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  1. I have super sensitive skin and can’t use it. I changed regular moisturizers last year and my face swelled, bruised, and I had to take steroids to get it back to normal. I think a little burning is normal but I’m just a delicate flower.
  2. Right Tiff, new energy new space. Like that’s going to make you stop overeating.
  3. Tiff lost 2 pounds. In other words-she took a dump right before the appt.
  4. Tiff hasn’t had ANY TIME to diet and exercise. What the fuck does she do all day? She does fuck all. And she moved her appt. out a month? She can’t work out because she lives in a hotel? I just can’t.
  5. Let’s start a club! (I thought I was the only one too.) I can hear that voice and immediately know that person is very overweight.
  6. Cillas’ mom has what I call a “fat voice.” I am sensitive to it, it grates on my nerves and my ears.
  7. Jesus take the wheel, Tiff is going to be able to hit the fast food drive thrus!
  8. Hahahaha Tiffany! 7 pounds. “I’ve been trying so hard and making food progress.” These people are delusional. I was going to correct my typo, but I’m keeping it!
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