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  1. pasdetrois

    Gentleman Jack

    Beginning with the previous episode, I began to wonder if Ann Walker was conning Anne. Once I started looking at it from that perspective, the signs seemed to be everywhere. I don't mean a con in the legal sense, just that she may have been playing with Anne's emotions until she got tired of her. I was still wondering during the latest episode, including whether the reverend had raped her or it was consensual, but then the story got really ugly and now I'm back to thinking Ann W. is a vapid helpless nitwit (and a creature of her times). The moment when Anne asked to borrow money was kind of weird and feels like a plot device. Auntie Lister and the brash gentleman caller were hilarious.
  2. pasdetrois

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    As this scene rolled my brain was singing "Puff the Magic Dragon."
  3. pasdetrois

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I didn't watch this series until last year, so my perspective is more superficial than others. I'll just say that this last episode was bizarre in that at the start we are all dragged-out despair and earnest speechifying, and then at the end we have a motley crew joking about brothels. What an abrupt left turn. Surely the northern queen and Jon were set up for some kind of follow-on event (movie, etc.) where they reunite and mount some kind of campaign....somewhere?
  4. pasdetrois

    S19 Ep7, Family of Addicts

    I wondered about the timing of the story, which seemed to say that Sean got high after seeing his uncle. But he was already nodding off at the start of the intervention. Donna made me chuckle with her exasperated "grandma's vaping while she's on oxygen." Previous to this episode, had we ever heard Donna reference her own addiction history?
  5. pasdetrois

    Gentleman Jack

    I appreciated the glimpse into the horror of working in a coal mine - young children in there 12 hours a day, and getting injured. I think the little boy with the head wound smacked his head when he was pushing the cart through a low ceiling. Horrible. And apparently not having been down in a coal mine before, the brutality of that environment still didn't register for Anne. I wonder if the young farmer (who fed his father to the pigs) is up to no good. He's what the aristocracy would have considered too clever by half. Still laughing about the high dudgeon over someone being "in trade." My very elderly "maiden" aunts still were using that term when I was a girl.
  6. pasdetrois

    Better Things

    I haven't seen the latest episode, but am chiming in to say that what I see going on with Sam and her girls is the same thing I see with privileged families everywhere (which is how I classify Sam's family). There are these little mini-communities where the kids are indulged and the parents don't impose respect and responsibility. They are self-satisfied and smug about their group entitlement. The kids are cosseted all the way through life - from home to college to jobs to marriages. Sam has one foot in the cosseted world and one foot in the practical world, realizing that her girls need to be prepared to make their way in the world. But it may be too late for the two older ones. I understand that they are teenagers, but there are millions of parents who don't tolerate the nonsense we see from Frankie and Max. Teenage hormones, absent daddies, etc. are no excuse.
  7. pasdetrois

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    I'm wondering of Lu's house is a rental (as others have speculated). It could be the real owner created the bedroom-with-kitchen space for a family member, like an in-law space. Or the real owner rents the entire property out as a quiet vacation spot with a beautiful view. If Lu's short on cash, it may be owned by one of her acquaintances who is trying to help her out. It looks distinctly rental, rather than someone's personal space. Lu may have chosen it to try to stay away from the night life. I know an entire set of brothers - all in recovery - that moved their joint business and homes to a rural area. They did it expressly to avoid city temptations. Of course, these days rural areas are stuffed to the gills with pain pill clinics and meth labs.
  8. pasdetrois

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    I was braced for the exploitation 'cause we get it every season. Some of these contestants have been traumatized but are not above exploiting their own trauma. Garo's t-shirt was better than his dress. The shirt has a heart full of tiny bees (I think). His cause was my favorite, as I'm an avid gardener. And I coo at the bees in my garden. They have their own bee-appropriate perch in my bird water thingy. I liked Tessa's cutout "Mine" and I relate. Not so crazy about Bishme's purple number. I'm still enjoying the refreshed series. Now can we just get more time for each challenge so we can see less mistakes and more pretty? How about less challenges but more time on each one?
  9. That's really what's going on here in all of these carefully staged photos that don't show Brynn's face. Bethenny is poking the bear and pushing boundaries. To truly protect Brynn's privacy and prevent a passive-aggressive tug of war, why not just leave Brynn completely out of social media? With Bethenny's many followers, Brynn has no privacy, even with her face hidden. I feel this way about all of the reality TV assholes who use their children for attention and money.
  10. pasdetrois


    My favorite ATJ number, featuring an actress playing Nicole and the real Ann: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRVv2b-hL_0
  11. Jason is an opportunist and Bethanny is an unstable narcissist. I think the only thing they agreed on was wanting a child and Bethanny's pursuit of money. As my friend says, unhealthy or bad people always find each other.
  12. pasdetrois

    Gentleman Jack

    I'm enjoying this because Anne has layers - she's not an unrealistic TV trope. While we admire her confidence and sympathize with the bigotry she faces, she's also a snob and entitled. I'm not sure if she's pursuing her true love or is a serial skirt-chaser. (I'm purposefully avoiding reading anything about the real life Anne.) Sometimes her romantic behavior reminds me of many caddish fellas I've encountered over life. Happy Valley was one of the best crime dramas I've ever seen and I'm sad there hasn't been a third season.
  13. pasdetrois

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I found this series so hammy yet boring that I removed it from my DVR. Pretty to look at, but that's about it.
  14. pasdetrois

    Better Things

    Agree about that - I no longer wear makeup every single day. But I was speaking of being ignored in a more systematic way. As in patiently standing in line at Home Depot, waiting for my turn to get some paint mixed. Trying to get the attention of the male clerk who only deigned to answer my questions in short irritated responses. And having the clerk turn his attentions to a young woman who waltzed up and cut in front of me. Another one is getting proper attention from young hairdressers. They aren't interested in a pudgy graying grandma - they want young fashionable clients. When my long-time hairdresser retired, I had a difficult time finding someone who was really interested in my hair.
  15. pasdetrois

    Better Things

    Meant to sat that looked like a brown bear (grizzly), not a black bear as speculated in the opening sequence.