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  1. OMG!! The look on his face when she offered to decorate his locker!
  2. This is why I don't understand why they are on the show at all. Wasn't the show's original purpose to raise birth control awareness? or at least show the ramifications of unprotected sex (without MTV $)? These idiots are only on the show because they are trans/bi/lesbian people of color. There was no unplanned pregnancy to learn how to protect themselves from. Imo, they don't belong on the show at all. Not to mention I can't understand 3/4 of what they say, and I am MUCH more interested in Madisen's story. ok, rant over. I feel better now.
  3. So many questions: -WTAF? -daughter's upcycling project for home-ec? -Maybe your sense of style is one of the reasons Lisa looks down at you? -How much did she pay for that outfit? and,... -does she have any idea how much wine -or real clothes- that could buy? -She really thinks she looks good, doesn't she? -How hard were passersby laughing? and could she hear it?
  4. Was Seth mocking Brooksie with the bit of Brooks Marks athleisure wear trim sticking out of his jacket in his talking head, or was that a Brooks Marks Original??
  5. Immediately followed by a Happy Dance, because she was glad to be there.
  6. Yes to all of this! Doesn't Luke have a basketball scholarship that payed for his tuition and housing? Why would she ask him to give that up? She can't suck it up for 2 more semesters until he graduates?
  7. What happened to Madison? Why did they only bring her on for a few episodes? And why was she replaced with this new couple? Isn't the show supposed to be about accidental teen pregnancies? not teens that went to a fertility clinic and purposely got pregnant.
  8. Brianna tells her mother she hates her and her life would be better without her in it, and wonders why she "looks like the bad guy?"
  9. I loved Mary stammering when the producer asked her what she thought of Meredith's style. She should have said something like "she has a style of her own" or "it suits her," "she wears it well,"...
  10. "Girl, get over it! Like, let's fish for some ice."
  11. Fixed that for ya. And if we hadn't been subjected to it, her children would not have the opportunity to see it -unless/until they find the secret stash of home videos.
  12. I would love to know their daughter's opinion about them and the show
  13. I love that when Briana asked her mother what she ever did for her and Brayson, her mother started listing things off. And then she got angry because (?) her mother did those things because she asked her to? She lost me there. How dare she do something she was asked to do! WTF? I hope she does move out. Does she get support from Brayson's father? Does she know who it is?
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