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  1. EmZeeGee

    S07.E09: Fantasies and Firsts

    I think my theory from weeks ago regarding Amber's style has been increasingly validated as the series has continued. Her style is stuck in the early-00s because that's when she felt the most beautiful and most secure. Dave reacting adversely to her looks is a powerful slight precisely because she is stuck at what she believes to be her best. That said, I still believe Dave to be a drip who only wanted to get married because that's what all his friends in his circle have done and he was shit out of luck doing it on his own. Mia's sister is way too far in Tristan and Mia's marital business for my liking. I would have had to check her. The discussion about where we live or will live or will do has nothing to do with you and everything to do with myself and Mia, we were informing you, not inviting you to give your opinion, we weren't workshopping this. How dare you get huffy with me about a discussion of our business. You have no say so. That really irked me, can you tell? Add to that Mia's history and the thought of someone coming at me sends me over.
  2. EmZeeGee

    S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    OMG you and I think alike! I just had the same thought earlier. Like what if that's the reason he's so into his "bros", and the one that Amber dated was one of his former interests? That would explain why he was so upset to hear that she dated the guy. Plus my gaydar is picking up something. He could be bisexual or even metrosexual (and a lot of younger men are certainly the latter), but I still wonder about him. I was talking to my friend about the episode (we analyze everything like we're FBI profilers) and she said the same thing! I disagreed. To me, Dave's body comes off as if he's a former overweight individual and he lost the weight in late high school/early college a result of losing that weight and being more fit was meeting his group of bros and because he didn't get to live that "cool jock" "popular kids" in his adolescence, he continues to live that out through said bros and this manifests in interesting (and for me creepy ways) like his wall of bros in the entryway. I don't see gay, just arrested development. I'm willing, however, to hear more evidence. Regarding Danielle and Bobby, not a penny of the stipend should go to her debt. Now maybe I'm just a broke bitch, but how is it that one can get enough credit to eat, pray, love around the world? She needs to learn some discipline and pay it off herself. I don't know what she has done to her lashes (I assume extensions) but she needs to go down to the local beauty supply, buy a 5 pack of Ardell Whispies and call it a day. That said, I do think it's a bit unfair for the person whose living space they choose to reside to just basically have their bills paid for two months if the relationship doesn't work out. I'm an advocate for getting a new neutral place anyway. Seeing one's space entered and invaded and changed is much more likely to cause conflict in relationships this fresh. That's good for my viewing pleasure, but not for the relationship. Now I'll contradict myself and say I'd never move out of a place I owned for a relationship this fresh, that's crazy talk.
  3. EmZeeGee

    S07.E05: Trouble in Paradise

    I'd been trying to figure out what was wrong with Dave. (I think everyone that agrees to this show has some fundamental flaw and I try suss out what it is.) He seems to have a stable well-paying career, what looked to be a solid group of friends who were married and is good looking enough, just enough. Tonight, it finally clicked. He not only appears to be highly irritable (dancing and when they packed on their way to the honeymoon), he comes across as an escape artist. By that I mean someone always looking for an out in a relationship. He's already named multiple instances where he would have skedaddled. To be fair, one of those instances is a potential spouse lying about why they have warrants out for their arrest, but even so, he seems intent on finding an escape route. "She's been with a friend of mine." " She's not religious." He's on this show to try to get around his usual escapes (whether this was a conscious or subconscious thing, who knows) and see if someone can endure his irritability.
  4. I just need to get Amber's makeover in my head off of my chest. If she insists on blonde she needs a darker one and needs to keep up with colorist appointments to make sure her roots are the same color. The platinum blonde ages her. I'd also suggest cutting it to her shoulders and not teasing it at the roots so much, It looks wispy and dry. And the extensions are a no, especially extensions that are not blended with the rest of your hair. I could see each piece and where it was clipped in like it was 2002. Working my way down, I want her to use a beige liner on her water line to open up her eyes a bit more and use a bronze liner for her eyes and assert her youth. The colors she uses are too dark and age her. Then I'd suggest a squared oval or an almond nail with an ombre french manicure (I'm trying to compromise, I would avoid the french manicure all together). The square nails and the regular french manicure are again a remnant of the late 90s/early 00s. I know I seem to be going in on her and reading her down, but style cues tell me a lot. All the early 2000s remnants give me the impression that she may think her best years were her early 20s. Many people think that, so it's not unusual, but to think that and remain stuck in that style gives me pause. It also reminds me that Amber states that she keeps dating Dallas douchebags and that dynamic strikes me as something very early 20s, when most of us flock to them.
  5. I mostly share these sentiments. I found the season incredibly boring and mostly awful. The lack of go-sees after the first or second episode, the lack of overseas travel, the weak concepts and even weaker styling on photoshoots, the numerous video challenges, the lack of range in types of shoots, these were all problems that bringing Tyra back won't necessarily fix. I use necessarily, because I'm hoping that since they had enough money to make Tyra happy, they increased the budget as well. Even so, Tyra, for all her faults, made a lower budget work in Cycles 1 & 2 to much better effect than the mess that was this season. At its core, the industry is made up of more models who aren't "super" than are, and that's always been the case. I believe the show, if they took it as seriously as the Korean and Australian franchises do, can still achieve the ends of finding a well booked working model. In fact, I think this franchise is well positioned for living in an age of the insta-famous. They just need to find a girl who is unquestionably a model and push her after the season wraps. I think a casting director or an agent from wherever the winner would sign with needs to be on the panel, that would help more than having Tyra back. But if they aren't serious about the modeling portion, then I at least welcome Tyra's entertaining antics.
  6. EmZeeGee

    All Episodes Discussion: 2017 Season

    It's worth mentioning that not only does she mention it was from 2005, but that she only had the 1040 Form. Those materials were then available far before she made the revelation. If one wanted to see them while she was providing context-- and my God why do people hate contextualization-- one could do that on multiple sites. All I keep hearing is: "Why does anyone care about a burglary at the Watergate?" The election already proved there's no smoking gun. For some reason that defies my understanding, folks believed Rachel possessed one. Anyone that believed she had every schedule and attachment was incredibly naive. Trump immediately became defensive and we learned how quickly he can release detailed tax information. Not any help to him. He's crafting tax policy while his finances remain opaque. The more we know, the better. Whatever sliver it might be. This is Ermattungskrieg.
  7. EmZeeGee

    All Episodes Discussion: 2017 Season

    Agreed. It's strikes me as strange that every time a new bad detail comes out regarding Trump people's first instinct is to label it a distraction from another bad detail about Trump. He's not playing 3-D chess, he's just an unsavory dude. Rachel sent out two tweets , one stating exactly what she had, and everyone took it and ran as if she was going to finally reveal how to use the three seashells in Demolition Man. She didn't hype it up, viewers and pundits did and then raced to call her Geraldo at the vault afterwards. It was certainly a big enough deal for the White House and every other news outlet to attempt to scoop her by providing details before her show aired. A burglary at the Watergate complex wasn't a big deal until it was a big deal after all.
  8. EmZeeGee

    S09.E15: Lei It All On The Table

    Back and forth retaliation is all fair game until it comes to lies. If I put out something about you that is true, put something out about me that is true. Making up something egregiously criminal and abominable is taking it to a new level. And "sticks and stones" is something that sounds cute looking at it from a distance and not being involved, but in reality someone making an allegation about attempting to drug, abduct and rape them to all of ones co-workers on national television, and Lord knows who she has spread that to in Atlanta, isn't something one is likely to idly sit by and let happen. It's slander, not shade. Anyway, I came back to post this screenshot Porsha provided of the text conversation so we could all get a clear read of it. Interesting that a) she thinks the texts help her and b) her casual use of the word rape.
  9. EmZeeGee

    S09.E15: Lei It All On The Table

    Being angry over being accused of attempting to drug, abduct and sexually assault someone isn't shocking. In fact, I'd say that would be a pretty normal reaction to have if falsely being accused of such. Kandi should be outraged. Porsha admitted during the conversation that she was less than truthful about kissing Kandi and offering to give her cunnilingus, that alone diminishes Porsha's credibility incredibly. I believe that Kandi and Todd might have propositioned Porsha. At the very least we know Porsha has heard of Kandi and Todd propositioning other women, which I believe they have admitted to doing before. It doesn't seem to me that it was at the same event that Porsha propositioned Kandi. I want to say there are two different events here that aren't clear. Either she was propositioned sometime after she kissed Kandi and offered her services, or she wanted to center herself and claim that she was propositioned and therefore kissed Kandi and offered her services. If I were to take a guess, Phaedra and Porsha talked about one of these instances in a gossipy sort of way and one of them joked, "Ooooh, they tried to get you drunk and take you home chile, you sure they didn't slip you a mickey?" some bullshit shade like that and it has been created into this lie.
  10. EmZeeGee

    S23.E10: Platform Power

    I've been watching this show since the Cycle 1 premiere on UPN back in the day and I don't think the show has ever looked as low budget as it has this season. I've got to give it to Tyra, she knew how to produce a photoshoot on the cheap in Cycles 1 & 2 before she got the Covergirl budget. I mention that because how incredibly basic and uninspired the shoots have been besides the grocery store. And the photos aren't at all good which makes it all the worse. I don't understand why they had Cody do Grace Jones and Tash do Tina Turner. From a styling perspective, it doesn't make sense at all. One could have easily added a little length on top of Tash's hair (Lupita Nyong'o does this all the time) and shape up the sides and spray the blond black and it would have looked much more realistic and high end. Instead, they give Cody-- who has thin looking tracks on her head-- a hideous, an absolutely hideous wig. A wig they couldn't even bother to trim and shape. And Tash's Tina Turner styling was no better. They had a Break Every Rule wig which gave Rum Tum Tugger and an outfit from I don't know where and not nearly enough leg. And Tatiana. I detected shade in the styling, I did, but to have the red carpet as the setting complete with a red velvet barrier? They could have chosen a more iconic Tyra look than that. How hard is to find a red with pink polka dot swimsuit? Or if they were going to go with red carpet that hideous purple dress she wore to the Oscars. They could have given Tatiana a black tube top and a stool to stand and hunch over on and done an ode to "Be quiet, Tiffany" with the same wig. I could go on, but I'll stop there. I'll offer that the problem I seemed to have were that some of the looks seemed "inspired by" and others were trying to be replicas and I wish the styling was more consistent throughout. As far as elimination, I don't understand why they're holding onto Coryanne. Paige was much more consistent. The judging has confused me a bit this cycle.
  11. This was incredible. Simply incredible. The celebration of complete Black womanhood, it's anger, it's strength, it's tragedy, it's joy, all of it. I think I read Bey's team describe it as a conceptual journey of self-knowledge and healing, and by golly I felt it. And I can't even begin to deconstruct the imagery. I know a lot of it has to do with the Yoruba religion and Santería such as the yellow and water representing Oshun, but I'm not nearly qualified to break that down. This was absolutely her most personal and raw project yet. And the way she explored different genres-- trap, pop ballad, country, funk, gospel-- and have none of it feel out of place was musical brilliance. Then seeing her play piano after knowing that it was one of Prince's suggestions to her to learn it just made this even more poignant. Also, my God, if the songs are any hint, Bey and Jay have been through some things, lawdamercy. I'm just rambling with no sense of order or reason. Clearly, I still need to digest it. Who else is operating at this level these days? I honestly think she stands alone. Loved it.
  12. EmZeeGee

    S06.E21: Reunion Part 1

    The problem I find with Yolanda's exaggerations (I think they're often outright lies, but whatever) is the specificity she gives to them, but when she's confronted about it, it's a generalization. Saying she is bedridden for 18 months is very specific. She could easily have said a year and a half and there wouldn't be as much scrutiny. Most people understand a year and a half is 18 months, but anything from 16-20 months would be acceptable when someone says "a year and a half." Yolanda, however, wants to be more precise-- to probably sound more credible-- and when it doesn't check out she's experiencing a fog. Specific exaggerations like this muddy the waters when specificity is needed and more reasonable like when talking about her inability to walk she meant great distances like 4-5 miles, not a leisurely stroll, which makes perfect sense. These murky waters, however, are exactly what she wants. I find no purpose for Erika, they might as well have had Yolanda's Lyme advocate seated next to her. I wish she entered the show in a more... not neutral, but as a more open figure. She was basically a surrogate. But I did love that she acknowledged the origins of "pat the puss" as being a dancehall move and didn't let Bravo make her a Miley. I can't be arsed to care about Lisa Rinna and the gymnastics she's going through to pass the buck.
  13. EmZeeGee

    S06.E19: Goodbye, Dubai

    Put Rinna in a room alone with anyone for 5 minutes and she'll start coming over to their way of thinking. Eileen was just the last manipulator before the confrontation.
  14. EmZeeGee

    S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    I was in attendance for this was well. In fact, I thought Robbie mentioning Carol Channing wasn't Black was a sort of subtle hint about it. I hate to step in the Reddit rabbit hole on this forum (I like Reddit, but this isn't Reddit), but several redditors were in attendance at Thorgy's viewing party, and I thought it revealed quite a bit about why the Snatch Game and the runway were so... flat. I won't get too far into it, but it explained-- for me-- Derrick's Top 3 appearance. I hate to say editing, but I will. Editing. We didn't really see the breadth of what went down. This should be one of the episodes they Ru-persize. Anyhow, I came into this season thinking the Sedaris siblings would be the Snatch Game competitors and am now especially disappointed that the weren't. Gigi and Chanel didn't really have any wit. They had producer fed lines. The judges being game and humorous is just as important as the queens to me for this challenge. The lights were on, but no one was home. I'm sad to see Betty go, I was really enjoying her. I especially hate that we'll miss her in the makeover and ball challenges. She had some of the better costuming skills as was evident in her "Bedtime Story" getup, her Neon couture hair, her money ball asymmetrical shoulder/collar, etc.
  15. EmZeeGee

    S08.E04: New Wave Queens

    I'm aware they take the queen's face out (though they know who is who at this point). I'm just wondering why they informed Raja and Raven about the head drip in particular. One could argue other makeups were just as important /integral to the look.