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  1. I see what you're saying, and their behavior supports your theory, but why does Tamra want Emily out? Is it Shane? I don't remember issues between Emily and Tamra, but that doesn't mean anything. Shannon? yes. Is Tamra sucking up to, and/or, plotting with Shannon because she needs an ally when Vicki gets fired?
  2. or take it out in the woods and shoot it.
  3. My apologies, and @dosodog! But, with the success the Cuntkins are sure to have, 2 Ferraris (Rolls Royces?) should be pocket change.
  4. To appease Emily and her incessant nagging? I get that Shane is not the most affectionate or outwardly emotional person (sarcastifont), but I have to wonder if Emily really knows who she married. He has never seemed to be comfortable with the whole RH way of doing things (loud drunkeness, silliness, shrieking, etc) She keeps trying to get him to participate, but it's not his thing, he didn't come off well, and he's not a willing participant. His mother and sister, however, are a different story. I do think they love each other. I think it's a bit unconventional, but I also see the conflict being on this show could cause between them, because of how conservative he seems, vs Emily's wild/fun side and the whooping it up and drunken antics and confrontations that come with being a RH. He doesn't want any part of it, and she's all in.
  5. You do realize, that if when the product is successful conquers the market, you owe @film noire a car 😉
  6. I think Gina would have lost that "argument" with Emily. Paraphrasing: Oh your child saw you go off in an ambulance to get medical care, my kids would have seen me handcuffed and taken off to jail in a paddy wagon. However, that "medical care" may have been one of the times Emily almost bled to death during a pregnancy. So lets see, Emily's kids saw her taken away in an ambulance because she could have died, and Gina's kids would have seen her get arrested for breaking the law and failing to appear in court. Hmmm,...
  7. Does anyone else find the humor in "It's the Dubow Show-Consult Health" airing on ShopHQ at the same time as RHOC? "Plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow and celebrity wife Heather have created an anti-aging lineup of topical creams and ingestible supplements to pamper your hair, skin, nails and joints!"
  8. I wonder if Gina is an only child. This season she's striking me as someone who's been pampered and taken care of all her life. Daddy's little girl? She knows that something is going wrong in Emily's marriage, but mentions it from the point of view of how it affects her: (paraphrasing) "something must be wrong, because you haven't been checking in on me like you usually do". She is eating up Shannon wanting to mother her and guide her through the darkness. imo, she is one of those people that needs to be taken care of. She's not independent at all, nor do I think she wants to be, but, again, imo.
  9. IMO, he is the model for what the viewers want in a HW husband: He is a loving supportive husband He's self sufficient (not sponging off his wife) He's present, without being thirsty for camera time He doesn't get involved in the ladies' drama He seems like a genuinely nice guy He enjoys a good buffet, despite the shit show going on around him.
  10. So, the other day, while Dorian was still obliterating The Bahamas, Beth was on the phone with The Weather Channel. I have no idea who called whom, but she was saying she was at the airport on her way to Miami (the south Fl airports were all closed at the time), and talked about her plan to go in with a sea plane and rescue people, and focusing on bringing in vital needs (water, formula, diapers). It all sounded respectable and good, until she gave a death toll of 50. The govt at the time said 5 (and this morning are still reporting only 20). They questioned her about her number, and she insisted she was right, she had been talking to people on the ground (not sure how). While I think it's great that she's using her resources and connections to bring help to people in dire situations, I think it was irresponsible for her to claim 50 dead. I don't doubt that 50 or more people lost their lives during this horrific storm, but it's not her place to "correct" the government announcements. It just rubbed me the wrong way. There's enough actual devastation without people having to try to make it sound more dramatic or like they have an inside scoop that the officials don't know about. ok, sorry for the rant, stepping off my soapbox.
  11. Not necessarily. It seems Ramona has (had) begun filming without a contract: https://www.allabouttrh.com/2019/08/30/report-is-ramona-singer-refusing-to-film-rhony-season-12-after-bethenny-frankels-exit/
  12. That's pretty bad when the "better" version of what happened was that she was blackout drunk with all the kids in the house.
  13. Maybe he'll save the "best" footage for the reunion, with a special tribute montage of Beth's less than finest moments over the seasons.
  14. If this is going to last all season, as I suspect it will, OC will be the 2nd HW show I've given up this summer. It's bad enough that only my family knows I watch this mess, but I am not willing to have to explain to my child, passing through the room, what a train is, or more frightening, to find out they already know what it means.
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