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  1. She's probably trying to trademark that for her next snack food venture as we type
  2. Hey now, Giggy was well-behaved. He'd have sat politely in Lisa's lap while she fed him the canapes... Kyle's dog Bambi however, is known to take advantage of food left unattended.
  3. I have a question, and I mean no disrespect, I am genuinely curious, if Luann had used the word "mad" or "upset" instead of "angry" would it have made a difference? or would that have also connected to the stereotype (which, honestly, I was totally unaware of)? I am always amazed by how tactless the women on the HW shows are. ETA: I think "angry" is a very strong word to use with someone you just met and are trying to build a friendship or work relationship with.
  4. Does this mean we're down to Una Amiga? Shannon is going to be extra neurotic (paranoid?) without a sidekick.
  5. I would love for Eboni to plan an event for all the women to do something she finds fun. Not something, necessarily, cultural or educational, but FUN. I realize that Covid has made this, more or less, impossible. Maybe (if she's still around) next season?
  6. I once worked with 13 other people in a space about the size of Leah's last season apartment. I was 1 of 2 Caucasians, there were 3 Southeast Asians, and the other 9 people were Black women. We never had issues with microaggressions or accidental (ignorant?) racist comments (at least that I was aware of, and, allegedly, I was in charge). We, actually, had very open discussions about race. They asked why White people don't make conversation in elevators -something I had never thought about, but I was taught to mind my business and not bother people. We asked how they preferred to be identified:
  7. I think the reason no one called Leah angry is twofold: a) Lu started by asking why Eboni was angry - everyone already knew why Leah was acting out; A combination of wanting to take down Ramona mixed with anxiety and grief and the need to be the center of attention. b) Leah is a petulant child and her behavior was not abnormal for her. It was par for the course. Eboni's raised voice (even if only to be heard over Lu) was new. I think Lu and Eboni had different definitions of "education" or what it means to be educated, and misunderstood and took offense for what they thou
  8. Where can I order these? I can use these on those days when I need the other type of tampons (Damn! I wish I could find a gif of Ramona telling the other ladies "my eggs are still young"). Will I get a free trial pack of Cuntkins with my order?
  9. Bonus points for those of us who guessed Lu's Partridge Family Bus patterned jumpsuit was Jovani! https://www.couturecandy.com/products/jovani-1194-multicolored-sequined-halter-jumpsuit?variant=29412513972307
  10. I would FLOVE for Ramona to have one of her awkward, intrusive, blunt encounters with Eboni. This is where we, the viewers, would learn the most about Eboni herself. Ramona would put her on the spot for everything. She would ask uncomfortable, detailed questions about Eboni's experiences as a black woman, delve into her relationship with her ex and offer an unsolicited (perhaps offensive) opinion on where it went wrong, then she'll give her (unsolicited) advice on how to better herself as a person, and share what techniques she uses herself (which will, in all likelihood, contradict at least s
  11. Well, I'm screwed: eta: @WinnieWinkle, can I come sit by you?
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