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  1. Tread lightly, only like the headband from a distance, it is not safe to get sucked in.
  2. That is my point, why is he hooking up with American girls, not using protection if he does not want a repeat of his first marriage? It takes two to tango, the sisters should be questioning him a little bit.
  3. Ugh, I do not miss Maryland rush hour traffic, the turn only lanes that are passing lanes for some folks, the need to tailgate to get to the next lane only to stop short and stand still in that lane too...horrible. Come up 795 some time and experience the thrill of someone deciding not to get off at Owings Mills Blvd. and just merging back over without a care in the world.
  4. If ever there was a time to pray for projectile vomiting, that time is now. It would have been the coup d'etat Corey deserved, I am picturing Peter Griffin like vomiting, endless stream coating everything in it's wake. In reality Corey will not fight back, Evil will not defend him, she never has had his back, what is the attraction? Does Corey like to be shamed?
  5. Jewelry can great on a plain canvas, she should have gone bolder.
  6. If the secret was real Evil would have insisted he stop wearing his wedding band.
  7. The sparkly mask, like where would he even get that without Meredith giving it to him to wear. Did brooKS do something to his face since last year, he looks different.
  8. Were Heather and Whitney shopping at a resale shop? Gasp!
  9. I am just a few minutes in to this episode, New Jenny's hair looks very dated, like 1970's dated and her song choice to demonstrate her wedding singer abilities???? The song the frog sang in that cartoon about the talking frog???? What is all those mirrors on Old Jenn's wall, nothing makes sense on that wall.
  10. Words fail me, she must have been having some sort of mental breakdown and decided to decorate her house.
  11. It is something you don't want and it is something that would keep Michael from having sex with Ashley and we all know that is the most important thing, right? You know whether or not Michael can get his. The prolapse is due to weaken muscles and the uterus slips down, way down to as Ashley said, down thru her lady bits. Why she needed to announce that first thing during breakfast we will never know but I guess that is her story line for the rest of the season, it is her prolapesed uterus. I wish the costumer for Candiace's video put her in something better than swap meet tube sox,
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