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  1. Is it possible that VK actually outdanced others and made Show Group on her own merits? The clips shown have her in shape, kicking well, and staying on count, unlike others we saw. I'm not a stan, but maybe she’s brought it this year. Now when it comes to the Gina calendar photo, holy photo shop!!! Doesn’t look like her at all. I get Madame Tussaud’s wax DDC vibes.
  2. I think Kelli looks awesome in that dress. She's got the legs for it. I want Marshall's boots. I swear I see spikes on them. 😎
  3. Damn Hannah, that looks painful. Is Tonya Harding trying out this season?
  4. dbell1

    House Hunters

    I'm betting that he has an escape hatch built into the hole.
  5. dbell1

    House Hunters

    Maybe they need a 2 family house. I'd need soundproofing if I lived with her.
  6. dbell1

    House Hunters

    This Montana couple is really annoying. He wants a "hidey hole", she's a complaining shrew. I expect it to end in divorce. And I miss the old forum. Not excited about changes here these days.
  7. Cher is unstoppable. This hair clip deserves its own award.
  8. Odd choice of Simba and Nala's make out song for the In Memorium song selection.
  9. I think half the audience was in The Ferryman.
  10. Kristen looked frozen. Way too much botox or something.
  11. I saw The Prom a few months ago. Flipping fabulous. Funny, fierce, heartbreaking and uplifting. Loved it.
  12. dbell1

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    I never watched a housewives show before this, but tuned in for the first season because of Camille and Kim. I expected lavish lifestyles, bucket list trips, gorgeous people and some drama. It's been a weird ride over the years. The pile ons, the leaks, the tweets, the fan wars, and the endless whining by the ladies, have spilled into threads and wrecked what was left of the show for me. I like guilty pleasure shows, and that stopped happening. So, for that reason, I'm out. (Or is that Shark Tank?)
  13. Oh joy, oh rapture. I haven't heard "Fireball" since last season's show. 😕
  14. I think Tiffany overshared, stomped like a pony in her solo (based on the video with the same lasso move repeated a few times), and wasn't as impressive as her outfit. YMMV Bring on TC news! And someone needs to burn that dress with the pink bow.
  15. Next news will be that Gabby saw the accident, saved the life of a puppy and an infant, flew a rescue helicopter, and then ran to the stadium in her Lucchese boots while waving her poms in the air.