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  1. From somebody who had the real deal back in the mid 70's, the metal railroad tracks (as we called them) were painful, getting them tightened and adding tiny thick rubberbands to some of the sides depending on where issues were, so not only painful but expensive, I was one of three and we all had them! I wanted the Teen Tour of Europe but got braces instead, the cost the same, $1350.00 in 1972 prices. I confess to doing this to my kids too, dental health is important!
  2. Well, they are post marital assets. I guess a lawyer will have to figure out who gets the oregano and who gets the cinnamon.
  3. For me, the "Ick" vibe from him was off the charts! He looks boring and stupid. At the risk of sounding like Vicki G. (and probably Kim G.) I give it 18 months.
  4. Well the French government does not know how important Whitney is and the importance of smelling The Frenchman (yeesh). If the Frenchman lived in France and tried to buy a plane ticket to the US there would be Visa information on the airline website, right? So why go to the airport knowing you would not be able to buy a ticket and get on a plane to the US. I will be travelling to France in 16 days (yeah, I'm not counting the days am I, lol) I have to fill out a Declaration of Health from the French Government, I will jump thru every hoop I have to, none of these hoops are a surprise, they
  5. Wait, Lydia already has a job? What was that stuff about her going to work at the garage where Ethan has one of his car projects, was that producer shenanigans just to get the two of them in the same room to have an awkward conversation?
  6. I doubt it because it was pre marital property and her name was most likely not on it just like the house in Palm Springs, why would Tom put her name on that if it was bought as an investment property? Speculation at best but if Erika has assets from the marriage would she have to forfeit those high dollar items to the Feds?
  7. Maybe she thought she could learn French by injection.
  8. Ooops, I realize my mistake in saying it was the same night. The Blizzard of Pasadena could have been in July to hear Erika spin a tale, lol. Still, the car rolling was such utter bull shit, it does not matter when she said it happened, it never happened.
  9. In her Tom Ford pumps? Nah, didn't happen like that.
  10. Tom had an accident and Erika did not want him to be put under for much needed surgery, she wasn't protecting him as much as she needed him alive because she knew the shit was hitting the gold plated fan and she was not going down alone for his dirty work, she wanted Tom to be able to take full responsibility for his handy work and she could play the part of the bewildered wife and maybe get a slap on the wrist. She gave Tom her paycheck, like handed it to him? No direct deposit? Maybe it went in to their joint checking account that she did not have a debit card or check book to access i
  11. If she is paying for everything I bet he was thrilled to have an ATM around for 6 weeks. I am also sure he told her he is Muslim and cannot have sex with her 😁.
  12. I have said exactly you said since the start of the all the lies, what about a tow truck operator that got the car out of the ditch, what about the car insurance claim? Erika has changed the story about who and how she found him, he called her from the ditch while he was out of it, then she found him sitting on a neighbors lawn furniture, her son found him, last night she said she found him in the ditch, he was out cold but managed without help and without calling 911 after seeing her husband in a ditch she got him in her car and to the hospital. Nothing about that sounds real.
  13. All that was missing was her patting her puss when she finished talking.
  14. I have noticed that the Plath kids that have gotten away have flat, mono tonal qualities to their voices, their expressions rarely change and they look dead behind their eyes. I think they are unprepared to deal with the outside world and were not allowed to have emotions that made Kim uncomfortable. Ethan and Olivia look miserable even when times were good they looked sad, thanks to Olivia she has introduced marriage counselling and other ways to learn how to communicate their feelings, Ethan would have been perfectly happy married and staying put but Olivia is wanting more out of lif
  15. But this is Whitney!!! She is special!!! Do they realize who she is????
  16. Did he say he was going to the American Embassy as if they could do anything about travel restrictions but they wouldn't have help him if he is French which makes me think he is American, (his lack of French accent makes me wonder), and if he is an American he would be allowed to get to the US. Could he be Canadian perhaps? Whitney has not even swooned about his accent or the fact that he speaks French so I am wondering if they have dubbed in his voice. Did we learn what he does for a living, I don't think Whitney knows what he does or cares. Since it was a last minute plan for L
  17. I wonder if he made his conquests shower before doing the deed or after, yeah I don't believe he had that many women that his water bill would be effected, lol.
  18. What in the world is Kim teaching her kids, is she telling them to disrespect someone's wishes, to sneak around and lie? I thought they lived by very Christian values to live by, don't cheat, lie, etc...will Lydia have Closet Confession about her part in the deceit? All this hullabaloo for a not so good singer. I thought it was funny when Kim looks earnestly in the camera and says she cannot miss this her daughters show because it is the start of her career, bwahahah! What if Moriah was starting a new job in an office, would Kim make a big deal about seeing her work on her fi
  19. The place is still open, I do not see photos of dogs that need homes but what I did see was a lot of merchandise and auction items such as an Andy Warhol poster fworth $1500 and a pair of pretty diamond earrings worth $7000. You can also get tee shirts and mugs. I was a Lisa V fan for her lavish home, jewelry and her gorgeous table settings for her parties and her kindness to animals but not much else. Dorit has a dog now, it must eat LVP up that they got another dog.
  20. She must be watching 90 Day Fiance, that is the same stupid shit all the people say on that show, most of them live in their phones, never able to actually meet in person.
  21. I noticed that Kim drove to Moriah's gig with three of her kids and none of them including Kim were wearing seat belts. TLC blurred the license plates on the cars as they all pulled up to the concert venue, Moriah's car has Florida plates, does she live in Florida? Micha trying on Moriah's bikini top, walking around shirtless with Moriah's boyfriend there and I get a creepy vibe from all them, am I wrong for feeling uneasy about all of them? Something is just off, right? Kim dragging Lydia and her youngest kids in to the living room when Moriah wants to talk to them is odd, obv
  22. OMG! The Frenchman is doing everything every con artist does when they are finding ways to avoid meeting someone. French citizens don't need a visa to come to the states and if they do they don't find out about at the airport prior to departure. That sort of stuff is all over every airline websites if a visa was needed. How stupid is she and how stupid do the producers think we are? With every phone call The Frenchman makes to her screams fake, how long till he asks Whitney for money? Whitney thinks this is real but her crying on that hike is so fake. The "in your face" stuff she te
  23. I am calling CPS on Whitney now, before she even gets a child!
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