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  1. Oh dang, The Other Way isn’t on for an hour. See y’all at 9!
  2. Hi my friends. I’ve been having a bad case of the blahs and in a funk. I am hopeful that tonight’s show and more important you all will help me get out of it. After all, I’ve given up everything to come here.
  3. Laughing at Cynthia and Molly trying to get off the couch. Happens to me sometimes. The struggle is real.
  4. Anyone shocked that Veronica looks to beat Couch Tim in arm wrestling?
  5. Robert saying “First time is a mistake, 2 times a habit.” Thats rich coming from someone who is expecting his 5th or 6th kid!
  6. Couch Tim needs to see Bibi without his shirt.
  7. Cheesestick needs to change his name to Cheatstick! Let’s make it a thing.
  8. In scenes Deavan says she’s got nothing to go back to. What exactly did she give up? Her own apartment? No. Maybe a job? Get another one while you and your fam live in your classy mom’s house.
  9. Another match made in heaven-not. Definitely not a match made in Deavan.
  10. Hi there! I’m gonna try to stay up for PT. That’s a big ass bottle of tequila Brit.
  11. Do we discuss Pillow Talk live over in Pillow Talk or here?
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