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  1. i tried watching this but couldn't stand the sound of bruanie's voice. she's more irritating than shannon
  2. i don't like any of the women and only big mike and some of jovi!
  3. i love her snark!! i love whitney!!!
  4. she might not think so!! the problem with this show is no one is friends...i use to love shannon but not so much now, i never liked kelly and just tolerated gina and the other one...oh, emily
  5. i have no idea who chris rock is! i don't see whitney that way at all. but we don't have to agree!
  6. i didn't notice her eyes but she does have very deep set eyes which i love to would to have. i did notice how thin she's gotten and how heavy kathryn has gotten, kathryn looked liked a scary clown
  7. i loved your post re kathryn.....re danni not so much. i think i must be the only person to really like danni and both madisons
  8. i guess i'm weird because i love whitney! i love his humor, he doesn't take any crap and he's devoted to his mother
  9. i thought the same thing....i would have been upset with ethan....i would have said 'i wonder why we haven't from the realtor'
  10. what am i missing here? granted i'm a very old, southern woman of privilege but i don't see leva as a woc. don't stone me or call me racist!
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