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  1. These two are seriously design-challenged.
  2. Those of us who painted our kitchen cabinets ourselves love them. That's because it was too much damn work to do something different. No, really, having stared at hulking ugly orangey-brown cabinets for 20 years, and not being able to afford new ones, I painted them creamy white and replaced the hardware. I adore them. And, I left the doors off of a small row just to display my antique tea tins and such. And I used one wall to hang art. I may be veering toward thrift shop territory, but I love my refreshed kitchen now. Wouldn't trade it for an HGTV kitchen. But what I wouldn't give for Be
  3. Didn't we see Ashley and Michael renegotiate their financial arrangement during one of their on-camera talks? Ashley specified several reasons for doing it.
  4. Interestingly, anyone can get a one-hour video consult with her for $2000. https://www.theexpert.com/expert/leanneford I understand she lives part-time in LA. Perhaps her husband works in production. Her website and camera presence have that LA-professional flair.
  5. Production seems complicit in deleting the footage. Surely their attorneys would have preferred they preserve it, unless they were determined to protect law enforcement. When I was a reporter, we would never have deleted this kind of thing.
  6. pasdetrois

    SEAL Team

    I can't stand him. Mopey Martyr Seal, badly acted. I binged the last three episodes last night. The show has devolved into "telling not showing" and predictability. At this point, my only interest is the missions, Davis' career, and seeing Cerebrus. And I see toupees creeping in.
  7. Maybe Erin and Ben have run out of people who want complete restoration. I did not own a winter coat until I moved away from the Deep South. Our homes never had coat closets. My old, small Craftsman doesn't have one, either, and I use a plain, antique wardrobe tucked into a corner of my living room. I had a carpenter build a slender broom/mop closet in a kitchen niche, complete with ventilation grids. It can be done. Several of the restoration/flipper show hosts have warehouses where they stash stuff they've saved and they re-use it. Nicole in Detroit, the Boise guys, and Erin and Be
  8. My county doesn't allow basement stoves for safety reasons. It's a code violation. I like N&J's design aesthetic. The others seem to be trying to design to catch production's eye? Not for real life.
  9. I'm giving preliminary side eye to Coach. He had to know or suspect that Jen's outrageous spending was being financed by shady schemes. It's common sense. His on-camera persona seemed fake and exaggerated to me. There's no indication that his financial situation could support Jen's lifestyle. The inexpensive home supports my suspicions. Given her bizarre behavior, and now this, I suspect he can't wait to get rid of her. He'll throw her under the bus in a hot minute if the feds come for him.
  10. Long before the allegations, I thought Woody Allen was weird and Mia Farrow was disturbed (because she collected children). While nannies and house keepers can handle the babysitting and chores, no one can effectively give enough parental attention to 14 children, especially little ones and special needs kids. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing the actual photos of Soon Yi in the media. Wasn't she perched spread-eagled on a fireplace mantel? Or maybe I'm remembering another pervert's news story. I believe Dylan. The video of Allen clutching her while she wiggles, then succumbs, starin
  11. Brandi is a very angry, childish person. The anger comes from her lousy marriage, and the childishness is plain old redneck meanness. She's trying to gaslight everyone -Tiffany and the viewing public - with the "poor me" and "I love Jesus" bullshit. Everything she does is meant to poke the bear, while hiding behind her soft voice and fake sincerity.
  12. This was like the old Intervention, before the participants began trying to use the show for attention. Ken must have used up a entire year's worth of adrenaline chasing those folks around. He really found his calling. Dawn is in the hall of fame with the mother who accused her daughter of stealing the mom's boyfriends (while a child) and No Left Turn Linda. Anyone remember the alcoholic cheese-and-crackers parents, who if I recall correctly were also Mormon? They wouldn't swear ("cheese and crackers") but it was OK to abandon their children and drink their lives away. I"m not p
  13. I took care of someone with dementia (not Alzheimers - there are many kinds). He would have sudden, shocking losses of cognitive functioning (couldn't remember how to use a phone, near-inability to speak, getting lost, delusions, etc.), and with therapy he would fully recover. Until he didn't. Another family member did have Alzheimers, and she functioned, including driving, during her lucid periods. I can see Tom veering from capable to non-functional multiple times.
  14. They are all so ANIMATED.ALL.THE.TIME. Annoying as hell. And the host's blonde side piece bouncing around in her ponytail emitting worthless commentary. Ugh. If he has to contribute something intelligent he is completely lost. His 15 minutes are long expired.
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