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  1. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but as a Stabler fan, the episodes and diagloge around his family during his SVU years to me were the worst. His family issues always slowed the show down. The original L&O was the best -- focused primarily on the case at hand. As much as I like Stabler (face it, Chris Meloni), I still have a tough time with his personal life being a part of Organized Crime. So, hearing now that his mom will be back is really bumming me out. Between that, his 25 kids and one dead wife, I just want him to focus on interesting cases. I'm also not into the seaso
  2. I don't even like Jerry Lewis and yet, here I am, roaring with laughter over here working from home.....
  3. Nope, that's not an attractive look. Despite the matchy matchy colors of the bandana and the sleeveless (barf) shirt. Sorry, no sleeves on a guy doesn't work for me. Hopefully see you tonight for LAL!
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/16/us/murdaugh-shooting-arrest-thursday/index.html
  5. ^^^This is what I find the most remarkable about the whole situation.
  6. I was so annoyed by Anne's wailing and cheering, etc. All I kept thinking was "ATTENTION SEEKER." By the finale, I frankly didn't care who won. I was very "meh" on the whole season. $250k is a great prize I must say. Although they never say $250k on this or Hell's Kitchen, it's always "a quarter of a million dollars" lol.
  7. I hate the term "revenge body" too. As if someone couldn't lose weight because they want to be healthier and feel better about themselves. Nope, apparently the only reason people lose weight is to get back at other people by looking thinner? It's an idiot mentality and I don't like it.
  8. Not sure I have anything to say that has't already been said. I couldn't stand Trenton's girlfriend, I mean, she really irritated me. All the squealing and over the top cheering. And then she fell to her knees when he won? Gurrrl, pull yourself together. I felt like she was just an attention seeker. I don't care how young she is, she was just over the top. I wonder if she was secretly wishing Trenton proposed to her after he started to pull in his $250k salary? I'm sure he gave her a lovely ring, but I feel like she will be asking for an upgrade....
  9. "...that just love his Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain (hurricane)..."
  10. Right? Watching movies or shows were people just up and move to another country -- how are they able to legally live there? How come no one is talking about health and dental insurance options? Do they keep any money in US banks? Is it easy to get a driver's license in the new country? I look at these things with a very practical eye.
  11. Jenny almost said “that sucks” but she caught herself, sitting in the temple. Sorry Jenny, this ain’t gonna work. Hare Krishna!
  12. Congratulations!! And, make out with him especially since you won’t be coworkers!!
  13. I’m just happy to watch these idiots. As usual, I went down a 9/11 rabbit hole as I do every year and need helping getting back out.
  14. Hi hi! Jenny’s going to need some help getting up off those floor pillows….
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