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  1. if she is eliminated before the final Christian will save her. Actually, that's what I thought would happen tonight. Ugh, can't stand the phony drama queen. I would have sent her home regardless just because she threatened to quit
  2. that was hannah from bdm that he didn't want to 'bang' (god how i hated typing bang!).
  3. i was blessed and baptized a mormon and no way would they condone this dance or the way these women dress or talk. I like shane and his humor .... i'll show myself to the corner now!
  4. i was totally surprised by her non-reaction. she's been so so desperate that it's embarrassing and painful to watch.
  5. this season has seemed to go on forever!
  6. i'm really tired of sandy hugging everyone...
  7. did emily receive any flack for that on social media for the abuse? I don't the production crew care much for emily since they filmed those scenes and the scenes were shown.
  8. it's embarrassing and painful to watch her. she said last night that they have been communicating for 4 years. how did jesse come into the equation? didn't tom research darcy before having her come over?
  9. it hasn't been that long since she & jesse broke up
  10. i'm watching this episode for the first time and came in in middle of the episode. i came here to find out if this is darcy's sister. it looks like darcy in certain ways and other ways not so much. darcy was always desperate.
  11. i have the same thoughts. i might watch if erika is off. now to get rid of rinna but that's not going to happen as satan andy loves rinna!
  12. you could be right. whatever it is it's not nice to see.
  13. what did i miss? what did he blame her for?
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