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  1. I speculated in earlier posts that the law firm, Erika and perhaps Tom's family prevented anyone from knowing of Tom's declining cognition. After all, it would mean the end of the firm, or a drop in billables. The firm was supporting a lot of people, directly and indirectly. But then the lawsuits blew open the story, leaving everyone without a plausible explanation for their behavior. They didn't have time to cover up and redirect adequately. Perhaps they hoped to somehow recover enough funds to replace stolen assets and ran out of time. This kind of thing happens all the time with f
  2. She's confusing verbal one-upmanship with intelligence. Dorit will talk you into a stupor, all the while saying absolutely nothing of value. In fact many of the housewives have learned this ping-pong debate style. They latch onto someone else's words and zoom off in a verbal tirade about those few words, wait for a response, then seize on other words and zoom off again. After several rounds of this meaningless drivel, the "opponent" succumbs to weary defeat. It's maddening to watch because it's boring.
  3. So last night I watched/FFed the last three episodes. I'm convinced Erika is trying to do two things with her dramatic, disjointed behavior: 1) establish a timeline for Tom's incompetence so he and she are protected from legal and civil accountability for his/her misdeeds and 2) redirect attention away from her irresponsible behavior (the spending, the tone-deaf social media, etc.) and toward her castmates. When binge-watched together, these episodes indicate this strategy. And the earlier episodes just add more proof. Long ago a hapless secretary named Rosemary demonstrated for repo
  4. I'll skip past trying to prove Erika is a liar and just simplify it all by saying she is a sociopathic asshole.
  5. So true. What begins as production shenanigans evolves into toxic behavior, fueled by these assholes' craven desire for camera focus as well as their own lack of character. The behavior also reminds me of 70s era group therapy sessions. I never attended but friends did. Sometimes they were nothing more than bully sessions, hiding behind the "therapy" label. A good friend is a therapist and comments that some people don't recover easily from this kind of behavior. My friend thinks we've seen that with some housewives across the franchise. It's disturbing.
  6. I'm glad you remembered this. I could not recall the details. While Paris is telling only one side of the story. I believe there is evidence she has horrible parents.
  7. Let's hope this fool and her access to widows' and orphans' money are now parted.
  8. Many baby boomers' retirement plans were scuttled by the recession plus COVID. If a professor held onto a job, a spouse may not have, the young adult children may not have been able to find jobs, or the boomers' parents have needed expensive care. Many of us "should retire" boomers have financial responsibilities we were not expecting.
  9. I normally am not interested in reality tv kids, but I enjoy Luke's clan. We have a Down syndrome young adult in my family, so I appreciate that Luke and his wife have opened their home to so many children. Many of these kids have heart and other severe health conditions, and they would unquestionably die while languishing in orphanages that are understaffed, with minimal nutrition, and essentially warehouses. Luke has a great design sense, but his feature walls annoy me. Just not my thing.
  10. I'm gonna watch out of morbid curiosity, cause this is one of the worst real estate shows ever. Maybe production fixed some things.
  11. The three on the left look great. The rest are Cheap Vegas, 80s Prom, or in Kathy's case, Discount Prairie. Crystal has a great fashion sense, I'll give the mean girl that.
  12. "Bravo would probably like nothing more than an Erika going to and getting out of jail. I mean, this is a boon to RHOBH. i can't imagine how boring this season would've been if the only real drama was nakedgate." Absolutely. Andy doesn't "like" Erika - he's using Erika. (See Theresa, NeNe, etc.) The question is whether Erika realizes it, or is vulnerable to false flattery. I suspect she realizes it and will use Andy right back (for big bucks). I still believe that some of the women are being coached by production in how they take sides.
  13. CDAN says it's a major casino owner, and the guess is that Wyatt guy in Vegas. He the scion of a very wealthy Dallas family - his mother used to party with the Reagans. The proximity fits. CDAN claims Wyatt told Erika to stop asking for so much money. https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2021/09/blind-items-revealed-1_17.html?m=0 I'm assuming Erika has several benefactors. Do they know about each other? What does she do for the handouts?
  14. Erika must still have medical power of attorney for Tom, or perhaps did when he needed brain surgery. Also, I remain interested in whether she will be held responsible for compensating Tom's victims, because it will be fascinating to watch whether her Bravo wages get garnished.
  15. In addition to her many pathological charms, I think we can add compulsive liar. It's the only scenario that makes sense.
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