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  1. MY Skipper doll didn't do that! I feel cheated! I had a Chrissy doll (18-inch doll) that had a knob on her back that if you turned it, her hair would shorten, and if you pushed in her belly button, you could pull her hair back out to a longer length.
  2. I'm guessing one or more of Ms Kardashian's children are fans, and she's just buying their happiness. If it increases her marketing distribution: double bonus!
  3. And then wonder if I should have paid attention or taken a picture, so that when I make the bed in the morning (or when I leave) they are in the same places. Was there a specific order to the pillows (or in some cases, stuffed animals)? Are they just going to strip the bed and wash everything and start again anyway? I worry about these things WAY too much..I always try to leave the room the way I found it, but never care take the time to pay attention to specific locations of frou-frou. ETA: on topic: I love that commercial!
  4. Much to my surprise, I've gained respect for Ramona this season. She gave Leah great advice on how to try to make amends with her mother (moot at this point, after viewing Leah's subsequent behavior -her mother knows her well). I was in awe last night when Ramona calmly took a BSC Leah aside and had her do breathing exercises to calm down. It worked, and it seemed she was able to have a conversation with her, even if she caved about the sister, but she never should have rescinded the approval. I did wonder if she drew upon her coping skills from childhood to know how to effectively approach Leah. Wasn't Leah suggested by Bethenny? not surprised.
  5. I felt bad for Tinsley at that moment. She made an effort to make peace with The Beast. She said she wanted the vitriol to end and tried to make amends, and Dorinda was like, "Weellllll, I don't knooww,..." And then defends Leah's lunatic behavior because she's a young single mother? WTF? Dorinda needed to give herself that speach about being judgemental. Projection much?
  6. The other ladies have never been purposely destructive. Ramona tore down some lights (and plaster) at Blue Stone Manor, Lu broke some branches in a shrub, Sonja broke a tooth trying to rip off a man's shirt, but I don't recall any of them actively looking for things to destroy like Leah does. She ripped out and threw lit tiki torches like javelins, there was broken glass around the pool at Ramona's, she was looking at those curtains last night like she was trying to figure out how to rip the material free, or take the whole structure down. She's psycho.
  7. They were probably too afraid she'd be more of a partner-in-crime than a calming influence, especially since she said her sister was just like her.
  8. Angrier than a wet dog at a monster truck rally. That sounds like something Sandy would say on SpongeBob.
  9. I kind of think it's a combination of these things, combined with Tinsley's little girl ruffles, curls, and reactions. It's like Dorinda views her as a spoiled little rich girl, still behaving like a spoiled little rich girl who gets everything she wants and has never had to work for anything. I think Dorinda discounts or turns a blind eye to Tinsley's college degree and work history, because she came from money, and therefore (my interpretation of what Dorinda's "logic" may be) didn't have to work as hard or at all, to get to where she is in life, which Dorinda considers to be nowhere.
  10. When Ramona's guests were arriving, I was kind of looking forward to see her interacting with her non-show friends, being her crazy Ramona self, in her natural habitat, but then Dorinda arrived, and, well,...
  11. There used to be some kind of perceived slight that triggered Dorinda's outbursts: Heather entered the restaurant without waiting for everyone, Heather cursing, Bethenny didn't say "Thank you", Lu accused her of "turning"..but it seems that just the fact that Tinsley exists, bugs the shit out of her. It's beyond bitch eating crackers level, and Tinsley has done nothing, even in Dorinda's wildest, warped imagination, to warrant it.
  12. I, for one, would love to join you RVing across the country, bickering over nonsense and eating bacon with you. I know someone that has the proper license, and can drive us...we had planned (with the woman from the sandwich shop he frequents), to move to our own private tropical island (our spouses living on the other side of the island, if allowed at all), but this is on his bucket list, so I'm pretty sure I can talk him into it. I just need a few yrs to tie up some loose ends, and for the market to bounce back so we have some money to live off of. but I'm there for you, sign me up! on topic: I hope Dorinda's not going to be like this all season (tho I fear she will). This episode started out light and fun, and Dorinda drove it deeper into the toilet than Sonja's Blackberry. We just (thankfully!) got rid of a bitter, nasty harpy, we don't need someone to fill her SkinnyShoes.
  13. I think Dorinda needs a therapy session with Bruce the boxer.
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