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  1. Nice of Seth to wear his best hoodie out to dinner with the Barlows.
  2. That just sounds like a bunch of trending buzz-words strung together, much like most of what comes out of Braunwyn's mouth.
  3. Whitney and her whining about the in-laws taking time to accept her reminds me of a relative in a similar situation. Their son met and dated their former DIL in high school, and married her after they graduated from college. She had been a part of their family for years, and they love her. She is also the mother of 2 of their grandchildren (I assume, as good Mormons, Justin has children with his ex, since that seems to be a marker of being successful in life/faith). My relatives LOVE this woman and made it clear to their son, that she is considered family and would be invited to family gatherings and yearly visits to DisneyWorld (in the Before Times). Like Justin, he married the other woman. I have no idea on mantle picture status though. She seemed to have no understanding or compassion for what Justin's (that is his name, right?) family went through. Can you imagine being blindsided that you're son, in his 40s, has betrayed the woman you have accepted as your own daughter (and their children, assuming they had some), for a pole dancing, squeaky voiced. bleach blonde that wants to get laid.
  4. I wonder if Mike Rowe would be interested. I think he'd be an excellent host.
  5. I want to know what the dorms are like at Baylor that there's room for 2 Giant headboards,...and bed skirts? I commuted to college, so most of my dorm experience was from visiting friends at school; I don't recall EVER seeing headboards or bedskirts. And one for the roomate?
  6. I FINALLY got around to watching this episode...2 things, so far: Jen and Lisa are wearing the same ski pants (in different colors) to go snowmobiling. Is that a fashion faux pas? Who do you think was more annoyed? I'm going with Jen. Was anyone surprised that Lisa drove the Barlow snowmobile? Me neither.
  7. Bethenny's "lack of vanity" and humbleness, remind me of a bit John Cleese did on stupidity: "If you're very very stupid, how can you possibly realize that you're very very stupid? You'd have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are," He cites a Cornell professor who has pointed that "In order know how good you are at something, it requires exactly the same skills as it does to be good at the thing in the first place. Which means,..., that if you are absolutely no good at something at all, then you lack exactly the skills that you need to know that you're absolutely no good at it." eta: there are several things that I am well aware that I am shit at, so I have to disagree with the professor, or does that mean I'm, at least somewhat, intelligent?
  8. I wish I could love your post eleventy-billion times. She "helped accomplish the unaccomplishable"? She eradicated Covid? ended racism? Cured Alex Trebek's cancer so he could host Jeopardy for another 35 years? I've spent my year trying to maintain some modicom of sanity in the household with 2 teenagers "learning" virtually. I fear they've become nocturnal. Fortunately, Mr Darling has been going in to work, or the sanity thing could be a lost cause. I am a bit concerned, though, that (at least) one employee at the wine store recognizes me with my mask on.
  9. My problem with Elizabeth is that almost all of her dysfunctions have been/are being done by other housewives, with better execution. -I grew up in a cult: Is anyone familiar with Mary Crosby (RHSLC) She's married to her step-grandpa, running a Pentecostal cult church, expecting the congregation to give all they can to the church, while Mary wears Versace. To the best of my knowledge, there are no beatings or physical abuse, just fleecing of the flock. -I grew up poor, and met my rich husband while working in a bar: Erika Girardi (RHBH) -I married big money and lived the greatest lifestyle until my husband knocked up a side piece: Camille Grammar (RHBH) -I'm going through the worst divorce ever, and I will incessantly talk about how I can't talk about it: Bethenny Frankel (RHNY) -My sibling is a drug addict: Kyle Richards (RHBH) It may all be true, but it's a lot; which may explain why she's such a mess.
  10. I don't know why this attitude surprises anyone. I see it all the time in "good church going Christians". I once heard a woman rationalize that one could "cheat" during Lent on Sundays; because if you eliminate the Sundays, you're left with 40 days of sacrifice (no chocolate, etc), and somehow that number was the correct amount of days to go without. I see people that claim to be good Christians with far from Christian attitudes; Look at Mary Crosby. The fact that people are picking and choosing which tenets to follow and bending the rules to suit their lifestyles is not unique the Mormon 2.0s. I find it strange that Heather considers herself Mormon, but dislikes so many of their beliefs. From what she says, they're more judgemental than Dana Carvey's Church Lady. I wonder if they have a high suicide rate.
  11. I was surprised by that too! They called Shannon EVERY day while at the lake, but Emily said Shannon was the only one that had been calling her. Nice friends. And, don't Shane's parents live across the street? Why wasn't his family helping out with childcare and meals? (Do we know if the kids tested positive? They had to have been exposed.) I felt so bad for Emily, trying to keep it together while balancing everything without any help, and only Shannon checking up on her.
  12. I don't have a cat. Lady Rum Ball of Target
  13. Anyone speak Farrah? WTF is she talking about?? I have no idea what her complaint is in the Apple post. Her part arrived in 5 days, when they said 3 to 4 wks? I didn't understand any of the rest. And, it seems to me, from her above complaint, that she is furious with the uneducated inept staff because she can't fill out the forms by herself and they won't do it for her. I think she's confused about who the uneducated one is.
  14. Maybe he likes to play Captain Save a Ho, or maybe he's a control freak and extreme structure and rules are what Shannon needs? Geez that woman is needy.
  15. Oh I hope so! He's such a smug asshat, he needs a reality check.
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