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  1. She sure cannot handle confrontation when she's not in a power position. Even with Andy going easy on her, she lost her cool. And I think her smarts are limited to driving a big boat. She can't keep up with her own lies and manipulations. She does win the award for Most-Passive-Aggressive-Jabs-In-One-Conversation. Her comments about "always wanting a boatload of children" and "your mental illness" and "drugs" were a thing of cowardly beauty.
  2. If someone was violently dragging me down by my hair, and many people were suddenly piling on, and I was holding a glass of wine, I don't think I would have the presence of mind to step back and calmly lay down the wine glass. Candiace didn't pick up the glass in order to attack anyone, she was holding it when all hell broke loose. The wine glass was incidental to what was going on. The wine glass was an innocent victim.
  3. Robyn was taunting the cheerleaders. She's competitive with young pretty women around Juan. Broke Chris has always done this "hush now" thing to Candiace. That's his self-appointed role in order to be relevant to the cameras. Even-Broker-Chris can't leave her if his restaurant has fallen on very hard times during the pandemic. Karen is desperately trying to rewrite history and reclaim her tatty grand dame role. Ray ain't havin' it. Her businesses aren't doing squat and if the show were to disappear she'd be hard up for cash. I assume Ray collects Social Security and a pension/retirement payment. Ashley keeps trying to get a naked boob into camera range and so far production hasn't cooperated. ETA: I can't take Candiace's victimhood seriously when she has been violent, waving knives around. But maybe the arrest will tell Monique to get control of her temper. Was Wendy carrying the baby in her arms in the limo instead of restrained safely in a car seat?
  4. Blessings on Dr. Jeff and staff for their work at Pine Ridge. Dr. Oakley volunteers in Alaska native villages, and there is a non-profit that volunteers on the Navajo reservations. The need is great to reduce the populations of the rez dogs.
  5. That's my animal shelter where I volunteer! But why is a PG County resident trying to adopt in Arlington County?
  6. I think those two loving owners border on kitty hoarders. Anyone with that many cats should know the basic of how to provide the right environment for them. It must be wonderful to step out of that crowded, noisy, stressful clinic (not a criticism) and into the beautiful Colorado outdoors. What a reward and motivation to keep going. Hip dysplasia surgery has come such a long way, and I'm grateful on behalf of dogs. 30 years ago my Lab needed help, and the specialty clinic talked me out of the surgery. There were message boards full of posts on how dramatic the surgery and recovery were, with mixed results. If you don't get the surgery, your dog's body compensates in other ways, like Thatcher's loss of muscle tone. My Lab compensated by shifting weight to his front, which caused other serious problems over time.
  7. I only know Matt Lucas from "Bridesmaids." I thought he did fine. So happy the show is back, apparently better than ever. Weird Noel is made for it. I spent yesterday churning through a pile of dreaded chores, and I kept reminding myself I would be rewarded by this season's first episode. By the time I watched it was raining, I was pleasantly tired, I had a cup of tea...perfect! I wonder if being sequestered helped mesh the group. There was lots of relaxed, dry humor and wit, which is one reason I watch. On to the next episode.
  8. When she launched herself at a third guy, like a teenager in a cosmetics commercial, I threw down my remote and said "Oh for Pete's sake." All that was missing was her perching on tiptoe and cocking one leg back as she slammed her face into his. The series went from light and fluffy to annoying and boring, not to mention heavily derivative. As far as I can tell, Emily's day consists of her dashing about in fabulous clothes, punctuated by bouts of supposed marketing brilliance, at least one hijink, and lots of mugging at the camera (in place of acting). But I hung in there for Paris and the clothes.
  9. Last night I watched an episode where they showed a little of the unglamorous side of restoring old houses. It was the episode with the fireman's Arts and Crafts bungalow. They showed a cracked drain line that would require tearing up the kitchen floor. They also showed old electric lines and Brett exclaimed "another electric fire," which indicated they were encountering dangerous wires. They also showed layers of old linoleum, including a pattern that I've seen before, and I noticed Brett and others were not wearing any protective gear as they tore up that floor. Perhaps the materials had been tested already for asbestos. I am captivated by the salvage and restoration stores that Brett visits. There is a wealth of stunning period-appropriate materials he can choose. We have a couple of huge salvage places in the DC area, but the stuff isn't as attractive or period-appropriate. I hope they survive the pandemic. The labor-intensive paint scraping is one reason why I question the costs quoted on the show. There is a lot of old Douglas fir trim in my house, painted white many years ago, and the work involved in removing the paint is mind-boggling. There is no easy or fast way to do it, even using chemicals. The costs cited for the fireman's restoration seemed very unrealistic; maybe I misunderstood what they said. Agree about Brett's hat. Guess it's part of his brand.
  10. Rob's crafty plan worked like a charm: TV show + seasoned model (knows his camera angles) + buxom unhinged bed partner = maximized exposure followed by said bed partner handing him an excuse to bail one day before the cameras stopped. At my house at chore time we've begun saying "I can't do this. I'm too much in my head." Not to mention "Did you know I'm a model?" I'm not sure we've seen a more vacuous pair than Rob and Jess. She's one part silicone and one part sulk, with zero brains.
  11. Gizelle and Karen tried to grab all the camera time. They are as disingenuous as Monique. Karen, quit trying to be saintly den mother. Looks like Ray is gonna put Karen in her place. And how does anyone know Karen gave Ray "half of all her money" unless Karen threw Ray under the bus and spilled the beans? I think the two of them are locked in a bitter money battle so they can divorce. Ashley's waiting to see how she can leverage this situation for herself. I'd like to see Candiace and Monique gone. Both have had violent moments. Actually Gizelle can go too. Actually, they all depress me a little bit.
  12. Candiace isn't Monique's problem. Monique's problem is that she appears to be deeply discontented at this point in her life, has a domineering husband, may be hitting the sauce too much, has a temper, and privately believes it's OK to use violence when she thinks it's justified. She's headed for Dorinda Medley territory, with her obsessions about what's wrong with everyone else instead of facing her own life. She is thin-skinned and judgmental to a fault. At some point, an adult (especially a parent who models behavior for impressionable children) learns to grit her teeth and rise above the annoying mother-in-law, lazy moms, and trashy work environment.
  13. It's reminiscent of Hollywood in the 40s and 50s, when people like Hearst kept dossiers on Hollywood stars, studios employed thugs to follow and intimidate people, and powerful gossip columnists trafficked in information that could destroy lives.
  14. Thank you for posting! I still have the books and I loved the first production in the 70s. I'd never seen a moor until I watched Herriott and all the creatures go striding across them.
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