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  1. Austin 19 year old and clingy mom. Reminds me of why people move so far away from family. You could tell there was no way she was buying that overpriced suburb house. Smart kid going for the condo. Backyards are for later in life. As a single mom, I’d be thrilled if my son moved out. Of course he’s 24, so there’s that. 😶
  2. Beekmans are on. Goat keeps trying to eat non doctor’s shirt. Doctor hasn’t had a haircut lately, unless he was going for the tousled just out of bed look. I love their goat milk skin cleanser, but get mine on eBay for half the price. Apparently people buy beauty products at gas stations? I might go watch the washer spin and turn this off... Bye neighbor.
  3. Who in a law firm would wear Rinat’s dress? A hooker client? I’ve seen Sabado’s dress. It’s on every episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Of course the Beetlejuice dress would win. Ironic that Heidi mentioned the circus, because that’s what it reminded me of. It’s selling well on Amazon though, guess frightwear is in during quarantine season. Esther is the clear front runner to me. Dear Will, ‘tacky’ is not an aesthetic. The Amazon tie in is just an upgraded version of “Heidi’s sweatshop’ when she’d make PR designers create something for her clothing line.
  4. I enjoy skipping Heidi and Tim in Paris. Give me less of that and the flipping music blasting all over the place. Josh quit before he could get canned. There’s no way he was staying. Sababo needs to put down his phone and work.
  5. Unlike the world, I like Naomi’s dress. 😂 If anyone can pull it off, it’s her. I want someone to hold down French Vogue and wax her eyebrows. Those things look like tree trunks. Martha should have gone last episode. Imagine being considered for this show and realizing that sequined safety pin made it over you. Gingham for couture? Totally out of her league. I love the idea of seamstresses, but wish they could have at least video chats with them. If it’s a language issue, get a translator. I love how they can go back to the fabric store, that always bothered me on PR. The music sucks. Are they trying cross promotion with AmazonMusic? Or just trying to annoy the audience? I’m not tuning to put on closed captioning.
  6. Is she peeing? Hailing a cab? Showing off her bikini wax?
  7. I caved and bought the maxi dress tsv. $60 for 2 is a good deal to me. I can wear them while working at home or social distance walking the dogs? Maybe wear one as a dress and the other as a mask? 😶
  8. I need Michelle to go. Preferably next week. Yul and his cheekbones need to stay. Redemption is going to get crowded. I love how Tyson was all “rock = pb, Hand over the snacks”. Denise, you are a rock star. But she wasted an idol, so not smart there. Totally agree with being cheated out of Rob and Ambuh being reunited. I want to know what she said to him when he got there!
  9. A 10 piece collection and the winner not only repeated a gown, but sent it down the runway in sequence? Yep, whatever. I'm sick of Billie Eilish, her music, her fashion, and her hair, so if that's what they think his collection represents, hard pass. They probably gave it to him so he wouldn't cry. And is he really going to take the mentorship to heart? The only reason his models didn't have studs on their faces is he FORGOT to pack that bag. Underwhelmed here by the winner, the rolling tire that was the final piece and his giant gauges.
  10. Has Meredith EVER looked good in a team photo? Either the smile is off, or the face is square, or she looks awkward. Must be stunning in person, but the DCC camera is not her friend.
  11. Nancy has been my favorite for weeks, and her giving fruit gummies to the models was hysterical. I agree that the suit needed a modern makeup and hair look. That suit with a high pony and classic red lip would have worked. DD just rocks every look. Would have loved to see a lighter color on the disabled model. Call in a brain MRI for me, I liked Victoria’s collection. Well, except for the logo and piles of accessories. And that glitter jumpsuit is something the judges would have gushed over before this week. Ahh, Sergio. Loved how the judges told him to pick a flipping cause and stay with it. I loved the dress, hated the lingerie, and already forgot the second look. He needs to go Bjork levels of edgy with it all. Geoffry needs this more than life itself. He’ll die if he doesn’t get it. Last chance ever. So, instead he doesn’t fabric shop OR create anything while laid up with a leg injury and working on a Disney films? Pick a lane and stop dressing like a reject from the Village People. I loved his looks a few times, but this was all kinds of hideous. And enough with the feathers. His models looked like Big Bird goes to Studio 54.
  12. Hi Amber’s boobs and new hair. Good to see she’s still um feisty? Barnett was either bored or whipped. He spent a lot of time staring into space. Lauren and Cameron continue to be the breakout stars here. Normal, drama free, producers struck gold there. Mark knew Jessica was saying “no”. He’d agreed to say “no” too. I respect Kelly and Kenny for both owning up to it. Too bad Mark didn’t. Guess poor love struck victim was his role to play. Carlton remains an idiot. He ambushed Diamond with his secret. And was hostile to her before that. Why he’s still allowed to play the wronged party here, I don’t know. Actor and Instagrammer, yawn.
  13. I was thinking Kelly and Kenny were a 'yes', so I watched that. Amber and Barnett annoyed me, so I skipped through everything until the doors opened. Everytime I paused, I swear they were saying the same things, so I didn't seem to be missing anything. That Mark and Jessica trainwreck - skipped most of it. She reminded me of someone being sprung from prison bolting for the front door. And I honestly skipped most of Cameron and Lauren because it seemed to drag on for hours. Post show, I think Cam and Lauren seem to have the most solid foundation to grow from, but B & A were growing on me. Those two might just make it for a few years/decades/lifetimes.
  14. I binged this in 2 nights. It was part guilty pleasure, part super invested for me. But, by the end, I just started fast forwarding to the ceremonies. Way too much 'will they/won't they' drama. Rumor that Jessica didn't want to be there was really evident. She wasn't feeling it, and, I'm shallow, but I can't blame her. She's got a career, a life and her second choice. She's not settling. Barnett marrying Amber and her debt was unexpected. Beauty fades, interest grows. Damien was a model? For what? Halloween masks? Whoever said he looked like a Property Brother dipped in toxic waste was spot on. Maybe he was a foot model? Nasty, controlling man with a vapid phone obsessed actress. Ugh. Kelly and Kenny. Yawn. And that book they both loved as a child? Creepy!! "I love you forever". Nice sentiment, but the mom keeps breaking into her son's place as a senior while he sleeps in a twin bed. Lifetime Movie gone wrong. Hi favorite couple. I love you Lauren and Cam. I hope you're together forever. The most real couple there. I want them to make it. Cheesy set, must have bought supplies at Costco. I can see a 'reality tv show' aisle that they shopped in for those wine glasses and rose petals.
  15. The forcing couples together after the pod dating is like a Bachelor in Paradise thing. People are fake engaged. Let them get on with fake living together before the fake maybe marriages in xx days. Was anyone else surprised that Jessica owns the world’s largest wine glasses? Barnett seems happy he dodged that overly drunk overly frosted eyed bullet. This show must have spent more on alcohol than apartment budgets.
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