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  1. I watched several episodes of the new season last night, and when I woke up this morning I noticed the absence of a lot of brain cells. "Girls! They've discovered that silicone implants cause cancer!" "Ooh, mine are silicone!" "So are mine!" Giggles abound. The text was foul, but no way Crishelle was blindsided. She herself said that Justin threatened to leave every time they fought. She'll milk this until the cows come home. This is, after all, a former soap star. I do love Crishelle's fashion. Actually, I like Mary's and Davinia's as well. Mary has the most bizarre body movements, She's constantly jerking her head around and opening her eyes as wide as they will go. I loved her hair before; now she's ruined it with that platinum bob. And her makeup in her THs resembles The Joker. Now that this is no longer a reality TV show about LA real estate, I'm curious as to whether the Oppenheim business grew significantly after last year's season. Or how many of these women put away savings for hard times (pandemic). Are Christine and her husband pitching for their own real estate show?
  2. Agree that the ending was a cop out. And I can't stand Witherspoon's acting mannerisms. However, the show grew on me after my doubts during the first episode. Everyone frantically throwing everyone else under the bus was hilarious. MVPs - Duplass, Pittman, Hayden. Crudup is an underappreciated actor, but in this he took the all-knowing wise guy schtick too far. There were no nuances. Anniston also has annoying mannerisms - in this case the non-stop gasps, throat-clearing, hand to belly, etc. - and as others have said she and Witherspoon veered into madcap comedy territory in some scenes. But I think Anniston did good work here. As she and Witherspoon took the network down on live TV, all I could think about was the great movie "Network." Also, I've worked in several industries, and TV news is the one where I've personally known three suicides, including a dear friend. It's an inhuman business.
  3. In my day it was Big Mama, Big Daddy, Memaw and Pawpaw. More formal families used Grandmuthah and Grandfathah (no pronunciation of the "r".) And we said "Aint" for "Aunt," as in Aint Betty.
  4. I used to watch Alexander on YouTube. But his shade crossed over to viciousness (which I think is him projecting his own failed entertainment career onto anyone who has success), and now he just seems high all of the time and he babbles.
  5. I'm struggling with yet another series that exploits women. They do have Mississippi nailed. And the cheer/dance culture is big with young girls in the South. The club owner is trying to channel the late, great Nelsan Ellis as True Blood's Lafayette. His acting is unreliable. When I saw the redheaded plantation owners, my mind went to the Tarleton twins in Gone With the Wind. It looks like Hailey's child drowned in a flood in Houston, and she's fleeing an abusive partner. She's got PTSD I guess. She found multiple IDs after the flood and is using the one of a woman who is not reported dead (or perhaps it's the other way around). She called FEMA to inquire after known flood deaths, and they don't have a death reported for Trevonious (SP?), who is apparently her abuser. So she'll have to constantly look over her shoulder, especially if she becomes famous and her image is advertised.
  6. The "Washington Post" featured Denise in a lengthy interview published July 25. She says no affair with Brandi, she and Charlie are in a good place, Aaron and Charlie get along, and she'll return to Housewives if it makes sense. She's eyeing property in Montana. I don't know if everyone can access the link, but here it is: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/denise-richards-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/2020/07/22/ae05d542-c7ad-11ea-a99f-3bbdffb1af38_story.html
  7. I worked in this world years ago. While the egos are indeed huge, the two leads seemed to have gotten lost and wandered onto a Ryan Murphy set. All that screeching and melodramatics from two supposed experienced professionals. Extremely disappointed.
  8. So true. And in my neighborhood of narrow lots, they often leave the front facade and sometimes the side walls that don't meet modern set-back codes but that can be kept and grandfathered in.
  9. It was mentioned very briefly that he always had anxiety. I think he began drinking as a young adult to cope with that. As I watched, I wondered how many other pilots are up there with a slight buzz on?
  10. Kyle seems to be confusing her talking heads with acting auditions. Erika looked like a demented Joan Crawford in that atrocious white get-up.
  11. I don't watch regularly, so I ask: do we know for sure that Denise and Aaron are legally married vs. having a fake wedding for TV? It's not odd that Denise fooled around with a woman. It's odd that she chose Brandi. Denise has a history of bad judgment. I think she's a different person underneath that Hollywood persona. Denise's distress is due to it dawning on her that Bravo has turned on her. As others have said, she's lost control of the narrative. And she may be living with a lunatic. He may have presented a different personality earlier in their relationship, and now she's panicked.
  12. Every bunkhouse scene is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."
  13. I'm wondering if she will attempt a lame-brained murder investigation on her own and get killed off. The actress is the weak link in this series. Hope they do a respectful job of showcasing the startling statistics on missing and murdered native women. In some cases the murder rates are more than 10 times the national average. Homicide is the third leading cause of death among native women between 10 and 24 years old. I watched a 1995 rerun of Prime Suspect, and a very young Kelly Reilly was featured in several episodes. The hair of the actor who plays Kelly's nemesis is a character in the series. He was swinging the back of it like teenage girls do with ponytails. Another weak acting link. I love the series' opening - the images and the haunting score. Kevin Costner was born to play Dutton.
  14. It's selfish. And in the case of doing it for reality TV, greedy.
  15. She's jonesing from loss of income and exposure-generating attention; she's addicted. She's a spectacular asshole.
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