home, Sheridan should have been cut last week, and no clue who Kelly was.
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