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  1. The family’s last name was Liddle. I love that you didn’t watch because of the use of “Liddle” and that you even hating typing it. We could be good friends! Also, the little girl in this movie I believe is in a TV ad that I absolutely loathe-not sure of the brand but it’s for snack size bags of chips. The little girl is on the soccer team and is showing her mom what kind of dance she would do if she got a goal and she keeps repeating “oh yeh, ah ha” or some such nonsense.” Hate it, the little girl grates on my nerves.
  2. Merry Liddle Christmas. Oh what an annoying liddle movie! Everything was so contrived and predictable, which made me very stabby.
  3. First time poster in the holiday movie forum! A few comments: I’ve already watched A Gift Wrapped Christmas a couple times. I don’t know what it is about this movie but it immediately puts me in a festive mood. Maybe it’s Gwen, she is so freaking perky and that is SO opposite of me that I’m a little jealous of her sunny personality. Christmas 9 to 5 is not a favorite of mine. The story doesn’t make sense and there is zero chemistry between the leads. Doesn’t help that the male lead comes off as gay-not that there’s anything wrong with it but he needs a dude, not the fake temp help chick. Christmas in Louisiana was charming. And shout out to Moira Kelly, I admit I have NEVER been a fan of hers. She typically speaks with a ridiculously snotty affect which grated on my nerves (I’m talking about The Cutting Edge, The West Wing, etc.) However, she’s been lovely and toned down on this one, and well as a recent guest spot on The Resident. It’s also refreshing to see an actress who hasn’t fallen down the plastic surgery well, although by the same token, I’m an couple years older than her but look about 10 years younger (or so I’ve been told.) More comments as I watch more movies!
  4. Exactly. Irritating character and/or over-the-top acting. Either way, enough of him please.
  5. I am so not a fan of Nic’s dad. Whenever I see him I just want to fast forward. What a stupid storyline to have him show up, unannounced or uninvited to their house. Maybe it’s just because I had some pretty strong boundaries with my family, but would someone actually do that? I was never a fan of Jessie and felt her storyline slowed the show down, so I am not feeling particularly sympathetic towards Nic or her dad. Believe me, if some stranger stole my favorite jewelry, I’d be running after her to get it back. I did really like seeing AJ and his families interact in all their awkwardness. I love how adoption isn’t brushed under the rug and there’s even some comedy about it. What a breath of fresh air.
  6. One quick scene I actually stopped and replayed: When Jo told Chris that she’d been to the facility before and she said “they had robot dogs.” It was really good acting by Chris, he started to speak and paused, and said how he really wished he had seen that. And Jo sincerely said she did too. It was really good acting by both of them! In this episode with wacky shenanigans, this small part stood out the most to me.
  7. Ok, it’s not Michael’s ex’s place to ask about a prenup. And if she wants to ask, ask your ex alone, not in front of the new fiancé?
  8. Natalie is an exercise nag. Wait-Mike just butchered the word “characteristics.” Do y’all think I’m a grammar bitch??
  9. That’s more foreign language knowledge than any of these 90 Day’ers.
  10. “Axed” again! ARGH. New drinking game. I’m drunk.
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