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  1. Baltimore Betty

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    Did any one notice if she had the Aunt Jamima Complete as in just add water? She is pitifull either way. I am making pancakes for dinner, damn you MIla, damn you and your stupid carbs!
  2. Baltimore Betty

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    If they don't get married how will Corey be able to stay in that Ecuadorian dirt road town he followed Evelin (the love of his life) to? Is the 90 fiancé thing different abroad? Has Evelin been huddling up with Azan about how to do the long con?
  3. Baltimore Betty

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    Every now and then I see some Kitson label stuff at my local TJ Maxx. Also, didn't Mike from Shah's of Sunset have a shoe line there right before it closed in '15? Dorit's Beverly Beach stuff is probably one of those limited things, like not a regular brand found in that store everyday.
  4. Baltimore Betty

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Does Drusilla attend school (or obedience school?). Did we ever learn what Deaven does for a living? Just how many people in the US are making really bad life choices daily? It seems like TLC finds them so easily it is a bit tragic and even more tragic that these people want to show it to the world and yes, I am watching it. Mr. South Korea has got to know that the instant pregnancy Deaven had come down with was a pre existing condition, right? Shocking how none of these men or women take the advice of saner friends or family.
  5. Baltimore Betty

    Apollo, the Juvial Crook

    Where in Philly? I am there a lot and I always have time for stalking, lol!
  6. Baltimore Betty

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    Scary! I thought it was random that Larissa cut Mother Coltee's bedroom window screen, if she really wanted to get to Mother Coltee I would have done something to that slot machine!
  7. Baltimore Betty

    S04.E04: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

    I do not doubt anyone's ability to make pancakes from scratch or otherwise so why if Mila was not having success with her batter why wouldn't she get her phone and google a recipe? Also, on other charters Capt. Lee always managed to get Chef Ben back on board or whoever to replace a faultering crew member, (it's the go to move for the producers) but since Mila has put herself out there on IG in a bikini my guess is that the producers will get her in a bikini before she makes her exit. Why didn't Capt. Sandy just tell Mila to order catering from some upscale restaurant for the guests? I have been to Monte Carlo and it is nuts, densely built up hillsides of million dollar plus high rise condo's and the harbor is full of insane mega yachts with quite a few belonging to Putin's henchmen complete with armed guards walking the decks, so I thought it was interesting that Mila was talking about Putin when they were in Monte Carlo. Also, (again) that stu Aesha is unbelievably crude, facinated by her bum and all that comes out of it, I would not find that amusing and would not be laughing with her. I would not want her as a bunk mate.
  8. Baltimore Betty

    S03.E03: Useful

    I wondered how mother SJ has that house. Have we ever heard anything about SJ's father? My co-worker thinks that Cmdr. Lawrence's wife has cancer (no treatments are "kosher" enough for Gilead, too modern for them, disease is just G-ds way, etc...) and bringing a baby in to that house would be ridiculous at his age let alone not having his wife to help raise the baby and that is why he does not have the ceremony. I have to agree with that scenario so what will happen to June if she does not have a baby at her current post?
  9. Baltimore Betty

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Ramona lies to Dorinda in her retelling of what happened, like Ro was the kindly old lady giving sage make up advice but really we all saw Ro taunting her about how she looks young for her age and TIns looks old...high school mean girl stuff and it is not a good look on Ramona.
  10. Baltimore Betty

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    If first responders were called for a non responsive dog with terminal cancer and then a call came in for a non responsive 65 year old human I would hope that there would be some one making the call on which emergency to attend to. Tins might have said my 12 year old is non responsive but did not mention it was a dog, I really hope not. I lost my cat (see profile pic) in December, my first pet ever, it was unbelievably sad and I went a little nuts, I hired an artist to do an oil painting, that's normal right? I never asked the vet to try to revive him, he was terminal, it would have been cruel for Tins to do that only to have that dog suffer longer. Dance aerobics was fun in the 80's, I'd do it today. Lu will never change, none of them will, they are who they are and need to just accept that some people are not the go to person when things get rough. Ramona has a new skin care line, what happened to that TrU ReNeWAL line she came up with seasons ago? Also, it seems to me that Ro has to feel like she is always the object of someones affection, even if that person lied to and cheated on her, in her mind Mario is still lusting after her. Have we gotten a good look of Dorinda's new apartment? I would like to see it, the closets, kitchen, bathroom, you know all the rooms we would love to have endless amonts of money to redo in our houses. I did reno my master bath, I spent more than I planned and I really love it but it would probably not hold a candle to a NYC UES bathroom.
  11. Baltimore Betty

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    I litterally just said the word "oof," I am up early watching this episode and something does not look right, strange lump in her cleavage tool. I had no idea that there a CGI boobage moment on Teri Hatcher! No one is smelling a Grammy.
  12. Baltimore Betty

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Dorinda might be on to something with Tins and her wardrobe seeing how Scott, the ex boyfriend has sent her a $730 pair of Gucci tennis shoes (ugly, right) because her dog died. Tins calling 911 for a dog who is terminal? Barbara's tanner all over the bed and chair, yikes. Makes me wonder what her house looks like, splotchy patches of tanner marking her territory.
  13. Baltimore Betty

    RHoBH in the Media

    And the table flip heard 'round the world too!
  14. Shocking said no one who has ever watched this show. I hope she did not move in with him or sold her house like he wanted her to.
  15. Baltimore Betty

    RHoBH in the Media

    I want to see this guy do the RHNY Scary Island crazy night with KBS losing her mind, this guy is a genius!