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  1. Hip hop and Queen. No. Never. Of course, consider what K&J think of as hip hop, I’m surprised it wasn’t a waltz to We Will Rock You. VK looked good in that abomination. Amy is a fridge break, just boring. When does next season start?
  2. Texas is known as The Lone Star State. The Cowboys have used the single star forever on their uniforms. It’s iconic for the team. If Christina is coming to THE STAR complex for work, she could have at least given a bs answer about something related to that. Ugh.
  3. I guess there’s footage on the cutting room floor of Kat being humble and knowing her routine, Christina dancing strong, and knowing what the hell the STAR stands for, and tons of vets we didn’t see. I don’t care about dancing for an Indian cricket league or any of the sob stories. Glad Malena is off my screen. The delusion is strong in that one. Poor Gabby. The vets all seem to love her.
  4. dbell1

    S06.E04: Week 2, Part 2

    I love this messy show. Jordan and Demi need to do running commentary on all episodes, whether they’re there or not. Clay is not the guy for Nicole. She likes assertive, his voice hasn’t changed yet. is it too much to hope that Hannah and Blake get carried off by sharks?
  5. Last year’s cameos are really not a good indicator of the way the DCC really look. Tasha looked 40, Hannah looked like a “this is what meth does to you “ ad, Lauren looked old, hell, I don’t remember anyone looking amazing. I’m still bitter about Megan C. leaving. The girl was a powerhouse. It’s ironic that we have the fat discussion and then hear rumors about the ladies struggling with food issues. How about a decent uniform that doesn’t look like a diaper bottom with a hooker top?
  6. “Me Too Taylor” should go. Still not a fan. Kat’s edit isn’t good. There’s a difference between confidence and ME ME ME, She needs to learn how to at least fake it for the camera.
  7. Eh, boring incoming rookies. Kat got in based on initial impressions, comeback girls aren’t exciting, and the sob stories are getting old. Malena still looks lost. Bye retiring vets, I’ll miss most of you.
  8. Add me to the brunette train with VK. She looked great in that first shot. Makeup, hair, everything was perfect. Reminds me of when my best friend got fake nails, then dyed her hair white blond, then started tanning. Looked like she'd gone into witness protection. 😐
  9. VK's turns. It's like a figure skater who sucks at spins. They 'travel' over the ice. Some people spin like Gina (aka a top), others spin like VK (wearing poms for shoes). The better the training and the core, the better the spin. (Figure skating is something I've watched forever and traveling spins annoy the hell out of me. And overused music...) 🙄 I hope Taylor doesn't make it back. I'm still not over the 'me too' flub from last year. Team Brennan here - she just seems like such a positive, well rounded, quality individual. That's a woman who has it all together.
  10. Not sure why a TCC being ambitious is a bad thing. The cheerleaders are paid crap wages, are marketed in a reality tv show, have their images used for years, can be cut for any reason, and have a short time in their prime to make a career. Anyone who doesn’t have a plan other than being a DCC for x years is the one we should be questioning. It’s a part time job. And I doubt the perks of it give a living wage. Go Amanda! And any other woman using this as a stepping stone to their dreams.
  11. That photo gives me hope that Hannah will finally have a decent cameo. Last year was like ‘glam crack den’. #justiceforHannah
  12. With a heat wave on, I've binged on S13 all weekend. So sick of all the reality show commercials. (shove off Chicago Ink and The Hills). 🙄 But even more sick of that pile of teeth and hair hijacking the season. Kelly dragged some obvious cuts out too far. And Kitty needs declawing. My wish for this season is different music. And less teeth and hair taking over the screen. I’ll miss Kash and Lacey. And Lauren and Tasha. Big boots to fill for this season.
  13. Is it possible that VK actually outdanced others and made Show Group on her own merits? The clips shown have her in shape, kicking well, and staying on count, unlike others we saw. I'm not a stan, but maybe she’s brought it this year. Now when it comes to the Gina calendar photo, holy photo shop!!! Doesn’t look like her at all. I get Madame Tussaud’s wax DDC vibes.
  14. I think Kelli looks awesome in that dress. She's got the legs for it. I want Marshall's boots. I swear I see spikes on them. 😎
  15. Damn Hannah, that looks painful. Is Tonya Harding trying out this season?