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  1. Don't ever worry about being shallow here, we all live for the shallow and the snark, that gin soaked woman sets herself up for those kind of comments. The goat heads lost me, I could not sit at that table for dinner. Ramona is a mess, when she was ignoring Dorinda she reminded me of a dog that was asked if they made a mess on the carpet, you know how the look everywhere but at you...that was Ramona! Elyse seems smart enough to know what Ramona is about by now. When they replayed that very awkward and fake breakdown at the bar which was filmed maybe a month earlier then Ramona says how much she has grown and changed...lol. Avery was pure gold in the background of Ramona's TH. And then there is Leah, what is her game? Talking about her and Rob in front of their kid was odd, maybe Leah and Rob can sort out whatever their relationship is in private? Was Rob her "supplier" at some point, that could be her reason for not wanting to sever their personal relationship and keeping it just to the bio dad relationship. I never want to go to any of that party host's parties, they look exhausting.
  2. I was in Hannah's shoes once, I had to order lunch for a group coming to our offices for a two day class, we send out registration sheets with food preferences on it such as Kosher, Vegetarian or Vegan, Low Carb, Food Allergies or Regular Lunch. I had someone complain that she got a vegetarian lunch, her sheet said she would eat either a Chicken Caesar wrap or a vegetarian lunch, (Chicken Caesar wrap was not on the menu either day), I showed her the sheet and she had to admit she wrote what she wrote...sometimes you need the evidence to show where the fault lies. Albeit we were not on a multi million dollar yacht, and the complainer was not the one paying, her boss was and he was happy, just like the primary on that yacht.
  3. I remember Marionberry from my time in Seattle, you would be hard pressed to find it in my local grocery store. I have a friend who's father's family owned King Syrup, (it is a Baltimore thing), waiting for it to pour was a slow process but so worth the wait.
  4. I thought he was Russian too, that watch looked like a gift from Putin. Low brow cheese, lol...maybe something from a spray can?
  5. I'm sorry, what now? Are you seriously going to leave us hanging???!!!
  6. That one will have issues her whole life, I do not see an easy path for her and I do not see Deavan being proactive to get Druscilla the help she needs especially if she is living in Korea, the language barrier along with not being able to find the resources.
  7. Did we ever find out why Darcey is sleeping next to the refrigerator?
  8. LOL. I am sure Rose should seek treatment for it too.
  9. I just saw Ed and the Nair scene, I am so scarred from seeing that, how can I ever never see that in my mind?
  10. I can picture Asuelo's Samoan high school senior play, "Of Mice and Men," he of course would play Lennie, anyone else see that possibility? Kalani must be able to see something behind those vacant eyes that we do not. Also, when they were at the doctor's office did we see Kalani breast feeding the older child? It always makes me wonder why the Tania's, Kalani's and the others go to great lengths to find men that add nothing to their lives, how could they get married knowing full well that they will have to do all the heavy lifting in the marriage, that K1 process is expensive and lengthy and the men they have chosen are not worth the money or the wait.
  11. Why can't Asuelo tell his family that they don't have enough money to take care of themselves, that he is only working part time and that they are living with the in laws and he needs to feed his kids before anyone else? Why can't he say that?
  12. You tease me so, I remember a young Johnny Damon, I saw him play on opening day his first year with the KC Royals...he made an impression on me, lol.
  13. Can you imagine Brett having Sun-he around his kids, they would need a therapist on speed dial. FU, Big Purple Haired Girl, how dare you tell Brett that his kids are old enough to be without their father. What an idiot. Jason certainly can find another giant purple haired girl to date, one who has boundaries with her mother, this relationship seems like divorce number two waiting to happen. The woman who is trying to teach her daughter to drive, the daughter cried and would not listen to her mother's instructions and we saw the daughter try to break an egg and it was not going well and when her mother tried to teach her the right way the girl cried and left the kitchen. I put the blame on the mother for not teaching her daughter be more independent, we are supposed to teach our children to be prepared to face the world, that mother failed big time, I feel sorry for that daughter when her mother is gone, does she even have friends?
  14. I think she was trying to deal with Pole best way she could by down playing the baby out of the car seat issue...she knew it was illegal but she also knew that Pole's head was ready to explode. Can you imagine the scene if Mother Pole got pulled over, the policeman would have taken a gander at the spasm named Pole and would have him carted off to the funny farm.
  15. I broke my ankle and a bone in my foot a few years ago,(no good story except it did happen while I was a t a skeet shoot), it was unbelievably painful but the magic of that boot was amazing, I could walk pain free and even shower (took the boot off to do so, duh), by myself. what is Tania's problem? She somehow drove to the doctor's appointment, I am surprised that she didn't make Syngin give her a piggy back ride to the doctor! Libby and the modest dress, oy. I have been looking for a month for a modest dress to wear to my husband's daughter's Jewish Orthodox wedding, no elbows, no knees, no collarbone showing...everything I tried made me look like a Commanders wife (ala Handmaids Tale), finally found something cute paired with a shrug and it is perfect. Libby's going to be making a first impression with Andrrrreeeiii's family, that dress she picked out is not appropriate, that wrap is a bad look and one of the strange things about that appointment was the fact that the very first thing Libby should have said to the sales person was she needs to leave the store with a dress today. Pointless question from sales person, who cares where the wedding will be, ask WHEN the wedding will be!
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