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  1. And you know Darcey isn't sleeping on her tummy either! Even sleeping on her side, man that's a ton of weight dangling....
  2. Man, was I all sorts of confused as this episode started because I don't watch the FBI mothership show. It took me a sec to realize it was a crossover only because I happen to know that Jeremy Sisto and Alana de la Garza are on it. I am not a big fan of crossover shows as it seems that I never happen to watch both shows, i.e., I watch Gray's but not Station 19 (does anyone?), I watch Chicago PD but not Med or Fire, etc. Anyway, I like the cast of Most Wanted and find the show entertaining enough. I like that Julian McMahon's character seems to be compasionate towards the victims (like the pastor in last week's disturbing bloodbath of an episode). That is all. At first I thought they were eggs in a plastic bag - Lacroix crushed them very easily!
  3. This is what is so heartbreaking. When people get a serious diagnosis (i.e., althzeimers, dementia, cancer, etc.) it's the start of losing control of their own lives. Doctors will start to decide treatments with the patient's consent, but the patient is catapulted into a completely different life. Even consenting patients will feel out of control because of treatment routines, side effects, etc. Their world changes, they can't go back. By coercing Rebecca to agree to the trial, Randall just adds to that level of helplessness and lack of control. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Rebecca should hold what level of independence and authority she has over her own life close and dear. And her family should be a support system and allow her to live her life and make decisions for herself while she can. They can make suggestions, be a sounding board, but please, give Rebecca the control and dignity she needs right now. I'm not sure I described this well, but that's how I feel. And by the way, there should have been a screen at the end of the show that read: "And this, fans, is why people should go to therapy."
  4. I think this recording will stay on my TV for a bit, just like last week's episode. I haven't had the energy to watch last week's yet because it's got the Red Rock goons in it - Cain & Kim. I sincererly cannot stand the Red Rock storyline. Maybe it's just me, but it was the same for me with the cancer doctor (can't remember her name - Lane?) And the faulty hospital equipment storyline. These storylines for me just became unenjoyable to watch, and I end of fast forwarding through. Give me some old fashioned medicine stories, leave out the overbearing "bad guys/bad corporation/bad equipment/really bad doctor" storylines that continue along for a season. I prefer an episodic (or maybe a few episodes) hospital drama, highlighting specific cases and personnel. Please leave behind annoying family members (thankfully Nic's sis and dad are no longer on) that slow down the show. But that's just my opinion! I am sure I'll watch the "Red Rock" episodes because I'm basically on lockdown in my house for now.
  5. I've noticed too. And while Pillow Talk only shows certain scenes and reactions, as far as I know they've never entirely excluded a couple before. Some couples may get more Pillow Talk screen time depending on their storyline, but no one's been cut out entirely. Except for Geoffrey and Varya. This may be how TPTB are mitigating the viewers' uproar based on Geoffrey's past.
  6. We will get through this RR! I just looked outside and it's snowing. SNOWING. It's mixed with some rain, and won't accumulate where I'm at but some places with get a couple inches. Maybe even 3 inches which is basically how much Big Ed lied about his height.
  7. Some initial random thoughts: We should all refer to Lana as "Lanas." And as someone already posted, I have spent many a weekend in my sweats, not going outside except to get the mail. Totally fine with it. Despite going to the gym (before they all closed) I am generally a low energy gal. But now that I CAN'T go out (trying to limit my trips to the grocery store) since my state is in a lockdown, I'm a bit stir crazy. So I'm even more grateful now for the connection I have with my fellow snarkers. Are we soulmates? That remains to be seen. I cannot stomach Lisa, she is a horrible, horrible woman. She barks orders at Usman, gives him grief about his fans (um, isn't that the goal of someone trying to get into the music biz? you want and need fans). She is now demanding that Usman doesn't allow Abba to the party? Are you freaking kidding me? I feel smothered just watching her on TV. Ed is terrible too. There is nothing wrong about getting tested for STDs, but first he makes a show of not sleeping with her as him being "a gentleman," then reveals he actually won't till he gets a test. I think it's smart to be tested, but for BOTH of them. He went off when Rose suggested he do the same, and getting tested in Philippines is apparently OK for Rose but not good enough for Ed? What an ass.
  8. Agree. My gaydar pinged when he first came on the show.
  9. So happy you are a survivor Auntie A!!
  10. Mini Mamadrama is awesome!! Great snark.
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