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  1. Also interesting, is that the "thief" rummaged through the dressers in the kids' rooms. What did they think they'd find there?
  2. 1. Agree. I didn't mind him at first, though I thought they were an odd match. I pictured her with someone more...handsome? fit? dapper?. There's something kind of George Costanza about him that turns me away. 2. Not just ANY wedding proposal. It was quite the production with carolers. I'm surprised there wasn't snow falling, real or fake. 3. If it's true about the cheating, and she went back to him, well,... I don't know what to say. I would never do it, but that's me. 4. I was hoping the "ultimatum" was along the lines of "If you move to Chicago, you won't be able to do the show," Or a more open discussion of the effects the show has already had on their relationship. I like Tinsley, and enjoy her on the show, but she hasn't exactly been warmly welcomed by the other ladies. She's not "one of them", they've kept her on the outside. The ladies have stood in judgement of her more than bringing her into their circle (unless that's part of the initiation process, that few, if any, make it past). I hope it works out and they live happily ever after, but, there's something about him I don't like or trust.
  3. I think, for the most part, she has a good style. Her clothes compliment her features (unlike Kyle) and she doesn't appear to be trying to achieve a "look". She looks comfortable in her clothes, rather than as if she's on display ( 🎵on display, on display 🎵...oops, sorry, I couldn't help myself).
  4. Her finger, with it's claw, and the way her other finger blends in to where her hair and shirt meet, make it look like she's holding a candle. Who's watching the girlses? Is Gracie in charge again?
  5. Do you think it's some kind of power play? Reinforcing that Kail won't control or dictate what he will or won't do? I mean, he certainly seems to have her under his spell, so maybe this is just one more way he can control her. It seems Kail may have met her match in manipulative assholes.
  6. Right? My grandfather came here from a different country, couldn't speak the language, worked in a coal mine then as a plumber (didn't get his journeyman's license because he couldn't read English). My father was the generation of white collar workers that got laid off to hire the college graduates with no experience, because they had college degrees and he didn't. These 2 men worked there asses off to make better lives for themselves and their families. Our generation of my family benefited from that ,but also understood and appreciated the effort that went into achieving that. She has no concept of what The American Dream really is, or true appreciation of what she has (through her privilege and her hard work), jmo.
  7. The laws in place about vaccinating children are for their protection from deadly and devastating diseases. The laws during WWII Germany she is equating them to were in place to exterminate a race of people, just because. Hardly the same thing, or for the same cause.
  8. That seems to be a common trait among all of the Teen Moms.
  9. She should be "apart" from it. Those holler schools really aren't well, are they? I'm a little hung up on the "If there's anything I may do to enhance your stay.." bit. Does that mean there's stuff they CAN do, but aren't allowed to? A sign of poor grammar, or too many rules?
  10. I think she may have meant "lenient"? I get the impression that the schools in Patterson, NJ aren't well ((TM) Leah, Teen Mom 2)
  11. I think she admitted to this. IIRC when pressed about going to the appointments, she admitted to only dropping him off at the front door, and then going to work. She never sat with him during treatment. She never waited in a waiting room. She also admitted, that while she assembled the binder with the color coordinated tabs, she never put anything into it, nor did she ever look at it after she gave it to him. I'm not sure she knew he was faking (at least at first). She's so self-absorbed, that she never asked questions or became suspicious.
  12. I think it's a bit of both. When I was a teenager and got a job at the local chain drug store, I had to sit through a training film loop (it was the stone age, yes I am old) about customer service. (I was trained to ask "How may I help you?" rather than "May I help you?") Kate needed to tell Simone to be more intuitive (? alert?) to the guests' needs/desires. Tell her to check drink levels and offer refills. ASK if they'd like anything. She, obviously, doesn't know to ask these things. There should be some kind of job description, or list of responsibilities that these people agree to when they accept the job, shouldn't there? Do they have recipe cards, or cheat sheets for the drinks? She should only need to be shown once how to slice fruit, pour beer, open wine and make mimosas properly. I think Kate needs to take more time with her (walk her through the process ONCE), but I also think Simone needs to show more incentive.
  13. I don't think it has anything to do with Jackie being Jewish. I think, Jackie is too "American" for Dolores' taste, as opposed to being raised "Old School Italian". Jennifer is ok with her (imo) because she holds on to her ethnic traditions (Old School Turkish), which are similar to what Dolores is used to. Jackie is just too different. Plus Teresa hates her, and that's, probably, a good enough reason, for Dolores.
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