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  1. Should we start a media thread? I don't know how or if it's OK.
  2. There must be a story there: I guess he became too consumed by serving as head coach and perhaps was told to take a step back? Then he had to take part-time jobs to survive and apparently moved in with friends to save money. And he chose to talk about how he couldn't commit to a long-time girlfriend and it was a smart decision. Now he's back to serving as one of two head coaches. An unusual trajectory. Monica's and La'Darius' relationship seemed unhealthy - boundary issues. She was tolerating his behavior at the expense of the team. I didn't like the on-camera sobbing and hugging session.
  3. A viewer can really see how the fame distracted Navarro - all the running to Hollywood, press conferences and appearances, little girls screaming, talks about creating a brand for each cheerleader, etc. The cranking out of the paid messages while sitting in the spa. When the media announced that Jerry had bought a house I was glad because I thought it was a responsible choice. I assume he will lose it now. I suspect the others' money will be spent and gone. Meanwhile these kids don't seem to be getting a true education (a marketable trade or a four-year degree). I was also turne
  4. I'm laughing at the thought of the young, impulsive Scruff being perfectly trained after a couple of training sessions. Better still keep an eye on the sheep.
  5. I've learned a hard lesson about descending into the reality TV cesspool, which was a desperate act for me during COVID. I cannot believe I missed that this series was launched anew in 2021, and my reality-TV-diminished brain missed it. I still have the books that I bought after watching the original version. They made the cut when I forced myself to lighten my bookshelves. So I've been binging 2021's first season. Love the proper Scottish nod (not to mention the language), and of course the glorious Dales. Loved seeing the Dame (in every sense of the word) and Callum Woodhouse from
  6. It's too late to change the concept now, but I always thought that five people were too many. The culture role especially seems like a catch-all for whatever the show wants to talk about. The SLS debate has raged for at least 20 years. I never notice a difference when I use a shampoo or toothpaste that has it. Sometimes people jump on bandwagons because everyone else is doing it.
  7. ...was designers' efforts to suck up to the housewives franchise (and dollars). I loved Leah's dress, but agree it didn't have the housewives reunion "pop." It reminded me of something Vera Wang or even Georgina Chapman would design. Karen's dress can be found in any department store. And she walked like a linebacker into the designers' workroom on the second day. I've been disappointed in what Aaron has produced, but his hot pink dress best fit the challenge. Luann's dress should not have won. Too classy for the housewives. As another poster mentioned, I noticed the rough
  8. Jonathan has a new show coming out on Netflix in late January. Sorry I don't remember the name or link (brain fog).
  9. I have to come here after every episode to learn what the heck just happened.
  10. What in Sam Hill was Ben smoking during this episode?
  11. Just watched this. My takeaway is that Simon was your typical grandiose and charismatic sociopath who, once he snared Brittany, had the means to indulge his worst impulses - food, drugs, wild spending and living out his delusional fantasies via Brittany's position in Hollywood. But the drugs, the food, and his own mental illness overwhelmed him - got the best of him - and the three of them were living in a beautiful madhouse. (folie a trois) The attention to housekeeping, nutrition, and health are the first to go in those dysfunctional situations. I believe he dangled a romantic relation
  12. Well, perhaps "they" understand that Delilah is attention-seeking. Every time I spot a whiny IG post from an entitled idiot, I think "Get off IG and seek professional help. Quietly." Delilah knows how to get help. She's an adult and doesn't need anyone to do it for her.
  13. Finally! They addressed asbestos. Although they must have tested the kitchen floors before production rather than mess around with it even a little bit while demoing. No way a pregnant Erin would have taken a chance.. Looks like they put in ducts for HVAC. I loved what they did with this home. It's adorable and handsome at the same time. I love Erin's design aesthetic when she lays off all the tchotchkes. I kept expecting them to hug that wonderful young man, then remembered COVID.
  14. I'm not one for Christmas movies, but I was charmed by this one. Najimy and Coolidge are treasures, and for once the story was not cloying and the cast was truly ensemble. The mother's obsession with signs was hilarious. Not to mention her quiet little one-liners.
  15. I agree. I asked in an earlier season whether these horses become injured and lame over time. They are athletes doing unnatural, damaging repetitive motion, and surely it takes its toll.
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