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  1. jaybird2

    S03.E07: Epic Grand Gesture

    i can't stand carl or jordan.
  2. what's going on with the agency?
  3. that one of the many. many reasons i love you walnutqueen!
  4. sorry but rinna started being nasty, very nasty first. (but mommy, timmy hit me first)
  5. dorit beats out tamballs (o.c.) for the award for fake crying
  6. well i said i wasn't going to watch this program anymore but after reading all the comments i just had to watch, don't these idiot women know that there is no show without lisa.
  7. jaybird2

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    is dayton robyn's son?
  8. jaybird2

    Season 10 Live Chat Thread

    am i the only one who likes meri?
  9. dorinda has more of a drinking problem than lu, it's only by the grace of god that she's not in lu position.
  10. botchie orange plus a wig
  11. ut oh! what's going on? is pk diddling? who would do the dirty deed with him? gross!
  12. i'm with you. i come here everyone;s comments but will not watch. the show will end lvpn leaves the show. the other certainly can't carry it.
  13. jaybird2

    S03.E04: Pantry Passion

    i've always thought he's gay and he doesn't want to accept it.