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  1. I think Covid prevented contestants from other countries from traveling or just made it too difficult.
  2. Where is the joy?????
  3. Having grown up with an alcoholic/addicted father I understand how falling of the wagon one more time can be a huge deal breaker. It is difficult as you never know when an addict will fall off the wagon again. As they say in Alcoholic's Anonymous there isn't any reason for drinking (or something like that). So the pain excuse or all the other reasons Eddie had for drinking or doing pills and once again becoming addicted gets old, tiring and you constantly live your life walking on eggshells waiting for the next event. He doesn't mention his daughter or seemed concerned about joint custody with
  4. Couldn't he have made 3 burgers so the husband and wife didn't have to share? the patio looks great however putting bar seating all-around was a big mistake. Should have put tables all along the Windows and throughout the dining area. Such a lost opportunity as it really limits who want to sit in a straight line and state at the water.
  5. This has a picture of the Reber house https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9552677/Clean-cut-Christian-couple-seen-preparing-welcome-Josh-Duggar-hes-released-bail.html
  6. If you have cable your cable company knows what you watch, record and delete. No Neilson rating box required.
  7. Here it is https://www.change.org/p/discovery-channel-delete-all-duggar-showshttp://chng.it/nNZ2dpwv9S
  8. TLC is counting on a ratings boost from all of this. People will tune in to see how everyone acts, who is in the show etc. I haven't watched the show except for the Megyn interview and a few minutes here and there. I have done some reading about Gothard and their family as well as this board. I find their entire religion to be one very sick cult and the ratings is what keeps them on TV. If you are truly disgusted by Josh and the family you shouldn't watch the show anymore, no more ratings.
  9. when will he be released? Poor Anna I am sure she will be expected to fulfill her wifely duties.
  10. How is the local news reporting this? Are they investigating or reporting in detail? I am a bit surprised that there hasn't been some outcry that Josh can visit the children as much as he wants as long as Anna is with them. I would have thought, it if they granted visitation, it would have been in a neutral location with a 3rd party present. I also surprise there isn't any outcry that he has been released.
  11. If this case goes to court do you think that it will expose the ugly views of their religion? Would the prosecutor be able to present how their religion represents victims of abuse? How they heal and what they say to victims of abuse? The whole thing is sick. There are a few posts showing what they learn in Gothard (sp). If so I would imagine they will cop a plea so their beliefs and teachings are not put on trial.
  12. has CPS examined or questioned the children to determine if they have been abused by their father? How do they allow them to live in a windowless house?
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