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  1. OMG, you still have a coat from CC? Wow, cool! I doubt I could still fit in to anything I had ever bought there back in the day. I am confused by Heather getting emotional about building a vacation house for the kids, don't they already have a house in some ski town? Couldn't that be for the kids? Do they lie to themselves when they make a large purchase and say it is for the kids? I usually make my throw blanket purchases based on whether I think my cat would like the fabric so I can be fancy too Heather, lol.
  2. I miss Casual Corner. All this talk about Emily and her ill fitting clothes we have talk about Gina and her ill fitting clothing, if she would invest in some good foundations like Spanx and a good bra and give up on those nylon knits she favors and lastly, stand up straight!!
  3. In my opinion she was riding like a pro, I ride English and I am not sure I would ride as well as Emily did on a western saddle. Shannon confused me, she said she rode all the time when she was young but we say the guide talking her thru on how to mount the horse, odd because that is the easiest thing to remember if you have not done it in a while!
  4. Julia is okay in small doses, she does not seem comfortable in her own skin and somehow a bit "lurchy." Adrianna could be laying it on thick for the cameras and to stay relevant but Julia may other motives as a way to get attention from Martina, I get a vibe from her that she needs attention from Martina and is not getting it so much. If ever I were to entertain the idea of having work done on my face these women have collectively talked me out of it.
  5. I agree with everything you said. When Alexia said she was getting married (no matter what) to what seems to be a decent guy I thought no way will this last, he has been very vocal about how she enables her kids and how things will never change till she stops...Alexia will never stop. How do these two adults think they will be able to change each other, I give it two years in which most of those years will be spent seperately. Larsa, OMG enough with the OF! I did feel bad for her when her kid put her on pause and Scotty refused to talk to her...also she continued to hold way longer
  6. Heather has a clothing line on ShopHQ and none of it looks like anything she would wear. Everything is marked down from crazy pricing for the junky looking clothes, shoes and bags that she supposedly designed. I did see the bathing suit cover up that she gave to one of her HW friends. Why create a fashion line if it looks cheap and ill fitting and nothing like the level of designer clothes someone like Heather would wear? It cheapens your brand, right? When the camera panned Heather's closet it flashed on a hang tag from her clothing line but did not show the item because she would n
  7. On the same level of Rayna being subjected to the N word we have Jake who has exposed himself to everyone on the crew, it is a form of harassment, Capt. Lee could easily get HR involved with that too but the difference is Jake is blatantly doing a "look at me, I have penis," Rayna is subjecting everyone to her whining about something that should have been resolved because she did accept two apologies from Heather but keeps droning on about it.
  8. Well sheesh, the experts really needed to redeem themselves from last season.
  9. The interesting thing is when Rayna tells someone that Heather said the "N" word she never really follows up with how Heather has given her two heartfelt apologies in which Rayna told her it's all good and she still loves her. Funny how that is never part of her narrative.
  10. I noticed that the dress that Emily wore to Shane's graduation party looks like the same dress that Dr. Jen wears in the opening credits group shot. Emily is a large framed woman but has a great hourglass shape that is in proportion but it was funny when she and Dr. Jen were standing side by side in bathing suits at the store, Emily is aware of her size but I do wonder if production had a hand in getting them together like that. The carved sun doors at the rental house were interesting but I do not think there was glass in the little windows around the sides. I loved the belle epo
  11. Eddie struggles with how to win back Rayna's trust? You have got to be kidding!!!!
  12. I would feel safe in saying that Noella does not eat much but loves her cocktails, I think that Emily telling her to eat her dinner was not only for social graces but maybe to soak up some of the booze she has consumed. I found it funny when Dr. Jen and Heather were talking about diets, I am sure eating is the last thing on their list of things to do each day and they both have access to all the cosmetic procedures that can eliminate love handles and such. Heather saying how awful and stressful it is to pack for a trip saying it is the worst, really, that is the worst, gah, I hope she n
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