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  1. It looked to me as if CMT had its usual plan to dramatically video each cut conversation, and then COVID scuttled that. So they tried to maximize the drama, using the captive cheerleaders in the hotel and Zoom, late at night, with the cheerleaders having to wait too long for the results. And enduring Kelli's lengthy sanctimonious and fake speechifying. We've not been shown cheerleaders expressing contempt for how things are handled and refusing to be submissive and grateful. Maybe some things will change. But meanwhile I enjoyed seeing Kelli's and Judy's startled reactions. I always say this - I think Charlotte is insisting on the beautiful-but-moderately-talented dancers. I mean, she called Kat "Beyonce." She probably let Meredith go because she spotted a bright new shiny submissive eager young thing. I knew the team announcement was coming because everyone had been through makeovers and they were dolled up in maximum hair and makeup. And they showed individual dancers performing as the single focus of the cameras - that requires individual camera set-ups. But they used those shots to cut in to the group shots. Not a bad thing, just noticeable edit trickery. I agree that they should have left Armani's hair alone. Now she blends. ETA: I'm shocked Kelli is on Cameo. I'm surprised the Cowboys organization allows it. Unless they are getting a cut of the fee.
  2. Over the holidays I stalked this series all over the Internet, OnDemand and Youtube, trying to find full seasons. It was impossible. Plus, the episodes are numbered differently, depending on viewing platform. Weirdly, the search findings would not be consistent from day to day. And there are other "Escape to the Chateau" seasons featuring different chateau owners. I did find some of the full episodes on something called DailyMotion.
  3. I posted about this in an earlier season. It's annoying in real life and it's annoying to watch on TV. I hope this little family will be happy in their new home. It's not my favorite of the series, but I'm assuming Ben and Erin knew their friends' tastes and acted accordingly. As Erin said, it's an all-white house so she tried to add some color drama in the dining room (which I thought was horrid). I noticed Erin's little tummy and wondered about a new pregnancy.
  4. Film Noire please tell me you make a living with your remarkable gift for words. More than us chickens at Primetimer need to experience the pleasure. I used to read the The Washington Post first thing every morning. Now it's a quick glance at CNN online, followed by more leisurely perusal of these forums. I definitely spend more time on the forums that I do actually watching the housewives. My loved ones don't understand my hogging of the DVR space, only to FF through most of it.
  5. Brandi didn't learn jack shit. Her fake crying and suicide story made the situation all about her. And she looks like hell. I'm pretty sure her (failed) rehab was for alcohol and possibly prescription drugs. I wonder if sneaky production sought out an Asian housewife specifically to aggravate Brandi. These nitwits seemed to have a casual relationship with covid protocols, even the supposedly brilliant anesthesiologist. Testing is not a guarantee. The comparing of vaginas was predictable and boring. They all just seem so vapid and dim.
  6. Yet another clumsy, bitchy thing for a coach to say. Inappropriate favoritism. Which is it: "this is the best rookie class we've had" or "the rookies shouldn't bother showing up next to Victoria" There are clearly much better dancers on the team, but the fix is in for Victoria. She's an OK dancer and stands out because she's an Amazon, but she's often clumsy and she has heavy feet.
  7. According to LinkedIn, he is a finance guy - something about energy trading, or commodities.
  8. As long as the Jones family owns the organization, it will always be lip service. Over the years this show has presented the organization's clueless PR machinations to try to appear modern (never progressive). Kelly is its face, and on her best day she does that southern fake sincerity thing. (I'm a southerner and a former cheerleader and dancer; I know what I'm talkin' about.) She was horrible in the early seasons - that person did not go away, she just switched out some of those behaviors while the cameras are rolling. Judy is more circumspect, but I've seen glimpses of nastiness in her as well. I'm longing for the organization to bring in a fresh team. Clueless: did they not understand that viewers would spot production's treatment of Kristin's solo in such a clumsy way? It would have been smarter to eliminate it, or show shorter clips.
  9. Agreed. Being on this show was everything to Monique, as it is to Karen, Kyle Richards, and others across the franchise. It gave her some independence from the controlling Chris. If one is smart about it (NotNeNe), one can milk the opportunities for years. It appears that even slimy lowlifes like Slade Smiley and Gretchen manage to eke out a living via sponsorships and appearances long after they are no longer on the original show. I question whether Monique has the discipline to flog that particular horse. It takes work. Also, I would never take away from Chris' accomplishments (Roll Tide!), but he and Monique are not big deals in DC. This town is chock full of former presidents, Members of Congress, ambassadors, athletes, cave dwellers (old money Washingtonians) and business executives. The reunion didn't go the way Chris wanted it to go; he's used to getting his way. So he pulled Monique (I'm convinced). Once this is all over, she's going to be furious.
  10. I'm just catching up on the reunion. What the fuck was Chris Samuels thinking with this preposterous performance?
  11. PopRoast on Youtube says Wendy was not offered a contract to return.
  12. This has to be Chris' doing. I'm speculating that Charisse is coming back, and that did it. The Samuels brand has been tarnished and Chris wont tolerate it. Also, I think the Samuels wore out their welcome at Bravo, and Monique quit before she was shoved.
  13. The ridiculous preference sheet? Contrived by production to generate drama. Rachel's morose and belligerent drunken tirade? Unexpected reaction. Followed by second season guarantee. She was either faking the histrionics or she's a real mean drunk. It's possible the encroaching coronavirus caused her to panic that she wouldn't see her boyfriend, and she figured out a way to take a little break before resuming her duties. After all, Kate regularly sashayed off the ship at the end of her tenure.
  14. Isn't one of the companies that received illicitly funneled funds owned by Erika? One of the LLCs? I would think she cannot hand-wave away these facts. There are limits to how much ignorance one can claim.
  15. I think Ricko lives part-time in a city, but I may be wrong. I've wondered which village he is a member of because some of them receive decent royalties from the leasing of their resources, legal settlements, and federal contracting, the latter of which pays dividends to village shareholders. Several of my clients have been Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs). I'm mostly watching for him, his kids, and Sue. I wondered about this also. Why didn't the bear, or wolves, come back for her?
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