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  1. Pretty disjointed episode. They're trying to establish too many characters. Tommy's character is going to be the cop with feet of clay who always saves the day.
  2. Glad I found another reality flipping show where the team is relatively normal. Fun to see the families and I have a special place in my heart for people who adopt Down syndrome kids. I've only seen a few episodes, but I really enjoyed the re-purposing of the horse stables (Basque house). On one house they said "Wait, I just realized we don't have a shower in this bathroom!" and then I don't think they mentioned it again.
  3. We were not allowed to paint our college dorms, so my roommate and I spent a laborious weekend tie-dying a sheet to cover one wall. We were so proud of ourselves. Maybe Nancy was obsessed with producing pants that the judges would like, and Nina did indeed compliment them. Now maybe we can see Nancy do something else. It was sweet of her to insist that the excitable Geoffrey calm down and reconsider his dark green design. Given how emotional he is, she may be partly responsible for his win. Which I'm glad he got. No way would PR choose a dress with so many godets for a flash sale. Very time-consuming to produce. I thought Sergio's was pretty but the design was something we've all seen. Of course, since they only had 24 hours, including dye time, they were forced to rush their designs. I hated this aspect of the episode. They've got to be faking it with the Victoria love, and she's going through the motions. PR wants her to produce a collection and CFDA probably views her as marketable. Delvin is a tailor and a technician, not a designer, at least at CFDA level. I'm not so sure he will get a Parisian atelier. There are so many fabulous designers in the world who are better than he is, not to mention most of the other PR contestants. Watched Christian's spring/summer collection on YouTube. Kookie New Orleans artist Ashley was a main feature of the show.
  4. "Indian giver" is an old American term that refers to American Indians (Native Americans). It stems from the long-ago days when tribes traded their ancestral land or it was taken from them. Lots of legal wrangling over that history to this day. Of course it's considered offensive these days. I kinda believed the guy who said the woman he was dating snatched the bracelet out of the car. But maybe he was withholding it until he got sex, which isn't cool either. I laughed when one of the K-9s was walking behind a car. All you could see were his ears. Good camera catch of the crack pipe under the woman's shoe.
  5. Are the sleeping pope's sighs a countdown to him waking up?
  6. Washington Post Oscars reporter spotted Jerry at the Vanity Fair after-party. He has a year left at Navarro but has signed with United Talent Agency.
  7. I can't follow the demon chain-of-custody. I have been bored during most episodes, but I feel the narrative pace picked up with this latest one. Jack's portrayal is no longer one dimensional. The actor is doing a good job of showing us some range. Seeing a big strong tough guy getting whooped by his mama made me sad.
  8. My last Lab was treated with Adequan injections (arthritis) because I was afraid of Rimadyl's side effects. My vet told me that glucosamine/chondroitin pills were a waste of my money. That shocked me, because so many people buy it for themselves and their pets. Many retrievers will eat anything. My friend's Lab climbed up a dining room table to get at cookies but instead ate a box of Christmas ornaments, which resulted in a harrowing ER visit. One cannot leave ANYTHING within reach. Hope Scout's family tries harder.
  9. This was swell until Adam and Jenna went from appealing smart yacht professionals to sloppy drunks. Welp, that didn't take long. Ukulele player is clearly angling for a TV career. So true. I marvel that the world is filled with idiots like this, and Bravo finds most of them. But holy cow the scenery.
  10. I still don't buy that Lee didn't know anything about the nasty deck crew behavior. By failing to respond, he sold his integrity for a Bravo paycheck. Stomping off of the set? Too little, too late. Did Andy have an injury over his left eyebrow? The area was slightly puffy and appeared to be covered in non-matching makeup. Were he and Kate hinting that she would be on RHONY, or trying to keep the audience guessing about her next move? Brian doesn't seem very...bright. Kate has morphed into a chief stew robot while she endures being on the show. During an argument she puts a slight smile on her face, adopts a pleasant tone, and trots out utterly fake platitudes. It's her private FU to her castmates and Bravo. I swear I saw eyeliner on Ashton. He tried to go for Lee and Kate and sputtered out like a deflating balloon. Curious as to whether they will skewer the deck crew in part 2. Probably held off in part 1 in order to keep viewers tuned in.
  11. When I first saw the title, I thought this was going to be a bizarre Comedy Central kind of deal. I wish they hadn't showed how the animals were killed. There will be copycats (no pun intended). I suspect the mother created the monster. The Internet sleuths talked too much. Their talking heads could have been reduced by half.
  12. I've been watching and mostly enjoying, especially after working in Alaska recently. Interesting that some communities rotate police in and out on two-week shifts, like the oil rig workers I grew up with. Some government agencies are experimenting with similar schedules as a way to attract workers with advanced technical skills into undesirable locations. I'm also amazed when the officers cite the below zero temps and then climb out of their police cars with no hat and coat. In the tiny remote villages there are peace offers who don't carry weapons.
  13. Nancy's pants reminded me of some from J Peterman that I wore everywhere years ago. They were in cotton batik. Can't find a link but these from eBay are every similar: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Womens-Thai-Silk-Wrap-Around-Fisherman-Pants-Sarong-Harem-Palazzo-Boho-Wide-Leg-/400963238302
  14. I follow Edie like an adoring puppy. Love seeing a naturally maturing face. And I really like that the actors look like real people. Adelaide Clemons (the blonde PR guru) was so great in Rectify. Good to see her again. I thought the creepy guys in cars were child abductors. So glad that was not the case. Of course, the writers just had to make the child a victim of abuse, as if her story was not already dramatic enough. I wish this was set in a different city. I like variety in series locations and LA is overdone.
  15. I chuckled a little at Gates' heroic efforts to draw out comments from these taciturn folks. I also enjoyed their collective restraint, as some of the Hollywood guests are a bit too actorish for my taste. Desert island game: Gates would be one of my top picks to be stuck on a desert island with.
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