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  1. NoThyme

    The Good Fight

    I like Maia. Do not understand how the firm allowed her to be framed after winning a pretty big case. The legal aspect of the show is getting lost. Sad.
  2. NoThyme


    Not happy knowing that Kevin went into the kids group-on deal to get meta data of the children. DO NOT give out your children's personal information just to get a discount ticket. The only reason they want it is to make money selling the information to others.
  3. NoThyme

    Mrs Wilson

    So much blue everywhere. Clothes, walls, curtains all over the place. I wonder why.
  4. NoThyme

    Barbara Corcoran: Tough but Fair

    Where is Barbara? I see that Damon is back next week.
  5. NoThyme

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    Does Gary work?
  6. NoThyme

    Prue Leith: Paul's New Partner

    I am not liking Prue this last season. She gives little constructive criticism and a lot of just telling the contestants how bad something is, " not your best bake". The bakes themselves seem to have gotten more complex and the time they give them is too short. I wonder if this is due to the change in networks. It is getting more Gordon Ramsey and less Mary Berry.
  7. NoThyme

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    I was hoping it was Sister Mary Cynthia. Wish she would return.
  8. NoThyme

    S07.E04: Episode 4

    Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin in 1957. When he went on tour in England people were so upset when they found out his wife's age they boycotted. The shows were cancelled. Sadly, there are many states in the US that do not have a minimum age for marriage and sadly child marriages, with young brides to older men, continue in our own country.
  9. NoThyme

    S16.E01: Auditions

    They are airing same time as the voice. Watched all of 10 minutes and doubt I'll be back for idol.
  10. NoThyme

    S07.E00: Christmas Special 2017

    Are Patsy and Delia gone for good?
  11. Not fair! I'm sorry this is just stupid. Everyone gets punished.
  12. NoThyme

    The Durrells In Corfu

    I'm not sure I liked this episode.
  13. NoThyme

    Home Fires

    Was reading that there may be another season. There was a large outcry about the shows cancellation and some petitions gathering signatures. They are trying to find another station to move to. I hope it continues.
  14. NoThyme

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    That book and their evil child rearing ways are the number one reason I hate that they are on TV. The publicity and public exposure serve to spread this type of thinking to others easily.