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  1. dbell1

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Popping back to post that I really loved the flashback to the first episode, where Arya was mingling with people and barely made it to the official hello with Robert and Cersie. She did the same thing here. Oh, Sansa, why are you mean to Tyrion? He was always kind to you. Awkward moments to come between Jaimie and Bran. "Sorry I pushed you out a window, but it did help you become the psychic hotline of Winterfell"?
  2. dbell1

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Poor Sam. Finding out his dad and brother are dead and then being sent to tell Jon who his daddy really was. No way Dany's giving up the throne, crown, title, whatever. That woman is all about titles and bending the knee. Why was it so easy to spring Yara when Euron originally managed to burn all but three ships and kill most of their men last time they met? Arya and Jon reuniting was everything. And seeing her with Gendry was awesome too. Keep think of Robert telling Eddard that his boy should wed Ned's daughter. Dragons hate cold. No crap.
  3. dbell1

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    Poor stingray. And good job Aurora you blew open tribal, calling Rick a passenger. Congrats Julia. You flipped the vote, right onto yourself. Ugh, they wasted an idol.
  4. That was a fast forward snorefest. It's like the lunch tables in high school where the mean girls hang at one table and everyone walks by hoping to not get picked on. But, LVP isn't there to care. She's transferred to a better school. Camille, shut up. I guess she's really after a diamond this year. Viper. Is Dorit making extra money on the corner? Might explain the outfit.
  5. Anyone remember that boat trip where when the screeching started between Erika and Eileen and Dorit and Rinna? Kyle and Lisa just slung their arms over each other's shoulders. And they were a team, above it all and strong. And tonight, we saw the opposite. Kyle getting screeched at by the table of harpies and Lisa getting the fallout. If Lisa had shown for the cycling, she would have been criticized. And why would she leave her BUSINESS on a day where something she worked for years to accomplish happened. She was mentioned in Congress. The best the rest can hope for is that the gossip rags get their names right, or Depends call with an offer. I'm out when LVP goes. The rest aren't interesting to me. Except Denise, she's fun.
  6. We now know that whoever robbed Dorit and PukeK left all of her clothes. I might sue for $5,000 for emotional distress from that horrific zig zag robe she had on. Denise is so flipping funny and laid back. "Sure, wear sneakers." I know some might question Aaron's motives, but he seems a good match for her and he cares about the girls. I want to see the kitchen remodel, forget the vacations!!!
  7. Are there rules about not killing anyone on this show? Because Reem would be a sand outline on the beach otherwise. Remind me again why Wentworth was such an awesome idea for a return player? All I've seen is pouting and crappy challenge and game play out of her. I'm not loving this season, and that's coming from a day 1, season 1 watcher.
  8. Well, that was another shitshow. Camille looked fabulous. Dorit looked ridiculous. Teddi looked like a flip flopping fish, Denise looked high, EJ looked too covered up doing the photo shoot. Seriously, we never see her casual. Lisa and Kyle's friendship- those scenes in the car and the restaurant, those things are what drew me into this show. They used to be best buds and now, ugh. Hey Teddi, are you sure you've never lied?
  9. dbell1

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    She wants a story book house, he needs a room to show off his action figure collection. Their budget is $850k in CA. I'm in the wrong line of business. And he looks like my ex bf, so I hated these whimsical people from the start. 😕
  10. dbell1

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    It's amazing how fast the episode went with ff. No Kyle, sorry Kyle's awesome dogs, no Rinna, that was a relief, and just watching Denise figure out a wedding date, the horses, the ugly Erika house, and LVP and the texts o'doom. I'm team dog. And I'm really still here for the Beverly Hills lifestyle, not a pile on of piranhas.
  11. dbell1

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    So is the needle used to put dogs to death in shelters.
  12. dbell1

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    Well, that episode was ridiculous too. Dorit dumped a dog. Two of them. Only 1 made it back to VPD before being dumped in a shelter. She's not innocent and if I did that to any of my friends in animal rescue, they wouldn't be my friends anymore. And to anyone defending her and PukeK? Go to a shelter. Look at those dogs. Tell me she's blameless. Cold hearted grifting pile of bones and hair clips. I'm with Lisa VP. But, I'd have walked out sooner on this pack of bleating yapping hags. And shut up Teddi. Own your messages. All of them. Kyle is not a friend to LVP. The sooner Lisa realizes it, the better. I wish we could have seen more of the scenery and the nightclub, they looked like they were actually having fun. But, instead we get Dorit on a cross and Lisa R not shutting up. Hi Camille - I like you again. Hey Denise - stay casual and cool.
  13. Animal rescue people have seen things that would break your heart. Lucy was a rescue who then found herself in a kill shelter after being passed around like a toy, not a living breathing being. Of course the employees and Lisa are going to be rightly pissed off. Dorit and PukeK do not get a pass, friends do the right thing. Rinna was like a piranha. And this episode made me sick to my stomach. I want pretty views, beautiful food being ignored, designer clothing and a wish to live that way, not a batch of screeching harpies trying to squeeze out a tear while some big lipped hag pulls the strings. Denise, run away before they pull you in.
  14. dbell1

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    And just watched Lady Gaga and the drummer. She's a retro cook, he's a closet drummer who buys tubs as presents. They've dated 5 months and are spending $450K on a house in Orlando. I seriously think this show is the Twilight Zone.
  15. dbell1

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    That camp worker couple was really annoying. They had 2 dogs, 2 cats, she wanted room for crafts, books, a flipping double sink, entertaining, and his daughter (who always came last on the girlfriend's list), and were looking at 200 square feet? Of course they were going with the 5th wheel. I guess they'll never see his child.