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  1. I guess I am lumping the rentals that the HW that admit to renting. The housing situation has always been the grey area on these shows, everyone from Nene to Dorit, all sort of skirt the truth about their homes, if you have enough money to rent something that is in a fabulous location with beautiful decor then just own it (tm Lisa Rinna) and say look how much money I have to piss away each month!
  2. How do we know that? I missed that tidbit. I do not see how they would be popular, she is too rigid and I do not see her being bubbly and fun, strangely I could see him as the cuckold. Can we imagine their photos on the swingers websites, cringe worthy I am sure, I cannot see them hanging out in the swingers clubs or having any real success from the websites, I bet they meet a lot of couples, once. Do we think they went to meet up with a couple when they left the farm for a night (with more luggage than made sense).
  3. I have said this since day 1 of every HW show, how do you have kids and no "stuff" anywhere? How do you live with no personal effects anywhere? Sometimes the HW lives somewhere that won't allow filming but most of the time these women are fronting.
  4. How much does a college football coach make, is Coach Shah on the take, taking bribes to recruit players because Jen lives like there is no tomorrow, spouting her class and fondness for designer labels and treating her friend to a shopping spree because she deserves it, whatever the hell that means because Heather is not living on the streets, she has a (self proclaimed) successful business. Wouldn't Coach become annoyed if every month he gets a maxed out AMEX bill?
  5. I watched Heather and Meredith on WWHL, I noticed neither of the women had the Gucci (or was it LV) ear buds, I knew those buds were just props and none of those women were really being gifted $1200 ear buds. Fake, fake, fakety, fake, fake.
  6. Truthfully all I could focus on the filthy, self tanner fingerprint smudged bathroom door. I do not believe for one minute there was a pregnancy scare, I think Kathryn needed to shift focus from her racist story to the I could be pregnant cliff hanger story.
  7. I giggled when Virginia pointed to her two nephews and said they had both been inseminated, we all knew what she meant but her phrasing was funny.
  8. This really is the most unlikeable cast ever with the most unlikeable supporting cast (brooKS marKS, Father Whitney). Jen has probably been like we see her all her life, Coach Shah probably has stepped out on her and she found out, threatened that she would kill herself if he left her so he might spend as little time at home as possible just to avoid her hysterics. At some point this season I envision the camera crew, security or producers physically holding Jen back from being violent towards someone, this would be after she threw a glass and started screaming...just a hunch. Unhinged looks good on no one. Weird Mary looked so bad in her TH's.
  9. Mother does like to make people uncomfortable.
  10. Heather did not get to go racecar driving because Jen arranged for shoe shopping that had to be done that moment? That skin tight pink dress made Heather look like giant beefy uncooked sausage, cut to Jen and she says that she looks great in that dress, makes me think Jen is one of those girls that has to be the fairest in the land, tells a friend she looks good in something that does not really look good so she looks better. I hope Heather walks out of that shopping spree with a dozen pairs of shoes and the most expensive outfit on the rack. The arrival to the hotel was so awkward with that poem the hotel employee recited, cringe. Taking bets on what meal and restaurant does Jen throw a glass.
  11. 8 AM? What happened to rise and shine at 5 AM to feed the animals, turn out the horses, gather the eggs...so now it is only 8 AM?
  12. Heather and the Big Easy Daddy was not odd, they found this guy who had no plans to be involved with Heather, not interested in her at all, had a free dinner and talked endlessly about himself for a little camera time, the end. What was odd was Jen arranging this fake hook up with this guy she is supposedly good friends with and never got up to give him a hug or fake air kiss, nothing. I do not think Jen knew this guy, at all. Why does every outfit we see Mary wear look like some Nutcracker costume, big buttons, sort of stage costume military looking. And we suffered thru food shopping with brooKS marKS, Meredith with her boobs out because well, because and that kid vocal frying over all the non fat, non dairy, non gluten food he wants will be forgotten by next week. The HW's were going to Las Vegas for two nights so that means 6 bags for Jen?
  13. Virginia was so herky jerky, twitchy, hard to watch her, the makeup artist must have hated her because the eye makeup was horrible as was her hair. She is too much for Erik, I think we all see that her drinking will be a point of contention, he flies for a living and has to be clear headed for that job, she will be drinking alone. Chris/Ble$$ed, something is off with him, he has to be the center of attention, always the pretty one. He keeps saying that all the girls want him because of his money, what does he do for a living? Paige seems nice and will be more tolarent than I would be with his shallowness. I give Clara and Ryan have a good chance if she is willing to let him shut her down when she spirals with her talking endlessly. Does anyone else think that the older guy (not yet married) looks like Will Forte? Do the matchmakers ever set people up to fail? Seems like they might.
  14. I think there was a grey area as far as Tiffany's argument, Kam's unwillingness to try it should have been enough for Tiffany be over it and move on but she then made it about "hate my chicken feet equals hating my culture"...stupid.
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