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  1. pasdetrois

    S04.E11: Can I Get a Witness

    Why in the world is Gizelle exposing what a neglectful mother she is? Is she that much of a narcissist to think a few fake televised scenes take care of it? Again Chris Samuels corrects his wife's behavior on national TV. Then appears to not be able to tolerate his rambunctious son's behavior. I'm beginning to suspect Chris is a bit of a tyrant. Why did production drag two cast members to the sonogram? The family would have been enough. Since Michael supposedly cut off Ashley's mama, they have cooked up the obnoxious "find daddy" storyline. Ugh. I can't even with Robyn's "Juan wants to have a baby girl." As if it's a compliment to their relationship. So production is allowing Karen to assume the benevolent big sister role, after trashing her and Ray's personal life for several seasons. Crumbs from the table.
  2. pasdetrois

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Great acting, but I don't buy the implication that every kid is this out of control. Also, the cynic in me perceives that the extreme teenage sex, nudity and drugs are a calculated effort to bring in viewers...all entertainment is about ratings and money.
  3. pasdetrois

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    On the subject of Pol's facilities: I wish they'd move their X-ray stuff to the first floor. With all of their income, can't they add space to accommodate equipment so they don't have to carry animals up and down the steps?
  4. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    Mina and Karen were quoted in a Washington Post article this week about how to deal with vintage bathrooms when one is a tenant, not a homeowner. The article quoted other design folks as well.
  5. pasdetrois

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    Just watched. The best moment for me was Blanca and Candy quietly humming "Jesus Loves Me" in the church pew. Beautiful harmonies. Blanca looked beautiful as she leaned in the door frame and listened to the others talk (before the drama hit). Damon is not that great of a lyrical or jazz dancer. The lower half of his body, especially his feet, doesn't have precision control. Lots of dancers get the upper body right, but don't master the placement of the feet. I had a hard time watching Pray Tell tear down Candy. Her bustier all askew after she vogued to Madonna was the perfect realistic touch. The chemistry between Indya Moore and Angel Curiel in the flirty ball scene was sizzling. Damn. Farewell Candy. We'll miss you.
  6. pasdetrois

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    Now that I've watched the episode... I'm pretty sure Chris hates Candace and is using her. Katie is Candace in five years. Because her mother is so controlling and judgmental, Candace is programmed to defensiveness, followed by rage, when anyone else tries to counsel her on her behavior. Also she's enraged that she's lost control of her "perfect" beauty queen image on national TV. Katy's cabin is in Purcellville, VA. Had to laugh at the housewives characterizing it as the sticks. Purcellville is in Loudoun County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation (e.g., AOL money). Along with alot of new home construction, many historical properties have been preserved. My inlaws lived there long ago and restored an old house, doing the work themselves over the years. My neighbors grew up on a farm in Purcellville that was sold to developers. At one time there were a few celebrities in the area (horse and vineyard country). Because the FAA has a big center out there, and Dulles International Airport, lots of pilots and FAA employess have homes in Loudoun County.
  7. pasdetrois

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Unpacking assistance is common in the luxury world. That's why Ramona insists on it - she's pretending she's entitled to that environment.
  8. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    Very true about the wiring. Modern homes want lots of outlets for many devices, fancy appliances, etc. No way to add all that wiring without removing the plaster.
  9. pasdetrois

    Good Bones

    Agree that they didn't have to tear down all of that lovely old lathe and plaster. I have fought to keep mine in a couple of homes (learned to repair it myself), with many a contractor assuming I want to cover it up with boring drywall. And why didn't they save the old doors? Maybe they were warped or didn't close properly? Karen raves about the old stuff but they don't keep it. Also weird to make the bathroom access only through the bedroom. I think they did that so they can advertise the unit as having an ensuite bath. It's all about the sales buzz words and trends. These two always jam their properties with too much stuff. It's puzzling because Realtors tell clients to keep their furnishings simple and to de-clutter when putting a home on the market. I liked the green tile floors and had a flashback to 80s glossy green tile on kitchen countertops. Mina's pregnancies are murder on continuity. She goes from flat to round to holding a baby in one episode.
  10. pasdetrois

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    I found this about Emily's move: "“When your boss verbally berates one of his staff b/c she won’t do something unethical/illegal so bad the CLIENTS are consoling her tears.” She said later in a tweet that her friend in another clinic posted that by accident on her account. I screenshot it before she deleted it." Unlike most other viewers, I have mixed feelings about Dr. Pol. He has a pretty healthy ego and I find him abrasive sometimes. Also, he's rough on farm animals, although it appears this has gotten a little better. (Yes I know farm animals are treated roughly everywhere, but it doesn't have to be that way.)
  11. pasdetrois

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Of course as soon as Anastasia is appointed permanent chef Joao and Hannah attack her credentials. Of course. Joao hates women. Except for the ones he can bamboozle with his earnest charm. He's overcompensating for something. Just sayin'. I'm surprised a woman who's spent her career in the male-dominated yachting industry isn't more savvy about crew personalities. Sandy loves the camera time - is her devotion to Joao all an act? Are they angling to be another Lee-and-Kate? Aesha and Anastasia are two of the few people I can tolerate on this show. Refreshing. In her talking heads June seemed as if she was barely functional. Clenched mouth and rigid body posture. Maybe she was ill. Or extremely nervous. Bravo scrapes the bottom of the barren with the Versailles clan. I haven't forgotten that they starved an iguana and didn't even realize it.
  12. pasdetrois

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    I walked by Chris' restaurant several times this past week (had a guest who loves Old Town). There was hardly anyone in it. Maybe on a weekend it's different. Weirdly, when you click on Katie's (Kathryn's) photo in the link posted above, you are presented with some messages from guests...to "Rynthia." Is that Katie's middle name? I wonder if Katie's mother cut her off financially.
  13. I think the parents are strategizing and manipulating for when Bryn is allowed by the courts to decide where she wants to live. "Pick me!" "No! Pick me!"
  14. pasdetrois

    Naomie Olindo: The E is for Extra

    Craig and Metul are controlling in their individual ways.
  15. pasdetrois

    S03.E08: Unfit

    I just posted in Episode 1 that I hate the series and stopped watching. I wanted to say more about why, but you have summed it up perfectly. The premise of the original story has devolved into Real Handmaids of Gilead.