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  1. I am soooo shocked by these results. Well, I cannot believe I am writing this, but I hope Broken Roots wins. But I think Brandon will win. 😑
  2. Damn....Brandon is top 3. I seriously cannot believe Broken Roots is top 3.
  3. If Brandon wins, I will be beyond pissed. I have been rooting for Cristina Rae all season.
  4. I am so surprised that Broken Roots made it through and BAD salsa is out. Ugh that Brandon is in and Archie is out. I cannot stand Brandon.
  5. I get that Brett is trying to be funny, but his sarcasm is infuriating. I did not like him from the first time he appeared on screen, and my dislike has only intensified. Olivia may be a bore, but she does not deserve his feeble attempts to amuse. No way will they stay married. I predict they will never speak again after decision day. Amelia and Bennett are wonderful together. But, how does an adult only have so few socks? I have way too many...I should sent them some. Woody and Amani are great. I do understand her hesitation the whole love thing. In the end, I think they will stay
  6. I agree with your definites. I would move Roberta to a definite. For the fifth...I hope Shaquira, but I think it will be Alan Silva.
  7. No choir has ever won AGT. I do not think VOOC deserves to win; sure they are talented but not to the caliber of Cristina Rae. I have some other acts that I love (from what we've seen thus far in the quarter finals): Shaquira McGrath, BAD salsa, Roberta Battaglia, Archie Williams,and WAFFLE crew.
  8. Well, 3 of my favorites went through. I hope Cristina Rae wins! Not sure the appeal of Max Major. Happy for Malik Dope, but I was rooting for Nolan.
  9. I just watched last night's episode. My top 5: Cristina Rae, Nolan Neal, WAFFLE crew, Sheldon Riley, and Alan Silva. As many have state,d, wrong song choice for Annie Jones. Doubt she will make it through. Malik Dope is talented, so he may make it through. If you have watched videos of Usama Siddiquee's performances at comedy clubs, he tells the same joke about his name/airport...he needs new material. Dance Town Family are great, but I do not like them as much as WAFFLE crew. Bone Breakers - just no.
  10. As I am the poster who had my sister and her friends over...we have been extremely careful to the point that we have not left our own apartments/houses in a few months. Work remotely. Groceries mostly delivered for them. I have gone to the supermarket a few times wearing a mask and gloves. So for those of you who are assuming that I was not being responsible, here is what happened.
  11. I watched the episode today. Some thoughts: I love Amelia and Bennett. They have a natural ease with one another...similar to Amani and Woody. I think these two couples will make it. Karen and Miles seem to get along well, but I wonder how they will do once they are home. They seem to be so different from one another. Brett...ugh. I try to like him, but he is super annoying to me. Olivia is adorable. I do not have much hope for them. Christina and Henry seem have zero chemistry. He is a nervous Nellie, which is such a turn off.
  12. Thank you. They are now retelling a story that I have heard several times...(sorry to complain) By my leaving, I meant to go to my bedroom and watch it on the tv in there, but I won't.
  13. Ugh...my sister and her annoying friends (visitors of my house) have now decided that they do not want to watch MAFS anymore. I am not going to be rude and leave the get-together, but I am now silently seething!
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