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  1. JFC, Gayle. Did anyone else catch Gayle totally interrupting Glenn Close (GLENN CLOSE!) on the show this morning? Gayle busted in while Glenn was mid-sentence, steamrolling over both Glenn and Anthony. Hold up Gayle and take a minute. Your thoughts and questions are not more important than other people’s. PS: I have to see Glenn’s new movie Hillbilly Elegy. It looks great.
  2. Not a popular opinion here, but I really did not like this episode. I'm not a fan of the 'burst out in song' and 'dream sequence' episodes. Even as a fan of Ally McBeal I always cringed during those parts! Of course, I agree with all of you that the baby's eyes were freaky af!! I did not need to see that. they didn't have to show the baby's face. Astrid (?) has a future in horror films....
  3. Apparently, we walk among evil people and have no clue about it. Scary.
  4. Kevin has always been my favorite character since the beginning and he's just killing it this season. There's been a lot of good material written for him.
  5. Looking at Ari's stupid facial expressions in those pics is like hearing nails on a chalkboard for me. Lawdy, my knee jerk reaction to this idiot is an angry one.
  6. I actually re-wound that part, because I couldn't believe David started in on Angelica and her sister, saying that they need to "find God" and that they "can't treat people like that." I couldn't believe what Dr. Phil told him (Angelica had her photos stolen, she was the woman in the photos but not "Maria," etc., went right over David's head. Or, he's so delusional he refused to believe it. I found David to be a real doofus and you're right, a scammer in his own way. Talk about an about-face when all of a sudden he pretended to be a loving father. Good grief, man, you're an idiot. I fast forwarded through that stupid medicare "segment" smack dab in the middle of the show. Talk about classless. But, once again, I set my DVR to record today's episode about another catfish. My love life is a disaster, but at least I've met every guy in my life that I've dated. Some eded up being idiots, but they were 100% real and I never gave them any money. LIFE IS GOOD.
  7. I started to question my life choices when I saw Dylan's apartment. I wanted a tour of the rest of it but I thought the kitchen was gorgeous. How does Dylan have a nicer kitchen than mine when I've been a gainfully employed person all my life with no record? I don't know what else to say about the rest of the show. These characters all drive me crazy. Jessica/Maurice - her slow talk and dead affect, and half/fully closing her eyes when she speaks really bugs. The tacky wedding suits killed me. Destinee/Shawn - Destinee is an awful human being. Fighting is her go to response to everything, dude (how many times did she say dude last night? I lost count.) Shawn is absolutely p---y whipped. I don't know how else to describe it. Kristianna/John - no John, it's not your fault that she relapsed and is back in jail, you can't love away an addict's problems. Kristianna, her sister and mom are a rough looking trio. John's no prize either. Heather - Now I don't know what's real on this show or not. But Heather talking about Dylan and completely glossing over her batshit crazy behavior was laughable. She is certifiable. And a very rough looking "model." Lindsey/Scott - Lindsey is terrible too. I wonder if Scott watched last night's episode and realized what a fool he's been?
  8. Catfish episodes are so great and so infuriating! I'm referring to Part 1 of David and Maria. I just can't with this stupid idiot David. I really cannot understand the level of delusion that he apparently lives in on a day to day basis. Never talked to her (excuse - she's deaf). So what if she's deaf - Face Time her to make sure she's real. Put her little girl on the Phone or Face Time. They are married -- because a random "lawyer," with a German-Nigerian accent told him to send a pic of his signature. So they are "married." DAVID IS DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB I could go on and on with more stupid and unbelievable comments. But my BP is going up. And yes, I'll be watching Part 2 today.
  9. This just hit me really funny and I honestly can't stop laughing.
  10. I think you're right. After she and Kevin hooked up, Madison told Kate that at one point Kevin held her upside down during their sexy time so maybe that was the trick! 🤣
  11. I just have to say: This birthday cake that you've had for years sounds absolutely DELISH! I have never heard of an ice box cake before hearing about it on this show, so I was completely clueless as to what it was.
  12. They are not! Many are loads of fun and not pretentious (well, Tom's fake pretentious, he actually doesn't have anything to be pretentious about).
  13. Ari really is just too much. I can't stand her ugly personality nor her ugly face, especially when it contorts into all sorts of mean, creepy, and bitchy expressions.
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