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  1. I didn't give more than that when they got married...she has got to be tiresome to live with and now they are both unemployed they will be spending a lot of time together, that should lead to a speedy end.
  2. That is what I thought too, he approached her as a "hey, I know of a boat that..." I did not think it was for his crossing, it was nice of Glenn to look out for his crew.
  3. Carrie Bradshaw would wear bras with shirts that were not meant for bras or should have strapless, it always bugged me.
  4. I had to chuckle when I learned that Sutton's husband works for PIMCO, it is in my brokerage account, sadly it is not giving me Bentley money. I think all these HW's secretly shop at Target for one thing or another.
  5. Yup, it was an expensive bag for sure but maybe Tiffany "borrowed," it like some many rich and famous or just rich people do. I get a weird vibe from her husband, am I alone in thinking he is awkward? Sutton test driving the Rolls or was it a Bentley, it cost nothing to test drive a car, she may want to lease it and even that would be a hefty monthly fee but my thought was she may be burning thru her money ala Sonja, is her money tree sustainable? If we were to do a "Who Wore it Better," between Rinna and Kyle in the polka dot dress, I would have say Rinna, Kyle is too short and squ
  6. I thought he looked much better than he has in past seasons...what is wrong with me?
  7. I posted previously that I could see Trish standing in front of her bathroom mirror with scissors in hand muttering about how Super Cuts wanted $6 for a bang trim and that she would chuckle to herself about how she would show them! Now I want to add we hear a flush in the background and we see Roommate Ron walk past her and exit the bathroom.
  8. Why didn't Lu sing as her talent for that awful, embarrassing 70's prom beauty contest instead of her baton twirl? I wish Leah would take a seat, she is brow beating us with the topic of racism when she herself does not have a dime in that dollar...I feel like she is egging on Eboni to be hyper focused on making it all about racism when it does not have to be. Side note, about 12 years ago I bought a car for my son and before we actually bought it the owner volunteered to take it to a local garage for a safety check and to see if there were any issues that might change our mind about
  9. Why aren't they using Nick for information or at least checking a few facts with him? Commander Lawrence maybe aligning himself with the Feds if things start to change in Gilead, he is playing both sides of the fence and wants to be in good favor with Tuello should he need a hasty exit from Gilead, I think.
  10. I get June wanting poetic justice of Fred running thru the woods scared then being trapped and beaten to death by the handmaids and martha's he terrorized in Gilead but was it really a way that Tuello could get rid of Fred, get 20 women out of Gilead and keep his hands clean letting June do all the work? Does he think Serena is the hill to die on? She has shown herself to be the brains of the inception of Gilead, evil, twisted, psychotic, etc...I thought Tuello was all about human rights, fairness, making things right for the people that may not have a voice, so what is attractive about Seren
  11. I wanted more than anything for her do that horrid dessert she does all over the table so the guests have to lick it off just to see the charter guests/boat crew's reaction. They would have died laughing.
  12. Why did Natasha have a pleather jumper on for the last supper? If I were going to sail around Croatia pleather anything would be the last thing I would even pack, I am sweating just looking at that outfit. Also, we all see what body type Natasha has but if you see her posted photos she is heavily photo shopped, who does she think she is fooling?
  13. Saturday night I caught up with a cousins of mine, they are South African and they told me that they have not been able to see their family there since 2019 and the family that is still there are warning them NOT to come to SA, the third wave is fully involved there and they are slow to get any of the vaccines there. I was sure that there was a travel ban to SA during the pandemic...maybe it was just for people with a brain in their head. So it tracks that Tiffany of the Cold Shoulder Shirts and Bad Decisions would pack up her children and head to SA to you know, see if her relationship
  14. I learned a lot from this documentary, I learned that Danielle Staub looks horrible now, that she danced at the same club as Erika, was it the same time or together separately? Why did they use Danielle for commentary anyway? I had to remind myself as to who Dana was, (The $25,000 Sunglasses Girl) and I learned that she has a podcast although I do not know why since she did not exactly light the screen when she was on for that one season, I mean if she is that connected and entertaining on her podcast why wasn't she that entertaining when she was on that one season anyway? I learn
  15. I am just now watching the documentary, it is disgraceful that Tom Girardi did what he did, I do not see how either of them will not serve some sort of sentence in some sort of facility.
  16. Betty is a passive aggressive narcissist, (Ron is just loud and does what Betty tells him to do), the problem with Brandon and Julia giving them hell is it is too late in the game and I think it has fallen on deaf ears, look how Ragey Ron basically told them that they would fall on their asses "out there," like they will cease to function if they are not under their roof.
  17. There is a very nice rehab center in Havre de Grace MD, there are lots of empty bottles left at the door everyday, getting that one last drink or ciggie is a mental thing but addicts relapse and Angela does not have the resolve to quit, she will have lots of "one last ciggies." I noticed a lighter next to Angela on the sofa when she was on the video call with her doctor.
  18. I'm sorry but that sister show just came one...what the hell am I looking at, why is everyone so strange looking?
  19. Why would Trish insist she go inside the airport with them?
  20. Mike has not idea they are flying, didn't they just fly in a few days ago, wouldn't they be flying back on the same airline?
  21. If my husband says it is my job to pleasure him I would set a price...if it is a job then compensation should be expected, right? How much money can a part time yogurt sample guy pay for sex? Exactly.
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