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  1. I'm generalizing here about Vegas weddings, in my own subjective opinion, and seeing what I have seen from Jovi and Yara.
  2. They don't want a small family wedding at home where his parents could at least attend, but they want a trashy Vegas ceremony with a group of his friends ? This is all so sad. But true, not just in Belize but I am sure in many places.
  3. Russian women are taught to be shrewed when it comes to finding a partner. Marriage is the ultimate goal for most women there, and a woman in her 30s will definitely be having lots of wheels turning behind her eyes when chit chatting with a potential partner. I don't see it as bad, but they do have a grasp on how to act/what to say/cook/wear to reach the male psyche. I'm not sure if "manipulative" is the word, maybe clever planning. Clean his house, cook good food, be good with his mom, dress sexy, impress his friends, etc. I found Mike's mom surprisingly chill and hands off.
  4. Seems like a form of self validation. She doesn't really need the money, right ?
  5. Natalie cannot believe that Mike and Sarah could spend a night together in the same house and not have sex, because in Russia there is not really a concept of platonic relationships between (young) men and (young) women. Gender differences are more drawn out, a man will typically treat a woman his age like a woman and not like a buddy. So I understand where she is coming from with her perspective about Mike possibly sleeping with a friend when she spent the night at his house. Here in the US, it is not uncommon to find platonic man-woman buddies.
  6. Whoever said that Mike needs someone more flannel shirted, that is SPOT ON. Mike and Natalie are so I'll suited, it's not even a joke. I genuinely don't think he's into women like Natalie, who like to wear makeup, heels, spend a significant amount of time on their hair, etc. I truly think he would prefer a woodsy, country woman who doesn't wear makeup, likes to drink beer, likes to hunt maybe, etc. Mike is a backwoods guy and I don't think they would want a fancy woman. He looks like he never, ever dresses up. If Natalie's goal was to get married ASAP, she could've looked into mailing herself
  7. I don't get the need to drink constantly. I am a social drinker, meaning I will have a glass of wine once a week or so to relax at a restaurant or a shot of vodka if I go out, maybe twice a month max, just for a rush or buzz, but also TBH because I don't want to be the only one not partaking and I drink responsibly. I could easily go the rest of my life without it and not care. I feel sad for people who seem to be addicted to the need for alcohol. Coffee, on the other hand, I could barely last a day without. Thank goodness caffeine addiction doesn't carry the stigma or cognitive impairment as
  8. Yes, exactly. People from there often migrate to the US with plans of making it rich (I am excluding those who came here on work.visas). Virtually all Eastern European that I have met complained about how it turned out to be in the US: endless strip malls, fast food chains, obesity, staying home and watching TV instead of going out, loneliness, etc. Most Russians in the US gravitate towards major cities where they can simulate their old lifestyle as much as possible and find other Russian/Ukrainian friends.
  9. I have been to Belize once (Placensia region) and felt,,,fairly meh. Kinda like Key West, with a lot more poverty. There are beautiful areas, but I found Cancun had way options in all ateas. I wonder if Stephanie purposely travelled to so-so vacay spots bc of stereotypes of tourist hungry local men.
  10. Stephanie misses the mark bc she tries to look way younger than she actually is. If she aimed at looking, say, a dignified 42 year old (10 years younger than her age) rather than like a 25 year old she would nail it. Also, paying attention to her voice, manner of speech, hands, would be a big help.
  11. Stephanie did look youthful when hula hooping. Maybe that's why she does it so much? I pray that Yara and Jovi stop the screaming/cursing/bickering over petty things when the baby arrives. I hate it when couples who clearly have nothing in common and don't like each other have a baby.
  12. I think Natalie truly wants a future with Mike, I don't get the vibe that she is conniving to eventually leave him. She is 35/36 and realizing that her biological clock is at 11:59 if she wants to plan a family.
  13. I think Mike sucks in his own way lately, but I dont see misogyny coming from him. He is just a guy who is no longer interested in a certain woman, and is being incredibly passive aggressive about it. I think he truly does need, like someone mentioned, a localish woman who may not be glamorous but can share his lifestyle and won't look down on him for watching TV and eating what he likes. He is not doing Natalie the honor of being direct with her and sending her home. Natalie is used to Russian dating customs and I see the cultural disconnect. If Mike was Russian, he would slather her wit
  14. Does she get raped at the end of this episode, like for real ? He seemed pretty uninterested in her sexually all this time, while she seemed like the sex hungry cougar. Tables suddenly flipped ?
  15. Regardless...the economy in both of these countries is bad.
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