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  1. Is this the East Coast Brooks/Crooks? I think there is something there, something scammy, something really off. Time will tell.
  2. Jovi wants his breastfeeding wife to drink? Oy. I admire how Yara is being a good mother, new motherhood is crazy and her first priority is the baby but Jovi wants to go on a honeymoon ASAP? Yara should be happy about Jovi leaving for a month, she can get some peace and quiet and tend to the baby without being nagged about how she has to pay attention to him. His "pay attention to me and our relationship" will be a constant, they have a brand new baby, that baby comes first, Yara will be raising two children. Jovi suddenly owns a car? Jovi forgot his doggie bag.
  3. Marge is not afraid of a bold pattern or color. I wish they would have not flashed the photos of her house so quickly, each room is a lot to take in...I would like to see more.
  4. Well this is interesting, I just found out that a cousin of mine had attended Burning Man twice about 7 years ago...he assured me he did not wear chaps without pants or a fur vest, just jeans and t shirts, said it was amazing and expensive. He did not have time to give me much detail but he did mention it was sensory overload. Leah should have chosen a different theme until they could party with more people, 5 HW's does not a Burning Man party make.
  5. Who or what is Quogue? Who or what is WOC? I would love to see what dreck Brooks Marks and Leah would create together, maybe a black sweat suit with "Books Marks Mob", written on tape running down the sides of the pants and top or something equal to that sort of daring, imaginative fashion rule breaker, lol.
  6. I clocked his train wreck like that too, he shows up at the 11th hour, cries about his missed opportunity with Paige as in "uh oh, I better get some money from TLC" and Paige the smiling village idiot is too stupid to know that she is being played. Maybe next season there will be a change in the experts or at least experts that will call out the BS when it happens.
  7. I am with you, I cannot figure Reddit out, I just don't get it and I am too ashamed to admit IRL. Kam and Tiff, is it really all about chicken feet?
  8. They did a flash back showing 2016 reno, it was just the kitchen I thought and now she is redoing that kitchen, so she said to her dog. I think she is redoing her home in some sort of stay busy and make the home on par with David's home...maybe a sour grapes sort of way.
  9. I thought it was common knowledge. We all know how Tre is passionate about her ingredientses.
  10. I loved Ramona's over reaction to Alex showing up to the ladies night dinner at Jill's, Bethany going to Alex's kid birthday party, trying make her way over the broken floorboards...good times.
  11. He looks a lot like skinny Juicy Joe, same rabbit like buck teeth, just very similar. What kind of investment property did the two of them buy? A house, a strip mall, what? Did we learn what he does for a living? Teresa paying him a compliment on his white shirt was funny, it was just a white shirt. Something seems off with them.
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