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  1. citychic

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    You know who she reminds you of? The chick above and to her right in the picture. So many women have identical drawn on eyebrows, eyelash extensions and lips along with puffy cheeks, lips and pounds of hair extensions and they all end up looking pretty much like the same woman in the end.
  2. citychic

    S02.E05: Thou Shalt Not Sext

    I'm noticing a pattern that the second wives tend to be much more outspoken and the first wives tend to be very quiet and obedient. Sophie is much more vocal than Tami and so is Sharis versus Vanessa. I would even say Meri and Christine of Codyland are the same way. Little Miss McGee would seem to be quiet but we all know what she's capable of. I wonder if the first wife is chosen because she is quiet, capable and expected to manage the growing family. Speaking of, did you see Bernie squirming when she was confronting him on the sexting, he was sweating big time until he told her to drop it. Those two are in this for very different reasons.
  3. citychic

    S02.E03: Coming Out Plural

    Dimitri and Mr. McGee are one and the same. It's all about getting laid. In every conversation they have with their wives they've got one eye on her face very carefully gaging their answers to see just how far they can push it this time. Once the wife lays down a law the husband is all like yup, yup but in the back of their scheming little mind you know the end game is to get some strange but let the wife think that she's in charge. Dimitri doesn't even give two craps if the relationships work out in the end, that's Ashley's problem in his mind. Even if he gets in a little time with another woman he's happy to let her go and move on to the next one. Dimitri and Ashley are playing two different mind games but it makes them both happy.
  4. citychic

    Season 6 Discussion

    I watched that shit while eating breakfast. Five years here will give you those special powers.
  5. citychic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    MTV wouldn't dare take him back, would they? I honestly don't think they could pay any of those crew enough money to risk their lives to be around him again, filming Jenelle is probably bad enough. I can totally see David selling Jenelle on the idea of another baby to see how it plays out and her just agreeing. He's go some hold on her right now, that's what's so sick. I would protest right alongside you, it wouldn't be right to bring him back.
  6. citychic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    That's right, if he's convicted then no more guns! That's gonna be painful like cutting his dick off to him. Please, please, please let him get a judge that does the right thing and throws the book at him.
  7. citychic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Sounds so sick when you say it like that but they're certainly not the first idiots to reproduce for fame and money. Reminds me of a couple I knew back in '99 who deliberately got pregnant to see if they could have the first baby of the new millennium in 2000. There are a lot of yahoo's where I live that stay on their land and play with fire and blow things up for fun. Honestly the cops don't do much about it, they just figure eventually they'll get drunk enough and blow themselves up. I imagine the cops in David's area probably think the same thing and are just sitting and waiting to get that call to come clean up the remains.
  8. citychic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This showed up in the comments section about the truck towing video. Another one of David's family members claiming that Jenelle is pregnant again so they can get back on the show.
  9. citychic

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I followed him on Instagram, I have to see how this plays out. Heh, I was just thinking about something. A couple of years ago my instagram got jacked by the Russians so most of my posts and followers are in Russian with only a few posts in English. He gets high and paranoid enough this could be entertaining to make him think he's secretly being followed.
  10. citychic

    The Snowdens

    I am still fascinated by these two posers. I came across this information from a family member.
  11. citychic

    Season 6 Discussion

    Eric - Want to know why his house is a mess despite being in the military? Because he doesn't have anyone making a schedule for him and telling him when to sleep, work and clean. That's also why his body is a mess. No one is ordering him to go get dental or medical maintenance. He's going to age hard and fast. I've lived with a twenty year vet after he retired for the last fifteen years. It took me a long time to figure out why he couldn't be pro-active and plan ahead, turns out he joined the military at seventeen and then had someone else tell him what to do for the next twenty and now he can't figure out how to do things on his own without a schedule and a boss.
  12. citychic

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Wait a minute, I get all the Ryan should get his shit together talk but why does Taylor get such a pass in this one? Did he or did he not start the whole mess that ended in court by tweeting something that maybe he shouldn't have? Bentley is old enough to read those tweets about his dad coming from his step-dad. Then they are so nose in the air on the way to court like they didn't instigate the whole thing? Not one time did I hear Maci, Taylor, Jen, or Larry say that maybe, just maybe Taylor was at fault and shouldn't have went there?
  13. citychic

    Season 2 Discussion

    I know, Angela and I are the same age and every time they show her face and boobies up close I cringe because that's not how it has to be at our age. That ring exchange was one of the craziest things I've seen in a long time.
  14. citychic

    Season 2 Discussion

    Thanks. I didn't remember Paul's scene being in the same cycle.
  15. citychic

    Season 2 Discussion

    Does anyone know why they put a panel up before the Michael and Angela proposal that said "these scenes may contain sensitive material"? Did I miss something?