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  1. I see behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Has production turned on Kate? And perhaps the weary Lee? I can see production pointing the Toxic Jerks at Kate and her being furious about it. And the lengthy shot of her lips was very unflattering. It seemed as if Lee's failure to charge in and handle the situation in Kate's defense, instead of leaving in search of a cocktail, is what caused Kate to finally cave in to her emotions. (Not to mention fatigue and alcohol) As others have posted, Kate's getting a taste of her own nasty medicine. Courtney was reminiscent of old Hollywood in her elegant black maillot and headband. Tanner is just another boring sloppy drunk. Simone chucked her self-respect overboard.
  2. He covers the housewives and other reality TV shows on YouTube. He is obsessed with these shows, has lots of industry connections, and either has insider scoops or speculates based on his knowledge of the industry. I laughed when he said "You know, Andy Cohen, it's OK to mix races and cultures on these shows." (Referring to the segregated nature of the shows) I've quoted him in the past and didn't want to keep explaining who he is, but I should have. Sorry for confusion. ETA: I think Kam knows exactly what she's doing with LeeAnne - hogging camera time.
  3. Alexander Rodgers speculates that RHOD will be revamped with a multi-cultural new cast, and that LeeAnne will be fired for her racist tirades. Which would be interesting in that the editors chose to show those tirades vs. hide them (for ratings). LeeAnne brings in the viewers.
  4. I loved Nancy's shredded top for something different than everyone else. Same with the parrot/peacock print, although the only thing "street" about that look was when the society matron walks two steps to her limo. I kinda like the bloomers but perhaps they should have been longer. Or maybe then they would have looked like an Elizabethan buccaneer. Sergio's look was hideous. Like 50s aging B-movie actress (with Star Wars embellishments). He's there as Asshole Cannon Fodder. And Tyler has his number: "He's just here playing a character." And to advertise his brand. Her comments about feeling disconnected from her body were troubling. Severe lack of sleep coupled with stress can make one psychotic. Christian is perfect for this show. Brandon's reviews are the most meaningful. Laughed at Swatch trotting out of the way. The right contestant won.
  5. I think this version of the series is pretty awful. Horrible hosts (who the hell is the uncomfortable football guy and how did he wander onto a baking show?). Blinding white Chiclet teeth. Bad wig. A couple of unskilled bakers. Fake winter. Paul H. going through the motions and cheapening the handshake. Very fast interactions and edits - cheaper production (see football guy). Every. single. time. My gawd. And the quivering humble brother (from my town). Stop with the manic crossing.
  6. I had difficulty listening to babies scream. It looked as if Veidt put on music to mask the screams a bit, and we saw him flinch a little. Did it appear to anyone else that the last body he flung seemed to slip through a sky-filled barrier of some kind? I am enjoying some of the twists and imaginative scenarios, such as the future Ancestry.com.
  7. My southern mother would say that Kate pitched a fit and fell in it. A phrase normally reserved for tired little children.
  8. Thank you for the explanation. I am already confused by the story, and when the magnificent Jean began telling jokes I gave up. I'll keep watching for the acting, occasional jolts (falling cars) and the fact that this series is based on the Tulsa riots. I knew about them, but not about the Black Wall Street. Random thought: I watched "Live PD" for a while, where Tulsa PD is heavily featured and one of the show's talking heads is a Tulsa vice cop. So my mind has tried to connect the two shows. Also: Magnificent Jean has gams for days.
  9. As has been discussed many times on this forum and of which I'm well aware (former dancer). However, the modeling world is infamous for requiring that models starve themselves to remain thin. I think at least one of the models we saw last night is too thin in a way that is not safe for her body.
  10. It's Sewing 101 to recognize when you need stretchy or drapey fabric vs. a non-stretch fabric. I remember learning that lesson as a teenager. He needs to stop flouncing and pay attention. I noticed he said "Did WE leave the chiffon in the store?" No you idiot, YOU left it because you weren't paying attention when the Mood assistant tried to help you. Love Bravo's production values! Love the two-day challenge. Mr. I Know As Much as Christian may fail in this environment if he's a couturier and is accustomed to having lots of time to execute his designs. I can't stand Nina, so she is the weak link for me. Love the fabulous 64-year-old. Some of the models are too skinny. Not healthy.
  11. pasdetrois

    SEAL Team

    So are they setting Hayes up for a new job? Working in an ops center instead of leading missions? Davis' bar arrest scene was handled badly, from a realism perspective, but I wonder if its purpose is to threaten her career storyline? In the real world, would her career be in serious trouble just because she got arrested? Since the incident occurred while on personal leave, will she have to hire her own attorney? Also, I hope the scriptwriters are not setting her up to take the fall for the fling with Sonny. They are both complicit. As written, most of the team reacted to Ebola as if they're just learning about it. In reality the Navy has global research teams (BUMED) that work with other agencies to fight against any diseases that threaten operational capabilities. Ebola has been a nasty threat for a long time.
  12. That's the second time we've seen Sue creep the 90 miles between Prudhoe Bay and Kavik. Talk about a slow commute. I wonder how the broken track will be repaired, given the expense of flying in parts and mechanics. And how will they return it back to Prudhoe Bay? It's not your basic one-way Hertz rental. Denise hesitatingly speaks up when Andy pressures her to take on a dangerous task, but then she does it anyway. I hope production is paying her, and that she's not giving the money to Andy. Ricko's kids are adorable and he appears to be a good daddy. I appreciated hearing Agnes talk about the effect of climate change on Alaska villages. Some are being totally abandoned due to the melt and floods. And the underground freezer-caves are not cold enough to store food - a real problem.
  13. She's the one off note in this charming little show. Her "script" has her lecturing and marketing non-stop in a loud voice that belongs in a corporate board room. She did it in season 1 also. Since NBC is showing season 2 over consecutive nights, I worry the show is being treated as filler and will not be renewed. Justine is a hoot. It's not everyone who can keep four show-biz pros on their toes. Yes! Same vibe as GBBS. They are an oasis in parched, tired, trashy reality TV land. Agree that the scripted skits are a bit much, although I enjoy the pun shoot-outs. Loved Simon's first autobiography that chronicled his young adulthood.
  14. I'm with you. The fact that these entitled wealthy women were having fun at the expense of people who live miserable lives sickens me. Sex trafficking is everywhere and kind of hiding in plain sight; it's been normalized for so long. In my neighborhood an apartment complex housed trafficked sex workers from Central America. Recently a pretty little massage parlor opened six blocks from me and it's confirmed that women are offering sexual services there. Thank God the sanctuary animals weren't tranquilized into being tourist favors. Kary's "don't tell me what to do" reeks of spoiled brat. Brandi's travel logistics: get loaded on every conceivable substance and make sure the camera sees it.
  15. After they split there was Internet chat about her suing him, I think for a settlement and/or property. She had a blog that hinted at his mistreatment of her in Alaska. Andy has the nurse-servant, who must be at least 50, taking on dangerous tasks despite her lack of experience. She was out running the dogs after only one previous try. And I snorted when Andy made long speeches about the dangers of piled-up ice, then hopped on his snow machine to "scout" while nurse-servant was left to chop up the ice. Granted, he did end up helping. I wield a pick axe to break up heavy clay in my garden and could never do it all day. We saw examples of how dog racing is very hard on the animals. Jesse explained that the warm temps during Iditarod are brutal, and his dogs developed diarrhea. My Alaskan friend has told me of how dogs have suffered mightily over the years, although there are more inspections and forced rests now. There's a limit to how much "dogs love to race." ETA: since people have asked about Glenn, I'll add that I saw a post on the Internet that said he was let go from the series and that he was very sad about it.
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