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  1. I like the more subtle humor (the siblings' rapid-fire talking over each other) and get annoyed with the McBride flavor of gross humor. It just seems so labored and childish. And I always think endless use of the word "fucking" in a script is lazy writing. Still, I appreciate the megachurch-that-pulls-in-millions skewering. Watching Ken Burns' Country Music with its archives of old time tent revivals - they were lucky if they had chairs and a microphone.
  2. So relieved this show will be back, and hope it maintains the new improved format.
  3. It's her attempt to be better groomed than her earlier seasons. But to me it's still a fail, because she shouldn't be sporting bedhead while working. She's trying to look younger than she is and soften her face.
  4. The anvils are clanking like crazy and I assume Meredith and Kat will make the team. This episode pretty much guaranteed it. The organization wants a sprinkling of beauties, not true DCC-style talent. Loathed the cooking segment. Complete boredom.
  5. My favorite character is Keefe. While the other characters are cartoonish, he seems real. Great details - the hair, the clothing, the way he moves and expresses himself. I hope he's not gone for good.
  6. Brandi and Stephanie are getting good at summoning tears for the cameras. Although one could see Brandi struggling a bit in the latest episode (hiding face, scrunching Botoxed face, making crying noises).
  7. Another hilarious aside, proving that these boards are way more entertaining than the show.
  8. It's laughable that while posing as a haughty society woman Kameron is down in the dirt on a trashy reality TV show. I feel a bit sorry for D'Andra. I believe that her monster mother manipulated D'Andra into giving up her own career to go home and be mama's acolyte, albeit a spoiled one, with the constant promise/threat of trust money. Happens all the time. But something's fishy about D'Andra's lack of understanding about the business' financial state. Either she's completely clueless and passive, or it's a fake storyline. If the story is true, she's in real trouble. Her only options are reality TV and somehow working her Dallas connections. I wonder if her home is in her name. Still haven't forgotten how badly D'Andra treated her stepson. She has needed a little humility. The women's face work was especially visible in one of the scenes. Jokerish.
  9. Genius. Thanks for the laugh.
  10. I can't get past the walls of hair, which were present on some of the women while they were working hard outdoors in a very hot climate as well as during food service. Yuck.
  11. Yeah, I've lost my enthusiasm for these shows. Did Ashley Banfield quit or was she pushed? I do like Tom. However, if asshole Lamb is his co-host, I refuse to watch Tom's new show.
  12. She may have a producer credit as a mechanism to earn money from the show, but usually these reality TV "producers" don't prepare shooting scripts and edit the footage. That part of the business is controlled by Viacom, which owns CMT. I'm assuming the Cowboys organization, not Kelli, originally reached out to CMT and negotiated the package for this show. Kelli is "just" an employee, although a featured one. And of course CMT production cooperates closely with Kelli and the other Cowboys folks. There are some exceptions to who controls production, such as the Kardashians.
  13. Did this show get cancelled? All of the episodes of what appears to be a new season showed up in my VCR Friday morning.
  14. In fairness to Kelli and Judy, I believe much of what is taped and edited is driven by producers. Kelli's nasty personality is all her own.
  15. Yeah, these women know better than to object to Kelli's pastor. Guess production was going for some grief porn in a bid for viewer sympathy. In fact, I hated the beginning of the episode - the tour, the awkward "office" visit. Most recruiters I know work from home, or in cubicles. Unless they are senior managers, they don't have a corner office with windows. I can see the heavy hand of the new showrunners, transparently featuring several women in every episode - Victoria, Kat and Meredith. As of this episode, it's egregious. And boring. Melissa gave better guidance than anything we hear from Kelli or Judy.
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