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  1. I binged the latest season over the past couple of days. Read an article about Erin in Southern Living magazine, in which she once again goes on, at length, about how she suffered from anxiety as a child. She also once again plugs her friend Mallorie's business. The magazine devoted some time to the woman who actually originated the "save Laurel" campaign, of which Ben and Erin are one of many involved. I think one of the earlier HT episodes showed us this woman briefly. Erin's on-screen contribution to each episode seems to be limited to talking heads with Ben and bouncing around the construction area, exclaiming about how excited she is. Or her simplistic "paintings." I know she is talented - love her aesthetic - and works hard, but I'm put off by her nervous mannerisms. A little of her goes a long way. Ben and even the crews are the more natural on-screen presences. I love Airstreams - my parents had one for a while, until we tried to spend southern summers in it, and decamped to motels with AC - but I wanted less of the Airstream and more about that loft. Will those empty nesters really climb up and down the stairs every day later in their lives, or will this loft really only be a pied-a-terre, or an ABnB property?
  2. pasdetrois

    S01.E07: Trick

    I think this series would have been better as a movie and fewer scenes. The intensity of the premise was watered down by the hijinks (taxidermist! jumping off of trains! big bags of money! wacky lesbian romance!). I did enjoy meeting a new native actor - Tamara Podemski (Babe Cloud).
  3. I assume the show's future is uncertain, given the pandemic, and it has already been rumored that Bravo was slashing paychecks, even before the pandemic.
  4. There is an arrangement where a business can bring in a consultant, or another business, for a purported reason (such as designing a room), pay the consultant/business for the service, but really it's a loan. Just sayin'.
  5. It's unbelievably ironic that this particular series has become such a trash receptacle.
  6. Former Mississipian here, and all of my family still live there (not far from Laurel, and one in Jackson) and in Louisiana. Three public school teachers, including one principal, currently in the family. Guess where they send their kids to school? Private academies, which grew like weeds after integration. One cousin apologized because she had to send her kids to public high school after she and her husband lost their jobs in the last recession. It's. Just. Not. Done. I'm not sure if there are any "good" public school districts in MS. I haven't talked to my family about it in a while. The choices are private Christian and private prep. Not defending it, just saying how it really is. ETA also perhaps charter schools.
  7. She's just barely retaining the old-house flavor, really just the materials that aren't too expensive to restore, like the staircases. What little period detail remains is overshadowed by her design. So she's claiming to save old houses, which to me means restoring period details, when in reality she's gutting the interiors. Essentially she's keeping the exterior. Good Bones does the same thing, and to a lesser degree Home Town, It's marketing fluff. Most of these shows are endlessly self-promoting and thinly disguised advertisements for the host's business. Tamara constantly self-promotes and production keeps encouraging boring sound bites. I don't think her houses are mansions. They are large old homes that used to exist on every Main Street in America. I do love them and am glad to see them standing and occupied by homeowners.
  8. In her first or second season there were blind items indicating that Erika had a residence on the side, complete with boyfriend. It may have been from a time period previous to the show.
  9. Often "camping" means no telephone service. I'm just sayin'.
  10. A Youtuber said Cynthia was offered friend status and she turned it down.
  11. For me, it was his increasingly rare Old Charleston accent. It's fascinating how many different southern accents are in each state.
  12. With his hands held prayerfully under his chin while he beamed approval at everyone. Genius.
  13. It's true for many shows - the experienced actors are so good that their work throws the inexperienced/younger ones into sharp relief. The younger ones here are essentially beautiful eye candy (Pope is an exception). They are coming across as regional theater/summer stock. In the end I most enjoyed the trip back through time to old Hollywood, which has always fascinated me, warts and all.
  14. I think this series is based on Scotty Bowers' memoir. Jim Parsons is brilliant. Is his character Roy Cohn?
  15. I read the memoir I assume this is based on. As I read I wondered if it could be true. Tailor made for Ryan Murphy. Agree that Jeremy Pope is charismatic.
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