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  1. pasdetrois

    S06, E15 Reunion, Part 1

    We talk endlessly about southern culture, which in modern times is still racist, misogynist, elitist and violent, and whose male members (and churches) still repress women, These characteristics are still deeply ingrained in some of my southern cousins. So I don't think it's a bad thing to reference someone else's repressive culture; there's lots of it to go around and it's a reality. However, despite his behavior, we don't know whether Metul was raised in accordance with certain aspects of his culture. So we have at least one addict (Craig) and one probable alcoholic (Shep) who join Katherine on the couch. Doesn't excuse her behavior, especially given her children, but let's out the hypocrites. As always, Andy panders to the viewers about the obvious, and this time it was to go after Shep's obnoxious ways. Good to see Shep on the hot seat, but his excuses and defensiveness are the very definition of arrogance. Chelsea, fire your stylist. I usually adore your fashion, along with Naomie, but the reunion was a notable miss.
  2. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    We need a flowchart
  3. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    Cory's nickname is Tooey. Karen and Mina's dad, the ortho surgeon, had three kids (all girls, right?). Then Mina's dad had Tad with another woman, who died, and Karen has 'adopted" Tad. He said that she took him in after his mother died when he was young. Beyond the above I am hopelessly lost. I think someone said Mina's dad has been married four or five times? I may have misunderstood that. What I want to know is who is Karen's sweetheart? I think she wears a wedding ring, and she also has a ring tattoo on her wedding finger. I wonder where the original contractor manager went. Lenny? He somehow was family also, something about being married at one point to one of Mina's dad's ex-wives. They appear to have a new general contractor. I wonder if any of these folks other than Mina and Karen are getting money from the production company. Can cause hard feelings if not.
  4. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    The children are precious. Those chubby cheeks! Jack gazing at his cousin - babies love their older siblings and cousins. Mina sure got a workout, toting those heavy babies around. There is a eight month old in my family, and I'd forgotten how heavy they can be. Have to nap after I baby-sit. I hope Karen is OK. I think we've seen a couple of her mobility injuries over the seasons. At 60, she surely is beginning to notice her physical limits, despite how fit she is. I was down on the floor recently, replacing cabinet hardware, and longed for a crane to hoist me up when I was done. I love that old brick apartment building (now condos). Tad gets on my nerves the way he can't follow demo instructions. He ruined the chance to keep those doors and beautiful old hardware.. Wasn't the first time. Guess the sister will move into larger space as her girls grow. I kept thinking three people in that small space, yikes. And little ones around those steep stairs. And no outdoor play space. But she's very lucky to have it. Sometimes I fantasize about a place like that, given all the work my old house and yard need.
  5. pasdetrois

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    The Page Six article provides a peek at salaries. Katie lost a $100K contract to appear on the show while battling custody earlier. Perhaps that was for one season. Her former husband sounds horrible. But she has no chance at custody, or life for that matter, if she doesn't get clean.
  6. pasdetrois

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Craig is no more a gentleman than the others. He simply understands how to work the camera. Consoling and defending a victim is part of his schtick - always has been. Cam's fawning over Metul was stupid, but I don't think it bothered anybody. Everyone understood she was playing to the camera. The editors tried to make it seem otherwise. Katherine's D-list country singer is probably using her for media exposure.
  7. pasdetrois

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    Andy loathed how everyone ran over to hug Barbara - he makes money off these idiots and pretends to "like" some of them, but clearly sees through their camera-thirsty ways. He made a comment that showed how exasperated he was with the show-offey hug pile-on. We need a term that characterizes the fake sincerity these women spin out to each other. They genuinely dislike each other, but when confronted with nasty behavior, they quickly default to the teary-eyed, quivery voiced "I've sacrificed everything as your friend. I tried hard to get to know you. You aren't being genuine..." Passive-aggressive isn't strong enough - we need a special term for these clowns. Across all of the housewife franchises, there isn't a generous bone in their collectively sucked, tucked, implanted, starved Botoxed bodies. I think Tinsley may be the rare exception, though lord knows she has significant issues.
  8. pasdetrois

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I noticed this moment during the shriek-fest. I'm paraphrasing: Bethenny: "Oh god stop talking about the South..." (during Tinsley's efforts to explain her fancy Southern upbringing and how it affects her behavior) Andy, quietly to Bethenny: "But don't you understand she had a very privileged upbringing, with great wealth, she was a debutante..." That was Andy nailing Bethenny. I laughed.
  9. pasdetrois

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    On his Youtube commentary, Alexander Rodgers didn't mince words. He spent a couple of minutes analyzing which drugs Katie was on. I was surprised, because I would think he risked litigation for being so direct.
  10. pasdetrois

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    I suspect production gave Robyn a stern talkin' to. Her tardiness costs them money and time. Oh, and she clearly had time to go get all glam before she waltzed into the hotel lobby, pretending to be fresh off the plane. Guess she wasn't in that much of a hurry.
  11. I didn't watch all of the season because Tamika and Reagan are such narcissistic assholes. From the beginning I've enjoyed the men more than the women. (Except when Barry was hurling homophobic slurs in season one). I did love Reagan's dress and was surprised she wasn't sporting her usual foot o' cleavage. Also surprised there was no second line at the reception, even though it was cold out. I kind of think she and Reese have a comfortable arrangement. Justin is using Kelsey as a nanny. That's her value to him. I think he was surprised that his psychologist friend was so direct with him. Hope it embarrassed Justin into doing the right thing (breaking up with Kelsey). Glad Jeff is working; it will help ground him. I'm sad he has so little family, because he needs it. I hope somebody's mama and daddy in NOLA will adopt him.
  12. pasdetrois

    Live PD

    I love the Richland County female officer with the very short hair, but it was very odd how she was physically handling the teenage girl in a recent episode. She kept both arms draped over the girl as she talked to her for several minutes, trying to get her name, and their faces were only about 12 inches apart. Why not detain her, or sit her down, or sit her in the car? Very weird.
  13. pasdetrois

    Chrisley Knows Best

    Todd reminds me of Jessica Simpson's father. He also was very obsessed with her looks and sexuality. My theory was and is that both men want to BE their daughters.
  14. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    Absolutely. I have a shower curtain, but I renovated on a very tight budget. I regretfully abandoned the idea of a roll-in shower because it meant moving the drain as well as buying an expensive glass door. Mina was talking about luxury finishes in that episode and planning to sell the house. But I think they did sell it, so what do I know (about the Indy market)?
  15. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    So now I'm binging season one on Hulu. I adore the Victorian in the second episode, but am aghast at the yellow-stripe-with-emerald-green paint job on the teeny bungalow. At least they modified the trim color. In one of the houses they put in a very pale aqua backsplash, which was stunning. Things I didn't know: Mina's dad is an ortho surgeon. She has another full sibling. She and Karen live next door to each other, which I envy. I grew up with family members slinging kids and dogs back and forth over fences - it was a great support system for the parents. And, Mina appeared not to be engaged or married when the series went into production. She's been very busy! Continuing the What the Heck theme: they did a big house with some luxury finishes, but I spotted a shower curtain in a shower stall, instead of a door of some kind. There was no tub to catch the water, just the usual small lip of the shower opening.