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  1. dbell1

    S07.E04: The Fly

    Roland the grump was the raw blood guy. Keith the fake tap out that became a real one was our vomit comet.
  2. dbell1

    S07.E04: The Fly

    This was like a fear factor gross out show tonight. 😬 Joel and the fly, Keith and his stomach, fish man Mark and his sleeping bag accident. I will never eat during this show. 🤢 Roland continues to not crack a smile during the after show. Wondering if Keith’s stomach issues were because of the squirrel being bad or undercooked?
  3. “Chunk cookies” for people who have to be weighed all the time. 😐 K Speaking of weigh ins, wonder how that will be virtually done? I hope Sydney keeps her natural hair, it’s gorgeous.
  4. Roland’s hair also didn’t like him, it’s long gone. He seems over it all. So he either has a great poker face, or he hates the world. I loved Colby on Survivor, but he’s annoying me here, interviews are weird and his teeth are too freaking white. 😬
  5. It’s the vocal fry voice, and she bores me. (I’m petty). 😐
  6. I’m loving Josh2.0 They’re hysterical together. Tracy was spot on, she’s willing to do the work, not send a junior agent to list a property. Sorry D&J, she’s still hungry, you’re not. who was the hairy guy in the game? Ick. Too hirsute. Dude needs a wax job.
  7. I’d vote for Judy’s stool at point before Vic and Merideath. 😬
  8. Why would anyone say that to her? She made the team, came back, and didn’t screw up on or off the field. Comments like this just shows someone’s petty ass. (Not you KickPretty, the person saying this to her.) People tend to forget there’s a human being behind the makeup and uniform.
  9. That was my favorite Top Chef finale ever. I liked all 3 chefs. I didn’t mind the sous chefs, the diners were raving, there was no drama, judges were tearing up, and everyone supported each other. I don’t eat fish or red meat, but would have happily picked at the food and scarfed up all the desserts. We don’t need manufactured drama, we need more shows like this. I now want to buy a pasta attachment for my KitchenAid mixer. At its best, this show makes me want to cook. Bravo indeed. 😎
  10. Normally this is the type of show I’d love: great location, tons of remodeling, high end design. But, people arguing, the wife walking around in resort wear shrieking at bugs, the husband complaining because he bought a dump, the kids disappearing off camera to do what exactly, it just seemed boring and scripted. I didn’t make it 30 minutes into the first show before deleting from my dvr.
  11. dbell1

    S17.E13: Parma

    Whoot!!! Goodbye Kevin. You’ve been acting like the winner for weeks with condescending little speeches in the stew room, and “inspirational” talks to the camera. Suck it. Can you tell I’m happy? I thought he’d get the pity save. Stephanie has been impressive. The private chef that bloomed is a great story. Of all the food they’ve shown, I’d eat hers first. Would it kill these people to give her a win? Bryan just looked defeated. He really needs to put down the foam thing and cook. I thought Padma was going to knock the cheese spoon out of Kevin’s hand, she looked really annoyed. 🤣 Melissa has grown on me too this season. She’s content with life, and it shows. And when she messed up the broth, she put another together rather than having a fit. Not looking forward to Malarky and LeeAnn coming back next week. I was hoping they were off my screen for good. Guess Gregory’s back was still messed up. But it’s been a good season.
  12. I wonder if there’s a bonus for posting cryptic messages? Or praising the Lord? Or not having a back tattoo? It could be like “Let’s Make a Deal” for instagram. “No bathroom mirror duck lip shot”, 10 points.
  13. Remember that anyone can edit Wikipedia. I could edit to have myself as point last year. Judy’s stool could try out. All cheerleaders could be listed as shaving their heads and performing in turtlenecks and sweat pants.
  14. Rachel is getting dragged all over again, with her husband, to deflect from the Hannah B topic? You know, the Christian “beast” who waffled, tossed tantrums, was disliked by DWTS people due to tantrums, messed up her season and stayed messy, and is now under fire for words she spoke. But sure, let’s go after Rachel and Bryan for how they were edited. Sounds sane. I’m sick of the Peter cult. Why go on a show about proposing if you’re not going to? But it’s easier to blame the woman who called him out on it.
  15. I have nothing but respect for Rachel. She got a ton of unjustified criticism from people watching an edited show. She fell in love, she married her choice, she’s got a great career going and doesn’t need to shill and sell to get a paycheck. When she talks, I don’t feel my brain cells dying. I didn’t like her on Nick’s season, but she was a great choice for Bachelorette. Peter wasn’t ever going to propose. That’s not her fault. She was gutted when that happened. And then had to relive it live. I never saw him as a great catch. And he would have sucked as the Bachelor. Hannah had smoke blown up her skirt by ABC and her rabid “stans” and it went to her empty head. She’s ignored quarantine, she’s waffled between guys, she showed up to disrupt Peter’s show, and now she’s letting people be attacked for her mistake, including her “friends”. Girl threw her brother under the bus too. Queen needs to be dethroned. Unless she’s gunning for a FOX job. And if we want to talk images, why are most of the news photos of HB smiling and Rachel looking angry? Rachel made an offer with grace and kindness. And it was rejected. It’s not about a song lyric, it’s about a word that she said while skipping over the “f” word. Queen made her choice. And now she’s in hiding. 🙄
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