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  1. You can breathe easy, it was foxbaltimore.com. They're, usually, better at updating the headlines than some of the other local sources, despite the story about the cruise ship coming into port with 82 flu patients, that's been in the side bar since the beginning of March.
  2. I'm convinced there are no editors or proofreaders: "Police are investigating after a 27-year-old woman, a 23-year-old man, and a man was shot overnight throughout Baltimore."
  3. "Why don't you go blow up your lips some more?!" -still one of my favorite HW quotes
  4. Was Bethenny the one that wrote Dorinda's apology to Tinsley? It seemed memorized.
  5. Maybe he's taking the "innocent until proven guilty because we'd like to leave the door open, even though she's not a fan favorite, just in case we want to exploit her again" road. Does anyone know if she's being investigated by the BBB or Paypal or any authorities? I would love to see how this plays out, it sounds like she's got some 'splainin' to do. as a side note: why would people pay that much for her service, when they openly admit there are no dietitians, nutritionists or professional trainers involved in their extreme weight loss/diet (however they market it) plan? That has red flags plastered all over it, and then to be encouraged to cheat paypal? I guess PT Barnum was right: there's one born every minute.
  6. I think, after Ramona's divorce, Sonja thought they would take their "Lucy and Ethel" schtick on the road and be social sidekicks. I think she may feel that Ramona abandoned her for her "new friends". I think she wants to have the social life and connections that Ramona does. Maybe Ramona needed time to find her own drummer to beat her drum to, or maybe she feels that Sonja becomes too messy to bring around her Hamptons friends, I dunno, but I think that might be behind some of the resentment ("We're your real friends, not them") Sonja seemed to feel this year.
  7. Wasn't the reunion filmed before the last episode aired? I think her behavior at the reunion, and failure to admit that she was even a wee bit harsh with Tinsley, combined with whatever other shenanigans production had to put up with, they had had enough. So much so, that they were willing to show Dorinda lose her mind over the mention of Tinsley's name and accuse her of breach of contract, breaking the the wall. I want to know why they covered up for her and cut that deranged phone call scene that we were teased with last season. They offered to move Tinsley to a different hotel for her safety!! And, they let Dorinda come back for another season 🤦‍♀️. Did she threaten them? Does she have a dossier on Andy?
  8. I'm not an expert in the psychology of an abuser, but I watch a lot of ID Channel: Dorinda seems to have exhibited behaviors common to abusers. Ramona said she had Dorinda over for drinks, Doris got nasty and said "some very hurtful things" ; the next day, Doris apologized, and had made her a playlist (mix-tape?). And after treating her horribly at the Halloween party, sent an apologetic text the next day to the effect of "I don't like fighting, let's move on". Isn't that what abusers do? Show alleged remorse after the fact, and offer gifts or something to make amends for their behavior, which, by the way, wasn't their fault: it was because of something someone else said/did that MADE her.
  9. I wish Andy had pressed Dorinda more about her breakup with John, for no other reason than the inordinate amount of shiat she gave Tinsley for not being up front about her relationship with Scott. I wanted him to ask when they broke up -was it before the season began filming? and did it have any(every) thing to do with John "running game behind [Dorinda's] back?
  10. That might have been difficult to pull off, considering for the past month or so I've seen multiple articles of her denying rumors that she's being fired. She could have done the stepping away to concentrate on my family and/or business; Those would have been believable.
  11. You mean like Bethenny did? yeah, I'm glad Andy mentioned that Tinsley came to him and Bravo to discuss leaving, and that they told her Mazel Tov. I don't think, even if Dorinda heard him say that, she'd have acknowledged it, but it was nice for him to discredit her breach of contract claim.
  12. Dorinda's apology made me irate. It was worse than a "I'm sorry you feel that way" apology. It was patronizing. "I'm sorry Tinsley. I hope you live well, do well, and be happy. I should have handled it differently, and, in retrospect, I'm sorry." Here dead pan delivery, and her facial expressions made it look like someone had told her she needed to apologize, and wrote down what to say.
  13. Does anyone else here hope that Rob has primary custody of Kiera/Kiki?
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