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  1. Given the state of affairs, I doubt she can afford the paywall. Lol.
  2. The fundamental difference is that the accusations were brought directly to Rinna in the first place. As we saw play out this season, Kyle brought Brandi into her home to lay out the accusations of a sexual affair without being directly confronted about them. She was free to tell her story unopposed and uninterrupted. Brandi was hauled out again at Teddi's, a woman who she is not friends with, baby shower to show text messages and any material she had about the alleged affair. It also stretches credulity that "it's simply not true" that Rinna wouldn't allow Kim to speak about Harry when a
  3. The most telling portion for me was when Andy mentioned Lisa's hypocrisy regarding the Harry Hamlin situation. Lisa claimed to have handled it by nearly choking out Kim and breaking a glass in her face. That is nowhere near handling it and goes to show what an incredibly brazen hypocrite Rinna is. We never heard the rumor about Harry and she wasn't constantly asked about whatever the rumor was. And I somehow doubt if Denise lunged at Brandi or Teddi she or the rest of the ladies would have taken it as evidence of truthfulness. Please. Also, it calls back to how the rumor was brought up. K
  4. I'm sick of the Brandi-Denise thing. And I believe they did hook up. I'm just so tired. I'll save all my thoughts for the conclusion when they inevitably talk about it for another half hour. What bothered me particularly tonight was the Garcelle-Rinna thing over her IG dancing. Bravo released additional footage of that conversation and it's clear that Garcelle was being reflective because her own son had problems with addiction since (I believe she said) the fifth grade. She was talking about how she was essentially self-absorbed as a parent and probably missed the signs and wondering if
  5. I'm not "injecting" anything, and as a matter of fact, neither is Kyle. Not purposely anyway. I just exist in a reality where comments have more deleterious effects on some races than others. I won't go into real world examples, because thats not what these forums are about, but there is another franchise that's illustrative. In season one of RHOA when Kim did not attend DeShawn's sunset BBQ, in her talking head she said, "I didn't want to go over there with them and eat chicken." It seems an innocent enough comment and the dislike between her and other attendees was mutual, but because of Ame
  6. The implication is quite the opposite. Kyle should have spoken up in the 8-9 months between the event and the reunion.
  7. The event was months ago. Why wait for the reunion to air it out for the first time? You didn't reach out privately in the interim to make sure the charity received the funds promised? Telling the audience the Black cast member doesn't pay her bills doesn't sit right. And I'm sure other Black viewers caught that. She wanted to weaponize that information to get back at Garcelle for not saying she was welcoming and every other slight during the season. -- Teddi revealed the whole game. She said something to the effect of "She made us look like assholes." And that's it. They have been c
  8. I have to say this breaking the fourth wall and seeing what was happening after the cameras turned off… did absolutely nothing to change my opinion about the events. I always thought Brandi and Denise canoodled, so that never mattered to me. What mattered to me was how it was weaponized. I can’t give an exact reason why it was weaponized, many on these forums in previous weeks believed it was to get back at Denise for “mom shaming.” In any event, it’s clear to me that this was brought to camera by Kyle via Kim & Brandi. It’s no coincidence that every time Kim brought a plus one to a n
  9. The difference is intent. Sutton said she heard the rumor as a way to be dismissive, as if she hears rumors about other people all the time, which I'm sure they all do about one another. Teddi, on the other hand, broke bread with Brandi to be party to the rumor on camera, and then in an effort to confront Denise about her trash talking, repeated the rumor in front of everyone. Keep in mind, the dinner is the second time Teddi has shared the rumor in the episode. Sutton did not share it to move her storyline forward. Whether Teddi was anxious or felt guilty about the information or not, it does
  10. I believe Denise slept with Brandi. But as Sutton pointed out, I don't think Teddi or Kyle truly had some great issue with that, but only wished to weaponize the rumors against Denise. The talk last week was absolutely a set up, of that I am now sure. I also think Brandi's self-victimization is a commode full.
  11. As if it wasn't clear, I am Team Shea, but I wouldn't be disappointed if Jujubee won. I will say, however, that Shea being the only queen to win a lip-sync this season outright and unequivocally (that tie was ridiculous and 'Fancy' was a damn mess) is a big point in her favor for me.
  12. I hate when there's a clear incongruity with what was probably said in the brief for the girls to pack and what the category is named on the runway. It was abundantly clear to me that they were probably told Rave and it was generalized to "Freak Out." Freak is so incredibly general that there's no chance that three of them thought of 90s raver/Club Kids/Candy Kids and one Goth Raver. I just have a hard time believing none of them thought of horror or fetish or grunge Goth. Regarding the talk about roses, I haven't found it off-putting or alienating as someone others have mentioned. I can'
  13. Respectfully, I find this a ridiculous standard. One can find any and everything on the internet, which I'm sure Denise's daughters and all their children have access to. Denise simply self-censors when she is around her daughters, like most reasonable adults do around children to some degree or another. All conversations are not no holds barred simply because one can find that conversation elsewhere. Absolutely everyone self-censors according to venue, audience, relevance every time they speak. In my opinion, they're fighting for the right to talk how they wish in front of Denise's daughters
  14. Didn't know whether this belonged here or in the media thread since it's a post-race interview, but what I want to mention is related to this episode. Mainly, India is a bold-faced liar. She poisoned the well for Alexis and then left nuggets in the form of letters to make sure the poison took effect. I just have to laugh because because this is the epitome of stunt queen. There's a line from Paris is Burning that talks about stunts and how a stunt will be pulled and you won't find out for years later. Very that. The relevant portion: Blair should have been sent packing.
  15. I hated the challenge. It was ill-conceived when they did the clubs last year, and it remains half-baked. The goal is to always make RuPaul laugh, I understand that, but it doesn't appear there's hardly any weight on the aesthetics of the rooms when it comes to the judging. If the goal is to just be funny and come up with goofy concepts, they can do this challenge in front of a green screen, why actually have them decorate? And it wasn't lost on me that the winning team basically reconceived Club 96 in style (luxurious vapidity) and the way they performed (the whispering). Also, Ross made
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