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  1. thanks....i'm only familiar with roots and star trek and don't remember him.......but in my defense i am approaching 76!
  2. levar really annoys me. why is he famous?
  3. i've never liked erica and i'm amused by her situation now especially with the way she treated lvp. i can only imagine what lvp is thinking.. i just feel for the families tom and erica fleezed
  4. Tom said on WWHL because Dawn missed plating that she was out. But this was before all mess with Gabe. My heart has always been with Shoda
  5. thanks....fingers crossed it's shota!!! i guess that i'm pissed that dawn left off things sooo many times just saw andy he's announcing the winner tonight
  6. thanks....i thought so but a few weeks ago 'they' said voting was ending and it's not been mentioned since
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